Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (2/2)

It has been four hours since I started exploring the dungeon.

I could feel my fatigue accumulating as I ventured deeper into the cave. My body started to feel sluggish and my mind started to shut down as I look at the unchanging scenery around me.

Whenever a person’s field of vision was limited, battling becomes much more difficult as they unconsciously become more attentive to their surroundings. In this case, not just my field of vision, with my battle capabilities hindered due to the torch, I was in an uncomfortable situation where I suffered multiple handicaps whereas the monsters which dwelled in this area have the advantage as their battle capabilities weren’t hindered. Not to mention that the monsters would not require light to maneuver in combat and skills such as paralysis. Entering such a dungeon alone would be suicide.

To make matters worse, this torch also served as a moving beacon, luring every monster in the vicinity to my location. It was as if I was serving myself to them on a silver platter. I knew this the moment I entered the cave, and my instincts were screaming at me not to lower my guard. This pressure pushed my mind into hyper drive and consumed my stamina much faster than usual. However, thanks to this pressure, I have survived thus far and I have finally arrived at the third floor of the dungeon.

[This place looks exactly the same as the image back then] (Yuuya)

If my memory is correct, the hidden room that contains the level reset function should be somewhere in this area.

As I investigated the area, I found a pure white stone monument standing in a corner. According to the image, this monument should be the entrance to the hidden room.

I walked to the side of the monument and leaned my body weight onto the monument to push it, revealing a secret door hidden in the wall. For some reason, I knew that it was a door that was sealed using magic, and that it required specific conditions before a person could open the door.

I placed my hand on the door.


The sealed door started to rumble and opened itself, revealing a secret room.

Just how did I know, that I needed to be level 50 to open this door?

In the first place, it was impossible for anyone to discover this place, much less figure out how to open this door.

For an adventurer to coincidentally discover this dungeon, decide to enter the dungeon despite its difficulty and inefficiency compared to normal dungeons. After spending their energy and stamina travelling in the dungeon for over four hours, push aside a white monument that could possibly be a trap, revealing a door that can only be opened by a person who was level 50. There were too many variables and even if the person was blessed with the best luck, it was still unreasonable to expect a level 50 adventurer to enter a dungeon filled with monsters leveled 30 at best.

The person would need to know about the hidden room to actually find it.

Thinking about it calmly, it was even more unreasonable.

In the first place, resetting their levels was every adventurers’ dream. If they had obtained unsatisfactory statuses like I did, they would had chosen to reset and start all over. If anyone knew about the level reset function, news about it would had spread all around the world.  Which means that if it was still unknown, then the conditions was impossible to be discovered by mere coincidence.

[Could this really happen…??] (Yuuya)

As I wondered to myself, I entered the hidden room. My heartbeats became harder and louder, and my expectation was growing more and more.

[What the hell is this room?] (Yuuya)

I turned off my torch as the room was illuminated by a magic stone called Photonic Crystal.

At the back of the room, there was a statue of a goddess made by chalk. It was the very same statue that appeared in my mind. The vision I saw turned out to be reality, I did find the room that contained the level reset function. However, I did not know what to do.

[How do I activate the level reset function.] (Yuuya)

I was clueless and afraid. I knew that this place existed and what it could do, but I did not know how to activate its function. When I thought that I might not be able to reset my level despite discovering this place, I couldn’t stop shivering in fear.

[Wait a minute, what’s that?] (Yuuya)

As I looked around the room, I noticed a large transparent crystal at the side of the room.

[A girl with animal ears… and a tail?] (Yuuya)

The crystal contained a girl around the age of 14. Her eyes were closed and she had beautiful reddish golden hair with animal ears and a tail. If they were dog ears, she would be a dog-kin, however it was obvious that her ears and tail was much larger than a dog-kin.

For some reason, I felt myself being drawn to the crystal as I extended my hand and placed it on the surface of the crystal. As if I knew what would happen, I quickly extended both my hands. The crystal shattered as my hand touched the surface and I grabbed the girl in a princess carry. Any normal adventurer would never do this. It was a risk to expect the girl not to be a monster, especially when the person was alone. However, I knew that she wasn’t.

[Are you alright?] (Yuuya)

As I carried the girl, she started to open her eyes. She sloppily turned her eyes and looked at me.

[I…Was…..Waiting…Forever…] (Girl)

[What do you mean by that?] (Youya)

[It’s time to remember. The memory of your distant past.] (Girl)

The girl extended her hands, placing them on the back of my neck. She pulled my face towards hers, and I felt my lips connect with hers. After kissing me, the girl went back to sleep, and I laid her on the ground.

Information started flowing into my brain like an open dam. Information that felt like memories. A huge influx of memories starting swirling into my brain. Memories about a man, born into a country called Japan. He grew up and became a typical salary man. It was a normal life where the man worked everyday without any trouble, but he would not be successful in life. No matter how much he tried, his achievements would never be his. Other people would present the results he produced and gain the achievement. Even so he continued trying his best. That man felt strangely familiar, as if he was close to him. As if it was him himself.

[What the hell is this?? What is going on?? This isn’t me. That CANT be me.] (Youya)

No.. It definitely is me, but yet it isn’t. That isn’t me.

[It’s my previous life…] (Yuuya)

As I came to that conclusion, the memory about the man, spending all his leisure time into playing a game flowed into my brain. A game that looked exactly the same as this world.. My world.

[If that was truly my previous life, then according to the memory, I know how to activate the level reset function] (Yuuya)

I took one of the light crystals that was set onto the walls of the room, and placed it into the necklace of the goddess’s chest. The light crystal fit perfectly into the necklace and starts to emit a soft light.

[Welcome, adventurer with power. Congratulations on your journey thus far. I am an artifact created with the goal of making adventurers stronger by sacrificing their levels. Are you willing to give up the levels you have built up thus far, in exchange for becoming stronger?] (Goddess statue)

According to the memories, this statue allows a person to reset their level, in turn sacrificing all the experience gained. My journey had been a painful one. I had no choice but to stick with my weak status, fighting battles with a handicap. I wish to restart and be reborn, and be rewarded for all my hard work.

[I do.] (Yuuya)

[The ritual has been accepted. Adventurer Yuuya. From now on, your level will be reset back to level one, and you will be reborn.] (Goddess Statue)

The soft light starts to illuminate even further, becoming harsher and hotter. The light started to overflow from the necklace and envelop my body. My body started heating up, as if I was being disintegrated. After a brief moment, the light starts to dissipate.

I was reborn.

[You have been reborn. You are now level one and every skill you have attained up to this point has been lost.] (Goddess Statue)

A status card was displayed from the statue.

My status had reset back to how it was at level 1, and I was no longer a “Warrior” class. I was released from the miserable status that gave me the worst stats ever possible.

[Exactly the same as my memory…] (Yuuya)

In addition, I received a 10 point bonus for each stat and 20 skill points. Normally an average person’s stats increased by 2 points and gained one skill point per level. This meant that I had a 5 level and 20 level bonus respectively.

[With this, I will be able to aim for the top. To be the strongest again.] (Yuuya)

I walked to the fountain in the middle of the room, and looked my reflection.

I saw the same 36 years old middle-aged face.

However, this time it looked full of vitality, as if it was a young adult who had the face of an old man.

[I am convinced now. That the reincarnation was real.] (Yuuya)

Apparently I was reincarnated into a world similar to the game that I had played, and lived without any memories of my past life. It was a blessing in disguise. If I had my memories right from the beginning, I wouldn’t had been able to adapt to this world. It would had been impossible to fight monsters and endure the rice in this world.

[Looks like I have finished my first round in this world.] (Yuuya)

Normally it would be a disaster to have your level reset back to one as an adventurer. It would be impossible to accomplish anything and death would come before you even hit level 50 again. Normally.

With my accumulated experience as an adventurer from round one, and my knowledge accumulated from my previous life. If they are used together, nothing is impossible. I will be able to become much stronger.

It is about time I was rewarded for my efforts.

There are many things I want to do, but for some reason, I know that I absolutely must not abandon this girl.

[I wasn’t planning to anyway] (Yuuya)

I placed a mantle over the girl’s body.

This was the start of my second round in another world.

Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (1/2)

In a forest far from the village, a man could be seen riding a horse-like creature at a speed impossible for horses. The creature’s species was known as Raptors. Raptors were faster and stronger than average horses as well as more useful in combat than trained horses. They were useful creatures that can be found in dungeons and were often tamed by adventurers due to the massive advantages that they provided.

In their current situation, if a person were to determine their destination, that person would merely assume the adventurer to be travelling into the wilderness blindly seeking adventure. That person would never guess that the travelling adventurer destination was a room which could perform the impossible.


It appeared in my mind again… The hidden room.

Why can’t I stop thinking about the room?  Why do I continue to believe in a fairy tale?

A room capable of resetting a person’s level.

I just can’t imagine such a convenient room existing in this world.

If it did exist, why wasn’t it discovered long ago? Such a room would had been famous worldwide in the blink of an eye.  

If it was impossible for such a room to exist, why am I still trying to aim for the dungeon that appeared in my head?

Sigh I must look like an idiot. I know that it is impossible and yet, I still want to go to that dungeon to confirm it for myself. I never realized it but I really am bad at giving up huh. Probably the worst in the whole world.

I probably realized it a long time ago.. That if I had given up my dream of becoming the strongest, I would had fell into depression a long time ago.

Subconsciously, I knew that even if I did obtain a power beyond my status, even with all the training I have done.. No. Even if I did have a normal status, I would not have been able to clear the Tower of Trials, and continued running from it without giving up.

It feels like I have been waiting all this time, waiting for something.

At this moment, something appeared in the distance and the heat in my chest started to radiate even further.

For the sake of resetting my level, I continued to ride towards the entrance of the dungeon that has to contain the level reset room.

In this world, dungeons weren’t considered a national threat, but rather a form of resource. If the monsters within were defeated, they would drop items which could be used or sold for money. There were also monsters that could be tamed as well as treasure chests containing rare items. These monsters and chests would re-spawn once every week, thus dungeons were a resource that provided endless amounts of materials and treasures. Seeking this valuable resource, towns and villages were often built near dungeons. Time to time, monsters would escape from the dungeons and wreck havoc inside the towns and villages, however people were still willing to take the risk as the dungeons had provided more benefits than the risks provided.

Dungeons located away from human civilization were called Wild Dungeons.

These dungeons were often considered more dangerous than normal dungeons for various reasons. For domesticated dungeons,  adventurers frequently enter in hopes of hunting valuable materials or discovering treasure chests. This causes the number of monsters in the dungeon to be regulated every week as adventurers continue to hunt for their income. However this wasn’t the case for wild dungeons. Wild dungeons were dungeons that were uncontrolled. As there are rarely adventurers entering these dungeons, the dungeons are filled with monsters and it would be impossible to ask for help once caught in a dire situation.

If the secret room existed, this is likely the reason why it was never noticed.

The dungeon I arrived in appears to be a Wild Dungeon.

[It seems that this dungeon is a cave-type.] (Yuuya)

Cave dungeons were one of the most disliked dungeons among adventurers due to their low visibility and low efficiency. They are one of the dungeons that requires utmost diligence from any adventurers who aim to conquer them as adventurers are required to carry a light source with them, thus hindering their combat prowess. In addition, many monsters that dwell in cave dungeons typically hide in the shadows to attack unsuspecting adventurers from their blind spots or incapacitate them. With such a high difficulty rate, many adventurers often neglect cave-type dungeons as their rewards was not worth the effort that was required to conquer the dungeon.

[If only I had a magic flare with me.] (Yuuya)

 I muttered unknowingly as I took out my magic torch and held it in my left hand. Magic torches were torches which illuminated the surroundings whereas Magic Flares were capable of serving as a similar light source while repelling monsters.

Magic flares were especially effective for cave explorations as it was a light source that did not attract monsters, but rather dissuade them from approaching as monsters disliked the light it emitted.

I continued my exploration of the dungeon holding a short sword in my right hand rather than my usual two-handed long sword as my left hand was currently holding the torch. Being unable to hold my trusted sword made me feel extremely uneasy as I wouldn’t be able to perform at my 100%. I tightened my grip onto the short sword as I resolved myself to enter the cave.

Just as I was feeling comfortable walking inside the cave, I felt a sudden chill rush down my spine. Following my instinct, I jumped to the right and turned to my original position as I regained my footing, catching something launch itself onto my previous location. It was a Tyrant Snake, a large snake the size of an adult’s neck which produced a paralytic poison on its fang. It was also capable of moving soundlessly and managed to enter my blind spot before launching its attack. If it was successful then I would had easily been paralyzed and slowly suffocated as the snake wrapped itself around my neck. However, I am a trained swordsman who was capable of unconsciously detecting presences entering my range, a skill which only the best swordsmen possessed.

Taking advantage of the recoil from its rush, I dropped the torch onto the ground as I ran over, grabbing the snake’s head with an eagle’s grip and forcing it onto the ground with my iron boot, immobilizing its head as it’s body thrashed around trying to break free. However, before that happened I swung down my short sword onto its neck severing its head from its body as it’s body turned into blue particles. Judging from the experience points from the battle, the dungeon seemed to be around level 20 to level 30 as I picked up my torch, continuing deeper into the dungeon.

Chapter 1 – The old man remembered

As the night ended, the sun could be seen in the horizon, rising into the sky.

It was sunrise, and it was time for my daily training. Grasping my trusty, overused sword, I left my home. My sword wasn’t a flashy sword by any means. It was merely an easy to use, thick and heavy long sword. However, it was a magical sword which possesses a highly advanced magical enchantment, “Restoration”, possessing the ability to recover any damage sustained to the blade. It was my trusted sword which has kept me alive until this point. I prayed that it would never break and I would continue to wield it. It was the sword that I loved, and will continue to until the very end.

I began my training which became a daily routine for me every morning. I closed my eyes, pictured an imaginary enemy to battle with in my mind. Then I slowly traced the techniques and skills that were ingrained into my body during my adventuring days, slowly allowing my body to remember the sensations when I was risking my life fighting powerful enemies.

In this world, things such as “Levels” and “Stats” existed. It determined a person’s Attack power, Defense, Agility and Magic Power. However, a person’s strength did not come just from his stat parameters or his level. It also came in the form of a person’s spirit and their training. At the very least, in the most desperate of situations, only a heart of steel honed from vigorous training will a person be able to survive.

If an attack is unable to land, it doesn’t matter how high your attack parameters are. If a person’s defense is inadequate, it does not matter how high your defensive parameters are. If an attack misses or a defense is sloppy, then it is pointless. Hence a person’s status does not measure his full combat capabilities. However, with training and proper techniques, a person’s combat effectiveness could surpass the limit of their status. Techniques allowed one to utilize their whole body to add weight to their attacks as well as target vital points and defend against attacks beyond their defensive parameters.

I believed this. No, I had to believe it.

If a person’s combat effectiveness was determined by their status, then I would be the laughing stock of all warriors. An average person would have their stat parameters increase by 2 whenever they leveled up, but my stats was inferior to that. My stats had only increased by one. This went on as Youya approached the level cap of 50.

Even so, I desired to get stronger and realize my dream, refining my sword techniques and training my body everyday, refusing to give up. I believed that a person’s “Status” was just a strength that existed to compensate for the lack of training required to become stronger and training would be much more beneficial to becoming stronger and obtaining a heart as strong as steel.

    [Phew. Feels like my body isn’t as old as I thought. I can still move pretty well.] (Yuuya)

Every-time I swung my sword, I could feel my body’s senses sharpen to their limits. It was as if my nerves were connected to the tip of the sword and my whole body moved as one, following the image in my head.

However, techniques wasn’t enough to fill the gaping hole in my status. At level 50, the difference in my stats and an average person was so large that no amount of training and swordsmanship would be capable of filling that gap. In order to overcome that gap, I had obtained a secret power. A power that no one was aware of, a power only I possessed.

I was always curious about the phenomenon known as “Status”. I wanted to know why and how a person became stronger as his level increases. However, curiosity killed the cat as I had found myself in a dangerous situation piqued by my curiosity. Thinking that my life was over, I closed his eyes assuming it was the end. Suddenly, I saw a door appear in front of him. When I tried to push it open, I understood that the door that signified the limit of my status. I understood the mysterious power that is the “Status” in the world and obtained a secret strength which no one has seen before.

A power which allowed me to obtain a status on par with others, a power given to me by the world.

A world, that was only for me.

After completing my morning training, I headed over to the guild.

I approached the reception lady to look for requests to complete. Fortunately, there wasn’t any request that required my attention. However as it was my last day, I wasn’t going to say it out loud as the guild staff approached me, giving me gifts and their words of thanks. Loneliness crept up into my heart, as I knew that I would miss everyone in the village.

After visiting the guild, I returned home to prepare my luggage. As I was preparing my luggage I came across a set of photographs that I placed faced down when I arrived. They were the photographs depicting my party before we decided to challenge the Tower of Trials.

One of the photos showed Youya’s party in one of the big cities starting their adventure, with another photo showing everyone in the party.

In the photos, there was a young verison of me, another young man, an Elven girl  and a large Dragonoid man laughing together. It was a fairly young party who were aiming for the top and were challenging a super high difficulty dungeon at the moment. The young man and Elf were both my disciples. They were people who were brimming with talent and blessed with high statuses, surpassing me extremely quickly and becoming even stronger.

    [Seriously. After living in this village all these years, I never expected someone to invite me to the Tower of Trials once more. Thanks you Ain, you helped me remember things that should not be forgotten.]  (Yuuya)

Feeling nostalgic, I smiled towards the young man in the photograph, remembering the young man’s words as he hit level 50.

    [Master let’s challenge the Tower of Trials together! If it is us, our party, we can definitely do it! And once we do, we will finally be real heroes!] (Young man)

At the time, I felt a wave of despair rush over my body. The tower was something that could only be cleared by forming a party composed of the best adventurers in the world. It was as difficult as it was rewarding. Clearing the tower would allow a person to go past level 50 as well as treasures that one could only wish for. However, that wasn’t all there was to it. Entering the tower would cause the party to be cursed, preventing any of them from leaving the tower. The only way to escape the tower was to clear the trials that appeared in the tower. The tower itself had a survival rate of 2%.

I refused the young man’s invitation and left the party knowing that with my incompetence, I would only be dragging the party down. I was too weak to utilize my hidden gift and that would ultimately lead to the party’s demise. Thus I found a substitute for myself and left the city.

After that, I threw away my dream of becoming the strongest. Time passed and I became an exclusive adventurer in a secluded village, challenging intermediate dungeons for my retirement savings while looking after the novice adventurers there.

However, just as I was about to enter retirement, one of my former disciples, Ain, asked me to challenge the Tower of Trials together with him, reminding me of my party mate, Leonard. The flames that were extinguished when I ran from the Tower, started burning once more. The passion that was distinguished, the urge to become stronger and the drive to move forward. The waves of emotions became stronger and stronger.

    [Whats this? You left your talented disciples behind. The disciples who respected and believed in you because you were afraid of challenging the Tower. Why would you behave like this now? After all these years? No, you knew the answer from the start. You knew it all along.] (Youya)

As I reprimanded himself, I knew the answer in his heart was always there. I always wanted to become stronger. I always wanted to be the strongest, even with the setback of having a bad status, I wished to become stronger. It was the reason why I continued training everyday. It was impossible to maintain a person’s techniques and experience without practicing everyday. It was also the reason why I did not sell my powerful magic items despite being worth a fortune. It was a necessity for me to challenge a dungeon with these items. Realizing my own weakness, I thought I gave up on my dreams, but deep down I never did.

When I heard rumors about my first disciple, Leonard attempting to challenge the Tower of Trials with a new party, my feelings weren’t pride of having a disciple who cleared the tower, nor was it the relief of knowing my disciple survived the tower, but regret that I could not be there to challenge the trial with him.

I have always felt frustrated at my status, thinking that if only I did not have such a weak status, at the very least I wished to go back to level 1. I thought that if it meant getting a better status, I would not mind restarting over. In fact I would welcome it. However it was impossible. The only other way he could compensate for his weak status was with extremely powerful magic items.

At that moment, waves of emotions begun taking over my body. My hands felt hot and my head felt heavy. Unable to control the emotions, I stumbled and pushed my hands against the wall.

Suddenly, several sentences appeared into Yuuya’s mind

    A person who has reached level 50 can have their level reset in a hidden room of a dungeon

    When their level is reset, their stat parameters will rise and they will obtain skill points.

    Although the way to reset a person’s level is limited, there are ways to raise a person’s status to its maximum potential

    Based on research, the best way to increase a person’s stats would be a Magic Warrior

    Magic Custom can create cheats and other magical numbers

    Using magical equipment allows a person to exploit a bug in the status system

    Do not challenge the Tower of Trials. The Tower is adjusted based on the assumption that the challengers are made of parties with the highest status.

    [HAHAHHAA. That sounds ridiculous.](Yuuya)

    [That is basically all I ever wanted isn’t it? Despite finishing with this shitty status. I can just reset my level to increase my status!? And add the skill points I gain to become even stronger??? That sounds so ridiculous.] (Yuuya)

I felt bitter. Ever since I considered the possibility that my stat increments could be fixed instead of random, I gave up. It was impossible to become the strongest. If someone was blessed with the best status in the world, obtained the strength that I took decades to obtain. The strength to compensate for my lack of status. That person would truly become the strongest.

Suddenly, the image of a hidden room in a dungeon appeared in my mind. It was like a dream come true, like a delusion. A passion that could not be thrown away, after many years, was showing me visions. Is it was possible to have something this convenient?

However, even so.

    [There is no reason for me not to go. I should go even if theirs only a 0.001% chance.] (Yuuya)

I am definitely crazy. My brain is telling me that it is impossible for such a thing to exist but my heart and body are telling me otherwise. I am definitely bad at giving up. If I had truly given up adventuring then I would had stopped my daily training to maintain my body. I knew that it was futile to try and improve my status and merely accepted my bad luck as my fate.

Still remembering the actions, Youya prepared himself for traveling and left the city, heading towards the dungeon containing the hidden room, convinced that he would be able to start over.

Still remembering the image of the dungeon, I prepared myself to travel and left the city, heading towards the dungeon and trying to convince myself that I would get a second chance.

Volume 1 Prologue Part 2

The Old man’s passion was reignited. Part 2

After performing my daily maintenance for my sword and armor, I began heading out towards the bar. Whenever the thought of preparing my own dinner, I would feel depressed at the thought of preparing dinner for one. Hence, I preferred to eat out every night. I entered the bar, sitting on a table for two in the corner .



As always, this was my special seat in the bar. Even if nothing was said, ale would always be delivered without fail.

[Nikita. The apple pie you gave me was delicious.] (Yuuya)

The one who brought the ale was Nikita, the signboard girl of the bar.

She was a young girl about to hit the age of 16 this year. An energetic girl who lightens the mood just by being present. Even now, men all around the bar are looking at her as we speak.

[Its nothing much. Thank you very much! I am happy that Yuuya-san ate my apple pie. My father taught me how to bake that apple pie and I tried my best to bake it to his level.] (Nikita)

I couldn’t help but let out a wry smile. This girl has feelings for me even though at my age, it would be more appropriate to show respect as an elder.


[That was your first time baking? You definitely have talent for cooking.] (Yuuya)

[It wasn’t anything that special.] (Nikita)

[I envy the man that will become your future husband.] (Yuuya)

After hearing my response,  Nikita’s expression became cloudy. Looking from a different perspective, its similar to saying that I would not become her husband. It would be better for me to throw away any feelings of attachment as soon as possible.


[Nikita, what is today’s recommendation?] (Yuuya)

[Uh..Well pork dishes are recommended today as a large batch of pork was brought in today for a cheap price.] (Nikita)

That must be the batch that I delivered to the butcher this afternoon. It seems that the butcher had sold the meat immediately after it was delivered.

[In that case, give me a stew and a skewer, as well as a refill please.] (Yuuya)

[Yes! No problem.] (Nikita)

She immediately ran into the kitchen. Whenever I am alone, I find myself coming to the bar. It was a place where many adventurers gather at. Although in a village that only has a  low-leveled dungeon, it is quite the sight. There were many young adventurers. Although being an adventurer was a popular job, it was not a job a person could sustain beyond their mid thirties. Although many people pass away before they hit that point. Young people often spoke passionately about their dreams. Even now, the spirits of the young men were raising even higher.


[We are definitely going to conquer the Tower of Trials someday! And we will eventually be hailed as equals to the hero Leonard!]

[You say that although you are still struggling with Giant Toads.]

[Hey please do not say that out loud!]

Everyone in the bar laughed together.

After feeling the intensity of their passion, I felt my cold heart being warmed slightly.

I could see my food being carried over and I started having my dinner. The food was delicious as usual as the chef who works here had good cooking skills. Before arriving at this village, I had spent a large amount of time in a big city but that city did not have many stores that outclassed this store in terms of cooking ability.

Should I ask for one more refill? As I was asking myself that question, a man sat down in-front of me.


A man wearing magical armour with a silver class adventurer’s identity card hanging from his neck. His equipment was unfamiliar, suggesting that it was not from this village. It was however a familiar face. A face filled with youth and confidence


[I have been looking for you, Yuuya-san]

[I heard that you joined Blow, Ain.] (Yuuya)

This person was an adventurer from this village

Seven years ago, his parents begged for me to teach him the ways of the adventurer and I ended up teaching him for three years. After three years, he became a competent adventurer and left the village to challenge dungeons with higher difficulties.

[Well I have been training for the past four years with the Blows and became one of them. I plan to challenge the Tower of Trials.] (Ain)

I dropped my fork on the ground unintentionally.

[Yuuya-san. Would you like to come with us to the Tower of Trials? We can find out how great of an adventurer you really are! I am sure someone of your caliber would be able to clear the trial easily!. Doesn’t it sound like a good idea master?] (Ain)

I took a deep breath and began recollecting about the past. About how I was told similar things by other people in the past. However. My answer was decided long ago. Over ten years ago.


[Ain. I am grateful for the trust you have in me. However, I have to decline. I am not a chosen one.] (Yuuya)

Tower of Trials

It is a place where every adventurer dreams of going. It is a place where an adventurer goes if he wishes to be stronger than anyone else And more than a decade ago, it was the place I escaped from without even attempting.

[Please do not say such a thing! I have two dependable companions that are coming with us. If we had the experience,skill and strength of my teacher there-] (Ain)

[I told you. That I was never chosen for the trials. It was always shown on my status.] (Yuuya)

I activated my status card

The status card is capable of carrying money as well as function as an identity card. It was capable of revealing the stats and level of the owner. As he looks at the window that popped out, Ain said:


[Master you are lying to me.] (Ain)

[I’ve told you this before. I was unlucky back then. There was also a time I aimed to become stronger and pass the trial. However, the more we progressed, the more I despaired. It was impossible for me. When my friends told me that they wanted to challenge the trials, I left the party. I gave up my chance at becoming strong. Since then, I have doing unreasonable jobs like this.] (Yuuya)

My level is currently 50 and was the highest limit a person could go. Once a person reached this limit the person would unable to become stronger. Hence I have become as strong as the limit allowed me to be. Statuses existed in this world. Every time a person leveled up, their stat parameters increases by a value of 1~3. The expected value is 2, but there are always variations and restarting was impossible.

And I had the worst possible luck. My parameters always increased in increments of 1, however I believed someday my stat parameters would increase dramatically. Believing this I continued to level up, eventually hitting my level limit. To overcome my low stat parameters, I polished my swordsmanship as much as possible throughout the decades and eventually, I found a way to obtain a power that surpassed a person’s status.

Through blood,sweat and tears, I managed to obtain strength that went beyond my current status. Despite this, I still reached a limit. The higher the level, the larger the difference between our stat parameters becomes, and the more apparent it’s effects are, making it impossible to catch up with other people who aimed to be the strongest.

I could confidently say that I am a first-class adventurer, but I will never be able to reach the realm of heroes. And thus, I gave up on my dream of becoming the strongest. Like this, I chose a stable job by completing quests with lower difficulties.


[Ain, good luck in clearing your trials. If its you, you might have a chance at clearing the trials. You are different from someone like me who was cursed with bad luck.] (Yuuya)

Ain had the status required for someone to enter the realms of heroes. He could even be able to achieve something that is impossible for me.

[I am sorry Yuuya-san. I did not know.] (Ain)

[It was bad of me to talk about a depressing story to someone who cherishes his teacher. I am done with my meal. I will be making a move first.] (Yuuya)

It became an atmosphere impossible to drink alcohol in. I placed a little more money than the bill on the desk, and called out to Nikita before leaving the bar.

Seriously. Reminding me of bad memories.




Although Youya gave up his dream of becoming stronger, the burning passion within his heart began to burn once more.

Prologue : Part 1

The Old Man’s passion was reignited. Part 1

The name of my job is “Adventurer”.

In this world, adventurers dive into dungeons to seek the treasures within and claim them as their own. This was one of the main source of income for people who chose to become an adventurer. The only other source of income was to defeat magical beasts that are present in those very dungeons. Once these magical beasts are defeated, they will drop items which can be taken back to a town or the guild and sold for money. In terms of income, adventuring is a profitable profession, however it is as dangerous as it is profitable.

I, am one of those “Adventurers”. A veteran who has been adventuring for over 20 years.

Once again, I am entering a dungeon. This time, with the goal of hunting monsters.

  [Last one left.] (Man)

As the man turned towards the meadows, he noticed his prey hiding within the shadow of the grass.

It was a Wild Boa.

Wild Boas are demons who look similar to wild boars with brown fur. It is well-known for its high-speed rush along with its sharp tusks on its head. The combination of its rush and sharp tusks poses a huge danger to adventurers facing this magical beast.

However, in the man’s eyes it is merely food. In fact, he can’t see it as anything but food. The quest that he accepted from the guild was a request to collect meat from Wild Boas in the dungeons.

Without warning, the Wild Boa performed its signature high-speed rush, rushing directly towards the man. Not feeling the need to dodge its attack, he lifted his two-handed sword and swung down towards the Wild Boa. In the midst of its attack, the Wild Boa crashes into the sword, the collision emitting a dull sound. At the end of the exchange, the Wild Boa had its head crushed, and its body laid limp on the ground. Few moments later, the body of the Wild Boa turns into blue particles, leaving behind a lump of meat with skin the color of tree bark on the ground. This phenomena was something that occurred all around the world, however even after it was studied, the only thing that was discovered is that only monsters will transform into blue particles when they die. With some luck, there is also a chance that “Item Drops” would drop from their blue remains.

[Whether they are boars or pigs, at the end of the day they are still meat.] (Man)

The man picked up the Item Drop, Meat (Average). In this world, the quality of an Item Drop increases as the level of the monster increases. Meat(Average) was similar to meat obtained from ordinary livestock. It is also possible to obtain higher quality meat such as Meat(Excellent) and Meat(Special) by hunting beasts with higher levels in dungeons with higher difficulties. Although Meat(Special) is a rare and delicious type of meat which can only be dropped by beasts of extremely high difficulty where even first-class adventurers would be in danger.

[Let’s see… The requested amount of meat is ten. With this, the request is completed.] (Man)

The man placed the lump of meat in a Magic bag (Capacity: Large). It was a magic bag that was found when he was adventuring in the past. It is a highly valued magical item capable of storing up to 200 kilograms of items. He thought of selling it many times in the past as it had cost as much as buying a house in the village, however it is so rare that the probability of it appearing in the marketplace is close to zero. It was near impossible to obtain the bag again once sold. Convinced by the convenience the bag provided, the man kept the bag and his adventures became much easier as it removed the need to carry heavy items around .

As a precaution, the man took out the request form from his bag to review its content once more. Afterwards he began counting the lumps of meat obtained from his hunt to check if it matched the requested amount before leaving the dungeon. As he walked towards the magical gate in the dungeon, he thought about how he would reward himself with a good night of drinks for his work.

When the man returned to the village, he went towards the butchery in the village to deliver the meat before heading over to the guild for his quest rewards.

[Welcome back, Yuuya-san.] (Old Lady)

A familiar face, the old lady who ran the receptionist desk smiled as she waved at him. If this was a guild from a big city, surely a beautiful girl would had been assigned at the desk as the receptionist, however for a small village like this, being able to choose who ran the desk was a luxury in itself, making it near-impossible to select a young and beautiful receptionist. The other adventurers often complained about this at the bar, although personally the man did not mind as it was merely for work. So long as the receptionist did not obstruct his work, their age or gender do not matter.

[I am back. The meat collection request has already been completed, here is the certificate of completion.] (Yuuya)

Yuuya handed over his status card and the certificate of the request over to the old lady who quickly removed the seal from the certificate and the quest reward was shown on his status card. As she returned the status card, Yuuya checked to ensure the quest reward matched the amount as stated in the request form. As he expected, the reward matched.

[Yuuya-san, you do know that your speed in clearing requests is respected and extremely helpful to the guild? I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize your trust in the guild, regardless of the quest.] (Old Lady)

[Well I am just checking because its work after all. By the way, are there still any more requests approaching their deadlines?] (Yuuya)

[Ah that request was the last one. Oh right, Yuuya-san. Nikita asked me to pass you this.] (Old Lady)

As she said that, she passed to Yuuya a homemade apple pie. Nikita was the showgirl of a bar that he goes to often. She was going to be 16 this year, and is quite well-liked among the men in the village. Although he ate at the bar quite often, he couldn’t seem to recall asking her for an apple pie. As if she was reading his thoughts, the old lady looked at Yuuya with a gentle smile.

[Do you remember about the incident where the Maltese disease spread throughout the village? Back then, you were the one who took up the request to collect Karnatta stone which was the main ingredient in brewing the potion used to cure the disease. Thanks to that, you saved her mother who was infected with the disease. By the way, aren’t you still single? At your age, shouldn’t you be looking to settle down and start a family yourself? Why not consider Nikita? She has pretty good looks for someone her age you know.] (Old Lady)

[Sorry but I’ll have to pass on this one. I am just an old man who is about to retire. I am sure a girl like Nikita will have many younger and better-looking guys to choose from. I will be accepting the apple pie. I will also be dropping by tomorrow, please reserve a rewarding quest for me. It is the last time after all.] (Yuuya)

Although Yuuya had just received a generous reward from completing the request earlier, he was also offered a homemade apple pie. He felt like he would be disrespecting Nikita if he rejected the offer and decided to accept the apple pie.

[Yuuya-san. Are you really not going to renew your contract with the guild? The other guild staff and I would like for you to continue being an exclusive adventurer for the next year as well you know.] (Old Lady)

[Sorry. But I am already 36 years old this year. It is difficult for me to continue adventuring at my age. As you can probably tell, I already have plenty of savings built up. I plan to return to the countryside and spend my retirement slowly cultivating fields. As for adventuring, you can rest assured since my successor, Beck is an excellent adventurer. After all, I was the one who raised him.] (Yuuya)

Exclusive adventurers were adventurers who are bound to a guild with a contract. They were obliged to accept undesired quests that nobody would complete. In exchange, they were paid an additional salary as they continue to work as an exclusive adventurer. For quests like these, which were mainly errands put up by villagers for their needs, veterans like Yuuya were chosen to complete them. These requests were troublesome in many ways, however he did not mind completing them. Since being an exclusive adventurer also gives them the option of declining quests with higher difficulties, this allowed adventurers access to a stable income with relatively low risks as compared to the adventurous, high risk high reward lifestyle of an adventurer. This was also Yuuya’s way to show appreciation to the people in the village.

However, adventurers are humans too. As they grow older, their bodies grow weaker. Even as an exclusive adventurer, the idea of an being an adventurer is more or less impossible due to their old age. In his peak, Yuuya was able to call himself a first-class adventurer, however he was still unable to become one of the top-class adventurers. Similar to first-class adventurers, many top-class adventurers who were forced to give up their ambitions do not aim to conquer high difficulty dungeons but rather spend their time completing odd-jobs while nurturing the next generation. For Yuuya, he spent his days steadily completing jobs that were safe, slowly building up savings for retirement to live a quiet life that was not chasing the thrill of adventure.