Chapter 7: The old man is freed from his curse

The sealed door was opened and we entered the hidden room. The condition for releasing the sealed door was to perform a level reset. Achieving the hidden condition while discovering this room simultaneously is even more difficult than dying. It was near impossible to discover this room in the first place considering how difficult it is to even find the level reset room. And even if this room was discovered, it wouldn’t be possible to enter the room. Hypothetically, a person who reset his level could enter this room, but there was another problem. Rumberg is one of the towns for novice adventurers. However, Rumberg isn’t the only starting town that exists in the world. Looking at pure leveling efficiency alone, there are many other towns with better dungeons than Rumberg, making it less likely for anyone to discover this room and it’s condition.

This is a dungeon that can only be entered by low level adventurers
And it is necessary to have the level reset to open the door
Even if the room was found, it would be impossible to enter the room
High level adventurers couldn’t enter the dungeon in the first place
It is obvious that the person who found this room wasn’t normal. Just how did he discover all this different rooms. For your information, the guy who discovered this room was the same as the level reset room.

After entering the room, I realized the room looks exactly the same as the level reset room
It was a stone room illuminated by light crystals.
There was a fountain in the center of the room and a statue of a goddess at the back.
No way, there won’t be another one here, will it?
  [Yuuya, why are you trembling?] (Luna)
  [Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. I am just looking for something like a monster        around.] (Yuuya)
  [It’s okay! Luna’s doesn’t sense any monster near us!] (Luna)


Luna bangs her chest proudly as she announced that.
I made a bitter smile as I looked at Luna

She doesn’t realize that I was wary of another Luna trapped in a crystal.
Although Luna is easy to take care of, if there were two of her I would be in serious trouble.

Now then, time to begin the ritual.
Looking at the layout, it seems that the lore behind the hidden rooms is that the same goddess made the hidden rooms.
The activation for the ritual is the same.
I removed one light crystal from the wall and placed it in the necklace of the goddess statue.
The goddess statue started to illuminate with a soft glow, and a voice started appearing in my head.
It was the same voice back in the level reset room.


  [Those who have fought countless battles and encountered obstacles one after another. Congratulations on finding me. I praise your relentless determination adventurer. I will grant you a special power as a means to push the darkness back with this power.] (Goddess)


Similar to back then, the glow from the necklace enveloped my body.
My body felt warm and light, it was like I was reeling in power.
I can feel that I have definitely gotten the blessings of the goddess.
Shortly after, the light disappeared.

Finally, it is over.
My cursed status will never come back. My status increase every level will be three points from this point forward.
I’ve been struggling so much thanks to my bad luck, only gaining one point per level. That meant that I had to put in so much more effort just to keep up with everyone else’s growth.
Eventually, I encountered an unbreakable limit.
However, with effort I still managed to overcome it and continued to follow everyone’s path of becoming stronger, eventually obtaining the power to open the door. But this wasn’t the end. I still encountered another obstacle that I couldn’t overcome. I couldn’t swallow the fact that I would never be rewarded for my hard work. I couldn’t accept that and chose to run away.
However, it’s different now.
As long as you put in the hard work, you will be rewarded.


[Yuuya, why are you crying?] (Luna)

[Sorry, I showed you an unsightly side. I couldn’t help it, I have finally been freed from my curse.] (Yuuya)


My status was cursed. I couldn’t count how much bitterness I had to swallow thanks to it.


[Yuuya, sit down.] (Luna)


Luna started walking towards me. I didn’t understand so I just listened to her and sat down.

Then Luna hugged me.


[Good boy Good boy~.] (Luna)

[Uhh.. Luna-san, what are you doing?] (Yuuya)

[Somehow, I felt like whenever I was sad, I would like someone to do this to me.] (Luna)

[Although you lost your memories, you do say weird things you know.] (Yuuya)

[Yuuya, why were you sad?] (Luna)

[I’m not sad anymore thanks to Luna. Thank you.] (Yuuya)

[I’m relieved. If you are ever sad again, Luna will be there to comfort you! Good boy~ Good boy~.] (Luna)

This child.. I am glad to be in the same party as her.

[Luna, why don’t you try the same thing I did?] (Yuuya)


Although I feel like it wouldn’t succeed since she didn’t reset her level, we could still try it. In the slight chance that it does succeed, Luna’s combat strength will increase drastically.


[Uhn.I will try it. Luna just has to put the stones there into the necklace?] (Luna)

[Yeah.] (Yuuya)


Luna took a light crystal from the wall and fit it into the necklace.

But nothing happened.


[The statue isn’t shining like when Yuuya did it.] (Luna)

[Well it’s okay, don’t worry about it. It’s time to enjoy ourselves. Let’s go back to the hunting grounds and begin raising our levels.] (Yuuya)

[Let’s do it! I will defeat many monsters and become stronger!] (Luna)


Now. There isn’t anything to stop us from leveling anymore.

Lets defeat all the monsters in the dungeon


After exiting the room, we climbed up the cliff back to the hunting area.
It was difficult for was to do a round trip on a cliff with just a single rope, however it was worth the effort.
Oh right, I nearly forgot something.
  [Luna, make sure to memorise the location of the hidden room. Next time when you return here, I won’t be able to follow you so make sure that you remember the location of this cliff.] (Yuuya)
  [I understand. I may have forgotten alot of things but I have a good memory.] (Luna)
When Luna hits level 50 and performs a level reset, she will have to come back here to perform the ritual once more. This dungeon has a level cap, making it difficult to reset my level once more to match hers. Thats why she has to remember this place.


In the Iwayama dungeon, the higher you climb the mountain, the rougher the terrain becomes, leading to stronger monsters. And stronger monsters yield better experience.
That is why we must climb higher.
  [Yuuya, the path ahead of feels dangerous. We were told to never enter the top of the mountain.] (Luna)
  [Well you’re not wrong. The Rock Golem will start spawning once we enter this area. A low-level adventurer wouldn’t be able to land even a scratch on the golem. The guild is worried that there would be naive adventurers who will challenge the monster. Look behind you, there are signs placed to prevent anyone from entering.] (Yuuya)
Rock golems have high defensive stats, nullifying effectively all physical attacks. Although it’s Magic Defense isn’t as high, it is high enough for low-level adventurers to not leave a dent.
It isn’t a monster that a new adventurer can challenge and win. Fortunately, the monster can be easily avoided as it only spawns at the summit of the mountain. Thats why this dungeon is suitable for training novices.

[Then let’s turn back.] (Luna)

[On the contrary, let’s continue forward. If it’s me, the golem shouldn’t be a problem. It is a slow monster who is weaker to magic attacks than physical attacks. It is the perfect prey for magic knights. Plus, it’s a slow monster. To me, slow monsters are merely sitting ducks.] (Yuuya)

Rock golems are good fodder for raising our levels. It is a strong monster that gives a lot of experience as well as drop unique items that are highly valuable. The unique items it drops are rare to find as it can only be obtained from this dungeon, but because the Rock golem is near impossible to defeat, the item is considered extremely rare.


[Maa. If Yuuya says that it’s fine, then I guess we are fine.] (Luna)

[Although I can beat them, right now I can only beat a golem on a one on one battle. If there is more than one, we will have to flee. For that, I’m relying on your Presence Detection Luna.] (Yuuya)

[Leave it to me!] (Luna)


Shes a reliable child.
The two of us were lucky on our path to the summit, we arrived at our destination without encountering a single monster.
Then, I ate my words.


[It’s the idiot trio.] (Yuuya)


The three chicks who didn’t want anything to do with me were up here as well. This is likely the reason why we didn’t encounter a single monster. We took the exact same route as these three idiots did. They probably defeated all the monsters easily, and became overconfident of their abilities. Being overconfident of their abilities, they decided to come to the summit thinking they could defeat the golem. Hold and behold, they were currently fighting a Rock Golem.
That is a common mistake made by novice adventurers. Unfortunately, one mistake as an adventurer, and that would likely cost your life. Most adventurers who mess up don’t even have the opportunity to learn from them. Those who do survive are considered quite lucky.




The three of them has a well-balanced party for a novice party.

A Warrior, Magician and a Ranger.

The warrior acts as the vanguard while the magician and hunter attacks the monsters from the back. But the warrior was unable to withstand the attacks from the golem and got blown away. He is breathing but the his bones are most likely broken and won’t be able to continue battling.
After the vanguard was defeated, the golem started rushing towards the magician and the hunter. The magician and hunter desperately attacked the golem but the golem is unaffected by the attacks. At this rate, they will be annihilated.


[Luna, wait here. I will go and save those three. I won’t be able to protect you so I want you to stay out of the battle.] (Yuuya)

[Why would you bother saving them? They are disgusting people who talked bad about you. You should just leave them.] (Luna)

[Luna. I have the power to help people. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I knew I left those three to die. And also, it’s an adult’s job to guide chicks like them on the right path.] (Yuuya)


From my point of view in the guild, those three were merely puppies. They may bark a lot but it wasn’t menacing in the slightest. Not to mention, it’s a waste that most adventurers lose their lives with just one mistake in the dungeons. Adventurers are humans too, and mistakes are inevitable. Without mistakes, people won’t be able to become a real adventurer. If I can help someone learn from my mistake, then I will give them that chance.

I ran towards the golem.

Now then, its time to take action. Time to give my juniors a second chance.

Chapter 6: The old man dives into the dungeon

After the class selection has ended, Me and Luna became a Magic Knight and a Thief.

When a class is chosen, you will receive 5 skill points, with an addition point per level. That is the case for other adventurers including Luna. This low number of points meant that adventurers didn’t have many options in choosing skills and had to focus their points into skills that required priorities. However, in my case I have 20 bonus skill points thanks to my level reset, giving me many more options for what skills I wish to add.




 [Delicious! The meat today is so tender. Today’s meat is better than usual.] (Luna)

 [We are celebrating our official party formation so you can eat without restraint. There won’t be many occasions like this in the future so you should indulge yourself tonight.] (Yuuya)

 [Uhn!] (Luna)

The glint in Luna’s eyes suddenly changes as she bites into a chunk of meat.

Watching a fox’s cheek inflate just like a squirrel is pretty amusing. We were eating dinner in the bar as always. However this time we ordered the expensive set meals rather than the usual cheap meals. Although I mentioned that this is a celebration for the party, it was also my way of showing Luna my gratitude for staying in my party. I was really happy that she chose to remain in my party when she had the option to join a better party.

 [Yuuya, you have been staring at Luna’s face for a while.] (Luna)

Luna’s face which was stained with gravy and sauce started to turn red.

 [Sorry, that was rude of me. I should start eating as well. Before that, a cheer for our party and our adventures to come.] (Yuuya)

I held up my mug of ale while Luna held her glass of juice in the air.


 [Cheers!] (Luna and Yuuya)

By the way, if you are wondering why Luna is drinking juice instead of ale, yesterday she claimed that she wanted to drink the same drink as me despite seemingly being underage. Eventually she got a chance to try it, but it was too bitter for her and she couldn’t drink it. Now she’s obediently drinking juice instead.

Having a celebration with a party. It’s been awhile. I’ve forgotten how this warmth felt like.



The next day, we headed towards the guild.

Today I was also using a hat to cover my face. It would be troublesome if I had ran into Phil while my face was exposed.

 [As Yuuya told me, all my points were put into Presence Detection ] (Luna)

 [Good girl. Now venturing into dungeons will be much more convenient thanks to your skill.] (Yuuya)

Thieves were one of the classes with access to exploration skills.

Among the exploration skills available, the most important skill was Presence Detection as monsters were cunning monsters. Adventurers are weak to surprise attacks and ambush tactics whereas some monsters developed special abilities, such as mimicry and stealth that allows them to hide within the environment and attack from our blind spots. Just as adventurers learn to deal with monsters, monsters have also adapted for battles against adventurers. There are also monsters that are capable of approaching adventurers without making a sound or a smell, allowing them to rush at us from our blind spots, preventing any possible defense.

Similarly, even if I were to forcibly increase my stats, it would be useless if I was caught in a trap or if I was surrounded by too many enemies.

However, the latter could be avoided if your party has someone with Presence Detection. This skill only required one point to be learnt, however it’s capabilities is raised when more points were placed into the skill. For each point added, Presence Detection’s effective range is increased by 20 meters. At level three, it shows the user the number of monster in the radius and at level 5, the user will be able to tell the relative distance to each monster in the area.

Since Luna had placed all five skill points into Presence Detection, she is currently capable of finding monsters up to a distance of 100 metres and determine their positions.

 [Yuuya, why shouldn’t I add an attack skill first? Assassinate seems much more useful and cooler.] (Luna)

 [Luna you may not realize it because it’s your first time entering a dungeon, but when a party enters a dungeon without Presence Detection, monster hunting becomes extremely inefficient as time is wasted searching for monsters. There is even a chance for us to cross path with monsters without noticing them. However, with your skill, this situation can be avoided while making it easier to locate monsters.] (Yuuya)

Any experienced adventurer would know how important the skill is.

Luna tilted her head as she didn’t understand that I meant, but as expected, she has a good sense when it came to adventuring and understood it right after.

 [Yuuya, what skills did you spend your points on?] (Luna)

 [My class was originally a class meant for attacking, so I placed my points into my combat skills. You can look forward to seeing my skills in our next battle. Right now you just focus on searching for the enemies while I handle the battles.] (Yuuya)

The third-rate class called Magic Knight.

I look forward to abusing the hidden skill only available for that class.


We entered the guild and walked through the magic door located at the back of the guild.

It was the entrance to a special dungeon only available to low leveled adventurers.

This dungeon is a special dungeon meant for nurturing low leveled adventurers up to level 10. This level restriction prevents other adventurers from denying any resources from new adventurers. Although monsters respawned on a weekly basis, the number of monsters available in dungeons was still limited in numbers. Adventurers are often greedy people who would do anything to increase their profit. This leaves the inept adventurers such as the lower leveled adventurers unable to raise their levels efficiently. Thus this dungeon provided a relatively safe environment for low leveled adventurers access to resources.

Currently, we are one of those low leveled adventurers.

From my game knowledge, there is a hidden room in this dungeon with a function that fixes the status rise to three points. Personally, the developers who installed the room in this dungeon has bad taste. If this function wasn’t activated before hitting level 11, it would had been impossible to gain access to this room once again without resetting your level.

Once we walked through the magical door, we were teleported to the dungeon.

The dungeon we were in was a rocky mountain. It was a mountain-type dungeon where the difficulty level changes depending on the terrain of the mountain. Right now, it was a gentle mountain with a wide road that can be easily trekked.

It was an ideal dungeon for beginners


 [Yuuya, it’s amazing. Although we were just in a building, suddenly we’re on a mountain. ] (Luna)


Luna was surprised at the sudden change in scenery as she looked around the surrounding terrain. Although this girl was trapped inside a dungeon up until recently, this was her first legitimate entry into a dungeon. Suddenly, I felt a presence appear behind us as a bunch of adventurers are entering the dungeon. It was a trio of young adventurers dressed with expensive magic armour, the same group that caused the incident.


 [Tsk. Looks like you’re here too Ossan.] (Kevin)


When the trio saw that we were in the dungeon before them, their faces were filled with disgust.


 [That’s right. We’re here to raise our level.] (Yuuya)

 [Do as you like. Just don’t get in our way. Entering a dungeon with such shabby armor… as expected of an idiot. Don’t expect us to help you even if you get into any trouble.] (Kevin)

 [Adventurers take responsibility for their own well-being. I do not plan to ask you for help. Let’s work hard so that it will never come to that.] (Yuuya)

[Even if we were to lose our lives, we would rather die than ask you for help. Hey guys, let’s go.] (Kevin)


Surprisingly, the trio merely left without raising a ruckus and started climbing up the mountain. I thought that they would try to attack us in the dungeon, but it seems that their talk with the guild had helped them grow a little.


 [Yuuya, Luna hates those people.] (Luna)

 [I know. As an adventurer, we must have the power to push through an obstacle, no matter how difficult. I know it is difficult to receive disgusting looks from other people, but you will have to bear with it. In the future, you will have to be even more careful around those kind of people.] (Yiuya)

Although perverts were difficult to deal with., smart alecs were much more annoying to deal with.


 [Yuuya is gentle. However what they are saying seems true. Their armour looks much better than your armour.] (Luna)

 [Equipping magical armours is an act only done by beginners. Exploring a dungeon can last for anytime between few hours to days. Equipping heavy armour will cause sweat to build up inside the armour, making it warmer and humid, making the entire process tiring and uncomfortable. That’s why using leather armour which is easier to equip and move around is better.] (Yuuya)


 Experienced adventurers prefer lightweight armour as compared to bulky and heavy metal armours since lightweight armours protect the user’s vital areas and doesn’t restrict their movements as much as heavy metal armours.

In the first place, since my main form of defense is mainly deflecting attacks with a sword, I do not require heavy armour. However, that doesn’t mean that I neglected my defensive equipment.

There are many different types of leather armour.

The armour that I am wearing currently was made from the skin of an elder dragon. It may look shabby, but it’s effectiveness is a few notches higher than that baby chick’s metal armour. It was not only superior in defense power, but it had flame resistance, ice resistance and magic resistance. It was also much more comfortable and practical for battle.

If you judge a book by its cover, you might not appreciate it’s content. In this case, they couldn’t notice the armour’s capabilities because they were preoccupied with how shabby it looked.


 [Adventurers are complicated.] (Luna)

 [Time for idle talk is over. Time to begin exploring the dungeon. Im counting on you Luna.] (Luna)

 [Uhn. Leave it to me, Luna will find all the monsters.] (Luna)


I nodded at Luna as we began exploring the dungeon.


While we were climbing up the rocky mountain, Luna’s fox ears started twitching.


 [Monsters few metres away from that corner. Two of them.] (Luna)

 [Then we turn back to the fork we passed earlier, and take the left route instead.] (Yuuya)

 [Yuuya, we have only been running away from monsters since we entered the dungeon. If all we do is run, we will not become stronger!] (Luna)

 [Sorry, but I can’t afford to raise my level just yet. There are other things that I need to do first.] (Yuuya)


As Luna had mentioned, we have been avoiding monsters as we approached the summit of the mountain. This was only possible because of her Presence Detection. I wanted to avoid leveling up before locating the hidden room to maximize my status increase each level. If I were to level up accidentally and obtain an inadequate gain, I would had wasted free stats that I would had otherwise gotten. I can only level to a maximum of 49 times. Each level must not be wasted.

Finally, we arrived at a cliff on the mountain without fighting a single battle.

However, this place wasn’t the summit of the mountain.

 [Sigh it’s a dead-end. Let’s turn back, Yuuya] (Luna)

 [No. This place is good.] (Yuuya)

As Luna was preparing to turn back, I took out a huge pile from my magic back and pushed it into the ground as hard as I could. I wrapped two ropes around the pile and secured them on the pile, throwing the other ends of the rope down the cliff. The ropes were magic items that can extend its length depending on the owner’s will.


 [At the bottom of this 200m cliff, there is a hidden room. That is our destination.] (Yuuya)

 [This is such a dangerous place, installing a room here, no one would ever find it.] (Luna)

 [I feel the same way. The guy who discovered this place must have a screw loose.] (Yuuya)

The guy who found this place is really amazing.


 [I will be climbing down. It is dangerous to climb down a cliff with a rope, so you stay here where its safe.] (Yuuya)

 [Luna wants to be together with Yuuya. Luna will try her best.] (Luna)


Although I said that, Luna shakes her head.


 [I understand. Then I will climb down first. That way, if anything happens, I will be there to catch you.] (Yuuya)

 [Uhn. I am counting on Yuuya to catch me if I fall!] (Luna)

 [Uhm I will definitely catch you, but please do your best not to let that happen.] (Yuuya)


Even if I was able to catch her, her falling would be bad for my heart.

I started climbing down the cliff.

Luna started climbing down after me. As she is a fox beastman, her movements are light and she isn’t showing any signs of dangerous movement.

Although it is a problem for me to constantly monitor her movements. I bought the armour recommended to us by the clerk, but I should remember to get her trousers next time instead of skirts.

Eventually, we arrived at the destination.

Our destination was a hole in the wall. If you entered the hole and walked straight, a sealed door can be seen.

The condition for unlocking this door, is to perform a level reset.

When I touched the door, the seal was unlocked and the door opened.


 [Luna, let’s hurry ahead.] (Yuuya)

 [Uhn. It’s getting exciting.] (Luna)


We both entered the hidden room.

This time, it won’t be to reset my level, but I can ensure that my cursed status will never haunt me ever again.

– End of chapter –


Chapter 5: The old man who became a magic knight (3/3)

The lecture has started. There were about 20 students attend the lecture, including me and Luna. Among the other students, there were a bunch of young boys who were staring at me and another bunch at Luna. As expected, there were no other middle-aged men attending the lesson. In this lecture, the basics for becoming an adventurer as well as the different classes available will be taught and explained in half a day. Although this is considered an informative session, there are actually very few people who are listening to the speaker. As information about the classes are considered common sense, the people who attend the lecture are doing so because it’s a standard procedure. It is rare for people to actually pay attention in the lesson.

Midway through the lecture, the lecturer made an announcement.


[After the lecture is over, I recommend everyone present to recruit party members for your party. This is a rare occasion where adventurers of the same caliber and level without parties are gathered together. It is important to fill up your party with four members as well as having a well-balanced composition. Alright, the class will now have a 5 minute break before the lesson continues.] (Instructor)


As the instructor mentioned, this session was one of the most important moments for adventurers who do not have any relations or connections, making it a good opportunity for new adventurers to form a party and make friends with other new adventurers. As an adventurer, it is crucial to have a party of four members. If you dive into a dungeon alone, any paralysis or poisoning effects could spell your doom. However, with a party, they will be able to protect you from the monsters while you recover.


[Yuuya, are we going to search for friends too?] (Luna)

[Well it would be nice to have a full party with us, but it is likely impossible.] (Yuuya)


I smiled bitterly to Luna’s question. It seems she still doesn’t understand the situation, about how notorious the unwanted class, Magic Knight is.




Although it takes nearly a full day to obtain a class, the actual procedure to obtaining a class is easy. When you stand before the statue that contains the power of the gods, the classes that are available to you will appear inside your head. As expected, I have all the common classes available to me. Warrior, Fighter, Magic Knight, Magician, Monk, Thief and Ranger were all available. These weren’t the only classes that actually existed in this world. There have been instances where an exclusive class had appeared, but so far I have only seen one instance of an exclusive class. Well, my class was decided from the start. Now it’s merely a matter of what skill I should choose

[I want to be a Magic Knight.] (Yuuya)


A soft glow starts to cover my body. With this, I have officially become a Magic Knight.


[Ossan, are you an idiot? Do you not know anything?]

[Magic Knight…. Has he lost his mind?]

[Woah its my first time seeing a Magic Knight.]

[Sigh even though I said during the lecture to never choose that class…]


I could hear comments coming from the back of the room as I chose my class. This is the expected reaction though, since it is unlikely any of them would know the hidden strength of a Magic Knight. It is a class that can do everything but unable to do anything. However, with the bonus skill points, as well as the hidden elements behind the level reset, the weakest class can become the strongest.

After my class selection was completed, it was Luna’s turn.

As she stood before the statue containing the power of god, she turned and looked at me.


[The classes Yuuya mentioned appeared in my head. There wasn’t any class that are different.] (Luna)

[I see. I had a feeling that Luna would receive an exclusive class but it seems I was wrong. Then you can choose Thief as planned.] (Youya)

[I understand! Luna wants to be a Thief!] (Luna)


A soft glow started to surround Luna’s body. Luna was now officially a Thief.

With this, everyone in the room has completed their class selection. This is where the scouting battle begins.

As predicted, the most popular classes were thieves and rangers. Although they were classes that had a low fighting power, they were capable of learning exploration skills. Exploration skills are important in a party as it is essential for exploring dungeons where it is easy to lose your sense of direction. They were also one of the rarer classes as their low fighting power often translated to higher mortality rates. This is why they are popular.

Next were warriors, magicians and monks

These classes were the most common classes that are often chosen by people because they were the strongest in their roles.

Warriors serve as the vanguard, having high defensive powers higher than fighters or thieves.

Magicians have the ability to defeat monsters who have high physical defense with magic spells, and are capable of attacking from range. They were perfect for being in the back line.

Priests are capable of casting supportive spells such as reinforcement spells as well as recovery spells, allowing dungeon runs to become safer as recovery was possible.

In this world, every party had a party limit. The maximum number of members were four. However, this limit could be increased to five if special items were used on the party. If a party had more members than the party limit allowed, there would be no experience gained by the party members from battles.

Due to this, a party often consisted of a vanguard, magic attacker, healer and a specialized class.

There was no place for an unwanted class like the Magic Knight.

Nobody will invite me to their party, nor will anyone accept my invitations if I asked.

At this rate, it would only be me and Luna in my party, I started to wonder if this was a good idea, to let Luna remain in the party with me. As Luna was a thief, she was popular among the other students and received multiple invitations. However as soon as everyone realized I was in the same party as Luna, everyone refused to accept her. Witnessing this scene multiple times made me feel guilty.

If there was a time for Luna to become independent, this would be the time. Until now I have been taking care of Luna, looking out for her well-being ever since we left the hidden room. This was most likely the only chance for Luna to enter another party where she had the safety of a balanced party. I couldn’t bear to keep her in my party for my own convenience when she had the possibility of a much better future away from me.


[Sorry. Luna couldn’t get anyone to be our friend.] (Luna)


[Don’t be. It’s because of my class that nobody wants to join us. At this rate, it will only be the two of us in the party. Luna. I am not forcing you to stay in my party. Rather, I hope that you will join another party. You are more likely to find a well-balanced party where it’s safer. If you are worried about me, I can survive on my own since I am a veteran after all.] (Yuuya)


It is difficult for me to let go of a exploration-class member when she is my only party member, however it is even more difficult for me to bind her into my party. If possible, as her guardian, I wish to guide her onto the right path as much as possible.


[Yuuya wants me to join a party I like?] (Luna)

[Yes. As a thief, there are many parties who will be willing to invite you to their party.] (Yuuya)

[Okay. Then Luna will join the party that she wants.] (Luna)


At that moment, I felt a tinge of sadness as it appears that Luna had a party she wanted to join, but at the same time, i couldn’t help but feel that it was obvious.

But she wasn’t moving from her position.


[Then Luna wants to join Yuuya’s party! Luna and Yuuya will be together!] (Luna)


I flinched at her quick response.


[Ar..Are you sure? It’ll just be the two of us you know] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. Luna wants to be with Yuuya so its ok.] (Luna)


Luna looked at me with a cute smile.

I decided that I will not make her regret being in my party.


[I understand. Then I’ll say it once more. I am counting on you in the future] (Yuuya)

[Thank you for having me. Yuuya. Our first goal is to kill all the dragons in the world and obtain their treasures!] (Luna)

[Do you plan on dying right from the start?] (Yuuya)


Dragons were beings that can’t be defeated by people below level 30. Any attempts to do so would result in death.

I started to stroke Luna’s head who gave off a pleasant feeling and started shaking her fox tail.


Yosh, I’ve decided. Tonight we will have a feast to celebrate our party.


Then we will dive into the dungeon first thing in the morning. It’s time to accomplish my main goal in this town. To visit the hidden room that can prevent my cursed status from happening.

Chapter 5: The old man becomes a magic knight (2/3)

[Everybody please settle down. We are currently within the guild premises. Violence will not be tolerated. You over there. We are not afraid to hold back on your punishment even if you currently are not an adventurer.] (Guild staff)


A guild personnel arrived just as the two young men’s demise was imminent, warning me to stand down. When the female personnel arrived, the entire hall turned silent, looking in her direction. Luna looked at the staff member in amazement. It was obvious that the staff member was strong. Strong enough to make the rowdy bunch of adventurers here dead silent.

However, the only thing I could notice… was her face.

Long ears and green eyes.. The characteristic of an Elf. It’s an elven girl.

There’s no doubt about it.

Why are you here?

I pulled down my hat in an attempt to conceal my face.


[I am sorry. I did not mean to resort to violence. However, before I noticed it the young man was trying to attack me so I countered on reflex. I will reflect on my actions.] (Youya)

[I see. So you’re defending yourself on the basis of self-defense. Am I right?] (Guild Staff)


I nod my head. Luckily, it seems that she did not recognize me.

She should had noticed that my level was one. It could had occurred to her that I was her former teacher, but since I was level 50 back then, she probably thinks I’m just someone who resembles a person she knew. How could someone like her be doing administrative work in a guild such as this?


[No this ossan attacked us first! He threw Kevin onto the ground!] (Young man No.2)

[Yeah! You can see that he is uninjured! Only Kevin was attacked, thats why he’s unconscious on the ground!] (Young man no.3)


The boys were panicking, trying to shift the blame onto me. However, the surrounding adventurers testified for my innocence.

Unluckily for the boys, the one thing that all adventurers dislike, is the rookie who thinks he’s a hot-shot. People like the boy Kevin on the ground, would never be defended by other adventurers as people like them cited more trouble than their worth. Thus, it was expected that I would be defended against them.

Thanks to this incident, these young men will definitely have difficulties finding work and connections in this guild.


[Well. I fully understand the situation right now. Uhm, then since you are the victim, I will let you off with a warning. Those children will write a written apology to the guild and suffer a punishment. They will receive a penalty for causing trouble in the guild. If they receive another penalty from us, they will be banned from working with the guild permanently.] (Elf Staff)


Upon listening to the staff’s declaration, the boys face started to cramp. They looked like they were ready to start another fight with her, but they weren’t dumb enough to cause another fuss with the staff just because they didn’t agree with the punishment. They understood that if they did, they would suffer the consequences, and quietly followed the girl as she took them away from the hall.


[Ahh. You look as elegant as ever today. Phil-chan.] (Guy no.1)

[As expected of my woman!] (Guy no. 2)

[Hey you two. What are you talking about? Are the two of you dreaming? Phil is MY wife. I decided that the moment I saw her beautiful eyes.] (Guy no.3)

[Everyone please be silent. I do not belong to anyone nor am I anybody’s wife. If you guys are not going to be silent, I will forcefully shut everyone up.] (Phil)

[WE ARE SORRY.] (Everyone in unison)


After resolving the incident, the elven girl left the hall.

After she left, the hall became noisy once again, with talks about the elven girl spreading rapidly among the adventurers. Apparently, the girl was quite popular among the adventurers for being a beauty, as well as being a skilled adventurer.

Well her beauty aside, her skill is a given. Since she was trained by me.


[That girl was amazing. Although she looks slightly older than me, she behaves just like an adult and is also working properly.] (Luna)

[You’re wrong, Luna. You can’t judge an Elf’s age based on their looks. Elves have different lifespans as compared to humans. Their bodies grow at a rate similar to humans. However, at the age of 12, their bodies start to age much slower. She should be about 25 years old this year.] (Yuuya)


Although Phil’s appearance is similar to a 16-year-old girl, her age is actually 25 years old. She grew into a fine adult, much different from the elven girl who I picked up. Phil was an Elf who I picked up after she was forced out of her village when I accepted the request to capture a bunch of pillagers back in the day. She was a talented individual that was equal to my number one disciple, Leonard, in the same party.

I assumed that she had continued to be in the same party after I had left. I wonder just how did she end up working as a receptionist in the guild for a town like this. I know that if she knew that I was here, we would likely erupt into an argument.

As I thought that, I pulled my hat further down. I have to be extra careful to make sure she doesn’t notice me.

Chapter 5: The old man becomes a magic knight. (1/3)

Part 1

After arriving at Rumberg, we searched for an inn to stay. After leaving Raptor at the stables and our belongings at the inn, we went to the guild to register for the mandatory lectures for novice adventurers. The lectures were held once a week and was taking place tomorrow for this week. Although it was possible to get a class at Rumberg, everybody was required to attend these lectures to inform everyone about the different classes available. These lectures were made mandatory by the government as the country itself supports the grooming of potential adventurers.

As dungeons spawned naturally in this world, adventurers were needed to venture into the dungeons to cull the monsters living inside them, reducing their numbers. This prevents the chances of monsters overflowing from dungeons and making their nests outside, causing unusually high monster counts and disrupting human society. However, it is not impossible for this scenario to occur even with adventurers. Whenever this does happen, extermination quests will be sent out for adventurers to uptake.

Whenever adventurers defeated monsters or venture into the dungeons, they bring back materials that are either sold to merchants in the town or used to craft their own equipment. The latter allows the adventurers to prepare for their next trip into a dungeon and the cycle repeats. Both outcomes result in an improvement of the people’s’ standard of living as the people either get their hands on materials for constructions or paid for their services.


[Luna, you look tired. You alright?] (Yuuya)


Luna’s tail seemed unusually droopy today. It seems like she didn’t have enough sleep today.


[The book Yuuya passed to me yesterday was interesting. I ended up spending the whole night reading it.] (Luna)


Luna replied while rubbing her eyes.

She is currently suffering from amnesia.

It is dangerous for a person who doesn’t have any memories to seek adventures blindly without any knowledge, so I passed her a book meant for novice adventurers to teach her what was dangerous in the wilderness. She was unexpectedly eager, and read the book attentively, asking many difficult questions that would be difficult to answer if you weren’t a veteran adventurer.

[Today’s lesson will just be a review of what you read in the book. So try to listen carefully during the lecture when we arrive.] (Yuuya)

[uhn. It’s a review chance! I will try to make good use of it!] (Luna)


Luna nodded her head. She appears more energetic than before.


[We are finally here.] (Yuuya)

[So this is the guild.. It looks really amazing.] (Luna)

[Yeah it does. The standard of the guild corresponds with the city or village it is in. The guild here looks amazing because it’s in a city. It was made much bigger and more impressive than a normal guild.] (Yuuya)

[Uhh.] (Luna)


Luna stares at the guild and lets out a weird voice.

I grabbed the awestruck Luna’s hand and walked into the guild.

Today was the day when various workshops including the newcomer’s lecture was conducted. Thus there were a lot of people present in the guild. Many of them were sitting in the bar killing time while waiting for the workshops to begin.

[Oi oi. Ossan. Are you thinking of becoming an adventurer at your age? Look at your armor. Its tattered and old, just like you. Give it up. You should follow my example. Look at it. My armor was custom-made with magical materials.] (Young Man)

[Kevin. Stop it. You’re making the old man look even more pathetic.] (Young Man no.2)

[No no no. You got it all wrong. He would be even more pathetic if he died trying to become an adventurer.] (Kevin)

[Ah. Well that sounds about right.] (Young man no. 2)


Laughter erupted from the bar.

When I glanced over to the bar, I saw a bunch of young men in their mid-teens looking over here while drinking sake. I was unable to see their levels, which proves that their levels were higher than mine.In this world, you are unable to see other peoples’ status, but it was possible to see the level of people lower than you. Well this is to be expected, since my level was reset to level one.

It is better to leave those people alone. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble in the guild.

I bowed to two young men and walked past them.


[Ossan. Did you not hear what I said earlier?] (Kevin)


The two young men stepped in front of me, blocking my path.

It appears that the one with expensive equipment was called Kevin. He must have been born into a rich family. Since there are many advantages to raising a person’s level, there are many parents who spend a large sum of money obtaining expensive equipment for their children to enter dungeons and raise their levels.



[I’m sorry, but I’m unable listen to your advice. I came here with my own goals in mind, however I do not have the right to stop you young men from chasing your dreams. I hope you guys feel the same for me.] (Yuuya)

[Huh.? I even went out of my way to show concern for you. What is with your attitude? Hmm? That girl behind you is cute. Is she your daughter? How about this, I will accept her into my party, where she will be safe unlike yours. You should thank me old man. Oh and don’t even think of joining my party. I will never let you into my party.] (Kevin)


The young man was looking at Luna’s body with disgusting eyes with ill intent.

Luna is definitely a cute girl. It’s difficult to say otherwise. Although I could argue against going for such a young girl. Luna hid behind my back, turning her face away from the young man.


[I appreciate your concern, however. I am becoming an adventurer, and I am not giving this girl to you. She clearly does not want to join your party.] (Yuuya)

[I am not saying this because I am looking down on you. But no matter how you look at it, you don’t have a choice old man. You look like a man who failed in raising a daughter, and was forced into becoming an adventurer to survive. I’ll repeat it again. You don’t have a choice in this.] (Kevin)


The young man walked over with a menacing glint in his eyes. He raised his right fist and swung it directly at my face.

I grabbed the boy’s wrist, twisted my body and threw him. The boy let out a grunt as his back hit the ground. It was a movement that I could perform easily with my eyes closed.


[Kevin was knocked down!?](Young man no.2)

[Oi. Ossan. What do you think you are doing?] (Man no.3)

Two of the unconscious young man’s friends came over.


I could see their levels. They were both level 1 as well. Looking at their movements, it’s obvious that they aren’t even a threat. I can beat both of them within 10 seconds.

Even though I was thinking of knocking both of them out cold, I do not want to cause any more trouble than I already did.


Now then.. What should I do?