Chapter 20: The old man becomes a knight.

Thanks to the effect of the Eternal Ring, I teleported towards the surface as I landed not in the ring, but in the middle of the audience. The ideal situation would be if Lutra managed to defeat Princess Aure, however I fully intend to interfere with the battle even at the cost of her victory if it meant saving her life. In order for Lutra to have a chance of victory, Princess Aure had to be in the dark about our activities.

  [Such a waste of an amazing item.] (Yuuya)

It seems that the item only had a single charge left as the moment my Teleportation ended, the ring shattered. This answered my question about the man’s hesitation in using the ring as he wouldn’t be able to teleport the monster to Princess Aure if he had used it against us. A nearby spectator was surprised by my sudden appearance as I continued to inch towards the ring. Meanwhile, an attendant who was nearby noticed my presence and began approaching me. However I kept him away by informing him that I was under orders from Prince Aleck, as a hero of the kingdom was conducting a secret investigation. He was clearly one of Princess Aure’s underlings, but Lutra’s safety came first.

When the ring came into view, Lutra and Princess Aure were already facing each other as the referee gave the signal. I prepared myself to jump out at anytime while carefully observing the ring.




(Ten minutes earlier, Lutra’s waiting room)

Princess Aure and her escorts entered the room. 

Immediately after noticing her sister, Lutra got into her battle stance as she grabbed her shield, suspecting that she came to finish the job before the match started.

  [Lutra, you don’t have to be so alarmed by me.] (Aure)

  [I’ve already decided to be vigilant against you. Aneue, I trusted you. Yet why?] (Lutra)

Rather than hostility, Lutra’s tone was filled with sadness and loneliness. Even after being eaten by the Starfish Larvae, even after she knew that her own bodyguard tried to kill her. Even after encountering the trap placed for her in the royal dungeon, she had a glimmer of hope as she tried to find evidence against her sister’s motive.

 Previously, her siblings had prevented Lutra from obtaining any information about her surroundings. However thanks to her sister’s absence and her brother ceasing his obstruction, she was able to finally understand the situation with the help of a certain hero. Although she set out to prove her sister’s innocence, she managed to justify her murderous intentions instead.

  [Since you’ve discovered the truth, I will not make any excuses. It was all done for me to become the queen. If nothing was done, aniue would be the king with you by his side. Then there would be no place in the Laluzulu Kingdom for me. For my own sake, I had to eliminate you and aniue.] (Aure)

Aure’s face remained calm with a smile as bright as the sun.

  [Aniue, and I, we both needed you. Aniue even said it, he would have needed your power if he became the king. And I told you that I would have placed you on the throne if I had won!] (Lutra)

  [It’s a sad turn of events isn’t it. Before the incident with the Starfish Larvae you didn’t tell me that you were going to push me to the throne. The incident in the royal dungeon, was also your doing wasn’t it? “If aniue was his old self and better than me in all aspects, you would put him on the throne over me.” You said it yourself. It’s a shame but he hasn’t changed at all nor am I on his level in any aspect. Which means that both of you must be erased.] (Aure)

  […. how did you come to  such a conclusion.] (Lutra)

  [Lutra. All I am doing is answering your question. Abstain from the tournament. You don’t have any hope of winning.] (Aure)

Lutra knew.

She had seen them begin to move when Prince Aleck’s battle had ended. She trusted her reliable allies to change the situation somehow.

  [I might not be able to defeat you. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll lose to you.] (Lutra)

  [No. There is no hope left for you to win. If you don’t withdraw right now, the situation will be worse. Remember how I wasn’t in the castle recently at all? Well I’ve managed to find a suitable marriage partner for you. If you’ll remain outside of the kingdom, then I’ll revert to the kind and loving sister anytime.] (Aure)

Even though she wasn’t bright when it comes to politics, Lutra knew that she would just be used to reap profits for others.

  […Thanks to this, my mind has never been clearer. I’ll win. The reason why you’re here, is because you’re not confident in your victory. You would never waste time performing meaningless actions, this is enough for me to know that I will not lose.] (Lutra)
  [I can’t believe that my Lutra has become this twisted. I’m incredibly saddened by this.] (Aure)

  [Then you can continue doing so. Aneue, it’s about time for you to return. The match is about to begin. I won’t be misguided anymore and I will beat you in the match.] (Lutra)

‘I won’t be misguided anymore’. Her words were filled with conviction but unknown to her, Yuuya had already created the key to her victory. In order for her to win, then she couldn’t hesitate and move forward.

  [I’m sad that I’ll have to lose my sister this way.] (Aure)

  [And so do I… There’s just one thing I have left for you. Thank you for everything until now. Even if it was just a lie, I would never had survived and stand up on my own two feet, if it wasn’t for the kindness you showed me.] (Lutra)

Looking at Lutra’s face, Aure turned back without saying anything as the conversation she intended went completely awry. She intended to ask Lutra to repay her graciousness at the beginning by surrendering or take advantage of Lutra’s naivety and disrupt her thoughts right before the match. All to gain benefits for herself.

However, there was something in her heart that couldn’t let her say so. She felt that if she said that, then that important thing she had left, would break into a million pieces.

Her battle with her sister was inevitable, and in a few minutes, one will be the winner who has everything.

And the loser will be left with nothing.




  [It is time for the final round of the succession ceremony! Competitors, enter the ring!] (Referee)

Lutra and Princess Aure were facing each other in the center of the ring.

The distance between them was only two metres as both of them waited for the referee’s signal.

The moment the signal was given, the two fighters began moving. Princess Aure took a leap backwards while Lutra charged towards her at full power.

Both parties knew that this was the deciding moment in the battle. Lutra’s only chance of winning was to defeat Princess Aure before she activated her *Summoning Magic* while Princess Aure jumped back to gain as much distance as possible. Although Lutra’s exclusive class, Crusader didn’t have any increase in speed when compared to an average person, her fully charged rush forward was still fast enough to mistake her as a Thief. 

It was the movement technique called Shukuchi which was thoroughly beat into her by Yuuya. It was a movement technique which converts the user’s potential energy into kinetic energy for an instant, allowing them to travel at a higher speed than they normally could. While using Shukuchi, a sword was simultaneously being quickdrawn as her sword was pulled out of its scabbard and stuck out with all of her strength, erasing the two metres as well as the distance gained by Princess Aure’s leap. However, Princess Aure was still calm.

Note: Shukuchi is called Ground Shrink or something similar to the sort in other novels. I’m unsure on what to name it so I’m leaving it as it is for now.

She had expected this the moment her magic was exposed as it was a crucial weakness to a magic user, which allowed her preparations to bear fruit. Her battle dress wasn’t particularly strong in defense, but it provided an additional effect that was crucial to magicians. The defense of a magic user was so ridiculously weak that it didn’t make any sense to reinforce that tiny amount, but it was possible to supplement it with something else. Which is why they had this special ability.

It was a passive ability that nullifies any attack inflicted on an hourly basis and attacks the source of the damage. The moment Lutra’s blade touched her dress, the sword began to crack and shattered, nullifying her sword thrust.

It was a legendary equipment hidden in the castle’s vault, the Siren Dress. The armour was capable of rendering other legendary equipment unless for a period of time, and if the weapon used wasn’t on a similar level, then it would be destroyed instead.

  [Looks like it’s my victory.] (Aure)

Princess Aure said with confidence as she completed her summoning magic while Lutra lost her weapon. Although her alarm was instantaneous, Teleportation took five seconds to cast and one second to take effect. Taking into account the guard’s reaction and other possible human errors, it took a total of eight seconds. In other words, it would be her victory once eight seconds was over.

However, nothing happened after eight seconds.

Instead of panicking, Princess Aure immediately assessed the situation and assumed that something happened to the monsters. She had expected that Yuuya or Prince Aleck would be able to see through her plan and immediately activated her second alarm, extending Lutra’s time limit by another eight seconds. 

Another set of monsters would be summoned in eight seconds whereas it was impossible for Lutra to get a replacement weapon and strike at that time which meant that her victory was just delayed by another eight seconds. All she had to do was to endure the attacks of the Crusader class which had weak offensive power for eight seconds.

She looked into Lutra’s eyes which were filled with even more vigor than before as Lutra threw her broken sword aside, continuing to rush forward while thrusting her shield forward.

Princess Aure was taken by surprised by her sudden actions as she couldn’t understand her thought process.

 ‘Shields aren’t meant for attacking, even if it was used for that it wouldn’t be lethal’.

  [Are you that desperate to resort to a shield? Clear Wall.] (Aure)

As a precaution, Princess Aure casted a barrier-spell which blocked physical attacks. However, Princess Aure didn’t know. The trump card Lutra had, was being trained by Yuuya.

The legendary battle princess, Senki Renoir’s battle style was forgotten over the years and revived in her.

  [Shield Bash!] (Lutra)

Her cold voice resonated throughout the ring.

Lutra’s flawless movements was mesmerizing even though it was refined purely to strike others. Placing her entire body’s strength while amplifying her body further with a rotation, she thrust her shield forward. It was the thrust that Lutra was forcefully learnt, her speciality that was refined by the one and only Yuuya Grandwood.

The shield which moved forward at an extraordinary speed continued to pursue Princess Aure who was trying to escape.

Princess Aure smiled as the shield was going to miss by just an inch. Even if she miscalculated and the shield was going to land cleanly, it was just an attack by a crusader. The Clear Wall let out a screeching sound as it got struck by Lutra’s shield. So long as the shield held up, then her monsters would arrive. In otherwords, it would be her victory.

However, her delusions were shattered.

Right as Lutra arm extended forward, Princess Aure saw the tip of the spike in Renoir’s shield appear out of the shield as the spike was forcefully pushed out of the shield at a speed exceeding the speed of sound due to it’s activation as well as Lutra’s speed and rotation on top of it.

Clear Wall was struck down as if it were made of paper as Princess Aure couldn’t even catch what happened next as she flew out of the ring, landing onto the wall next to the audience seats.

  [Aneue, you aren’t the only one with a trump card. In the past, I would have told you about it. But this time, it would have been my loss if I did. That’s why I kept the spikes hidden while I was in the castle. Just for this moment.] (Lutra)

Although she was the winner of the battle, Lutra’s voice sounded somber as the audience began to confirm Princess Aure’s condition, who had let out a huge gasp.

  [This is-, the winner is, Princess Lutra!] (Referee)

The referee declared Lutra’s victory as two monsters appeared in the ring, as the audience began to panic in confusion. The supposed summoner was unconscious, which meant that her chanting should had been interrupted.

  [I may have won, I wonder if I’ll survive this.] (Lutra)

Lutra said with a weak voice.

Two monsters in their fifties, was far too difficult for Lutra. 

But retreating would expose the audience to them instead.

The bipedal giant rhinoceros and giant cyclops was rushing towards Lutra as Lutra already had one foot into despair.

It was that moment…

  [You will survive, I am here.] (Yuuya)

The back of the most reliable person in the world appeared in front of her, as the battle was practically over. With this person’s help, the battle wouldn’t be worrying in the slightest.

  [Yuuya-ojisama!] (Lutra)

Yuuya completely deflected the two giant monsters’ attacks as he performed his signature. The ability created from the warrior who was, status-wise at the bottom of the barrel and was willing to show it to the whole world. Any anxiety she had was blown away as cheers rang out from the audience.

It was as if everyone knew that she wouldn’t lose with him here. Or rather, it could even be perceived as an exhibition.

  [Perfect timing. It’s time to show off your newfound abilities.] (Yuuya)

  [Yes, I’ll definitely do it.] (Lutra)

Yuuya and Lutra stood back to back while facing each of the monster. The appearance of the two gigantic monsters facing off against the two warriors caught everybody’s attention as her appearance was not just beautiful, but so was her movements. In fact, the most mesmerizing fact wasn’t her abilities nor his, but the perfect collaboration between the two.

  [You would have lost if you hesitated. You performed perfectly.] (Yuuya)

The key created by Yuuya, was the additional eight seconds from when Princess Aure’s first summoning had failed. If he hadn’t found the monsters, then Lutra would had lost right after eight seconds. Although he had gone through so much trouble in that short amount of time, he had only earned her another few seconds. If she had hesitated even for a moment, then the key would have been gone.

  [I decided to win, even if it meant harming her. I didn’t have the intention of killing her since I truly believe I was saved by her. Even if it was a lie. I had already decided a long time ago, to win without killing her. I was prepared from the beginning.] (Lutra)

Yuuya let out a smile as he had witnessed the moment Princess Aure was sent flying

If she had used her spike, Princess Aure would had definitely been blown to bits. Her spike was made of a special magical metal which could be shaped into anything it’s user wanted.

This time, her spike was much rounder than usual making it more similar to a rod instead. Furthermore, her thrusts were usually slightly inclined towards the ground, but she had aimed it slightly higher this time, causing the impact against the terrain, the wall to be softened as some of the energy was wasted blowing Princess Aure away. If she had aimed lower, then she could have been killed instantly with the shock of being slammed on the ground.

Lutra had made her preparations, both mentally as well as meticulously because of her conviction to not kill but defeat her sister.

The battle dance performed by the princess and her knight, Lutra and Yuuya ended as the giant rhinoceros and cyclops began fading into blue particles.

As it ended, Lutra’s strength was clearly transmitted to everybody present as the audience began to cheer and stood up in awe.

  [Lutra, wave to the audience. It’s your first job as the heir to the throne.] (Yuuya)

Lutra nodded as she turned to the audience, waving back with a dignified smile which riled up the audience further causing everyone to become even more enthusiastic in response.

Her silver hair shone brightly in the sunlight as the setting painted a beautiful sight, signalling the end of the inheritance ceremony.

It was the birth of the new queen.


Chapter 19: The old man creates the key for victory

The chapters were shorter than usual so I was able to finish this chapter fairly quickly. Enjoy the double chapter~.

<Start of Chapter>

We finally found where the monsters were hidden based on my theory behind Princess Aure’s “Summoning Magic”. If my guess behind the “summoned monsters” was correct, then defeating this monster here would help Lutra’s odds of victory as I ran at full speed while preparing a chant. I told everyone else to focus on the human guards as our goal would also be achieved if the person activating teleport was incapicitated as well.

Among the three mercenaries, one of them wore a robe which covered his entire body whom began chanting as another mercenary equipped with powerful enchanted metal armour stood as his guard. In an attempt to interrupt the magician, Phil and Til fired their arrows to him but the guard’s armour was extremely sturdy as their arrows couldn’t put a dent into it.

Although we began chanting nearly simultaneously, the magician’s spell was completed before me as it began to cast the advanced magic Purgatory. It’s main feature was its explosive power and wide radius as flames began to fill our surroundings turning it into a fiery hell, making it impossible to dodge in this narrow corridor. It was an ability strong enough to eliminate us in a single blow.

However there was no need to panic.

I had reliable teammates.

  [Icy Veil] (Phil)


Phil activated her spell which reduced fire damage while Erik granted flame and ice resistance to our entire party with his Blessing of the Dragon.

With these, we wouldn’t receive fatal damage from the flames as I continued to run through the sea of flames.

My skin continued to burn as I continued suffering damage to my body, however I could still fight. This was the specialty of the Magic Knight.

Despite having low defense, magic knights had exceptional magical defense. Along with my dragon leather armour, I was confident I would be able to endure Purgatory without any buffs but with Erik and Phil’s support, then I’m extremely confident.

Luna began smiling from behind me. Since day one, I’ve always instructed Luna to hide behind me or Lutra if we were attacked by a wide area spell since Thieves had extremely low physical strength, physical and magical defense.

  [Now it’s my turn.] (Yuuya)

My chant completed at a good moment as I casted my customized version of Lightning storm made into a sniper-type spell.

  [Superconductive Bullet!] (Yuuya)

Lightning storm which was compressed into a single bullet penetrated the wizard at light speed. Furthermore the paralysis effect of the lightning affected his consciousness as he fell to the ground. The other two consisted of a large man and a thin man as the both of them came within my sword’s range. The thin man was rushing to open the door of the cage which pushed me to target him first. In order to defeat him, I turned towards the thin man.

  [War Cry!] 

The moment I raised my blade, the large man used War Cry which had a small effect onto other humans. However it still had an effect as my movements came to a halt while my mind was struggling to fight against the rage I felt towards the large man. Taking advantage of that moment, he swung his blade towards me.

As if he was used to being in combat with other people… He knew how to take advantage of his skills. Although my judgement was halted in that moment, I had the technique to compensate as the large man screamed.

  [OUHHHHHH! BASH!] (Yuuya)

Since there wasn’t a timing for me to dodge, I twisted my body to receive the blade on the hardest part of my body, the leather armour covering my shoulder. Since the armour covering my shoulder was round, by adjusting my body at a specific angle I deflected the slash by jumping up at the moment of impact, reducing the slash to a dull impact. 

My Deflect wasn’t limited to my blade. It was my special technique derived from utilizing my body movements, making it possible to deflect so long as I had my body. 

Being guided by my sudden jump, the blade was guided down to the ground as the large man’s face distorts in pain while grabbing his wrist. 

From the range of a blade, I took one step in reducing the distance to an arm’s length.

I didn’t have my sword in my hands, however there was no problem as I channeled my power from my feet up all the way to my palms, shoving his chin upwards in an instant. The large man fell to the ground in an instant as his body began conversing. This wasn’t a skill but a martial art which had significantly weaker power compared to skills. However this meant that it could be utilized even without dealing any damage by rattling your opponent’s brain and cutting their consciousness.

This was another way I utilised to close my status gap in the past as it allowed me to defeat stronger warriors with a single blow with the exception of exclusive classes depending on their ability.

  [Assassinate!] (Luna)

The sound of ringing resonated in the room as Luna’s voice could be heard. The thin man shifted Luna’s point of impact from his chest to his shoulder similar to how I did but with his back facing Luna. As expected, these men were experienced in man-to-man combat. However, as a result of the dull impact he was pushed onto the cage and dropped the key onto the ground. Following the small stream of blood from his shoulder to his hands was a ring. It was the Eternal Ring which was capable of casting Teleportation.

This is bad, he’s intending to open the door and teleport the monster away. It would be dangerous if the monster was transferred into the coliseum before the battle between Princess Aure and Lutra begins. Luna was hesitant on attacking an incapcitated opponent to death as he began casting Teleportation. The moment he was going to succeed, a blade flew towards him as it penetrated his head.

It was a brilliant display of accurate sword throwing, however it wasn’t me..

  [Prince Aleck, I’m sorry.] (Yuuya)

  [No, it seems the best was saved for last just for me.] (Aleck)

He took the Eternal ring from the dead man’s body, throwing it to me while letting out a laugh. In contrast, Luna was depressed as her tail deflate down to the ground. I walked up to her and patted her head.

  […Yuuya, Luna could have killed him, but Luna couldn’t do it. Luna expected that he shifted the impact… But Luna’s body couldn’t move. When he reached out for the ring, Luna still couldn’t move. Sorry, the plan nearly failed because of Luna.] (Luna)

  [Killing monsters is different from killing people. Hesitation is a real thing.] (Yuuya)

Luna was hesitant about taking other people’s lives even though the other party was definitely a villian. From a different perspective, it may seem weird to hesitate against a villain but killing was still something you had to get used to.

But it was something you shouldn’t be used to.

Luna began to cling onto me as I hugged her on her shoulders. 

It’s been awhile since we slept together but we might have to tonight. 

She may be feeling depressed, but it just goes to show how good-natured she was.

  [Yuuya, it’s great that we managed to neutralize them without killing excessively.] (Phil)

  [That palm technique is so cool, teach it to me next time! I want to try it.] (Til)

Phil and Til came over as Phil had already tied up the magician and the fainted man while she began performing first aid onto the big man.

We have already recovered the Eternal ring making it impossible for the monsters to escape the cage and with two minutes to spare.. With this, Princess Aure has lost her hand.

  [Prince Aleck, what will you do with that monster? Are you going to kill it. It shouldn’t be able to escape the cage without the ring.] (Yuuya)

  [If possible, I hope to keep it alive. If I have my alchemists perform research on it then we might be able to discover something.] (Aleck)

  [I understand. Then I’ll leave this to you.] (Yuuya)

Since my job is done and I want to support Lutra, we might be able to make it to the beginning of the match. In that case, let’s do what we have to do.

At the moment, the large man whom Phil tied up woke up. He started grinning as he laughed out loud. In this situation where his ally died, he and his remaining ally was tied up and both the key and Eternal ring was taken away from him.

  [What’s so funny?] (Yuuya)

  [Haa, you really think I’ll answer?]

  […. Then would you rather have it beat out of you?] (Yuuya)

That wasn’t an empty threat. It was something I would do if necessary.

  [No, that’s unnecessary. Prince Aleck, how about a deal? Princess Aure told us that you’re a siscon. I’ll give you the information on how to save your cute sister. In exchange, release me. Even if you were to torture me, I would never open my mouth. Furthermore, this information is something that you should never know.] 

Prince Aleck placed his hand to his chin as he immediately came to a decision.

  [Sure. I guarantee your life as the first prince of the Laluzulu Kingdom, Prince Aleck Lazule. My conditions are for you to be restraint for a week and for you to answer my questions. Also, I’ll have you reveal your organization’s goals and forbid you from returning to your base and have you monitored for several years.] (Aleck)

  [Your decision was quick. I admire your additional conditions.. Oi oi.Don’t look at me with such suspicious eyes. I would never tell a lie in front of such a scary uncle. I’m not hoping for a death wish this early. If I don’t meet the conditions, I can tell from his eyes that I would be lucky to be killed in the future.] 

He was talking as if I was a madman or a psychopath. Although I don’t deny his assumption since I would do it if necessary. And I was confident in spotting a lie when I see one. I turned to the prince.

  [Let’s believe him.] (Yuuya)

  [Then, let’s talk about what you hope to hear the most…. There is another location where monsters are being held as well as another person capable of using teleportation. They would teleport the monsters once Princess Aure sends a signal using an alarm. If no monsters were sent once she activated the alarm, then she would sound the alarm a second time which the guys in the other location will teleport monsters.] 

We were done in. Princess Aure was one step ahead of us as she had not just one group but two group of monsters.

  [Where is that location!] (Yuuya)

  [I don’t know. Princess Aure is more paranoid than anyone else. She doesn’t trust her organization. Heck she doesn’t even trust her own brothers and sisters. Ahahahaha. Just how was she raised as a child. Was that castle a hell?] 

I began to think as if my life depended on it. It was impossible for us to find another hidden room when we had one minute left before the match started to prevent teleportation.

In that case, there is only one thing left to do.

  [Everyone, I’ll begin heading towards Lutra. Even if she loses the battle, I can’t allow her to lose her life.] (Yuuya)

I strongly asserted that fact as Lutra would most certainly die if she faced up against several levels fifty monsters alone. I hope that if that happens, that she would surrender but the Lutra I knew would never surrender. And even if she did, Princess Aure might attempt to kill her in the guise of an accident just like what happened with PRince Aleck.

.. In fact, it looks like Princess Aure planned to begin her rule by killing her other brothers and sisters.

  [But Yuuya, how are you going to get there in time? There’s only thirty seconds left.] (Luna)

  [I have this.] (Yuuya)

The Eternal Ring which allows a limited number of teleportations. I’m sure that the thin man hesitated using the ring immediately due to its limited uses however there should at least be one use left for a monster.

  [Uhn. Please take care of Lutra!] (Luna)

  [We’ll join up with you as soon as possible.] (Phil)

  [Yuuya-niisan, hold out until we get there!] (Til)


I had reliable friends as I whispered before activating the ring. 

  [Yuuya-dono. I leave my sister to you.] (Aleck)

  [I intended that from the beginning. Although, it may not be my time to shine. We may have created a situation for Lutra to win. Princess Aure may have outsmarted us, but our trip here wasn’t a waste. The key to victory has been set.] (Yuuya)

It was definitely not a waste for us to come here. We were able to create a situation for Lutra to win if she chose correctly without hesitation. The rest depends on her shoulders now. If she was right, then she deserves the praise. However, if she fails, then I’ll save her as her knight. The moment Princess Aure becomes the queen, then she will definitely attempt to kill Lutra. In that case, it might really be better for us to take Lutra with us on our journey.

The teleportation was completed five seconds later after my chant as I began teleporting towards Lutra.

Chapter 18: The old man discovers it.

Following what I said in the previous chapter, I’ll continue to translate the novel while leaving honourifics such as -dono, oneechan, aniue etc etc since I couldn’t find any way to translate them into english comfortable.

This chapter is much shorter than usual but I hope you enjoy it.

< Start of Chapter>

That Prince Aleck who was known for his leadership and his ability in combat was defeated.

The person whom everyone thought was the strongest in the kingdom was defeated in a duel. Nobody could accept that fact as the audience received a shock and people started to murmur.

I was surprised at the outcome as well, however there wasn’t any time for me to waste.

What was important was that Princess Aure managed to obtain a super rare item capable of casting Teleport, and called it Summoning Magic as she teleported several evolving monsters as her minions. If I don’t stop her before the match, then Lutra will suffer defeat as well. 

Although she gave a ridiculous reason to her actions, the referee was likely one of her underlings as he did not voice out against her actions. This also made persuasion meaningless.

Due to the lack of time, we began acting separately.

Luna searched the area using her Presence Detection while Til with her special visual acuity began searching the vicinity while I went to meet a certain man. In all honesty, there are only so many places where you could hide gigantic monsters in the area. Especially since the range of Teleport was only ten metres and stretching to thirty metres at the expense of inaccurate teleportation, reducing the possible hiding spots to several locations.

It was impossible for the monsters to be hidden within the audience, hence they were likely within the coliseum or underground. But this wasn’t all.

They were likely hidden in a secret room that wasn’t open to the public. While Luna and Til continued to search above ground, me and Phil entered a room.




Surprisingly my title of a Hero was useful in this situation. Originally, it would be difficult to arrange a meeting with him as we entered his room, watching his subordinates carry him and place him down in his resting room.

  [Could you be here to comfort me? Or are you here to enjoy the view?] (Aleck)

This person was Prince Aleck. His complexion appeared much better as he had an excellent healer as a subordinate. His wounds would most likely recover in a matter of minutes. However, the body worked differently from the mind as his psyche was probably still in shambles.

  [Why would I do that. I’m sure that the Prince Aleck would never want that.] (Yuuya)

We’ve spoken with each other several times and although I’ve requested to speak on friendlier terms, he continued to speak in the polite tone of a noble.

  [I expected as such…If Yuuya-dono came all the way here, is it for Lutra?] (Aleck)

  [That’s right. I’ll start with my observations. Princess Aure’s summoning magic is a hoax. She isn’t summoning them, she’s teleporting them in from somewhere else with the help of her collaborators using a special item. However, her teleportation has a maximum range of thirty metres.  There are only so many places to hide monsters from the public’s eyes in this area. I was hoping you could help us with this.] (Yuuya)

This coliseum wasn’t a private facility, in fact it was used extremely often by the royal family.

In addition to the inheritance ceremony, there were many events held here were attended by royalty and other important guests. Taking their safety into consideration, there were hidden rooms and spaces throughout the vicinity to keep them safe in the event of an emergency. If Princess Aure was indeed concealing her monsters, then this should be where she’s hiding the. This was why it was important to consult Prince Aleck as he was the most likely person to know it’s possible location.

There were twenty minutes left until the final match begins. There wasn’t enough time for us to search for the hidden rooms and fight the soldiers protecting the rooms. This was the fastest action plan we could take, requesting Prince Aleck to find the hidden room while silencing the soldiers using his authority.

  [Did you really expect me to cooperate with you? Even after being kicked out of contention for the throne?] (Aleck)

  [No. I know that Prince Aleck would cooperate.] (Yuuya)

  [I’ll like to hear the reason behind your confidence.] (Aleck)

  [You’re a wise person. Currently, between Lutra and Princess Aure it’s easy to tell who will win the finals. You aren’t a merciful person either. The Prince Aleck I know, is an opportunistic person. Facing against those monsters with your own body, having your life saved by Lutra. It wouldn’t be enough for you to return the favor to Lutra for saving your life. You’ll have to return the favor to Princess Aure as well.] (Yuuya)

Prince Aleck began to laugh heartily, as if he found something extremely funny.

  [If you say it out loud, then I have no choice but to cooperate. Yuuya-dono, follow me.] (Aleck)

Prince Aleck stood up, showing that he wasn’t a cowardly person that everyone knew he wasn’t. Rather than refusing to cooperate, he knew that it would be much more favourable for him to support Lutra’s cause and guide her to the throne, then requesting for her favor.

However, I’m sure that he would have supported Lutra regardless.

At the end of the day, he was still a good man.




While we were on the move I used a magical tool to contact Luna and Til to our location. It was an item that we got in the royal dungeon which allowed us to send an alarm to everyone in the party within one kilometer. Although it wasn’t possible to send a message, it was still useful as it also shows our location.

  [Yuuya-dono, I never would have thought that such monsters existed. Above all, I am ashamed from being defeated by a monster. I still have a long way to go before you’re within reach….. I wasn’t surprised by their attacks, I noticed that they hadn’t been defeated yet. However, their strength was so overwhelming that my body couldn’t stop trembling. Fear and despair made my body stiff. And that solidified the results.] (Aleck)

  [When I fought, there was only a single monster. If there were three, then I wouldn’t have won. Much less survive.] (Yuuya)

While walking down the hidden passage within the coliseum, we began to discuss the incident in Rumberg, from the evolving monster to the bribery of the guild chief.

  [Just how did Aure get her hand on such a thing… Is there really an organization capable of controlling such powerful monsters? There is more evidence being piled against Aure being king. Even if she lost, it is dangerous to have such an organization exist. No matter what we’ll have to catch them by their tails. I’ll be sure to check with my subordinates afterwards.] (Aleck)

Even without me saying anything, Prince Aleck knew what I was hoping he would do. Back in Rumberg, we were unable to catch any clues about the organization. This time, I hope that we would be able to catch some hint about our opponents will become increasingly dangerous when left alone.

… If Princess Aure became King, then who knows what kind of requests the organization would make of her. This would grant them the ability to manipulate the Laluzulu kingdom at will, with her secret deal with them being held against her. While I was preoccupied with my thoughts, we met up with the two children. They were talking to several soldiers ahead of us.

  [Yuuya, Luna found a monster! Under the ring, there’s a monster hiding in this direction!] (Luna)

  [Said Luna but these people aren’t letting us through!] (Til)

It was a rough explanation but it was enough for us to understand the situation.

Not just for me, but for Prince Aleck.

  [I am the first prince of the Laluzulu Kingdom, Prince Aleck. I order you to let us pass.] (Aleck)

  [… That’s not possible. I can’t allow anyone to pass through here.] (Soldier)

  [Is it Aure’s orders?] (Aleck)

The soldiers didn’t answer Prince Aleck’s question but their silence proved him right as Prince Aleck continued forward.

  [Regardless if Aure becomes the queen. Until the inheritance ceremony is over, my orders precedes hers. Furthermore, my actions are required to prevent a crisis from approaching the Laluzulu Kingdom. Obstruct us any further and you will be charged with treason against the kingdom. Will you continue to follow your duty?] (Aleck)

  [Hiie. That’s impossible. I-,.. I don’t mean to go that far.] (Soldier)

  [Then let us pass.] (Aleck)

As expected of Prince Aleck. If we were alone then we wouldn’t have been able to fight through the soldiers who were trained in combat easily. We proceeded past the corridor the soldiers were protecting and found a hidden device which opened a hidden staircase. The device was incredibly well-hidden to the point that I don’t know if I could have found it in time. I was extremely relieved that I decided to look for Prince Aleck as he began to explain.

  [Yuuya-dono. I’ll be honest as we’re both men here. If I had won the inheritance ceremony, then I would have requested Lutra to be my queen. I wasn’t able to find a method to get her to agree, however when Lutra mentioned the bet earlier, I couldn’t help but smile.] (Aleck)

My words were caught in my throat as a huge bombshell was dropped onto me.

  [….Aren’t the two of you siblings.] (Yuuya)

  [Our mothers are different. Besides, that isn’t relevant to us royals. On the contrary, it’s common for royals to marry within the family to prevent our blood from diluting. I’ve been enchanted by her strength and beauty for the longest time, which was why I wanted to exclude her from the battle. Although that’s all in the past.] (Aleck)

  [Is this because you lost the throne?] (Yuuya)

  [There’s that, but also because there was a man stronger than me that she has found. I have a question for you, Yuuya-dono.] (Aleck)

The conversation ended there as we reached the end of the hidden staircase where a cage was kept. The monsters were kept within the cage as three men were standing guard around it. 

The worst case scenario has occurred just as I thought. All three monsters weren’t here.

That wasn’t the worst of it all. The three men who were keeping guard, I couldn’t see their levels. Meaning they were higher levelled than me, above the forty mark.

I turned to my watch as the match was three minutes and twenty seconds away.

Three mercenaries above level forty and three monsters around level fifty.

These were the foes we had to defeat within three minutes. My bones are going to shatter from the pressure.

  [Yuuya-dono, we’ll leave the conversation for later.] (Aleck)
  [I agree. Let’s get these people out of the picture first.] (Yuuya)

  [Uhn. Luna will assasin them!] (Luna)

When Luna flicked her fluffy tail, Bazerato which was tied to her tail flew through the air as she grabbed it.

As well as several toys and sweets which fell onto the ground. It seems that there is a lot more to her tail than I thought. This was something that warrants an investigation.

  [Til, you’ll be using this bow.] (Phil)

  [Eh, oneechan’s earrings are bows?] (Til)

  [These too are magical items. Please generate the arrows yourself.] (Phil)

One of the mercenaires seemed to be a magician as he began a chant.

This was the start of the battle.

Prince Aleck, Luna and I started running toward them as Phil and Til began to pull their arrows.

It’s a steep task to complete in three minutes, but we’ll do it somehow.

Chapter 17: The old man begins to move.

TL: Long note at the end.

The Inheritance Ceremony has finally begun as we headed to the specially prepared seats at the coliseum. Even though the colosseum was large, the event appears to be extremely popular as the general seats were completely filled with people who were looking towards the arena expectedly.

  [Yuuya, will Lutra win?] (Luna)

  [In direct combat, she wouldn’t lose. Although Prince Aleck is a first-class warrior, he is still directly inferior to Lutra. Princess Aure has received combat training too, although she was only ordinary in that aspect. I haven’t met Prince Atla however I’ve heard that he was objectively better than Princess Aure as well.] (Yuuya)

Note: Atla (Previously Atra) is the third legitimate child of the queen.

Based on just their physical capabilities, this would be their ranking.

Officially, if their rankings were just based on their physical capabilities, Princess Aure would had have to end the battle before the ceremony began as she would be in a bind during the battle.

  [Uhn. Then we’re safe.] (Luna)

  [You can’t be sure of that… We can’t be sure that everything will be proceed as it is when Princess Aure is likely preparing something for her comeback.] (Yuuya)

Rather than suspect, I was sure of it.

Approaching the young Lutra and manipulating the information given to her for her own benefits, preventing any information from reaching Lutra while slowly and surely feeding negative news about Prince Aleck. It was something that required immense patience, quick decision-making and most importantly, the ability to main it for years. 

This was something that was easier said than done. For a human to be capable of doing such a thing, it’s practically impossible for her to give up just because her assassination attempt had failed. 

  [I agree with that sentiment…. I think that the best time to execute her plans would be right before the succession ceremony begins.] (Phil)

Princess Aure possessed a powerful trump card which was her evolving monsters. As a result, her previous combat piece, Lutra became redundant and was deemed an obstacle which was immediately disposed of. However, for the inheritance ceremony, she wouldn’t be able to utilise her monsters since it was a one versus one battle.

Somewhere and somehow, Phil and I were ready for battle, expecting Princess Aure to launch an attacking with her evolving monsters 

  [If anything happens, we’ll jump out immediately.] (Yuuya)

  [Yes, Lutra-chan is our friend after all.] (Phil)

Even if she wasn’t going to be with us once everything is over, I intend to do everything I can for my friend.

  [But, our weapons were seized earlier you know. Even our magic bags.] (Til)

For the spectator seats, magic bags and dangerous objects were not allowed. For our VIP seats, such objects were to be confiscated instead.

  [Well even without a sword, a Magic Knight is still strong barehanded.] (Yuuya)

  [In my case, I do have a bow though?] (Phil)

  [Ahh, Yuuya-niisan and oneechan are cheaters. Wait a minute, how did you even bring one in!?] (Til)

  [It’s a secret.] (Phil)

No matter how you see it, Phil had neither her weapon nor her magic bag. However, there were many ways for you to hide and carry your weapon with you at all times. Til continued to pester her heavily as her curiosity was piqued by Phil. Meanwhile, Luna began to murmur with a satisfied look as she sat on my lap while waving her tail back and forth.

  [Truth is Luna has her dagger too. It’s hidden in her tail. When she finds a bad guy she will assassin!] (Luna)

I let out a smile as it was definitely possible for her to hide a short dagger in her fluffy tail since tails were left out from the body checks.

  [Looks like it’s about to begin.] (Yuuya)

The inheritance ceremony was about to begin. Firstly, the king entered the ring of the coliseum as he initiated the opening ceremony while explaining the rules of the tournament. Using an amplification magic tool in the ring, his words rang throughout the coliseum using several loudspeakers. Despite portraying himself with dignity, the king’s body still looked frail. This was probably going to be his final event as the king.

It was the typical one-on-one tournament battle system with the final victor succeeding the throne without any restrictions on weapons and tools present. The victory conditions were to knock your opponent out of the ring, rendering them unable to battle, death, surrendering as well as the referee’s decision. Surrounding the ring were several healers and doctors who were capable of casting healing magic, making it possible to rescue the contestants so long as they weren’t dead.

After the opening ceremony, it was finally time for the contestants to enter the stage as the first one to appear was Prince Aleck. The moment he appeared onto the stage, the entire crowd let out a passionate cheer, especially the female crowd. The military personnel in the ring were also cheering although they were supposed to be impartial to the tournament. Since the military judged everybody by their physical capabilities and talents, this showed how recognized he was for his ability and personality.

Next was Prince Atla who wasn’t very popular as he merely received a light applause. He himself appeared timid as if he didn’t intend to win. In fact it was a miracle that he refused to back out of the tournament…. It’s probably that. 

Since he wasn’t going to defeat Prince Aleck, he was probably a pawn for Princess Aure who wanted to save her strength in her battle against Prince Aleck. This was the most probable outcome.

  [It’s finally Lutra’s turn to appear.] (Yuuya)

  [Uhn. Luna will be looking for her.] (Luna)

  [I’ll have to be louder than everyone else!] (Til)

Lutra entered the stage as Luna and Til began cheering at the top of their voices however it was still drowned out by the immense volume of the crowd. As the second coming of the legendary Renoir, her popularity was through the roof. Conversely, the reactions from the nobles were cold as they were either supporting Prince Aleck or Princess Aure. The military personnel’s reactions weren’t as vibrant to her as they were to Prince Aleck as well. They looked like their impression of Lutra was merely a girl who happened to take over the looks of the battle princess Renoir.

  [Now then, it’s time for Princess Aure to appear.] (Yuuya)

After sending Lutra off to the dungeon, Princess Aure had yet to appear in the castle. If she chose not to appear at this moment, then it would be decided that she has withdrawn from the tournament. The king asked.

  [Umu, has Aure withdrawn? In that case, it’ll be decided.] (King)

Just as the king declared, Princess Aure appeared along with glowing particles.

  [No. I’m participating as well, and I will be the ruler.] (Aure)

Said Aure in a confident tone as all of the audience sprang up from their seats. It appears to be a play for her to raise her popularity. She had displayed Teleportation that none of them have seen before. It was a skill that allowed it’s user to move to another location within ten metres.

It was a skill that wasn’t attainable by humans, however it was possible to use the skill through magic items. It was a rare item with limited uses that was so rare that even in the game, I hadn’t managed to obtain an item capable of using it…

I highly doubt that she would use such an item just to garner popularity for herself. It feels like it could be a hint for something, however I couldn’t come up with anything.

Just as this happened, the majority of the nobles began to cheer as her faction seemed to outnumber Prince Aleck’s.

  [Aure. I’m impressed that you managed to make it at the very last minute. Now then, we’ll begin the tournament with this four participants. Each of you will wear this hat one at a time.] (King)

The king handed out something that looked like a Top hat

… Is it still being passed down? That was something that I saw during the event in the game.

Firstly, Prince aleck put on the hat as the hat opened up, releasing a spring as well as a stuffed pigeon.

  [Red lion, red lion!] 

The pigeon from the hat began shouting a red lion. From my point of view, it looked extremely comical however the audience including the nobles seemed to look at it with serious expressions. Above all, the princes and princesses looked like they were in pain. Was it an item that was that divine? The only thing I felt from that was it’s creator’s bad taste.

Afterwards, the pigeon announced Blue Dragon for both Lutra and Prince Atla while Princess Aure was a red lion. Although it looked quite special, it was just a normal lot-drawing device. The first battle was between Prince Aleck and Princess Aure while Lutra would be battling Prince Atla.

According to the schedule, the blue dragon contestants would be battling first. Lutra and Prince Atra would be fighting in the first round while Prince Aleck and Princess Aure would be fighting in the second round. The final winner between the two victors would be the ultimate victor of the tournament.

This was the best outcome for Lutra who would be able to reserve her strength for the final battle with an easier first battle while getting a longer break before the finals.

  [The match-ups have been decided. Looks like Lutra and Prince Atla’s battle will begin in fifteen minutes.] (Yuuya)

The princes and princesses bowed their heads as Prince Aleck seemed to ask the King for permission. Surprisingly the King allowed it as it was something the Prince wanted to tell the public and his siblings. He walked to the center of the ring as he faced the audience.

  [I will make the Laluzulu Kingdom stronger. Not only it’s military power but also it’s economy as well as manpower by placing emphasis on nurturing our children. The first step is for me to prove that I’ll be a strong king in this inheritance ceremony… And to my beloved siblings. For the ideal Laluzulu Kingdom, you are required as well. If I became the ruler, I wish that Aure would lend me your wisdom while Lutra would lend me your shield and aspirations as well.] (Prince Aleck)

As expected of the number one candidate. He possessed the qualities of a ruler as he quickly grabbed the hearts of his people with a much more open mind than I thought as he publicly acknowledged the abilities of his fellow siblings.

Princess Aure then walked beside him.

  [In that case, I shall declare something as well. My dream is the exact same as my older brother. However for that to happen, an even greater king is needed. That king isn’t my elder brother but me. Frankly speaking direct battling isn’t my forte, however I’ll show that I surpass my brother even in my weak points.] (Aure)

She sounded full of confidence that made me wonder, just what kind of trump card did she bring to a battle where she couldn’t bring her monsters along?

Lutra walked up beside them. This was a good move as she wouldn’t be acknowledged if remained silent here.

  [I simply wish the best for my country and the people in it. Which is why I will win the ceremony to choose the best candidate for succession. Which is why, aniue. If I win, I hope to borrow your power as well. However there are conditions to this.Let’s make a bet. If I win, you will lend me your power in the future. ] (Lutra)

  [I accept. If you win, then I’ll do everything in my power to support you. And if I win, you’ll be the one supporting me. Lutra, let’s meet in the finals.] (Prince Aleck)

  [Yes, I’ll see you in the final.] (Lutra)

Prince Aleck put his hand out for a handshake as Lutra responded to him.

It was an incredibly bold move as well as her message to Princess Aure and Prince Atla that they weren’t her enemies.

On the other hand, Prince Atla and Princess Aure’s reactions were strange. Prince Atla seemed depressed and full of regrets while Princess Aure was laughing from the bottom of her heart and not her usual charade.




The first round has begun.

Judging from his skillset, Prince Atla’s class appeared to be a warrior and his level surpassed Lutra’s as he was able to enter the exclusive dungeon. However, his movements were second-class compared to Lutra’s. It was obvious that he had received proper tutoring in using the sword, however it was evident that his talent was nothing special nor did he have any experience in swinging a real sword. Lutra easily deflected Prince Atla’s sword, causing him to lose his balance. Taking advantage of his unstable balance, Lutra threw Prince Atla’s body onto the ground and pinned him to the ground before putting a sword to his throat.

  […If you don’t surrender, I’ll have no choice but to stab your throat.] (Lutra)
  [I’ll surrender. It’s my loss.] (Atla)

The battle was decided in less than a minute. The audience sprang up from their seats as many of them likely thought that Lutra had merely inherited the famous Senki Renoir’s appearance but were now convinced she was her reincarnate instead. Lutra gracefully greeted the audience before exiting the stage and lending her shoulder to Prince Atla who was completely overwhelmed.

  [Luta, nice win!] (Luna)

  [Uhn uhn. Especially as a spectator, that was mesmerizing.] (Til)

There was no way I wouldn’t understand why the two girls felt.

The second round began ten minutes later. Prince Aleck had encouraged Princess Aure to surrender the battle, however she had refused his offer.

Princess Aure’s class was likely a Magician as she held a cane in one of her hand, making this small ring a major disadvantage. In the first place, Magicians had weak defenses and their long chants made them ill-suited for duels. Which just made me wonder how could she win the battle? The answer came immediately after.

As soon as the battle began, light particles began to appear forming the shape of monsters, producing a total of three monsters. A silver living armour, a werewolf and a gigantic high-class Orc with a club.

Prince Aleck cried out.

  [I don’t know how you brought them into the battle, however this is a one versus one battle! It’s part of the rules.] (Aleck)

  [I don’t understand what you are trying to say. This is the power of my Summoning magic. Isn’t it natural for a magician to use her spells?] (Aure)

Princess Aure had made proper preparations as the referee didn’t call out her foul play. 

I finally understood the reason behind her flashy entrance from earlier. If she showed everyone that she was capable of casting teleportation magic then it wouldn’t be far off to claim that she could cast summoning magic.

However, that concept of summoning magic is a hoax. There should be a collaborator working with her nearby, using teleportation to send the monsters into the arena from another location.

Since there wasn’t any evidence of foul play, it wasn’t considered a violation of the rules as Prince Aleck continued to retreat from the onslaught from the three monsters, jumping backwards as his breathing became heavier and heavier. Eventually, he began to overwhelm the three monsters as loud cheers could be heard from the female public. 

Based on their appearances, they were likely monsters in the upper thirties. Furthermore they were each special monsters that were stronger than an average monster in their level range. However there was a ray of hope in the battle.

  [Aure, shouldn’t you use your summoning magic to call for reinforcements? If that was impossible then I wish for you to surrender. I don’t have the desire to cut down my own sister.] (Aleck)

  [That naiveness will be aniue’s downfall. If I were aniue, then I would have already surrendered.] (Aure)

  [… It isn’t naivety. It just isn’t necessary.] (Aleck)

  [Although it is necessary? Even in the case with Lutra. Aniue’s actions are too kind. Which is why you are being dragged down…. Aniue is no king.] (Aure)

Prince Aleck was blown away by the werewolf as his magic chestplate was destroyed in the impact. It was an attack befitting a monster in the fifties as the three monsters had all evolved. Prince Aleck fainted on the spot.

  [I always do whatever is necessary. Unlike aniue.] (Aure)

Under Princess Aure’s order, the orc walked over to Prince Aleck’s lifeless body, swinging down it’s large club. Everyone in the venue turned away.

Taking a direct hit like that, even if it’s Prince Aleck…

  [Ara, what are you trying to do? Lutra.] (Aure)

Between the large club and Prince Aleck was Lutra as she deflected the club, causing the flimsy club to shatter along with the colosseum wall. All three monsters began to collapse onto Lutra but they stopped the moment Princess Aure clapped her hands.

  [Isn’t it against the rules to interfere in another person’s battle? Referee, please disqualify Lutra from the tournament.] (Aure)

  [No, aneue. Aniue has already lost consciousness. The match was already over the moment he fainted. I am just aiding the recovery process.] (Lutra)

  [Ara, so that’s the case. I hadn’t noticed. Thank you Lutra, I was close to killing my own brother without realizing it.] (Aure)

Aure spoke in a volume large enough for the audience to hear.

  [I look forward to the finals.. Ara, didn’t aniue say the same thing? Fufu, aniue looks so pathetic.] (Aure)

After erasing the three monsters, Princess Aure walked off the stage as the referee announced the victor. The battle begins in two minutes. However, it wasn’t a situation for us to relax.

  [Everyone, let’s begin moving. That isn’t summoning magic, but rather teleportation magic. Princess Aure is violating the rules. She is hiding the monsters somewhere nearby, in the vicinity of the coliseum. We’ll defeat them right now.] (Yuuya)

If my guess was correct, then what she just did wasn’t summoning magic but teleportation magic. In that case, we could just find where she was hiding the monsters and defeat them. Even for Lutra, it was impossible to win against three level fifty monsters.

  [Understood! Luna’s Presence Detection will find the enemy!] (Luna)

  [I’ll search from a higher vantage point then.] (Til)

  [Luna-chan, Til. If you find any of them be sure to tell me or Yuuya. You won’t survive if you challenge them on your own.] (Phil)

  [Let’s hurry.] (Yuuya)

We began to move.

Originally, we wouldn’t be able to interfere with the battles once the inheritance ceremony began. However, the story was different now that we knew our opponent was violating the rules.

I will tidy up the story, and give Lutra the fair fight she deserves.

<End of Chapter>

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Chapter 16: The old man is sure.

Two monsters which didn’t belong here, appeared in the Gate of Trials.

The Great Kong which was a higher-rank species of gorilla-type monsters that possessed unusually developed muscles and thicker hair and the Goblin Knight, another higher-ranked species of goblins which possessed higher intelligence and the ability to wield a sword.

They were both monsters that belonged in the upper level thirties and wasn’t supposed to be strong enough to match us in battle.

However they had evolved and became equivalent to a monster around level 50.

… It was a level where even top tier parties would had problems defeating them.

At our levels, encountering them was a death sentence. However we were stronger than our level implies. Even if they were both evolved, they can be defeated if we dealt with them properly.

  [Lutra!] (Yuuya)

I raised my voice towards Lutra who seemed absentminded in this battle. Lutra who had a shocked expression prepared her stance as she held her shield. She too, suspected that it was Princess Aure who brought them into the dungeon, making it impossible for her to stay rational in the battle. Even in such a state, I wanted to praise her for keeping up her role as the frontline.

  [Everyone, we’ll be acting as one to four.] (Yuuya)

  [Uhn. Understood!] (Luna)

  [Ok~ leave it to me!] (Til)

  [Roger that.] (Phil)

  [That is reasonable.] (Lutra)

Since we were a five-man party, we were able to perform several different formations. This was one of them.

The evolved Great Kong and Goblin Knight were running towards us. The Great Kong was slightly quicker as it ran ahead of the Goblin Knight. Lutra then used War Cry to attract it’s attention, causing the Great Kong to charge straight towards her instead. Meanwhile Phil and Til focused on drawing the Goblin Knight’s attention by concentrating their attacks onto it.

The one to four strategy was simple.

Whenever we encountered two powerful enemies, Lutra who was the sturdiest among us would take on one of them while the four of us focused on bringing down the other enemy as quickly as possible. 

No matter how we tried, it was impossible for us to take out two evolved monsters simultaneously.

  […. If possible please wrap up that side as soon as possible. I don’t think I’ll be able to last long.] (Selene)

  [Leave it to me.] (Til)

  [Uhn. Luna will assassin it!] (Luna)

Luna and I began running towards the Goblin Knight, rushing right past the Great Kong who seemed to ignore our existence. As expected, War Cry was an amazing skill.

Despite the close distance, Til and Phil continued to rain arrows onto the Goblin Knight without any misfires, a feat not many archers were capable of as the fear of accidentally attacking your allies was crippling, causing their accuracy to decrease.

  [Uohh. If I worked together with onee chan then I won’t even need to use triple shot.] (Til)

  [Til, just focus on bringing down the monster even a second faster.] (Phil)

The Goblin Knight’s swordsmanship was impressive as it was able to cut down the arrows fired by Phil and Til. However it was impossible for it to cut down every single arrow as it slowly accumulated damage from the constant barrage. Furthermore, it was full of openings as it was completely preoccupied with our archers. In this situation, we’ll finish it off with our strongest combination. 

While I was running, I glanced towards Luna, synchronizing our strides as I began my chant.

It was my spell that focused on increasing the target’s attack power.

  [God’s Strength!] (Yuuya)

  [Assassinate!] (Luna)

Luna perfectly landed her attack with Assassinate boosted by God’s Strength as the sound of ringing could be heard. This would be a pointless combination if Luna couldn’t land a critical hit, however me and Luna were perfectly in sync down to our breaths. Furthermore against an opponent full of openings, there was zero chance of Luna missing her critical attack. However, as expected of a monster equivalent to level fifty, even after that attack it hadn’t fallen yet. 

This was still within our expectations as I had activated a second chant after God’s Strength.

I chased after the sliding Goblin Knight, rapidly closing the distance between us.

Even though it was in such an awkward position, it proceeded to swing its blade upwards towards me. It was an amazing display of swordsmanship as it managed to put strength into its blade in its weakened state.

Unfortunately, that level of swords play wasn’t enough to defeat me as I used the blade in my right hand to deflect the attack while twisting my body before stepping forward and closing the distance between us.

Then I stuck out my left palm.

[Napalm Strike!] (Yuuya)

My left hand cloaked in extreme heat pierced through the Goblin Knight. The smell of charred meat spread through the air as a large gaping hole appeared in its chest. It’s body then finally began turning into blue particles for good.

Compared to the battle against the Killer Ape, the ability’s skill level was significantly higher and its firepower couldn’t even compare to before.

[I knew it, we are definitely stronger.] (Yuuya)

If we worked together, then even level fifty monsters weren’t a problem for us.

This was significant for us although it didn’t mean that we could immediately set out for the most difficult dungeon since monsters at this level appeared in groups or frequently. 

[Everyone, hurry up and finish up! I’m about to reach my limit!] (Lutra)

Lutra shouted at a volume that closely resembled a scream. She had been taking on the Great Kong this entire time which was a heavy task. There wasn’t any time to be idling around as everyone immediately rushed to Lutra.




Several minutes later, the Great Kong was defeated. 

Unlike the Goblin Knight which possessed both toughness and ability, the Great Kong was a monster which emphasized its toughness, making it harder for us to defeat. Although it wasn’t dangerous for us regardless.

Our party Twilight Home already possessed combat prowess rivaling the top parties. After completing the battles, Phil began recovering Lutra’s wounds using her Heal.

[Surprisingly, the battle wasn’t dangerous at all. This was the first time I had to repeat the same skill this much.] (Lutra)

[Being able to take on a monster at this level alone, is something to take pride in. This was a feat only first tier tanks were capable of performing.] (Yuuya)

[I humbly accept your praises.] (Lutra)

Lutra’s smile felt unnatural.

  [Lutra.] (Yuuya)

  [I know. Once we leave the dungeon, I’ll listen to whatever she has to say.] (Lutra)
  [When that time comes, I’ll be by your side.] (Yuuya)

If these monsters were indeed sent by Princess Aure, then there should be more of them. At the very least, there should be at least two more of them around. If she sent two or more of them against Lutra, then she will have no options against them.

  [Yes, please do so.] (Lutra)

  [Luna will go together too! Even if you say no, Luna will hide somewhere and watch. Luna is a fox after all and she is good at hiding!] (Luna)

  [And since I’m an elf, I’ll be hanging off a tree and prepared with my bow!] (Til)

  [Kyu!] (Erik)

The two girls and Erik’s support were overwhelming. I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind being a fox however it seems that Luna was good at hiding her presence, making it possible for her to hide somewhere although Til’s comment was rather realistic.

  [Well, let’s think about it once we leave the dungeon. Let’s exit the dungeon first.] (Yuuya)

More importantly, we came here to have Lutra obtain the special abilities for a ruler.

That was our main objective.




After exiting the large corridor, we entered the audience chamber of the dungeon as the throne at the end of the chamber was glowing brightly.

.. It was said that practically everyone who challenged the Gate of Trials would never make it back. However this time we had the answer to practically every single one of the seventy two questions and we had made preparations for everyone excluding Lutra. Furthermore since Lutra had strong escorts, there wasn’t any risk involved. 

The reason I hadn’t informed Lutra about it was due to my suspicion towards Princess Aure.

This time, we were able to overcome the dungeon this quickly was due to us although it was likely that Lutra would have been able to overcome the dungeon on her own given enough time.

In any case, we weren’t escorts prepared by the royal family but her friends who she acquired through her own power.

  [Yuuya-ojisama, what should I be doing right now?] (Lutra)
  [You’ll sit on the throne.] (Yuuya)

Lutra really seemed to know nothing about the Gate of Trials

She seemed to only know about the condition of having royalty in the party to get access to the dungeon however she hadn’t known about the puzzles set in the dungeon as well as the method to receiving the power in the first place.

  [I’m a little nervous. Isn’t it disrespectful to go ahead and sit on the throne?] (Lutra)

I couldn’t help but laugh as it does sound like something Lutra would say.

  [It’s okay. You’re going to win the inheritance ceremony aren’t you. You’re qualified to sit on the throne.] (Yuuya)

After pushing her back slightly, she slowly approached the throne and sat on it.

At that instant, the brightly shining light began to turn red, turning into red particles before entering Lutra’s body.

  [Strange, power seems to be flowing through me… It was the same as when we defeated the Coronoa Dragon.] (Lutra)
  [In reality their the same thing. Attaining a title is equivalent to getting stronger, although this is only valid for the royalty of the Laluzulu.] (Yuuya)

By overcoming the Gate of Trials, the royal family could obtain the title Rightful Ruler.

  [Envious! Luna wants it too.] (Luna)

  [Me too me too!] (Til)

  [You two, that’s impossible since the two of you aren’t royalty.] (Yuuya)

  [Muu, that’s unfair!] (Luna)

  [That’s right thats right!] (Til)

  [If you continue behaving like this, Luna’s fox ears and Til’s ears will both be pulled along. Everyone has their own advantages.] (Yuuya)

The two girls gave in immediately after my warning as Lutra descended from the throne.

  [Hey, Yuuya-ojisama. What if, I confronted my elder sister.. And she said that she wants to kill me, what should I do then? I’ve always thought that I should leave the country to her.] (Lutra)

  [I don’t have the answer for that. It’s something you’ll have to think about yourself. The reason why Lutra thought of making Princess Aure the queen is because you thought that the people would be happier if she was made the ruler. If that is the case, then face reality and find the answer yourself.] (Yuuya)

Purely based on reason, if the country were to prosper under Lutra’s rule then there shouldn’t be any worry for her life.

  [You’re right. I just made a mistake in my judgement. Then I’ll just have to properly talk to them once more. My sister, and my brother too.] (Lutra)

  [Please do so.] (Yuuya)

  [Then afterwards, I hope to talk to the people that Yuuya-ojisama was talking about. I wish to hear the details from them personally…. It’s embarrassing but in the castle, both my eyes and ears were practically nonexistent as I hadn’t received any information. In hindsight, it could be that both aniue and aneue were trying to keep information from reaching me in the castle.] (Lutra)

A young and supportless Lutra was an easy target, making it easy to manipulate the information being fed to her.

  [I understand. Then let’s do that… For now, let’s head back.] (Yuuya)

This audience chamber was our objective. As proof of that, there was a magical vortex waiting in the back of the room. 

After dragging Luna and Til who were playing with the Throne, then Erik, we finally decided to return to the castle.




After returning to the castle, we immediately set out to pay a visit to Princess Aure. However, it seemed that she had been busy ever since we entered the dungeon. It was probably her insurance plan should her ambush failed. Since it would likely take a long time, I decided to arrange a visit for Lutra with my old allies. 

Although all of them were paid a visit by Princess Aure, they decided to reveal everything to Lutra after they heard that it was a personal request by me. After realizing how much information was hidden from her, Lutra continued to ask questions. Afterwards, she once again reinstated her decision to visit her elder brother, Prince Aleck. 

If it was the current Lutra, he would be unable to continue avoiding her. Lutra was already in a desperate state as she needed to confirm all of the new information being pumped into her, hence this meeting was something she definitely needed.




Currently, it was finally the day of the Inheritance Ceremony.

Even after all this time, Princess Aure did not return to the castle. Meanwhile, Lutra was having an honest discussion with Prince Aleck with open minds.

  [Lutra, did you come up with an answer?] (Yuuya)

  [Of course. The answer is already out. The only thing left is it’s execution.] (Lutra)

  [In that case, move forward without any regrets. I’ll be watching over you.] (Yuuya)

That was without a doubt the brightest expression I have ever seen.

She had zero uncertainty about her decision. If it’s like this, then I’ll show her my full support.

We began heading towards the venue for the Inheritance Ceremony. It was a dome-shaped Coliseum which was also used to determine the strongest knight in the country. The seats in the stadium was already filled to the brim,. There was no grander stage than this as Lutra headed to her waiting room while we headed towards the VIP seats.

I hadn’t heard Lutra’s answer nor have I given here any advice since the dungeon.

However, I’ll be sure to watch my dazzling disciple’s appearance as her master.

That… Was all I could right now.