Chapter 12: The old man adds an elf to his party.

While training Luna’s special technique in the dungeon, we completed an additional quest along the way.

When we came back to the guild, I got involved in a quarrel between the two elf sisters, resulting in my identity being exposed.

Although it was unexpectedly troublesome, it was a blessing in disguise.

I got a chance to reconcile with one of my ex-party members, my disciple Phil. She was one of the two disciples that I left behind whom I treated like my own daughter. The other disciple was Leonard, who was in love with Phil.


Currently, there was a group of four people who were the center of attention walking on the streets.

There were three beautiful teenage girls. First was Phil who looks like a teenager approaching her twenties. Her actual age was around late twenties while her sister and Luna look like a teenager, with their actual ages being in their teens.

And there was me. An old man in his thirties.

There were many men who wanted to approach the girls on our way to the bar, however the moment they noticed that Phil among the girls, they immediately backed off. On the outside, Phil may have a pretty face. But on the inside, Phil was a first class adventurer who has reached Level 50, the level cap for adventurers without completing the Tower of Trials. She was the real thing who had accumulated various experiences as an adventurer. An average adventurer would try their best to avoid angering her thanks to her reputation.


[It seems that the old Phil has grown to be a bit more adult-like.] (Yuuya)


The old Phil was much worse at dealing with men, and would often hide behind me whenever she was approached.


[How many years ago are you talking about? As a female adventurer, I had to become strong if I was to live on my own. I learnt that the moment Yuuya left, leaving only a letter for each of us. I was terrified and miserable when you left without saying a word and couldn’t stop crying when I realised you weren’t coming back.] (Phil)


It seems that the matter about Phil surviving on her own wasn’t a lie. She mentioned that she left the party after I chose to abandon them. Let’s be sure to listen to her circumstances afterwards.




We were guided to a tavern by Phil’s recommendation since she was most familiar with the area. The tavern she brought us to had an amazing ambience that drew me in that made me crave for the food here even more.

When we arrived at the bar, each of us ordered our drinks. I ordered a mug of ale, honey sake for Phil while her sister and Luna ordered grape juice. Although her sister looked almost the same age as her, Phil was much older than her as elves grew at a different rate from humans. Elves had a unique characteristic where they would age much slower once they were 11 years old.


[So, why is your level so low, and why are you here acting as a fresh adventurer?] (Phil)


Phil went straight to the point.


[I was adventuring in a wild dungeon when I encountered a huge caterpillar demon that I have never seen before. Furthermore, it was capable of performing Level Drain, and my level dropped to level one.] (Yuuya)

[Level Drain… So it does exist..] (Phil)

[Yes, and thanks to it I ended up with a second chance to start over from scratch. Do not even think about using it to reduce your levels. Who knows what will happen when you are reduced to a mere Level one adventurer in the middle of an intermediate level dungeon?] (Yuuya)


I hid the fact that a hidden room with a level reset function exists. Level Reset is a dangerous function. I’ve known Phil ever since she was young, needless to say that I would entrust my life to her if needed. However, it is dangerous to allow the information about the hidden rooms to spread. The information should be contained as much as possible.


[It must have been tough.. Losing your levels despite working so hard to raise it to 50..] (Phil)

[In my case, it wasn’t that bad.] (Yuuya)


Phil had a miserable face as we talked about my lost levels. She was one of the people who understood how much I had lamented my status back when we were in the same party. My status was the worst enemy I had to face back then.


[Don’t make a face like that, Phil. Honestly, I feel that losing my levels has been a blessing so far. That’s why I came to Rumberg. To start over. Maybe it’s because I had to suffer with a low status for so long that my status right now is better than ever.] (Yuuya)

[As always, Yuuya is always optimistic.. Looking towards the future rather than the past.] (Phil)


Phil let out a slight smile.

The waiter who was carrying our drinks arrived while asking for our orders.

The specialty around here was their fish and chips. I ordered a set of fish and chips as it also went well with alcohol.


[So, how did you end up working here as a receptionist? I had thought that you would end up adventuring together with Leonard.] (Yuuya)


Leonard and Phil were excellent adventurers even back when we were adventuring together. Blessed with a good status and talent that exceeded even their status. Not to mention that they are my disciples. When I left the party, I had made sure that I had taught the two of them everything that I knew. I wouldn’t be surprised if their swordsmanship has surpassed me at this point.


[When you abandoned the party, I too left the party.] (Phil)

[That is surprising. I always thought that you and Leonard would never separate from each other, regardless of the situation.] (Yuuya)


Leonard was the member that joined our party after Phil. Initially he was a reckless guy who only was all talk with no substance. However, he had grown exponentially after becoming my disciple, eventually surpassing me in combat prowess. And although he did not mention it, it was obvious that he was in love with Phil. In order to support their relationship, I left the party while leaving a letter behind knowing that Phil would follow me even when I intended to leave all of them behind. I hoped that Phil would be happier with the young and talented Leonard rather than chasing after this old man.


[After you left the party, Leonard decided to propose to me. Because of that, I left the party.] (Phil)


I accidentally spat my ale out onto the table. Although I expected Leonard to confess after I left, it seems he jumped the gun much faster than I thought.


[You didn’t have to leave the party just because you rejected his proposal though.] (Yuuya)

[A lot of things had happened after you left the party. More than the rejection, I was afraid of being in the same party as Leonard. When Yuuya left the party, I felt that my motivation dissipate and I needed a break from adventuring entirely. So I went on a journey alone. While I was on the journey, I thought about what Yuuya did for me when we first met, and realised that I wanted to help people who were in trouble with my strength just as you did for me.] (Phil)


Phil was a receptionist who was once a veteran adventurer. With her experience and strength, it isn’t surprising that many adventurers had benefited from her good will. In addition, she is smart and gentle. She was perfect as a receptionist. There are definitely many lives that were saved thanks to Phil.


[Wowww. Onee-chan is putting up such a strong front. Even though you mentioned many horrible things in the letter you sent.] (Phil’s sister)


Phil’s sister started grinning.


[That sounds interesting. Please elaborate.] (Yuuya)

[Various things happened when I became a receptionist such as suffering sexual harassment during my work hours.. Frequently being forced to work overtime, harassment by my boss and my seniors at work. I was even “advised” to go on an adventure every three days, just to get ambushed on my way home every time.] (Phil)

[Sounds like life as a receptionist is tough.] (Yuuya)


Life as a receptionist sounds totally different from an adventurer. Although I am worried about her situation, she appears totally unaffected without a hint of anxiety.


[Don’t worry about it.. Although this child mentioned a bunch of unnecessary things, there are still many things that make working as a receptionist worthwhile.] (Yuuya)

[If it’s you, I know you can do it. ] (Yuuya)


Me and Phil started smiling as we continued to catch up about what happened after the party was dissolved. It seems that her life as a receptionist is doing really well. I am glad that her life is going well after everything that happened. I hadn’t enjoy a meal like this ever since I escaped from the Tower of Trials.

Throughout the meal, Luna was glancing at my face every now and then. She was probably feeling anxious about Phil’s presence.


[Now that we have the chance, I should formally introduce myself. My name is Yuuya and I used to travel together with Phil. This girl is my current party member, her name is Luna.] (Yuuya)

[Luna’s name is Luna. Luna is fighting together with Yuuya.] (Luna)


The introduction was directly mainly at Phil’s sister, but it was also to introduce Luna to Phil.


[My name is Phil Ether Lance, Yuuya’s former party member and the guild receptionist.] (Phil)

[My name is Till Ether Lance. I am Phil’s younger sister and I came to Rumberg to be an adventurer.] (Till)


Although Phil gave off an impression of a mature adult, her sister Till gave off an impression of a lively young girl. Both of them looked similar with jade eyes, blonde hair and long ears.


[How old are you Till? I am asking because I know that the age of an elf can’t be determined by their appearance.] (Yuuya)

[I am fourteen this year!] (Till)

[Hmm.. That’s a good age to become an adventurer. Although I don’t recommend it. Especially for a cute girl like you. If a man found you inside an isolated area such as a dungeon, that person would most likely be more dangerous than any beast you could find in a dungeon.] (Yuuya)


It is dangerous for a party consisting of girls, not to mention a solo female adventurer since in the dungeon, a person’s strength was the only thing that mattered.


[Then why didn’t you say the same thing to my elder sister?] (Till)

[I am not opposing it just because you are my younger sister. If a girl came up to me asking to become an adventurer, I would advise against it. During my adventuring days, I was more afraid of other adventurers than I was towards monsters in the dungeons, much more than you think.] (Phil)


In reality, Phil had always struggled when it came to interacting with other adventurers. She was often targeted by other people as a beautiful elf. Me and Leonard often had to protect her in desperate situations. Thinking back, I can understand why Phil would refuse Leonard’s proposal and chose to leave the party. If Leonard had decided to assault Phil in the dungeon, she wouldn’t be able to stop him. Being in the same party would just be exposing herself to that possibility.


[That is why I made a request to Yuuya. Please accept my quest.] (Till)


Til bowed her heads towards me.

Now that you mention it, she mentioned giving away the treasure of the elves if I accepted her into my party.


[I won’t allow that. Till. Yuuya is still a man. You will never know when he may give in to his desires.] (Phil)


Ouch. Those were some harsh words. However, Till is not convinced.


[It’s okay isn’t it? Although you were in his party for the longest time, nothing happened right? The two of you have even slept in the same bed together. You were essentially a couple outside of the dungeon. It’s obvious that he isn’t dangerous at all.] (Till)

[Wh,wh,wh.. Why did you have to say it like that?] (Phil)

[Could it be.. You ended up doing couple stuff together?] (Till)

[There’s no way that happened.] (Phil)


Phil started to deny that we were a couple back then. It’s true that we weren’t though.

Our relationship wasn’t that of a couple, but rather a parent and a child.


[Then it’s okay right! It’s up to Yuuya whether he wants to accept my quest or not.] (Till)


Up to now, the only person who I’ve seen with an exclusive class was Phil. It was probably an Elf-exclusive class. It’s highly likely that Till would be able to choose that class as well. If she does end up selecting that class, it could be a valuable asset to the party thanks to it’s war potential.

Honestly speaking, the number of members currently isn’t ideal. It would be better to find more allies as soon as possible to have four people in the party.


[Well I’ll consider the request. But first, what is the treasure of the elves that you offered?] (Yuuya)

[Its the Drop of the World Tree. It’s a special liquid that can only be made by elves. It takes about five years to produce enough for a bottle.] (Til)

[Drop of the World Tree!? The liquid that can prevent a person from aging?] (Yuuya)

[If it’s a human, just merely drinking a drop everyday is enough to stop the person from aging.] (Til)


Til was looking at me while explaining about the treasure. It is a rather famous medicine known for it’s anti-aging effects. It was because of this medicine that elf villages were often targeted. Although, the desire to live forever is mostly existent among human beings. If I were to possess a bottle of the drop, I could halt my aging for up to two years by drinking a drop per day. It is something that I really want to have to prolong my body as much as possible. My body is already on the decline now that I am 36 years old.

If I were to accept her request, I would be able to halt my aging, obtain a new party member with the possibility of taking up a powerful exclusive class. There were many benefits to accepting her request. I want to accept her request.. However. I do not want to support this girl’s rebellious actions.


[Ok. If you are able to obtain Phil’s permission, then I will accept your request. My party does not accept anybody who runs away from their families without permission.] (Yuuya)


Everyone’s attention shifted over to Phil who had the final say.


[Til, Why do you want to become an adventurer so badly? I’ll make my decision depending on your answer.] (Phil)


Phil looked straight into Til’s eyes as she asked about her intentions.


[Because my sister looked like she was having so much fun being an adventurer. Back when I was in the village, I longed to see my older sister so badly that I decided to leave the village in order to see what she saw and experience what she experienced! I want to be like my sister who got to explore the world! Compared to being an adventurer, it is boring to stay in the village where I would only be able to see the forest!] (Til)


That was a good reason. Curiosity is the best driving force as well as the best possible trait of an adventurer. Phil started laughing after she heard her answer.


[I understand. It’s also because Yuuya is a good person, I’ll permit you to adventure together with him. I’ll give in this time, and let you become an adventurer.] (Phil)

[Yay I love you big sis!] (Til)


Til widened her arms and hugged Phil. A pair of elves hugging would make for an beautiful painting.


[If you are going to be in Yuuya’s party, I will ask the guild to prepare a special class for you to attend tomorrow. Needless to say, I will only allow you to be an adventurer if you stay in his party. Yuuya, please take care of my sister.] (Phil)


Phil bowed her head towards me


[Leave it to me. I’ll protect Til with my life.] (Yuuya)


I will not let Phil down if it is a special request from her. However, Luna seems dissatisfied with the current situation.

[Luna, don’t pout like that because Til is our party member. It’s not like Til is taking me away from you. Think of it as having an extra friend in our party.] (Yuuya)

[Really? Will you not leave Luna behind because Til is here?] (Luna)

[I promise.] (Yuuya)

[Then maybe it is fine. Nice to meet you Til] (Luna)

[Nice to meet you too, Luna-chan] (Til)


Luna and Til shook hands as they greeted each other. It appears that we have come to a resolution. Now it’s time for us to celebrate with a meal.


[Tonight’s meal will be my treat. It’s a celebration for a new party member, everyone help yourself to the menu.] (Yuuya)


With this, the number of people in our party has increased to three. Unlike before, there are a variety of things that we can attempt to do that we couldn’t do before. Tomorrow, Til will attend the class and obtain her class. Immediately after, we will dive into a dungeon and evaluate her strength.

The exclusive class given to elves is extremely overpowered. Although it existed during the game era, it was a class that could only be obtained by NPCs. In addition, that class was extremely compatible with my Magic Customization. I’m looking forward to entering the dungeon tomorrow.

The food here tasted even more delicious with alcohol. It’s been a while since I let loose in a bar.


[Why Yuuya. Why did you leave me behind?] (Phil)

[I thought that Phil would be happier with Leonard rather than an old man like me.] (Yuuya)

[It’s just like Yuuya to decide things by himself~~.The one that I like is not Leonad….Ahways. We were ahlways together, sho why~~?] (Phil)


It seems that the Phil has drank too much and collapsed on the spot. The other two girls were observing the situation closely on the side lines.

[Luna, do you know the way back to the inn?] (Yuuya)

[Yesh I do.] (Luna)

[I’ll carry Phil home while you bring Til back to our room at the Inn. On the way back to the inn, there will be an alleyway that is a shortcut back to the Inn. If you find the alleyway, you should end up back at the inn.] (Yuuya)

[Okay.] (Luna)


For now, let’s settle the matter with Phil before I can think about diving into the dungeon tomorrow. Although she appears to be more of an adult than before, it seems that she is just a child who has just grown a little.

<End of Chapter>

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Chapter 11: The old man is caught in the fight between the elf sisters

Luna continued her training in the dungeon until she ran out of mana from repeated uses of Assassinate. Meanwhile, I started my own training to practice my usage of Napalm Strike.Unlike the game era where the skill can be activated by a press of a button, the skill has to be activated with a chant and it has an activation period where the spell can be activated. Between it’s long cast time and short activation period, it is a skill that requires a lot of practice to grasp it’s timing. In the future, there will be a time where I will have to activate Napalm Strike in a heated battle against a faster and stronger opponent. If I do not master the timing for the skill, I may not survive that opponent. In any case, I am also practicing my barehanded combat for emergencies where I do not have my swords.

[As expected, it is a risky move to activate Napalm Strike.] (Yuuya)

The weak point of Napalm Strike was that it’s activation window was too short whereas it’s casting time was too long. If I don’t land the attack right after casting it, the spell will expire. It’s casting time and activation window is much more severe than I thought.

Normally, when a spell’s level is increased, it’s overall effectiveness increases and it’s casting time gets shorter. For some spells, it’s even possible to have an instantaneous activation. However, customized magic spells function differently.

Spells that were customized with Magic Customization can neither be reverted or customized, requiring the user to have foresight to customize a spell that can be used in the future.

I’ll have to take responsibility for customizing such a difficult spell. I have no choice but take some time to adapt to the spell’s timing. It may be difficult, but this spell will be worth it.

This are the kind of challenges that I do not dislike.

I will practice activating Napalm Strike today until my mana runs dry.

Although we have only been practicing against goblins so far, we will be returning once our mana runs dry. Goblins could easily be beaten without skills, making them good target practice for us. In addition, we left the inn in the afternoon, and it’s getting close to night. It’s too dangerous for us to stay in the jungle during the night.

[Luna, it’s about time we head back to the inn.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. I’m worn out but content with my progress today.] (Luna)

[Don’t be too happy. Your thrusts were getting sloppy towards the end. You still need more practice.] (Yuuya)

[O-tsu! Luna will try her best.] (Luna)

I was watching Luna the entire day while she was battling goblins. Physical fatigue started to kick in towards the second half, causing her precision to fall. Her critical rate had fell to about 70%. Her success rate will fall in an actual battle when she is getting pressured by her opponent. It will continue to fall further if she was surrounded by multiple enemies. Her skill is still insufficient, but she still has a lot of room to improve. After watching her performance these past two days, it shouldn’t take too long before she completely masters Assassinate.

[Luna. Can you pass me the drop items that you picked up from your battles.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. Only this was dropped.] (Luna)

Luna took the item out of her magic bag and passed it over to me. Her bag could hold about 10 kilograms of items. It was only a fraction of my bag’s capacity, but it is better than having a normal bag. Without the magic bag, she would have to carry a large backpack with her in the dungeon. Even a 10 kilograms magic bag would cost about 2 million giru. For comparison, bread in this world cost 100 giru. There was a huge demand for magic bags in the marketplace.

Adventurers weren’t the only people who wanted a magic bag, but so do peddlers and merchants. The market price for Magic Bags were constantly on the rise due to the increasing number of merchants in the industry. Thus, whenever a bag was discovered, adventurers would often sell them for a high price.

[Alright, quest completed. There was a quest that requested for an item dropped by goblins. Since we were going to train, I accepted the quest before we entered.] (Yuuya)

The item that the goblins dropped was the Sage. Sage is an herb commonly used in the brewing of potions. Since the demand for potions is always present, collection quests for these kind of herbs are common.

Checking the quest board before departing is one of the basics for being an adventurer.

[Alright, now our guild points will increase again.] (Luna)

[And we get some money as a reward too.] (Yuuya)

Me and Luna did a high-five.

Luna got to practice her secret attack while we made progress as a party.

Today was a good day.




When we returned to the guild, there was a crowd gathering around the reception desk at the front of the guild.

Let’s find out what happened.

At the center of the crowd, were two elven girls. Originally, Elfs lived in their villages deep in the forest and were rarely seen outside of their forests. Two of such elfs were currently quarreling with each other.

[Why is my elder sister such an idiot! Why can’t I be an adventurer?] (Elf no.1)

[Being an adventurer is a dangerous job. It’s normal for an average countryman to become an adventurer. However, whether it is being deceived by others or losing your life to monsters, it is still a dangerous job. Furthermore, you are a girl. A cute girl with a good body.] (Phil)

One of the elves is a well-known figure in this guild who used to be my party member, Phill while the other appears to be her sister. They were both beautiful girls with long ears, blonde hair and jade-colored eyes.

[If my sister can do it, then so can I.] (Phil’s sister)

[I was just lucky. If that person didn’t pick me up, I would have been sold as a slave and most likely end up dead. Please listen to me.] (Phil)

I remembered the time when I first met Phil. I had taken up a quest that asked for adventurers to save an elven village from pillagers. That quest turned out to be a success and the village was saved. It was supposed to be a happy ending but what ended up happening was Phil requesting to become an adventurer after being saved. At the time, she was merely a cute elf who admired adventurers. There were many adventurers who were eyeing her and tried to take advantage of that admiration. At the time, I was a solo adventurer who didn’t have a party. Watching the scene unfold, in order to save her, I decided to recruit her into a party with me.

At the time, if I did not help Phil, she would have likely been sold as a slave. Elves who are always beautiful and would never grow old are rare and would fetch a high price.

After that, Phil became my disciple and we adventured alone for awhile. After awhile, the extremely talented Leonard and veteran thief Lyle joined our party. Together we conquered a variety of dungeons, and our party became famous.

In a way, that was the peak of my adventuring life.

[Stop with this nonsense and listen to me. I will talk to the people in the guild and cancel the class tomorrow. I’ll take a day off and I am bringing you back to the village.] (Phil)

[Big sis is an idiot!!] (Phil’s sister)

Tears started to form in her eyes as Phil’s sister ran in our direction.

This is bad. The girl was rubbing her eyes as she ran without watching where she’s running.

I am too deep into the crowd, there isn’t any room for me to evade or hide.

If I can’t evade, then I’ll take the blow.

She continued running in my direction, until she crashed against my body. Anticipating her movements, I caught her softly as she ran into me. Phil followed right after, chasing after her sister.

[I am sorry, please excuse my sister’s actions…..wait. That face.. I’ve met you somewhere.] (Phil)

I was wearing the hat that I used as cover to hide my face. However, even with the hat, if she is this close up the hat wouldn’t do any good. The girl who bumped into me earlier looked up.

[Ah! It’s my sister’s boyfriend! It’s the guy whose face was on the letter you sent to the village a long time ago!] (Elf sister)

I screwed up. I shouldn’t had let this happen.

Although it’s nice to know that Phil had pictures of me, it’s especially careless of me since Phil must have been talking about me to her little sister.

[Eh? That can’t be. Could you be Yuuya..? But your level is too low to be him..] (Phil)

Based on what she said, looks like she had suspicions about my identity up until now. However, because she was able to see my level, she probably thought that I was someone who was similar to me.

Phil was getting closer and closer. I took my hat off and looked at her.

[Huh!? Why are you in Rumberg? And your level… How?] (Phil)

[Well.. things happened and here I am.] (Yuuya)

My identity was finally exposed. I always knew it would happen, but I hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

The girl who bumped into me let out a sly smile.

[Hey.. Yuuya-san. You are onee-chan’s boyfriend aren’t you. She was always talking about you back in the village, that you are the most reliable person in the world. Then would you accept a quest from me? I’ll give you the treasure of the Elves, and in exchange, please accept me into your party!] (Elf sister)

The girl was asking for an unreasonable request. Phil placed her hand on her face and looked down towards the ground while the surrounding adventurers started becoming noisy.

[Boyfriend!? To THAT Phil?]

[That’s a lie.. He is just an old man.]

[Laying a hand on our idol.. You wanna die?]

[I just wish for Phil-chan’s happiness]

As expected, Phil is extremely popular as the beautiful elf receptionist in the guild.

I felt my hands being pulled by someone.

I looked behind and saw that it was Luna.

Luna interlocked her fingers with mine and looked at the elf sisters.

[Yuuya is Luna’s. Luna won’t give Yuuya away.] (Luna)

Suddenly, the guild turned into total silence. Few moments later, whispers could be heard.

[To such a small child..]

[Hes a devil.]

[They could be considered parent and child..]

Everyone was clearly misunderstanding the situation.

[Hey, Yuuya. You can’t be doing such things to a small child.. Right?] (Phil)

Oie. Phil. Not you too.

[Isn’t it obvious? You of all people know what I’m like. It’s the same case with you. I’m just taking up the troublesome role of looking after her.] (Yuuya)

[Ah. That’s right.. Theres no way the Yuuya who didn’t lay a hand on me all those years even though I gave him plenty of opportunities would lay a hand on such a small child.] (Phil)

For some reason, Luna was puffing her chest out proudly.

[Yuuya played with Luna’s most important place.] (Luna)

Phil looks directly at my face with a menacing look. It is blatantly written on her face.

[Sigh. Let’s just talk outside later before any other misunderstandings happen. Phil. We’ll be waiting for you after your job is over.] (Yuuya)

[It’s already after hours. It’s my personal time now.] (Phil)

[Then let’s change the location.] (Yuuya)

[Well. Leaving this aside. There are things that I want to ask and talk about.] (Phill)

The conversation resulted in a drinking session with an old colleague.

Well with a bunch of new faces though. Luna was staring intently at Phil’s sister. Let’s just leave the rumors as it is for the time being.

I’ve always been weak to pushy people in the past. Seems like that hasn’t changed.

<End of Chapter>

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Chapter 10: The old man rejoices at Luna’s progress

The morning sun could be seen rising on the horizon. Magical torches on the walls are still illuminating the dim surroundings. In the courtyard of the inn, Luna desperately struck the invincible Scarecrow-kun while breathing heavily. She was trying to release a thrust that was capable of registering a critical strike and spent the whole night practicing it. However, normal adventurers would require multiple years to master one slash. Even for Luna, she was challenging the impossible in mastering the thrust in a single night. She was trying her hardest, and I support her fully. As expected, it feels like it could be impossible.

At that moment, the atmosphere around Luna changed. Her stance became extremely refined. She rushed forward with a smooth movement as the muscles in her entire body was activated. The force generated from her body was consolidated into her dagger and she thrust her dagger forward. It was a beautiful thrust with zero wasted movement. Luna’s dagger pierced Scarecrow-kun, producing a sound completely different from earlier. It was a ringing sound that reverberated throughout the courtyard. Luna’s face shone brightly listening to the ringing.

Watching Luna’s bright smile while the sun was rising in the background was a beautiful sight that I won’t forget.

[That was amazing! Together with Yuuya! Were you watching?] (Luna)

[Congratulations. I was surprised that you managed to perform a perfect thrust in just one night. You passed the requirement.] (Yuuya)

[Hurray! Now Luna won’t be dragging Yuuya down. Luna can properly battle and be together with Yuuya!] (Luna)

At that moment, Luna became to sway and collapsed. I was right next to Luna as I was carrying out special training alongside her throughout the night, Luna had overworked herself and collapsed due to fatigue. I hurriedly grabbed Luna to prevent her from falling. It could be due to that last thrust that caused Luna to use more stamina than expected, causing her to exceed her physical limits.

I stopped my training and headed back to the inn. I had to bring Luna back to our room to recover. It would be reckless to enter a dungeon with her current state. Luna is definitely talented, but her enthusiasm was more than I expected to the point that she passed out.

[You did great. Well done, Luna.] (Yuuya)

I stroked Luna’s head. Although she is asleep, it looked like she was smiling slightly. She is definitely a cute girl. That is what has been bothering me.



The afternoon passed by in a flash.

I was reading a book while sitting next to Luna’s bed. The author of the book is one of my favourite authors. While I was enjoying the book, Luna’s eyelids started to move.

[Good morning.] (Yuuya)

I smiled at Luna as I greeted her. Then she rubbed her eyes and her fox ears began to twitch.

[*Yawn* Good morning Yuuya.] (Luna)

Luna’s stomach began to grumble and her face started to turn red. Although she is pretty daring, she is surprisingly shy when it comes to her stomach.

[Eat this for now. In addition, remember to drink this potion to recover your stamina.] (Yuuya)

[Thank you.. It’s delicious.] (Luna)

The fruit I passed over to Luna was a banana. In this world, it was a fruit that grew primarily in the south. It is easy to consume and digest and our body converts it to energy quickly, making it a good stamina food. It is fairly expensive but it is still the best fruit to eat when you are tired. After eating the banana and drinking the potion, colour started to return to Luna’s face. Luna looked outside the window and her fox ears began to fidget.

[Yuuya, it is not nighttime yet. Can we go to the dungeon?] (Luna)

[I think you should rest for the day.] (Yuuya)

[I don’t wanna. It felt great when I performed the thrust. If I don’t try it once more I may forget how to do it] (Luna)

I understand how Luna feels. When you master a new technique or learn something new, until you master it you would want to practice it until it is perfected. Sigh it can’t be helped.

[I understand. We’ll leave in an hour, be prepared to leave by then.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. I will prepare myself asap.] (Luna)

I quickly averted my eyes as Luna took off her clothes while finishing her sentence.

[I have thought this from the start, but aren’t you a little too brazen?] (Yuuya)

Luna proceeded to change her clothes without any restraint. Although I don’t feel any attraction towards Luna who is about 13 or 14, I still feel guilty looking at her naked body.

[But it’s Yuuya. It’s fine even if you look at Luna.] (Luna)

When I heard that Luna was done changing, I turned my head and saw her wearing the adventurer clothes that I bought for her with Bazerato hanging on her waist.

[Yuuya, let’s head out immediately!] (Luna)

Luna grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. Although the hour was supposed to be a break for her to rest, if she feels that she’s up to it then we could leave immediately.

[I understand. Lets go. It’s time for you to learn Assassinate. You can go ahead and place all your skill points and level it to 5.] (Yuuya)

Since it was decided that she was going to learn Assassinate, that would be the only attacking skill she’ll ever have as a Thief so it should be leveled to the maximum.

Ideally, a Thief’s skillset should consist of exploration skills, relying only on Assassinate for battles. There were many exploration skills that were useful besides Presence Detection such as Treasure Hunt, Stealing Art and Shadow Walk. These skills gave the user the ability to detect treasures, increase the drop rate of items and hide the party’s presence respectively. However, such a skill set would only be possible if the user was capable of utilizing Assassinate effectively. Otherwise, regular thieves would have to put more points into combat skills to raise their fighting capabilities while having minimum exploration skills. They were required to take multiple debuff skills such as Poison,Sleep and Paralysis. There were also other debuffs that can be learnt.

I am glad that Luna was capable of utilizing critical hits as this allowed her to learn more exploration skills.

[Skill obtained! Now Luna can use Assassinate and defeat monsters with the thrust Yuuya taught!. I will assassin all of them.] (Luna)

Note: This was intentional.

Luna was very energetic in utilizing her new skill. Her motivation even affected her tail as the fur on her tail were standing, causing her tail to look larger and softer, making her tail look even cuter. Unable to resist the urge, I grabbed her tail in my hand.

[Hiikk.] (Luna)

Luna let out a strange voice before jumping a distance away, looking at me with face full of disdain.

[Uhm. Sorry that was my bad.] (Yuuya)

[Yuuya perverted. You can’t just suddenly grab a girl’s tail.] (Luna)

I really don’t understand what Luna is saying.

She casually changes her clothes in front of me and embraces me during our sleep while snuggling herself onto my chest in bed, so why does grabbing the tail make me perverted?

[I didn’t mean it that way. Humans don’t have a tail so we don’t know the importance of a tail. That’s it. Is it similar to stroking a person’s head? If it’s bad then I’ll never touch it again.] (Yuuya)

[I’ll forgive you for now. But next time, you will have to take responsibility for it! Only the person’s lover can touch the tail.] (Luna)

How does she remember such a thing when she has amnesia.

I had no energy to continue this conversation, so I just nodded back at her reply.

Although.. Her tail felt really nice to touch, it was smooth and fluffy.

Eh? Does it mean that if I become her husband, I’ll get to touch her tail?

Ugh. Calm down Yuuya. She is just a child, what on earth are you thinking.




We dived into another dungeon from the entrance in the guild.

There were several dungeons meant for beginners. This time, we entered a jungle-type dungeon. The reason why we entered a different dungeon was because of the difficulty in the monsters’ weak spots. It is difficult to land a critical hit on the monsters in the rocky mountain dungeon. However, there were many monsters in this dungeon with weak points that were easy to target.

At the distance, I saw the figure of a monster hiding in the shadow of the tree.

The monster was a goblin.

[Luna, it’s your turn now. You should have no problem with a goblin at your current level. Ideally, Thieves battle by utilising their speed, quickly rushing their targets and defeating the monsters with a single blow.] (Yuuya)

[Got it. I’ll try it!] (Luna)

When I took a look at her status, her stats weren’t as bad as mine before the level reset. At her level, she shouldn’t have any problem dealing with the goblin. On the contrary, her Attack and Speed on average increased by 3 every level.

I don’t believe that this was based on luck. I have a feeling that her status increase was fixed from the start. She was a fox-beastman that didn’t exist in this world who was trapped in a crystal inside a hidden room. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the only one in the world who had a fixed status increase from the start.


The goblin came out of his hiding spot holding a stick. It was a green monster smaller than Luna, with a bulging stomach.

Goblins have low offensive capabilities and low-speed, making them easy prey.

If you approach cautiously, the chance of defeat is low.

Note: Anyone having Goblin-slayer deja vus here?

Luna rushed the goblin the instant it appeared. She was fast. Much faster than her status had implied. As expected of a beastman. She had mastered her body much more than an average person could.

However, the situation was bad. She is rushing too much into the battle. Even though the goblin was right in front of her, she showed no signs of slowing down. If it was me, I would had already slowed down to prepare my stance before throwing out a thrust against the goblin.

Luna continued to prepare her thrust while maintaining her speed, barely achieving the form required for the critical to register.

It is impossible for her to transit into the stance for her thrust with that kind of momentum.

However, she did not show any intention of slowing down her momentum.

Even if she fails here, it will come back to her as a lesson and experience to reflect upon.

As Luna rapidly approaches the goblin, her stride was further increased on her last step directly in front of the goblin.

Surprisingly, instead of slowing down her momentum and transiting into a stance, Luna had transitted directly into her thrust while increasing her speed.

The goblin did not expect to be rushed at such a high-speed and stiffened at Luna’s rush. Taking this opportunity, Luna aimed at the goblin’s heart which is it’s weak point.

[Assassinate.] (Luna)

Luna threw out her thrust towards the goblin. It was a perfect thrust with the entire body working together with its momentum, concentrating it’s power into the dagger. The skill with the highest power multiplier among all the classes was activated, and a distinct ringing sound resonated.

The goblin whose breast was gouged out by the thrust turned into blue particles with a single blow.

[What talent.. It doesn’t seem balanced for someone to be this talented] (Yuuya)

Despite just learning the basic thrust this morning, she applied the thrust in addition to a rushing technique. This combination was a powerful combination, be able to perform this meant that her offensive power much higher.

[Yuuya, I did it!] (Luna)

[I have no words. That was a perfect thrust if I’ve seen one. Be sure to master that thrust by practicing it.] (Yuuya)

Luna continued searching for enemies with Presence Detection while humming happily.

Despite her looks, she is a frightening girl.

[Luna. Let me teach you how to utilize Presence Detection offensively. Use it to find moving enemies nearby and approach them from the back. Surprise them with a surprise attack. This is the safest way to ensure you land your attack.] (Yuuya)

[Got it!] (Luna)

This was another one of Luna’s amazing traits.

Flexibility only possible to a Beastman that allows them to run in a way different from humans. She was capable of running without making a single sound as well as hide her presence.

Initially i wanted her to obtain skills to help her stealth movements, however it seems that it wasn’t necessary.

Once again, Luna defeated another goblin.

She followed my instructions and rushed the goblin with a surprise attack. It didn’t realise Luna had approached it up untill it died. I doubt even an average adventurer would notice Luna approaching him. She had a talent befitting of the world’s best assassin.

[Yuuya, were you watching me!?] (Luna)

[Yeah I was watching. It’s a good move, do not forget that feeling.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn! I will work even harder!] (Luna)

While I was watching Luna’s movements, I was thinking about how I could learn from her movements. Just how much more could this girl grow? I can’t wait to watch her growth from now on.

However, I can’t let myself be defeated by her.

Her training is sufficient for now. It’s about time for me to start my training. I still have much room to grow. We both, can grow much stronger from now on.

<End of Chapter>

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Chapter 9: The old man teaches the way of the sword.

With the discovery of the level reset function as well as the fixed status increase, the magic knight class was said to be industrialized. Along with these two discoveries, a third discovery was made for Magic knights. That was Magic Customization.

Initially, the magic knight was rated as a weak class due to it’s inability to cast magic above the intermediate tier. The only benefit to choosing the class was the ability to cast magic despite being part of the front-line, however this benefit was considered a weakness rather than a privilege. Magic knights were unable to cast Wall and thus unable to be the tank in the frontlines.

In this world, there are three tiers of magic. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Basic tier magic was considered a useful magic to have due to it’s quick cast time and high power for it’s cost.

Advanced magic was magic with a large area of effect with a long cast time. However, despite this it was still easy and effective to use as it also has extremely high firepower.

However, unlike the other two tiers which were highly regarded, Intermediate magic was looked down upon as an irrelevant tier to master.

Basic and Advanced tier magic were extremely efficient in terms of their consumption as well as effects, producing good results for relatively low cost. Whereas Intermediate tier magic was inefficient in results.

Intermediate tier magic has a reasonable area of effect with range and it’s cast time wasn’t very long but not short either. It’s power wasn’t spectacular for it’s cost, making it a tier that had many niche uses.

High-levelled magicians often taught others that Basic magic was effective in dealing with weaker monsters while Advanced magic should be used when the number of monsters are too many or too powerful. Thanks to this, there weren’t many uses for Intermediate magic and was considered a waste of skill points to invest in.

They weren’t wrong. Intermediate tier magic was indeed useless when compared to the other tiers available. However, Intermediate magic was superior in one aspect. Customization.

If it was possible to place the level of each spell’s fundamental concepts in numeric values, the values of Intermediate tier magic were more efficient compared to other tiers.

When Magic Customization was discovered, magic knights were given an ability that magicians did not have.

That was the flexibility to customize their spells to provide powerful attack spells as well as supportive magic. Magicians didn’t have the ability to sacrifice their range and cast time to increase the power of their attack spells. However, that wasn’t the true benefit of Magic Customization. It’s true potential lies in it’s supportive magic.

When magic knights’ power level was reevaluated, it wasn’t the flexibility nor the attacking magic that caused them to be rated highly. It was the ability to freely alter the blessings that they provided to the party. This characteristic alone was enough for the class to be deemed as the strongest.


 [This makes three!] (Luna)


After the trio had left, Luna and I continued to look for rock golems in order to raise our levels.

The subsequent battles were much easier once the baggage was gone. After defeating our third golem, I became Level 6. It was an incredible leveling pace as there was a huge level difference between the monsters and us, giving us a bonus gain in experience as a reward.

Since Luna was in my party, the experience was evenly distributed between the two of us, so Luna’s was currently Level 6 as well.


 [Alright its time to head back, I’ve pretty much drained all my mana.] (Yuuya)

 [Yuuya, Luna wants to fight. There’s no point if Luna doesn’t fight.] (Luna)

 [It’s because Luna is here that I can focus on my battles. If Luna wasn’t here, I would worry about multiple golems appear once the battle was over.] (Yuuya)

 [I understand. But still…] (Luna)


It seems that Luna was dissatisfied that she did not have a chance to enter the battle.

However, even if Luna did join in the battle, she would not be able to land a scratch on the golem. It’s defensive stats were far too high for adventurers with our levels. That being said, she was still crucial in our battles as she was constantly on the lookout for monsters that would join in on the battle. That alone saved me a lot of energy and was an important role, but it seems that she is still dissatisfied.


 [Don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll get a chance to fight monsters. Now that we’re Level 6, you should have at least 5 skill points. Let’s use this opportunity to level an attack skill. I’ll recommend the optimals skills and you’ll choose which skill you wish to use.] (Yuuya)


 [Yay!] (Luna)


Luna smiled happily as her tail shook back and forth. She seems happy that she’ll finally get an attack skill. 

For thieves, there aren’t any actual attacking skills although offensive skills do exist. For offensive skills, there are two styles that can be used. One was a style that specializes in critical hits while the other specializes in abnormality effects.

The former has a high skill floor, requiring talent and technical ability. If successfully executed, it will provide the user with tremendous explosive power whereas the latter requires knowledge and battle sense. Once the user has enough experience with his abilities, he will become an important asset in future battles.

Although it is certain that Luna will choose the first option, I will have to determine whether she has the talent for Critical specialization. Although having the ablity to land critical hits packs a huge punch, if the user doesn’t have the talent for critical strikes, the skills learnt would become dead skills as they wouldn’t be used in any other way.

Relying on Luna’s Presence Detection, we successfully evaded monsters as we travelled down the mountain towards the exit.




For our first adventure, it is impressive that we managed to level up five times while obtaining a rare drop at the same time.

We headed towards the guild hall as we returned from the dungeon

The guild plays three important roles.

Firstly, the guild serves as a consultant for adventurers. When inquired, the guild staff will explain specific details about dungeons including the level and monsters that will appear.

Secondly, the guild serves as a store that collects drop items from dungeons. Everything that is dropped by monsters can be sold at the guild. Using it’s huge network, anything can be sold and delivered to anywhere around the country.

Lastly, the guild is the distributor of quests in the countries. Quests accepted from all around the world are shown here for adventurers to accept.

The guild is a crucial lynchpin for the lives of adventurers as they were arguably the main source of income for us. Without them, it would be difficult for us to sell the items from dungeons to other vendors. The guild also takes a commission depending on the amount given for the drop items. Depending on the commission, guild points are given and once the amount of points reaches a certain amount, the adventurer will be promoted to a higher rank. The higher the adventurer’s rank, the more advantageous it would be when travelling around the country. There are special privileges that are only given in certain countries and cities once you are at a high enough rank. Therefore it is rare for adventurers to avoid cashing out their items at the guild unless it was an absurd amount.

However, there was something strange that caught my eye.

When I took a look at my status back in the dungeon, I realized that my rank was currently Bronze, the lowest rank for adventurers. Back then, I was at the top rank, White.

Although I expected my status to completely reset thanks to the goddess statue, I didn’t expect the statue to reset my guild points as well.

Looks like I’ll have to raise my guild rank as well as my level this time.


I sneaked a peek at the quest board before heading to the cashier. Just as I hoped, I found a quest that requested for the Karakuri heart from the Rock Golem. After defeating three golems, two Karakuri hearts were dropped.

I’ll be submitting only one of the hearts for the quest and the other will be kept for crafting magical items in the future.

Turning in items for quests were much more beneficial than simply cashing them in for money.

By completing quests, not only do you earn a bonus, but you also earn the original price of the item back in cash as well as guild points.

The amount that we had earned was quite a hefty sum for a beginner dungeon. It seems that lady luck has been smiling upon me ever since I met Luna.


 [Luna, let’s head over to the bar tonight. We earned a lot more money than expected today, thanks to that we can afford to eat more of the meat you liked.] (Yuuya)


The glint in Luna’s eyes shined brightly. However, that glint quickly disappeared as Luna began to shake her head.


 [It’s okay, the new skill is more important. Luna wants to become stronger.] (Luna)


I widened my eyes at Luna’s statement.

I can’t deny that I was looking forward to eating good food tonight, but watching Luna give up the food for training gave me a bit of a shock.


 [Alright, then let’s settle for a sandwich tonight then. We’ll drop by the store later and get the ingredients for the sandwich. That way we can enjoy a delicious dinner while training.] (Yuuya)


 [ As expected of Yuuya! Yuuya is so smart! I like smart Yuuya!] (Luna)


Afterwards, we bought plenty of meat as well as other ingredients before returning to the inn.





Me and Luna were facing each other in the courtyard of the inn. Both of us held a wooden dagger in our hands

 [The skill I want Luna to learn is Assassinate. It was the same skill with a cool name that you liked.] (Yuuya)

 [Yay! Luna can finally look cool! I want to assassin!] (Luna)


Her sentence was strange for sure, but somehow I know what she means.

Being an assassin is a difficult task. It depends purely on Luna whether or not she can successfully pull it off.


 [Assassinate is a powerful but difficult skill to pull off] (Yuuya)


 [I want to learn! Teach me please.] (Luna)

Luna ears begin to perk up as she began to listen.

I started to recall the list of skills available in the game in my previous life. As a former player, I have more or less memorised every single skill in the game. Although I haven’t really memorised the explanation for every skill, I have or less grasped the mechanics and effects of the skills. Although it wasn’t very impactful in the game, it is important to understand the skill that you are learning so that you avoid learning dead skills as much as possible. Dead skills are prevalent in this world as many beginner adventurers learn skills without understanding their skill’s effects and ending up regretting their decisions.

Generally, adventurers should have a general idea of what skills do they wish to obtain, and narrow down skill tree that they wish to learn. Furthermore, the skills that are present within the skill tree should be narrowed down only to the most important skills as skill points are scarce in this world. Not a single point can be wasted.

In the game, Assassinate was a skill that has the highest damage multiplier that also has the highest power correction value when the attack lands as a critical hit. However, if the attack doesn’t land as a critical, it turns into a basic attack without any bonuses.


 [Assassinate is an attack that mainly relies on landing critical hits. You have to land the attack on the opponent’s weak spot otherwise the skill will not activate.] (Yuuya)


The activation condition speaks for itself. That was how difficult this skill is. An adventurer who is trained to land critical hits is talented, however it was a tall order for adventurers to land a critical hit to activate their skill. Even possibly leading to their death as their attacks will drain mana even on basic attacks.


 [I guess the main difficulty in adding this skill, would be being able to land critical hits consistently?] (Yuuya)


During the game, it was easy to raise our critical chance by increasing the speed stat. However it was still a percentage chance to land the skill. In this world, that was the most important question when obtaining this skill. Critical hits did not rely on luck, but rather on talent. Everything in this world has a weak spot, if you do not land the attack on their weak spot then it will not activate a critical hit.


 [Landing critical hits is an important skill for adventurers to grasp. The weak points vary based on the monster, but generally the weak spot for each monster are soft. When you land a full-power strike onto the weak spot, the damage will be amplified and reverbrate throughout the body. It is an easy idea to understand, it isn’t easy to execute. Even with training, only people with talent are capable of performing it. There are some who are unable to execute it even after years of experience.] (Yuuya)


In order to land a critical hit, the skill and knowledge of the monster’s weakpoint would be required. For the skill required to land a critical hit, the person would need a sense of swordsmanship and martial arts to transfer power from their whole body into their attacks.


 [Sounds incredibly difficult. Can you do it Yuuya?] (Luna)


 [I can almost always land critical hits, especially against monsters.] (Yuuya)


Actually, I had zero sense on how to detect a monster’s weak point. However after continuing to hone my swordsmanship for several decades, I’ve managed to sharpen my concentration. Along with my combat experience, I became able to land a critical hit whenever and wherever I could.


 [Yuuya, I want to try it. I won’t be able to learn just by listening.] (Luna)

 [I feel the same way.] (Yuuya)


I took out a wooden doll from my magic bag and stabbed it into the ground. The magic doll was a magic item, the invincible Scarecrow-kun. It has incredible durability along with automatic regeneration, making it the perfect practice dummy for battles.

 [First we will work on your techniques. An average adventurer often swing their sword using their arm strength. However contrary to what people think, that isn’t the most effective way to attack.] (Yuuya)


I swung the wooden dagger against Scarecrow-kun, producing a dull wooden sound.


 [The most effective way of landing an attack, would be to utilise your whole body, releasing the power of your whole body into the swing.] (Yuuya)


I stepped forward while twisting my waist, bending my arms accordingly while swinging my dagger forward. The impact was a few notches higher than before, producing an explosive ringing sound.


 [Wow, they are totally different.] (Luna)


 [Naturally. The first blow was performed with my arm strength while the second used my entire body. Needless to say, the second blow is required for a critical hit to register.] (Yuuya)


Based on my experience, there isn’t even a single adventurer out of a hundred that can perform this as more emphasis was placed on a person’s status than their techniques.


 [Luna. I am giving you a warning. You will give up on learning Assassinate if you aren’t able to land a critical hit on Scarecrow-kun who isn’t even moving by tomorrow morning. Simply put, you don’t have the talent if you can’t even do this. Then, you will have to choose a skill that is easier to execute.] (Yuuya)


 [Difficult. Theres only one night…] (Luna)


Ho.. She understood that performing that attack wasn’t as easy as it looked just from that one attack. It may look simple to perform, but that was because I have been doing it for years. Asking a novice to perform the attack in one night might be too harsh.


But I cant afford to wait for Luna to grow.


 [Don’t worry about failing to perform the strike. Even if you can’t perform the cirtical hit, you can still specialize on attribute anomalies. Well that is if you fail before the time limit.] (Yuuya)


I faced Scarecrow-kun and released nine consecutive attacks.

Each of these attacks were nine different slashes that can be performed with a blade. Diagonal. Left. Right. Up and down.

The different slashes were Karatake, Kesaki, Miginagi, Migikiue, Gyakufuu, Hidarikiue, Hidarinagi, Gyaku,Togetsuki.

TLN note: I don’t know what these terms are, but I am assuming they are names.

 [Eventually you will have to learn how to perform all nine slashes. Otherwise, performing critical hits will merely be a dream. In a battle, not only do you have to understand which slash would to perform, but the opponent will be moving as well. This is how much you have to prepare in order to master Assassinate. If you can’t even land a critical hit on a stationary target, it is better to just give up entirely.] (Yuuya)


I am being too harsh on Luna, but if I don’t do so, it could be detrimental to her rather than beneficial if she ends up learning the skill without being prepared.


 [I understand. I’ll do it!] (Luna)


Luna’s fox tail began to bounce up and down.


[Now then, try to choose one slash among the nine that you think is comfortable for you and give it your best.] (Yuuya)


 [Uhn. Just watch me do it!] (Luna)


Luna held her dagger and swung it at Scarecrow-kun with various patterns that resemble the nine strikes. Her strikes aren’t accurate in the slightest but it looks like she is trying to find her most comfortable strike.

It’ll probably be too difficult for her to find a comfortable strike as well as learn how to perform it properly. If it was Luna.. i guess the attack would have to be a thrust.


 [Luna, try to perform a thrust.] (Yuuya)


I took my dagger and performed a thrust onto the wooden dummy.


 [Amazing.. Yuuya is awesome! Luna wants to do a thrust just like Yuuya!] (Luna)


Luna looks at me with shining eyes as she saw me perform a thrust on the wooden dummy


 [If you can imitate this thrust by tomorrow morning, then you pass.] (Yuuya)


 [Ok!] (Luna)


Luna wasted no time in performing a thrust that looks similar to my demonstration.

I could see myself in her actions. It is clear that she was trying to imitate my movements from earlier.


 [Luna. Drop your waist a little lower and try not to hyper extend your arms. Stop stretching right before your arm is straight.] (Yuuya)


I stepped behind Luna and grabbed her waist from behind, correcting her posture.


 [Let’s do the thrust slowly with my assistance. We’ll correct your posture after each try.] (Yuuya)


 [hhnn? Uhm.. Yuuya.. Nevermind.] (Luna)


After listening to her weird reply, I realized that her face started to turn red.

Is she getting excited from swinging a sword?

After performing the movement multiple times, Luna’s movement became much more fluid and she could perform the thrust on her own. She continued to perform the same action after I removed my assistance, then her action started to change, becoming much more personalized for herself. As expected of Luna, she has an incredible sense when it comes to battle techniques. Thrust after thrust, her movements became cleaner and the wasted movements were being minimized.

At this rate, it looks like her attack may be perfected by tonight.

I continued to advise Luna on her actions while cheering for her in my mind. Honestly I hope Luna clears this trial as the skill she likes is a skill i would like to have in my party, but that depends on her.

Good luck Luna!

<End of Chapter 9>

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Chapter 8: The old man uses his special move

Rock Golem
For low-level adventurers, it is a monster equivalent to a grim reaper.
Unless you were an idiot, it is a monster which you run away from on sight.
It was a common occurance for novice adventurers to go against that rule and challenge the golem. Likewise it was also common to get their asses handed to them.
Earlier I had found it unusual that the path to the summit was clear of monsters
It seems that the trio had defeated all the monsters on their way here.
Perhaps the expensive equipment their parents bought them were too effective, they ended up overestimating their actual abilities and attempted to challenge the summit of the mountain.
For adventurers who try to jump ahead of the pack, a single mistake could cause them their life.q
Unless an amazing person appears to save them.
The rock golem was chasing a man who was crawling on all fours in an attempt to run away
Although the rock golem’s movements was slow and dull, it had a large stride, resulting in a surprisingly high speed.
It caught up in an instant and raised its arm
If that attack lands on that boy, that boy will not survive.
I placed more strength into my legs.
At this rate, even with the bonus points in my status, i will not make it in time.
Looks like I’ll have to use my trump card.
I increased my concentration, and opened the door.
For an instant, i increased my leg power to increase my speed for two steps. In the moment before the attack connected, i arrived next to the chick.
The moment i arrived, i immediately closed the door. Opening it for too long places a strain on my body.
[If you’re afraid, just close your eyes!] (Yuuya)
I raised my sword, interrupting the golem’s fist as it was descending.
It is easy for me to avoid the attack, but if i were to avoid it the boy would be crushed under its weight.
On the other hand, if i were to receive the brunt of the blow, i wouldn’t survive either thanks to my weak defense
So i’ll choose the third option.
I swung up my sword following the rock golem’s attack, avoiding intercepting it directly as I would be crushed 100%.
I swung my sword at the edge of his fist, shifting the angle of the attack.
Ugh. It’s too heavy. The shift wasn’t enough to save the boy.
I slid the sword diagonally upwards and placed my palm on the sword to support the weight of the fist.
The fist follows along the slanted blade, landing on the ground next to me.
The earth was blown away along with me and the boy, surrounding the area in dust.
I landed on the ground properly and kept my sword in it’s sheath
The angle and position of the sword as well as the act of supporting the weight of the fist. The ability to guide and slide the fist away from it’s intended target. If there was any mistake, I would had been crushed without a doubt. But I didn’t hesitate in the slightest. If i couldn’t perform this kind of trick i would had been dead long ago.
Before i reset my level, i was a warrior.
My role was to be a wall for the party. With my low status, i had a weak defense and low speed, so i made up for it with techniques to receive all kind of attacks to complete my role.
Recalling the past reminded me of the strength and speed of the high-leveled monsters. Compared to them, the golem might as well not be moving.
[You can still crawl. You’re in my way, get out of here.] (Yuuya)
[Ah. It’s you.. Why would you-?]
[I came to help. If you understand now then get away quickly. We won’t be able to escape if you don’t get moving.] (Yuuya)
The golem threw another fist at us. I guided the fist with a similar technique once more.
Two attacks. Followed by a third. Multiple attacks rained onto us as I deflected them one after another.
[Why would you help us. Ossan it’s impossible for us to escape. The golem is too strong we can’t win.]
[Don’t worry. I will definitely save you guys. I am experienced at this. I am capable of beating monsters even twenty times my strength.] (Yuuya)
To prove my point, I countered the golem’s attacks whenever it failed to land a blow. The counters honed by years of training was capable of cutting into the hard golem.
Just because the monster had better stats than my own, does not mean that the battle was impossible. If that was the case, every adventurer would had died a thousand times over.
Well in the first place, I have beaten monsters and even other adventurers with statuses several times stronger than my own. The handicap of a cursed status became a blessing, sharpening my techniques and senses to the limit, allowing me to overcome many foes stronger than myself. It was only because I was weak, that I obtained strength through honing my techniques. The only thing that was holding me back was my cursed status.
[I’m sorry Ossan, I’m very sorry.]
The boy started crying on a fours as he crawled away.
Finally, the boy escaped.
With the boy gone, I can finally go on the offensive.
The reason why i chose to become a magic knight was to obtain the special skill. But that skill was too risky to release with a young man to my back.
Watching the golem’s movements, it looked as if it was going to swing it’s fist down, however I know that the fist is just a feint, and the real attack will be it’s kick. It’s kick is powerful but his movements are far too telegraphed. It’s kick is probably too powerful for me to defend against.
However, I don’t have to defend anymore. I can afford to dodge with the baggage gone.
It’s kick is a powerful attack, but in exchange it leaves his body exposed.
It is the perfect time.
I began casting my magic.
The privillege that only magic knights had was the ability to cast magic in close combat.
I approached the rock golem as i began my chants.
The benefits of casting magic was the ability to attack from a distance.
The basic movement would be to increase the distance from the target when casting magic.
It was irrelevant, so I threw that concept away
My spell is different as it’s range was incredibly short. This meant that it was only usable in close combat. It was a spell suitable for magic knights who fought in the frontlines
The golem’s leg swept past my body and i felt the wind on my cheeks.
My chant was almost completed, and I felt my magic power rise.
The hidden factor, that causes the power of the magic knight to rise exponentially, becoming the strongest class from being the weakest.
That factor, was the special magic given to magic knights. Magic Customizatiom.
When a person performs a level reset as well as the status gain ritual. A special ability is given to a person who chose the weakest job. That ability was the ability to create your own magic. This discovery led to a huge influx of magic knights as the player base was excited about a potential buff to the weakest class. Thanks to customising your own magic, the feature given to a magic knight could be properly evaluated.
In this world, every spell consists of four fundemental concepts.
Range: how far can the spell reach.
Area and Duration: how large of an area can the spell affect or how long does the magic last if it was a spell buff.
Power: how effective will the spell be.
Cast time: how long the casting time will be.
With Magic Customization, these concepts can be adjusted.
For this situation, I used the intermediate fire magic Fire Storm.
Originally, Fire Storm had an effective range of about 20metres, with an average area, casting time and power.
Using Magic Customization, i altered that magic to my liking.
I dropped it’s range down to nearly zero, and it’s duration was also minimized. It’s casting time was also lengthened. Every possible concept was effectively weakened to strengthen its power.
The result was..
A powerful magic spell that could only be used in extremely close range.
As the casting was completed, my left hand started to glow orange like a flame, and started to shiver.
Intermediate fire magic Fire Storm. Customized.
[Napalm Strike] (Yuuya)
While moving forward, I performed a motion that closely resembles Chinese martial arts, focusing my body’s kinetic energy onto my left hand, thrusting my left palm onto the belly of the golem. As a result of my customisation, Flame Storm became a left strike wrapped in flames.
The heat from the explosive strike penetrates into the body of the rock golem that boasted extreme hardness, burning it’s body from the inside.
[Gwaooo] (Golem)
The golem collapsed. Although I had the bonus points from my level reset, it is still unusual to be able to defeat a rock golem with a single blow.
It was possible because of Napalm Strike. A technique which sacrifices everything for raw power.
The Rock golem started to turn into blue particles and dropped an item.
Lucky. It’s a Karakuri Heart. It is a useful item that can be used for various reasons.
I felt my body swell up with power and looked at my status card. My levels increased by two and i achieved level three. The golem yielded a lot more experience than expected because of the level difference. When there is a level difference, the experience yielded increases.
[That magic earlier was amazing.. I have never seen any magic like that. How could Magic Knight be weak with that kind of magic?]
[That Ossan.. He stopped the golem’s attack with a sword, and even managed to cut it.]
[You’re wrong.. He didn’t stop the golem’s attack. He deflected it. I heard that it was only possible by a master in swordsmanship… and he really did it.]
It appears that the young man who ran away helped his companions recover using potions.
Well they appear energetic at least.
I started walking towards the trio.
[You three. You may have had good luck this time because I was in the area, but do not come back here again. The next time you attempt to fight these monsters, you may as well be dead.] (Yuuya)
This was the trio’s chance to reflect on their actions. This was a test to see if they can learn from their mistakes and reflect on their actions. It is without a doubt, one of the most important aspect for an adventurer.
[We understand]
It seems that the trio’s attitude towards me has changed after I have become their benefactor.
They started listening to me obediently now that i have saved their life.
[Ossan… I mean Yuuya-san. Would you like to have a drink with us sometime?]
[I don’t mind.] (Yuuya)
[Thank you for saving our lives.]
The boys left while giving me their thanks. I pray for their safety in the future.
In the distance, I see Luna running towards me while her tail shakes back and forth.
[Yuuya, that was amazing! Magic Knight is strong!] (Luna)
Her eyes were shining brightly as she looked at me.
[Well.. That is a magic that only I can use.] (Yuuya)
A magic knight is extremely useless if there isn’t Magic Customization to augment his magic spells. In the situation earlier, Fire Storm would had have no effect as it’s range and power are both second-tier. When a person with half baked magic capabilties cast a second-tier spell, it’s effect would be laughable at best.
However, by focusing all it’s concepts into power, it becomes usable as an attack by combining it with a physical strike.
I talked a little bit with the trio. They were capable of returning to the entrance by themselves, so i didn’t bother with sending them.
[Well now that the problem has been removed, let’s begin hunting monsters this time Luna.] (Yuuya)
[Uhn! The goal is level 50 by tonight!] (Luna)
[Uhh.. Luna-san. That’s impossible you know.] (Yuuya)
[Aww thats too bad.] (Luna)
We’ll continue hunting for Rock Golems untill my mana runs out. Since the magic knight’s mana correction isn’t very impressive, I only have about three more shots untill my mana is depleted. Let’s do our best to kill about three more golems.
I do have other magic spells that were customized but only Napalm Strike is effective on the Rock Golem. I look forward to the day where i can show Luna more spells.

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