Chapter 17: The old man releases a bolt of lightning

Today we are in a seafloor dungeon with a recommended level of 25.

The seafloor dungeon isn’t a dungeon meant for beginners at level 11, it was a dungeon where even veterans would come to hunt. That is the reason why we came today, as the number of monsters are reduced thanks to the veterans, making it much safer than it appears to be.

Usually, coming into this dungeon at level 11 would be suicidal.Despite our excellent equipment, and reset bonuses, it is still insufficient for us to have a proper hunt here. However, having magic catered to this sort of situations will allow us to get by somehow.

The higher the difference in level, the higher the bonus experience will be. For every level, the monster will provide an additional 5% experience points. If there is a level difference of 14, the experience given will be 1.0514 which is roughly 1.98 times the usual experience given. In the first place, the experience value given by a monster increases depending on their levels. If a level 25 monster’s experience value doubles when it’s defeated by a level 11, our levels will raise at an exponential rate.


[Let’s go, Luna, Til. Remember to have your return stones ready in case of an emergency.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. Properly ready.] (Luna)

[My sister went out of her way to give it to us, of course I’m ready.] (Til)


The two of them held a blue jewel in their hands before placing it in their pockets. Clothing with deep pockets are an adventurer’s best friend. Therefore I suggested it to them as well. The more pockets there are, the more convenient it will be in the dungeon


[Actually, it is more beneficial to place the stone around your waist.] (Yuuya)


If there is an emphasis on how quickly a person can utilise an item, it would be better to attach the item to your waist belt. However, doing so with such an expensive item would require us to remove it when we are around other people as it would cause other people to become greedy, possibly exposing us to more danger.


[Now then, let’s go.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn.But.. I’m worried about Yuuya’s weird get-up.] (Luna)

[It feels like he’s a full-fledged Magic Caster right?] (Til)

[Well technically I am a knight who is capable of casting magic. But for now, I will be a Magic Caster who is able to use a sword.] (Yuuya)


Right now, my equipment resembles more of a Magic Caster than it is a Magic Knight. I was carrying a sword with me, but it was hung on my back. In both my hands, I held a two-handed cane and wore a robe instead of armour. Right now, even if it’s a mere 11 level difference, I should be able to handle the skills from monsters in the area. However, the fact about this dungeon is that the monsters have an abnormally high attack power. Even if I raised my defense power with my best equipment, the battle would still be over if I took a direct hit. Therefore, I decided to raise my magical power instead by equipping this set of equipment instead. The robe I was wearing now has a special effect of raising my magic power while my staff improved my magic chants.


[But the only magic I’ve seen you use has an extremely short-range. It’s dangerous to go close to any monsters he with such equipment. Especially without a sword, it’s too dangerous.] (Til)

[The magic that I’m using today will be much more magician-like. It’s a new magic that I haven’t used yet, but it’s a magic that I can finally use today.] (Yuuya)


The customized magic I have made by Magic Customization doesn’t just consist of Napalm Strike. This time, I’ll be using a customized version of Thunderstorm.


[As we planned, Luna did you raise the level of Presence Detection to level 10?] (Yuuya)

[Of course.] (Luna)

[Well done.] (Yuuya)


Presence Detection could go up to level 10 with skill points, however there aren’t any exceptional bonuses after level 5 and it was sufficient to stop at level 5. However, it was still a good skill to take to level 10. At level 5, you can detect the number and position of nearby enemies. However, at level 10 you will be able to clearly detect their figures as well as determine who had the monster’s attention.


[Til, your “Luring” will be the important factor in this hunt.] (Yuuya)

[Hehe, leave it to me! My bow is absolute!] (Til)


The plan in our dungeon is simple. Luna discovers the monsters with her Presence Detection, Till “lures” the monsters with her bow while I finish them off. If we pull this off successfully, we will be able to hunt safely in this dungeon.




As the name of the dungeon implies, the seafloor dungeon is a dungeon at the bottom of the sea. More precisely, it is a cave at the bottom of the ocean. The ceiling of the cave is transparent, allowing sunlight to enter from above the ocean. Thanks to this, there was good visibility in the dungeon. There were also wide roads in the cave, making it easier and safer to transverse. This was the main reason why this dungeon is popular among veteran adventurers. Yesterday, it was easy to move around by avoiding monsters with Presence Detection when we were hunting.


[Wow, I can’t see the end of this wide path.] (Til)

[This is one of the reasons why we came to this dungeon.] (Yuuya)


Even though the layout of the dungeon changes during the respawn every week, the fundamental concept of the dungeon doesn’t change. That is why this long path can be expected inside this dungeon.

Relying on Luna’s Presence Detection to avoid monsters, we ventured deeper into the dungeon before encountering a giant hermit crab-type monster. Luna’s fox ears started to shake.


[The monster Yuuya mentioned is right there. It’s soo big.] (Luna)

[Alright, this time, I’ll defeat him alone.] (Yuuya)


The monster is a Hermit Crab, a giant hermit crab  over 3 metres in size. It has extremely high defense, attacking power and a ridiculous rushing power. Although it’s rush isn’t very fast, it has a long-range, high power and a decent speed for a rushing skill. It’s rush frequently connects with the back line, causing the Magic Caster to be blown away while chanting.

However it has a crucial weak point. It has practically no defense against magic. However, it is only susceptible to Wind(Lightning) spells as it has resistance against Fire and Water(Ice). It typically activates it’s rush when it detects a magical chant in it’s vicinity. Although it’s greatest weakness was a Magic Caster, it is a monster suited for defeating Magic Casters as well. Parties often have to avoid this monster as long as they didn’t have a Magic Caster capable of defeating it, even when their levels were similar to the monster. Countless adventurers have fallen to this monster thanks to this, therefore they often clear the dungeon while avoiding this monster.


[However, there are lots of enemies around the Hermit Crab. Fishmen, shellfish and even insects.] (Luna)

[Because monsters naturally gather around him.] (Yuuya)


Although it isn’t understood why, there are many monsters surrounding the Hermit Crab. Such monsters were often declared as Mid-bosses as they were difficult to defeat with the monsters constantly respawning and surrounding them. However, we have Til in our party.


[That is why Til’s bow will become important. Luna, let’s approach the monsters slowly. If any monster other than the hermit crab notices us, we will run away at full speed.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. Got it.] (Luna)


We started to approach the group of monsters slowly. Luna has been reading the distance between us ever since we noticed the monsters.


[Til, we are 200 metres away.] (Luna)


The monsters were far away, at the end of the huge road. I could see it.


[On my count, you shoot an arrow and make sure not to hit any of the surrounding monsters.] (Yuuya)

[I know. Believe in my bow.] (Til)


Now let’s get started.

There are several reasons why I chose to hunt the Hermit Crab in this dungeon.

Firstly, among the available monsters at it’s level, the Hermit Crab gives more experience as compared to it’s other counterparts. This is probably due to the monster’s difficulty.

Second, if you possessed sufficient firepower in the Wind (Lightning) attribute, you could easily defeat the monster with a single spell.

Normally, a magic caster would be unable to get over the fear of it’s rush as they rarely had spells that could be casted outside of it’s 30 metres detection range. However, I can use magic beyond 30 metres by utilizing magic that isn’t ordinary.


[Prepare for battle. Luna, Til, straighten yourselves. If we fail this, it’s certain death.] (Yuuya)


The two of them nod with a serious face and I start my chant.

I felt my magical power rising. Napalm Strike is a customized Firestorm which threw away every concept in exchange for power. However, the magic customized from Thunderstorm is different. I compress its area of effect into a straight line, resembling a bullet while increasing it’s cast time to improve it’s power. Right now, it takes about a minute for me to finish one chant. This spell won’t be usable in a high-speed battle, but there isn’t a problem.

This spell is designed for long-range shots or accurate sniping. With Presence Detection, I can fire at enemies outside of their range while escaping if we were noticed, and the long cast time won’t matter anymore.

The area of effect and casting time is worsened to improve it’s range and power. With Magic Customization, the spell that produces a rain of thunder over multiple enemies has become a spell that shoots an enemy from afar with a rifle made of thunder boasting a range of 100 metres.

It has been over 30 seconds since I began my chant. I gave the signal to Til and she shot the Hermit Crab from two hundred metres away. She easily landed her attacks on the crab. Originally, all monsters will attack anyone in its active range. Although it differs from monster to monster, the longest range is 100 metres while the shortest is about 5 metres. Unless the adventurers are within that range, the monsters would not notice them. However, whenever an attack lands on the monster, somehow the monster will automatically detect and move towards your location. These two rules can be abuse to “lure” monsters.


[Yuuya. Til. The crab has hostility towards Til.] (Luna)


Following Luna’s report, the crab can be seen moving towards our position. That was what we were aiming for. We weren’t in the other monsters’ perceptive range and thus none of them has noticed our positions. However, the Hermit Crab runs towards our position, drawing aggression onto Til. This is “Luring”.

Now, the Hermit Crab is isolated from its surroundings. In a few minutes, the monsters will be drawn to its current position, we’ll have to defeat it by then.

20 seconds until my chant is complete. I point the tip of my staff directly towards the crab which is receiving waves and waves of arrows onto it’s body. Thanks to it’s high defensive power, the arrows weren’t having any effect. It was pushing through the rain of arrows, closing the distance with tremendous force.

I felt cold sweat flowing down my back. Although my spell would be able to kill the crab in one hit,  Magic Casters have their life endangered if the distance was reduced too quickly between them and the target. If my chant does not complete before it enters within 30 metres, it is over and my life will be forfeit. Thus, we have to defeat him from a distance in order to prevent endangering our lives.

It felt like an eternity as I watched the crab close the distance between us. However, time flowed much faster than I thought. The remaining distance is 110 metres. My chant was completed and the timing was perfect. Magic power began to gather around the tip of the staff and electricity started to crackle.

Intermediate Magic Customization Thunderstorm.


[Superconductive Bullet.] (Yuuya)


A bolt of lightning was released from the tip of the staff, moving at light speed. It is a long-range shot, made by sacrificing it’s area of effect and casting time to gain overwhelming distance and power, along with the characteristics of lightning that prevents you from dodging. This characteristic is the reason why Thunderstorm was the most-suited for a sniping-type spell. Fire and ice-type spells would not be as effective.

Superconductive Bullet easily penetrates the Hermit Crab, scorching a large hole into it’s body.

The crab was penetrated with so much speed and power that it didn’t notice the fact that it is already dead, continuing to run towards us as it turns into blue particles. Unlike Napalm Strike, Superconductive Bullet had both it’s range and power strengthened, this meant that it’s power was lower than Napalm Strike which focuses on pure power. However, it’s power is still extraordinary. Whatever the level difference is between the Hermit Crab and us, the crab will not be able to take a hit from Superconductive Bullet as it’s a huge weak point.

A large amount of experience points flow into our body and our level rises. Power flows throughout our body.


[As expected of a level 25 monster, with this large of a level difference, our levels will rise multiple times each kill.] (Yuuya)

[Amazing, we gained three levels. We’re already level 14!] (Luna)

[Didn’t big sis tell me that it would be harder to level up once we hit level 11?] (Til)

[It wasn’t a lie. It’s rather strange for us to gain three levels this quickly.] (Yuuya)


It is a simple task to get to level 11 when starting out as an adventurer. However, after every 10 levels, the experience required to level increases exponentially. Usually, it takes about three days to achieve level 12.


[Now, let’s continue the hunt. Luna finds the crab. Til lures it and I’ll defeat it.] (Yuuya)

[I’ll try my best! I want to become stronger!] (Luna)

[Can’t be helped. If Yuuya needs my help, I’ll lend a hand.] (Til)


I felt the appeal of their motivation rubbing onto me as I myself got more excited.


[Let’s go. Together we will become stronger.] (Yuuya)


Thanks to the increase in levels, the maximum number of Superconducdtive Bullets I can shoot increases to 6. I’ll leave one shot for emergencies, so let’s hunt four Hermit Crabs before turning back. At this pace, we will reach level 20 in less than a month, definitely the fastest pace in all of history,.

<End of Chapter>

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Chapter 16: The old man’s party becomes stronger.

Today marks one week ever since the Spirit Archer Till joined our party. Our party has been progressing extremely well as a three squad this past week. Right now, I am hunting inside the rock mountain dungeon for Rock Golems. Since this dungeon can only be accessed by adventurers up to level 10, I would like to maximize the number of Karakuri Hearts I can obtain, plus the rock golems provide a large amount of experience. My routine for the past week has been to search for any worthwhile quests to complete. If such quests weren’t available, then I would continue to hunt for Karakuri Hearts.

However, today will be the last day I am able to come here. I should be able to obtain level 11 after this hunt. To respect the level limit, I won’t be able to enter this dungeon anymore where the level limit was set to prevent veteran adventurers from entering.

My fist begins to glow red and becomes ablaze.


[Napalm Strike.] (Yuuya)


I pierced the belly of the golem with my burning palm and burnt it from the inside. The body of the Rock Golem began to turn into blue particles. Finally, the last Rock Golem gave me a Karakuri Heart. With gratitude, I stored the item into my magic bag.


[It’s going to become much tougher from now on.] (Yuuya)


Ah, I accidentally said my thoughts out loud.

Thanks to Luna who possessed exploration skills, our hunt went without a problem. Although thieves generally didn’t possess much firepower, Luna overturned that general perception by mastering Assassinate.

And I am the front-line of our party. Magic Knight is a class that has the fitness and defensive strength of a front-line class. Although, this was possible only due to the hidden room which fixed my status increased every level to the max, allowing me to have the same defensive power as an ordinary warrior. With this status and my ability with a sword, I can become a wall for my party that is equivalent or stronger than any first-tier warrior of the same level. In addition, I possessed Customized Magic which has it’s own strength and overwhelming firepower. My offensive power as a front-liner was much higher as well.

Lastly, our backline which currently consists of Til. She is a Spirit archer who is capable of casting magic while simultaneously providing support with her bow. She was supplementing for a magic caster by providing magic spells, providing firepower equivalent to two people.

With us three each playing an important role, individually we were important parts of our party as we have performed much more than our roles required us to. It is obvious that we were making good progress due to this.

Since the battle is over, Luna and Til began to rendezvous on my position.


[Good job, the both of you.] (Yuuya)

[Luna worked hard today. I have assassined plenty today as well!] (Luna)

Luna expresses her successful Assassinates with a weird term, however that expression is surprisingly cute. Personally, I like that term. When I stroke Luna’s head, Luna narrows her eyes, showing that it feels pleasant and shakes her tail back and forth. Surprisingly, she worked extremely hard and managed almost a 70% critical rate in this short amount of time. Not to undermine Luna’s hard work, but the thrust is the best attack in landing critical hits and most compatible attack with Luna’s soft and silent high-speed rush.

However, the stronger the monster, the faster their movements, and the harder it is to land a critical hit. It won’t be long before she encounters a monster that she can’t Assassinate with just the thrust.

Landing a critical hit in any situation with any position. In order to perfect that technique, she will have to master all nine types of slashes. Now that her thrust has become more or less perfect, we should begin to work on her range of slashes.


[Aaa, it’s not fair to praise only Luna. I did my best too! Praise me!! Praise me!] (Til)


Til’s cheeks puffed up as she complained about the situation.

In reality, Til’s progression was far more terrifying than Luna’s. As her level increased, her mana pool increased as well as her mana efficiency. IN addition, her usage of magic along with her bow became much more refined as compared to the battle with the Mad Bear.

However, there are still many weak points present in her battle style. She is first class when it came to archery, however the rest of her movements were still amateurish. There is no point in having the strongest offense when you aren’t able to protect yourself. Her position in the part is part of the back line where she’s safe from the main battle. It is ideal for her current state but this provides a risk. There are many cases in dungeons where monsters will sneak up from the back, causing our positions to be reverted and exposing danger to the back line. This is especially dangerous for Til, as she tunnels her entire concentration into firing her arrows, she neglects looking out for her surroundings as she is attacking.

For now, I asked Luna to look out for TIl with Presence Detection and to follow-up in the event that we were ambushed. Although such an incident has yet to happen, we should assume the worst situation where we would have to protect ourselves.  For this, I’ve been thinking about giving Til special lessons about close quarter combat.


[Til did great too. You were our valuable ace when it comes to defeating groups of monsters.] (Yuuya)

[Eeeh? Just lip service?] (Til)

[I guess I don’t have a choice.] (Yuuya)


I pat Til’s head. Together with Luna, the two of them narrowed their eyes in pleasure.

The two of them became good friends over the course of this week. The number of capable children has also increased by one. Even though the two of them have strengths, they are also full of faults, they still have a long way to go. Somehow, I feel relieved watching the two of them acting like normal girls around each other. Even though they are special in certain ways, there are still merely children. I’m lucky that these girls are working hard under my guidance .

[It’s about time for us to head back. If we stay here too long, Phil may get worried.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn.Tonight’s a feast. It was a promise.] (Luna)

[I too remember that if we reached level 11 today, Yuuya would let us ask for a special order at the bar!] (Til)

[I know that. I plan to uphold that promise.] (Yuuya)

[Yay! Luna loves Yuuya!] (Luna)

[Me too!] (Til)


Luna on my right hand and Til on my left. The two of them hugged my hand as we returned back to the guild. Well I’m also looking forward to eating something good tonight as well. Besides, my food always taste better when eating with these two.

Although, because of how clingy these two girls are, my reputation in the guild has dropped drastically. I’ve even been given names such as lolicon or loli knight. Rumors have also spread that I am only successful as a magic knight because i’ve managed to attract talented girls into my party. I have to take action soon to prevent the situation from worsening. I am definitely not a paedophile.




When we arrived at the guild, we headed straight towards the reception to turn in our quest, earning us a bunch of guild points and cash.Obviously, the receptionist was Phil. Phil is popular among the adventurers and thus often has a queue in front of her. However the guild is similar to a private organization where anything can be done with money. It is possible to have an appointment with a receptionist by paying an additional fee. It is thanks to this appointment system that I can consult Phil directly without waiting in the queue.

By the way, Phil herself paid the appointment fee to the guild. Since majority of the fee is given to the receptionist as a bonus, majority of the fee would return to her. She requested to do so as she wanted to ‘keep track of her sister’s movements as well as to help her out when needed’. After listening to her reason, I had no choice but to concede to her. Out of curiosity, when I inquired another female receptionist about Phil’s popularity, it seems that her abundant knowledge and experience, apparent strength and appearance were the reasons that she was popular. Her reservation slots were also completely filled. It seems that she had some control over the list seeing as she could fit us into her packed schedule.

The surrounding adventurers were making an envious face as Phil smiled while looking directly at me and shook my hand. Somehow it feels like Phil is oblivious to how popular she actually is in the guild. I sat in front of her as I report the status of the party.


[Yuuya, even if it’s you leading the party, isn’t your pace a little bit too quick? Just after a week and everyone is over level 10. I’ve been a receptionist for a while but this is the first time I’ve seen this.] (Phil)


Phil squinted her eyes as she looked at me carefully.


[It’s not anything special isn’t it? It’ll be like this if we completed the quests you recommended to us as well as hunt Rock Golems daily in the dungeon.] (Yuuya)

[It’s the fact that you can even beat the golem that is strange.] (Phil)


Phil is definitely an excellent receptionist. Although I report our party’s levels every night when I deliver the quest document and materials, the next morning she would have prepared and introduce a delicious quest to us for that day. The quests would often be difficult enough for us to clear while providing excellent rewards. They played a huge part in our speed although the Rock Golem did provide a lot of experience.

Since beginners can’t defeat dungeon exclusive monsters, the only ones hunting the Rock Golems were us. It is possible to match our pace if you have Phil’s introductions while hunting other monsters in the dungeon, however there would be competition as everyone else would be hunting those monsters as well. Whereas we could freely hunt the golems without waiting for the monsters to respawn every week. Their individual experience values were high and rare items could also be dropped. Thanks to that, everyone was able to achieve level 11 in just one week.


[Heres the material for the quest and these are the items that I would like to cash out please.] (Yuuya)

[This much!!? Aren’t you earning as much as an intermediate adventurer?] (Phil)

[Well yeah. If it’s after their respawn, in a beginner dungeon with fewer competition, it’s possible] (Yuuya)


With their spawn rate fixed weekly, the monsters and treasures respawn and the geography of the dungeon changes. Although the risk is higher, it is the most efficient day to go into the dungeon. That’s why we entered the dungeon earlier today and hunted from the early mornings. Thanks to that we were more exhausted than expected, but we got a level higher than our goal.


[You are definitely doing something! Even if Til has the firepower of two people, even if Luna’s increased power from Assassinate, it shouldn’t be THIS fast! It still doesn’t add up!] (Phil)


As expected of a professional receptionist. Just by looking at our party composition, she could estimate how much we can achieve with our capabilities.


[You’re a former adventurer aren’t you. Us adventurers have things that we must not reveal carelessly.] (Yuuya)

[You’re right. I won’t ask any more. But about tomorrow’s dungeon and quest..] (Phil)

[It’s alright. The dungeon tomorrow has already been decided.] (Yuuya)

Thinking back, we are finally level 11. Thanks to this, we can’t enter the mountain dungeon anymore. With items from my peak and other special bonuses, there are a bunch of methods available to us that is impossible for others.


[I have a bad feeling about this. Where do you plan to go tomorrow?] (Phil)

[The seafloor dungeon.] (Yuuya)


Phil gasped.

Well that is to be expected. The seafloor dungeon isn’t a dungeon meant for beginners in the first place. That dungeon has a recommended level 25, it isn’t a place for chicks at level 11 to enter. Far from making a mistake, it’s a place where even making half a step incorrectly would be dangerous.


[That’s suicidal!] (Phil)

[Don’t worry about it. If I was alone, that’ll be true. But I’m not alone this time. I have friends entering with me. If there are others, I have a plan.] (Yuuya)


Our hunting so far has been within the realm of common sense, even if it’s pushing the limit. However, now that we’re level 11, we will finally begin hunts that are extraordinary. If I were to stick to conventional hunts, I would die of old age before I even reach level 50. Phil puffed up her cheeks while looking at me, before letting out a sigh.


[I’m guessing that is also a secret.] (Phil)

[Yeah.] (Yuuya)

[Sigh. Fine. I believe that Yuuya wouldn’t put Luna and Til in any danger, but just in case, please keep this with you.] (Phil)


Phil took out three blue jewels from her pocket.


[Those are Return Stones aren’t they? I can’t receive such expensive things.] (Yuuya)

[It’s my feelings as an older sister thinking about her younger sister. Don’t worry about the money, they are items that I obtained back when I was still adventuring.] (Phil)


Return Stones are items that can be used to escape from a dungeon instantly, regardless of the situation. It is impossible to create this stones, as they are items that can only be obtained from chests in the dungeon. For adventurers, this was akin to a lifeline that everyone wanted, causing the price of the stone to rise.


[Then I’ll humbly receive them. I’ll try my best so that we will never need to use them.] (Yuuya)

[Well they are only used when you are in the worst of the worst situation.] (Phil)

[Of course.] (Yuuya)


Phil looks at me and laughs. With this, the conversation ends. Phil hands over the quest reward and drop item fee and I leave the guild.

Now then, I can’t leave two kids starving and waiting for too long. Tonight’s superstar menu will be a gigantic roasted pig foot. Those two will definitely enjoy tonight’s meal.




The next morning, we entered the seafloor dungeon.


[Yuuya. Looks weird.] (Luna)

[You are not wearing your usual leather armour today?] (Til)

[Well.] (Yuuya)


I equipped a different set of equipment from my usual equipment this time around. I wore a robe instead of my usual leather armour, and a cane with a jewel at the top instead of a sword at my waist.


[I just felt like wearing this today.] (Yuuya)


We came here to do some a unique hunt not within the realm of common sense in this world utilizing my Magic Customization. My customized spells doesn’t consist of only Napalm Strike and in this dungeon, there are other magics that can truly shine because of the dungeon. We will kill monsters with levels that far surpass our own to raise our levels as quickly as possible. It is also possible for us to go the standard route and raise it slowly, but this method is far more desirable than that.

Now let’s get hyped up. From here on we are shifting into full gears. To be the fastest to reach level 50 in this world.

Chapter 15: The old man with a new style of battle.

This marks the first exploration since Til joined our party. This time, we entered the a prairie-type dungeon. I want to observe how good Til’s shooting ability actually is. This dungeon would be more appropriate for that since a rocky mountain as well as a jungle would make firing a bow difficult. Thus, it is ideal to choose an open field like a prairie where there are few obstacle.

I’ll like to see it. The ability to hit any target within 200 metres.

In reality, the biggest hurdle for every archer would be to accurately hit a target. The status may increase, and the equipment may become increasingly effective, raising the power of each shot. However, all of these are redundant if the arrow doesn’t land. Unlike the sword and the spear, the bow user requires practice and accuracy for the bow to be effective. It would be impossible for a new archer to accurately hit a target at 200 metres away unless it was a massive monster.

It takes a new bow user at least five years minimum before he can become a first-class archer. There are several first-class bow users that are well-known through the world, however almost all of them specialize in the crossbow. There aren’t many people who would spend years of their life to master a bow when they could simply use a crossbow which was easier to use. Even if the crossbow sacrifices power and range, it was still effective as a range weapon.

Mastering the bow was avoided mainly due to the commitment required to merely utilise effectively. However, once mastered, it is one of the most powerful weapons. Bowmen could easily let loose waves of arrows down upon swordsmen and spearmen with a force close to a sword strike. It is a weapon that can be the strongest if mastered, and the weakest when unprepared.


[Luna, can you search for enemies nearby?] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. I’ll try to.] (Luna)


Luna began to search for enemies using Presence Detection. Presence Detection is a convenient ability to have as it allows us to search in a radius of 150 metres around us, increasing our hunting efficiency as well as preventing surprise attacks.


[Found it. Yuuya. Til. In this direction, there is a rabbit monster hiding in the grass 140 metres away.] (Luna)


In the direction that Luna pointed, the grass that grew to knee level, could be seen moving unnaturally as if there was something inside. It would have easily been dismissed as the wind if we didn’t have Luna’s Presence Detection. After listening to Luna’s directions, Til’s expression changed. The atmosphere around her changed from an energetic young girl to a seasoned hunter as she generated an arrow.


[Til. Can you see it?] (Yuuya)

[Yeah. The eyes of an elf is special. Especially the eyes that belong to an Ether Lance. I can see the rabbit in the grass as clear as day.] (Til)


Looking closely, her jade-coloured eyes were shining with a jade glow.

Thinking back, I’ve heard about the eyes inherited by her family. Among the elves, there are families who have a stronger connection to their ancestor’s blood as compared to a normal elf. This gave them the ability to see long distances, fluoroscopic ability, dynamic vision that far surpasses a human’s ability and even the ability to predict several seconds into the future. This was an ability that every bowmen desperately wanted as it was an ability that raises their combat effectiveness beyond their status.

Til released her hand and arrows flew through the air. It wasn’t just one arrow but three arrows. She released three arrows in a single breath with such refined movement that even an amateur could understand. The arrows weren’t flying directly at the target, but rather drawing a huge arc as it rode the strong winds blowing in the plains. When shooting a target a hundred metres away, even without exposure to strong winds, it would be impossible to predict where the arrows would land. However, the arrows that Til released flew through the plains as if it was one with the wind.




The scream of the monster could be heard in the distance, and the sensation of power welling up from within could be felt. It is the sensation a person feels when they are gaining experience points.


[Uhn. That was amazing. All three shots landed.] (Luna)

[Your aim is as good as Phil’s.] (Yuuya)

[Because we have the same teacher. After she left, I was always the best in the competition! I can hit my target about 200 metres away with about 70% accuracy! If it’s three hundred.. Maa I’ll manage somehow!] (Til)


That is a reliable accuracy. With this range, we can perform a one-sided hunt with arrows form a distance. There is no safer way to hunt monsters than to hunt a monster even further than the range of Presence Detection. In addition, it can be used for luring.


[I understand that your archery skills are top-notch now. Did you allocate all of your skill points properly?] (Yuuya)

[Yeah. I did as you told me to and put three points into Arrow generation.] (Til)

[Good. It will be an important skill for you in the future. As it is now, a quiver of arrows won’t last very long in the dungeon. Using the skill will allow you to produce arrows using your mana. In addition, the quality of the arrows corresponds with your status, meaning that the arrows will become stronger as you level up. Eventually, it will be stronger than any commercially available arrows sold in stores everywhere.] (Yuuya)

[hee. That sounds pretty amazing. I did feel that the arrows I made earlier was pretty bad, so they will become better in the future.] (Til)

[I guarantee it. What about the other two points?] (Yuuya)

[I properly placed them in the other skill.] (Til)

[Good girl.] (Yuuya)

That skill was necessary to unlock the strongest benefit of a Spirit Archer.

Well then, time to continue the hunt.




Afterwards, the hunt progressed smoothly. Til was able to spot enemies from a distance thanks to her superior vision. That vision itself was a powerful weapon for battles. Monsters that were hidden from her vision was revealed by Luna’s Presence Detection. If there were any monsters who were approaching us, we would defeat them with ranged attacks. From this, I could tell that Til’s accuracy wasn’t the only thing noteworthy. Her rate of fire and power were exceptional as well.

Til’s level is raising steadily as well. She is currently level 3, and the skill points were immediately used. At the moment, her skills were sufficient. It’s about time for us to venture deeper into the plains. Generally, the deeper you enter in a dungeon, the stronger the monsters.


[Yuuya, something big is approaching us quickly from the ground! (Luna)


Finally, it’s here.

The enemies that we hunted earlier were far too weak to display Til’s full power, but with this monster, it should be possible.

The area ten metres ahead of us exploded as something came out of the ground. We had no choice but to let it approach this close as we wouldn’t be able to attack it from a distance when it’s in the ground. What came out of the ground was a bipedal bear that far surpassed my height, Mad Bear, the strongest monster in the dungeon.

It was a powerful monster, albeit not as strong as the Rock Golem, beginners were heavy pressed to defeat this foe. It boasts a high attacking power, with explosive power due to it’s strong muscles and sharp nails along with high defensive power thanks to it’s thick fur, preventing any blade from passing.

[I’ll be the front line. Luna. When you see an opening, push in with your Assassinate. It’s weak spot is it’s sides. Til, stay at the back and support us .

[Leave it to me.] (Luna)

[Understood.] (Til)


The three of us moved to our respective positions, forming a party formation. With the three of us battling in a formation, makes it feel like an actual party battle. I can feel the adrenaline starting to kick in throughout my body.


The main focus in this fight will be on Til. I ran behind a wall and began my chant for a spell while focusing on the monster’s movements. In the next instant, the Mad Bear swung it’s claws towards my position. Movements at this level is easy to predict. Using my sword as a shield, I received while simultaneously deflecting it’s attack to the side. Realizing it’s attack was easily deflected, the beast became infuriated and continued throwing attacks after attacks. Monotonous attacks like these based on pure rage won’t even land a scratch on me.


[As usual, Til is good with her bow.] (Yuuya)


Arrows rained over the monster from a distance as Til continued to provide support.

As the front line, focusing on our prey’s movements allows me to avoid attacks while simultaneously throwing out my own. However, to attack a moving target with only an arrow, you will have to predict the prey’s movements a few seconds ahead. The Mad Bear began to scream as both of it’s eyes got pierced by the arrows. From the beginning, Til has been firing arrows from about 30 metres away. She managed to attack the bear’s eyes with pinpoint accuracy at that distance. What unbelievable skill.  She seems to have been much more than I imagined. After getting robbed of it’s vision, the bear began to retreat. While it was beginning to retreat, a shadow rushed into it’s large body at a high-speed. Luna found an opening just as the beast began to retreat and rushed in with her full power. It was a rush which was refined by diligently training everyday. Her dagger entered the side of the beast and the sound of a critical hit resonated throughout the plains.




The characteristic of Asssasinate was it’s extremely high damage multiplier that activates only on a critical hit. The beast’s expression began to distort into one of agony. Seems like the battle will be over soon. This whole time, Til has been providing support by releasing waves after waves of arrows. She had been chanting ever since the battle started. Spirit Archers did not have the same restriction as other classes while chanting, allowing them to simultaneously chant while moving, albeit only a single spell at any given time. This gave the Spirit Archers high offensively capabilities as they were also bow users. Even if a magic caster could move while chanting, they were unable to provide support during their chant. That is why spirit archers were effective as a back line attacker, as they were able to perform long ranged attacks with bows while casting spells.

Til finished chanting and began to cast her spell advanced tier magic Thunder.

As her level was still relatively low, the time taken for her to cast a high-ranking spell with high power and wide range was extremely long. In addition, her current mana pool was only capable of one shot, but that one shot was all that was needed. I backed away from the beast as her chant was completed to prevent any friendly fire.

The next moment, the Mad Bear collapsed and turned into blue particles.


[Man, a spirit archer is tough as expected.] (Yuuya)


The spirit archer’s greatest strength was the ability to simultaneously utilise both physical and magical attacks at range. They could effectively increase the number of hands in the party by shooting arrows from range while they were chanting. This prevented any bow skills from activated but a bow still has a power that is high for a basic attack. Til’s elder sister, Phil had focused her skills on her passive magical skills (abilities that are always invoked) and her bow skills. Spirit archers were inferior to magic casters in the Wind (Lightning) attribute and did not possess the utility that rangers possessed, but their advantages aren’t noticeable to the unaware. Even in our current party, we will be relying on her abilities much more often in the future. It is a style that greatly resembles my own.

As Til fired her bow while chanting, she displayed her ability as an adventurer in the back line, firing arrows while chanting spells, just like a magic knight utilising magic in the front line. This feat is impossible back in the game era as any attack commands recognized by the system would cancel the chant, making this a style that is only feasible because that game has become a reality unbound by any systems.

This is getting exciting. Both me and my party are definitely becoming stronger.

Now that the fight is over, Til and Luna gathered together with me.


[Just as big sis said, Yuuya’s swordsmenship is amazing. You took the blows from the bear like it was nothing! Luna too! Your thrust looked so simple yet it was so powerful!] (Til)

[Uhn! It was the technique that Yuuya taught me. But Til is even more amazing. All your arrows hit your target and yet you could still cast magic. That is so amazing!] (Luna)


Luna and Til were complimenting each other.

Looks like their friendship is just beginning to blossom after watching each other’s abilities. They will be getting along well before they even know it.

Looking towards the sky, the sun has begun to fall. It is about time for us to head back, but after looking at how motivated the two of them are..

Let’s stretch the time limit and hunt as much as we can, this way we can improve our coordination and their friendship .


[The two of you, we will continue to hunt untill the last-minute today! The three of us still have much to learn!] (Yuuya)

[Uhn! Leave it to me! That attack felt good, I want to do it more! Even more assassin!] (Luna)

[I’ll try my best too!] (Til)


We continued to search for our next prey as we ventured deeper into the dungeon. This has been an exciting hunt so far. With this trio, I am sure that we can reach further than I did back in my prime. We can continue to grow together and become stronger. That night, we continued to hunt much longer than we had planned.

Chapter 14: The old man goes to the weapons store.

A third member has joined our party. She is a spirit archer, the class that are only available for elves. Having firsthand knowledge about the strength of that class, it was an incredibly unbalanced class.

[By the way, how good are you with a bow?] (Yuuya)

I was so engrossed in the fact that our new member was a spirit archer that I forgot the most important thing, whether Til was capable of using a bow. In reality, a bow is a difficult weapon to use and master. It usually requires several years of training before a person can accurately hit a target from a distance. However for people who are unable to master a bow, they end up using a crossbow stead. As compared to bows, crossbows sacrifice range and power for higher accuracy and ease of usage. Majority of rangers and other bow users in this world end up using a crossbow.

[Fufufu.. Don’t be foolish. To an elf like me, a bow is merely a toy. I could hit a bullseye from 200 metres away. In the archery tournament back in my village, I won first place easily.] (Til)

[That’s amazing.] (Yuuya)

The original range of Fire Storm was 20 metres. Her range was ten times of that. It is impossible for spells to hit a target over 50 metres away unless the spell was altered by Magic Customization. The effectiveness of an attack is directly proportional to the attack’s distance. Having the ability to attack a target from a distance was a huge advantage.

I seem to recall Phil mentioning that elves had the ability to read the flow of the wind, allowing elves to perform precise long distance shots that is impossible for humans who are unable to accurately detect changes in the atmosphere. Back in the days, Phil’s precision in her shots has helped us on many occasions.

[So where is the bow that you are boasting about?] (Yuuya)

[Of course it’s in my house. Where else could it be. Eh?] (Til)

Til’s face turned pale.

I thought so. Yesterday, Til mentioned that she had came to this town by stowing away on Phil’s chariot that left the village. That meant that she didn’t have the space to carry along her bow, possibly exposing her.

[Before we head to the dungeon, we have to equip ourselves with proper equipment. Let’s head towards an arms shop for now. We can’t enter a dungeon with an archer without a bow can we? I was thinking that it’ll be good for Luna to get a spare dagger as well.] (Yuuya)

[Luna doesn’t need it. Because Luna has this.] (Luna)

Luna rubbed her cheeks against Bazerato. She has always been taking good care of that child, treating it like a treasure and properly maintaining it everyday.

[It is important to carry a spare weapon. Weapons will inevitable be destroyed in the future. Whether that happens during a battle, is a matter of life or death if you do not have another weapon. No matter how much you maintain your weapon, it will still break eventually.] (Yuuya)

[I understand. I’ll carry a spare dagger from now on.] (Luna)

Luna reluctantly agreed.

Bazerato is a tough dagger, however it’s durability will inevitably drop over time. It’s an adventurer’s job to prepare for the unexpected. If even the slightest possibilities are neglected, it could lead to our death.

[Yuuya, I’ll pay for my younger sister’s equipment. It’s doesn’t feel right to have you pay for her equipment.] (Phil)

[No can do. She is already part of my party. When I said that I’ll get a bow for her, I meant what I said. For the money, I will subtract it from her portion of the rewards in the future. Furthermore, it isn’t good for her to rely on her elder sister all the time.] (Yuuya)

[Yuuya hasn’t changed at all. This is definitely something you would do. I understand.] (Phil)

Phil laughed as she talked about the past. Looking at her laugh reminded me of our past together, and I decided to ask her what I was thinking about yesterday.

[Hey Phil. Do you enjoy being a receptionist?] (Yuuya)

I had a motive to asking her this question. If she didn’t enjoy working as a receptionist, or felt that she didn’t belong here, I would invite her to my party on the spot. She would be a valuable asset to the party if she joined. Besides, I wanted to travel with her once again.

[Yes I do. Very much.] (Phil)

Phil let out a smile from the bottom of her heart.

I guess that Phil has finally found where she belonged. It isn’t up to me force her out of something she enjoys. At the very least, I won’t be inviting her to the party for now. If in the future, she ever thought otherwise, I would invite her to my party once more.

[Why are you asking that out of the blue?] (Phil)

[It’s nothing. I just wanted to hear you say it.] (Yuuya)

The conversation ended there. After completing various procedures, the three of us headed towards the downtown area. This is the city of beginnings. There should be plenty of stores that are selling equipments for adventurers.




In the downtown area, there was a group of adventurers who were catching a lot of attention. The group consisted of two beautiful girls, one beastman and an Elf, and an old man.

When choosing a weapon, it is important not to waste time entering each store and looking through each of them to see their goods. Instead, you should start by choosing a shop that looks decent.I can mostly tell if the shop is good depending on how the store looks like from the street. As Rumberg is a town that is extremely popular, there are many people who come to the town.

In this world, if you can raise your level, you will become stronger and you will become much safer, making it advantageous to raise your level. Many nobles and rich aristocrats often send their children to the starting towns to get a class and raise their levels. In order to secure their children’s safety, they often buy the most expensive equipment if it meant that it would protect their children even more. As such, many stores often aim to deceive these people and squeeze out as much money as possible. After being an adventurer for so long, I’m able to distinguish the decent stores from the scam stores.

[That store looks good.] (Yuuya)

The entrance of the store is clean and the air inside smells of anti corrosion oil as well as moisture removal solution. Unlike the other stores which doesn’t have the same smell.

[Let’s go. Not only are we looking for weapons for you two, I too look forward to searching for any decent equipment.] (Yuuya)

[Have to choose the best equipment.] (Luna)

[fufufu. I can hear my future bow calling out to me] (Til)

Feeling motivated, the three of us entered the store.

There was an old man sitting at the counter performing maintenance on a sword, appearing to be the owner of the store. As he noticed us entering the store, he sloppily gave us a glance before focusing on his work.

[This isn’t a store for sightseeing. So hurry up and leave.] (Storekeeper)

Although his voice was soft, his words carried a lot of weight.

[I don’t mean to intrude, but we came here to find weapons that we can entrust our lives to.] (Yuuya)

I looked at the old man as I tried to convince him of our patronage. Our eyes were in a deadlock before his facial expression became softer.

[Hoh.. I thought that you were mere tourists because you brought two children here, but it seems that you are more interesting than I thought. I would be damned if I let my weapons be ill-treated.] (Storekeeper)

[Have faith in these children. They will take good care of your weapons for sure.] (Yuuya)

The storekeeper complied with me and returned to his work.

[Luna,Til, look around and choose the weapon you feel is best.] (Yuuya)
[Okay.] (Luna)

[Well then, time to begin shopping.] (Til)

The two of them went to their respective sections of the store to look for a weapon. Luna went towards a shelf containing a dagger. It seems that she had a target from the start. She immediately took a dagger from the shelf and started to test it’s weight and center of gravity.

She has a good sense when it came to battles and the like. When searching for a spare weapon, the important thing is to have a weapon that is similar to your current weapon rather than it’s performance. If you were to swap between two difference weapons mid fight, you could be thrown off by the difference in your own weapon. This is even more important for Luna as her main mode of attacks were critical hits that required precision.

[Yuuya, Luna likes this dagger.] (Luna)

[That’s a good choice. The dagger is made of a mithril and mercury alloy, making it light and strong. Furthermore, it has a fine craftsmanship. That’s a keeper.] (Yuuya)

Although that dagger looks plain, it is surprisingly well made. If it was me, I would have chosen the same dagger.

Looking at Til, she was currently stroking a bow with her hand while her jade eyes were examining the bow carefully. She gave off a serious atmosphere that felt like she was in her own world, making it difficult for me to approach her. Til was the champion of an archery contest back in her village. Being the best archer of the race that specializes in the bow, it seems that all that talk wasn’t just for show.

After examining all the bows present in the store, Til finally selected a bow. It looks like a plain wooden bow but mana could be sensed being emitted from it. It was probably made from a magical tree that could absorb mana. Such bows could serve both as a bow and a wand to amplify the user’s magic power. It was the best weapon possible for a spirit archer that incorporates both archery and spells in their attacks.

[This bow is good. I can feel that this bow is well crafted. It will be a fitting bow for a top tier archer.] (Til)

[I may not be able to determine the quality of the bow, but I do agree that that bow feels excellent.] (Yuuya)

The truth is that I knew nothing about the quality of a bow. I am capable of determining whether the material used was of high quality, however there are more aspects to a bow than it’s material making it impossible for me to determine the performance of the bow. Unlike me, Til is a master at archery. Even if I couldn’t tell, I am sure she won’t be mistaken in the performance of a bow.

I took the dagger and bow chosen by Luna and placed them on the counter. Their weapons cost quite a hefty sum but I am sure the weapons will last for quite a while. While I was preparing to pay the storekeeper, he started to laugh.

[Hahaha. Although you told me to believe in them, those kids are something else. When I look closely at them, I feel compelled to doubt them, but it seems like they are the real deal. THey have good eyes, they chose the best weapons I have in the store.] (Storekeeper)

The storekeeper took the dagger and the bow and skillfully placed them in their respectively holders before checking the amount of money placed on the counter. After confirming the amount, the storekeeper handed over the weapons to the two girls. When they received the weapons, Luna’s tail started to shake back and forth while Til was rubbing her cheek on the bow.

[If you feel unsatisfied with the weapons, or you want to have them repaired, remember to return here. I’ll see what I can do, and if that isn’t enough, I’ll introduce you to a good blacksmith.] (Storekeeper)

[I’ll be relying on you when the time comes.] (Yuuya)

It is important to maintain a good relationship with a trustworthy shop like this. The quality of the weapons may be excellent, however the weapon’s maintenance must not be neglected. We are extremely fortunate to meet this man and his shop.

As we were leaving the store, I felt something call out to me. I looked towards the basket in the corner of the store. Within the basket were countless second-hand goods including swords and other arms. So long as you were not strapped on cash, it was not the place where an adventurer would be looking for a weapon. It was dangerous to choose a low quality weapon to rely on. Well, it’s not like the quality of the weapon matters to me.

Unknowingly, my hands reached out towards the pile of swords. My eyes were fixated on the sword at the back of the pile. It was a sword with an unusual shape and a black sheath. I pulled the blade out of its sheath. It’s blade had a similar shade of black to its sheath and contained a strange sensation similar to mana, however it didn’t feel like mana. It felt a sword designed for hacking and slashing rather than clean slashes that were taught in swordsmanship

It felt like it was meant to be.

[How much is this sword?] (Yuuya)

[Fuahahahahahaha. I never thought that you would notice that sword. I thought that the children were amazing, but the main course was even more amazing. Don’t worry about the money. Just take it.] (Storekeeper)

[You sure about this?] (Yuuya)

[Of course I am.That sword was a masterpiece entrusted to me by my father. It goes without saying that I will only allow people who were chosen by the sword to leave with it. It’s been almost fifty years since this sword has last chosen an owner. I never thought that I would get to see it’s new owner in my lifetime.] (Storekeeper)

The storekeeper looked like he just seen something interesting. I said a word of thanks to him and gracefully received the sword. Unlike the dagger and bow, the shopkeeper wasn’t that concerned about the sword. He must have felt like the sword was in capable hands and that there wasn’t a need to be too concerned about it.

It was a nice development. I didn’t expect to come across a hidden gem when purchasing new weapons for Luna and Til. I took the sword and hung it at my waist where my trusted sword would be. Although the sword felt comfortable, I wished it was slightly heavier.

[Thank you, be sure to come again.] (Storekeeper)

[I am looking forward to coming back.] (Yuuya)

After we finished our business, we left the store. This was a fruitful shopping trip. Looks like it’ll be a good idea to stay in this town a little longer.

[Luna,Til. This was a fruitful shopping trip. However it is getting late, we could postpone entering the dungeon to tomorrow morning instead. What do you two think? ] (Yuuya)

I asked the girls a question I knew the answer to.

[Of course, we leave right away!] (Luna)

[I can’t wait to show off my skill in the dungeon!] (Til)

[Alright. Let’s go then.] (Yuuya)

There aren’t any adventurers who don’t look forward to testing out their new equipment.

I took the two motivated girls and returned back to the guild. It’s the first time we are entering a dungeon with three people. Let’s witness how powerful Til’s archery is and her power as a Spirit Archer.

<End of Chapter>

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Chapter 13: The old man envisions a Spirit Archer

I asked Luna to send Til back to our room at the inn while I sent Phil back to her place.


[You drank too much. Remember to pace yourself next time when you are drinking.] (Yuuya)


Phil was dead drunk. Even though she should be aware of her own limits, she still ended up getting drunk. Well I’m not completely free of blame this time. It was a reunion after such a long time and I ended up being careless. I nearly got myself drunk as well, but I managed to sober up and drank plenty of water.


[I’m sorry.] (Phil)

[Is this the right place?] (Yuuya)

[Yeah, this is my home.] (Phil)


I could feel the warmth of Phil’s body on my back. It’s a nostalgic feeling. I used to carry her like this so often back then. Although Phil is a first class adventurer right now, back when we just started adventuring together, it was so different. I was tired of carrying her back then. She would often fall down in the middle of the streets, or get injured unnecessarily.


[In the past I often carried you around like this. It was tough work considering how many times I had to do that.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. How nostalgic. Yuuya’s back is as comfortable as always. It feels like I’m safe so long as I’m here] (Phil)


Phil started to place more weight onto my back, transmitting more of her temperature and even her smell onto my body. She’s been trying hard, and I kinda get the message. Although Phil’s outer appearance hasn’t changed that much because of the elves’ racial characteristics, the Phil I knew and the Phil I know now are different. She has grown up to be a wonderful woman.




I carried Phil towards her room. It was clean and neatly organized. She was always the one in charge of housework, even back when we were living together. She was a great cook too. Back then I often told her she would make a good bride, earning me weird looks from her.

I placed her down onto her bed and loosened her clothes by removing the buttons on her shirt. Now that she is home safely, it’s time for me to get back to the inn. There are various things that I have to teach Till before her special course. The only time we have left is tonight and tomorrow morning, which isn’t a lot of time since we will be entering the dungeon immediately after her class selection. Although that is if I get to leave the room.


[Phil, could you please let go of my hand?] (Yuuya)


Phil forcefully turned my head and gently gazed into my eyes. Thanks to the level reset, I do not have the power to resist her force. It’s impossible for me to escape unless she lets me go.


[Why, why do you leave me back then. You left without a word, just leaving a letter for us to read Do you know how sad. How lonely I was when you left?] (Phil)

[If I remained, we would had definitely failed to complete the Tower of Trials. There was no way we weren’t going to attempt it with how enthusiastic Leonard and Lyle was about the tower. I couldn’t bear to drag you and Leonard behind, who could become stronger. Because if it was someone who was stronger than me in the party, you guys could definitely clear the trials.] (Yuuya)


The Tower of Trials has a survival rate of 2%. It is impossible to survive the tower with someone like me back then. Especially when the tower was designed to only be cleared by a party of four people who had reset their level. Clearing the tower yields multiple rare items and increases the level cap to 70, so that degree of difficulty is natural. In fact, Leonard was the ridiculous one who managed to clear the tower without the bonuses from a level reset.


[You know that is not what I meant. Why didn’t you ask me back then? Why didn’t you take me with you? We were always together weren’t we? If you didn’t want to attempt the trials, I would had followed behind you. I couldn’t care less about aiming for the top. That wasn’t the reason why I was in that party.] (Phil)


Phil’s eyes starting to become moist. She had never shown those eyes when we were together back then. She is properly growing up, both in heart and body.


[I have always longed for the Yuuya who rescued the village, who introduced the idea of being an adventurer to explore the outside world. The same man who saved me when I was about to be taken advantage of by other adventurers. The same person who I’ve spend forever with. As time went by, my feelings just grew stronger and stronger. I thought that we would be together forever. Thanks to Yuuya, I felt like the happiest person in the world. But even then. Even so. Why did you abandon me? ] (Phil)


It felt like my chest was stabbed by her words. At that moment, I wanted to tell Phil everything.


[I didn’t think about what I wanted to do after leaving the party. All I wanted was Phil to be happy with Leonard. If I were to consult the party about me leaving, Phil would surely leave with me, to me that wouldn’t make you happy.] (Yuuya)


I thought that it would be best for Phil to be together with Leonard who had loved her deeply. Together the two of them would be able to soar to greater heights. So I decided to leave only the letter behind and disappear on my own.


[Don’t go off deciding people’s future on your own. We were always together, so why didn’t you notice? It was not Leonard. It was never him.] (Phil)


Her voice carried a strange tone while her jade eyes caught my eye without relinquishing control. Her entire body seemed to carry an alluring tone. I swallowed my saliva in nervousness


[I’m sorry.] (Yuuya)

[Are you still going to pretend not to notice? I’m not a child anymore.] (Phil)


I didn’t notice anything back then because I have always treated Phil as a daughter. Now that we haven’t met in a long time, I couldn’t help but notice how mature she has become.


[Phil, do you know what you are saying?] (Yuuya)

[I do. That’s why.] (Phil)


You told me so far, I understand what you are trying to say. However..


[Ouch~] (Phil)


I did a hard flick onto Phil’s forehead with my finger.


[I’m not desperate enough to lay a hand on a drunken woman, nor am I hungry for a woman.] (Yuuya)

[Meanie..] (Phil)

[Sorry.] (Yuuya)

[But I’m relieved. I thought that you had come to dislike me that’s why you left me behind. I was anxious thinking that I had done something bad. That’s why, could you sleep together with me tonight? Just sleeping. It’s lonely to sleep by myself.] (Phil)

[Alright. I will.] (Yuuya)

[You have always treated me as a daughter, and I was fine with that. Because Yuuya was always taking care of me. You were always my first love.] (Phil)


Phil closed her eyes, leaving herself defenseless with a man like me. I smiled nervously. I didn’t expect to be shaken up this much with her confession.

I had a hard time falling asleep.

Phil wasn’t the cute little girl I knew back then. She has grown up into a fine woman. An idea suddenly popped back into my mind.

I could tell everything to Phil. Have her reset her level and fixing her status gain to the maximum, and go on adventures together again. It was extremely tempting. I spent most of the night watching Phil’s sleeping face and before I knew it, I fell asleep.




I returned to the inn at dawn.

Luna was scolding me for being late while Til was teasing me the entire time. However, once they knew that I spent the night at Phil’s place, they calmed down. After that, we ordered room service and the owner of the inn delivered our breakfast to our room. While we were eating breakfast, we were explaining the basics of adventurers to Til. This went on until noon.


[Let’s start heading towards the guild. If Til misses her class, we won’t be able to go into the dungeon afterwards.] (Yuuya)

[Finally I can choose a class! I can become an adventurer now!] (Til)


Til seems excited for her class selection. Now it’s just up to Phil to hold the class for Til. While we were talking about such things, the three of us prepared for our departure.




When we arrived at the guild, we went straight towards the receptionist desk to look for Phil.

Since special classes aside from the weekly lectures aren’t considered official lessons, we have to look for Phil in order to attend the class. Strangely enough, Phil wasn’t at the receptionist desk.


[Where are you looking?] (Phil)


I heard Phil’s voice from behind me, and there stood a Phil in her personal clothes. She looks much better in her private clothes as compared to the guild uniform.


[Now that I think about it, today was your day off.] (Yuuya)

[Initially I was supposed to deliver Til back to the village today, but the situation has changed. I’ve talked to my superiors about the circumstances and the procedure has been approved.] (Phil)


Despite just drinking yesterday night, Phil still managed to get the class approved. Her makeup looks much better than usual today.


[Thank you big sister!! I will make you proud as an adventurer!] (Til)

[I’ll be supporting you as a sister and a receptionist, so try your best alright. I’m sure you’ll do fine since Yuuya is around.] (Phil)

[Leave it to me, I will make sure to keep your sister safe.] (Yuuya)


Although I’m protecting Til as a responsibility towards Phil, I’m also doing it for my own benefit. As a reward, Til will be supplying me Drops of the World Tree. A liquid that stops the body from aging. With just a drop, a human body can stop aging for a day. Today was the first day I was given the drop, and I took it before we departed. Apparently the drop can only be obtained by elves, I wonder where did the drop come from..?


[Follow me, I’ll lead you to the classroom.] (Phil)

Following Phil’s lead, we went into the room at the back of the guild towards the same room where me and Luna got our classes.




As expected, the place Phil lead us to was the same classroom.

After the special class ended, Til is standing in front of the statue. She appears totally stiff as she stood still. It seems that she was more excited rather than nervous. Her enthusiasm was overflowing so much that I could feel myself getting excited as well.


[Til remember to let me know what are the classes that appear in your mind.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. I know.] (Til)


Right now, it was in the middle of the afternoon. We spent the entire time explaining the different classes to Til. There wasn’t any specific class that I wanted Til to take, however if the exclusive class that Phil had been present for Til, I will ask her to take that class. If she doesn’t have the class, I’ll ask her to be a Magic Caster. Our party lacks a dedicated attacker. A party needs to have someone capable of dealing with large number of monsters. If a group of monsters were to appear in front of me and Luna, it would be a difficult battle as we had no range attackers who could attack from the back. There were also monsters who could render physical attacks ineffective, and my mana pool isn’t large enough to sustain multiple spell casts for each battle. Hence, a Magic Caster would be ideal for our party.


If the party member was a human, the Magic Caster would be ideal. However, Til was an Elf. For elves, the exclusive class that was present is a class that has priority over the Wizard class. It was a powerful class that was limited to NPCs back in the game era, players even thought that the class was unbalanced even in the hands of an NPC.

Til started to pray in front of the statue.


[The classes that appeared were Warrior, Fighter, Magic Knight, Thief, Magic Caster, Monk, Ranger and the Spirit Archer.] (Til)


There it is. The exclusive class that can only be taken by an elf.


[Take the Spirit Archer.] (Yuuya)

[Hurray! Will this class let me becoming an amazing adventurer?] (Til)

[That’s a special class that can’t be taken by ordinary adventurers. It will make you a top-tier adventurer if you can master it. I guarantee it.] (Yuuya)

[Then, let’s take it!] (Til)


Til’s body was covered in a familiar glow. The light enveloping her body caused her body to become slightly transparent. Her body started to change back to normal after the glow dissipated. Til is now officially a Spirit Archer.

[I am the Spirit Archer Til now!. Please take care of me from now on!] (Til)

[I’ll do my best to meet your expectations.] (Yuuya)


Spirit Archer is a powerful class as it’s a combination of the Ranger class and the Magic Caster class. Rangers are capable of attacking from long distance using a bow while utilizing exploration skills. Magic Casters were capable of casting magic spells of all three attributes: Fire, Water (Ice), Wind (Lightning). Spirit Archers were capable of utilising bows for long-ranged attacks while having the ability to cast magic of the Wind (Lightning) attribute, giving them two different forms of attacks.

Although the Spirit Archer appears to be similar to the Magic Knight, magic knights did not have the same status correction that spirit archers have. Spirit archers have improved mana pools, attack power, speed and magic power with a decent increase in physical capabilities. This meant that they have similar benefits in status corrections to rangers and magic casters without the downsides. The class’s greatest strength wasn’t the ability to utilize two types of attacks, but the ability to use two types of attacks simultaneously, showcasing it’s ability as an exclusive class.

It’s ability is much more amazing than it appears to be. When I was watching Phil’s battles back then as a spirit archer, there were many instances where I wished I could be a spirit archer. Similar to Phil’s case, it would be better to have Til experience the strength of her class rather than explaining it in words. I’m sure Til will be as surprised as Phil was back then.

I can’t wait to watch Til showcase her power.

<End of Chapter>

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