About Me

Welcome to Second-translation!

I started this translation project as a hobby, aiming to provide translated japanese web novels.

I have been a fan of anime for about 10 years ever since I was in kindergarden, following popular animes such as Bleach, Naruto and One piece as well as various other series throughout the past decade [Actual anime count is more than I would like to admit :)].

About halfway through, I started picking up manga and finally last year, I started reading the source materials such as web novels and light novels.

This year, I had finished reading all the popular web novels such as Konjiki no Moji Tsukai and Mushoku Tensei etc.  As a result, I experienced the ’empty’ feeling that pretty much everyone experiences after reading a good book or binge watching a series.

This led to me reading the raws on ncode where I actually got the idea of translating novels instead of merely reading them. Thus Secondtranslation was made.

In the first place, I was already interested in learning Japanese and had bought several books about basic Japanese. So why not make use of that knowledge for translations?

I have actually practiced my translation skills on multiple popular series such as Konjiki no Wordmaster and Mushoku Tensei by comparing my chapters to the chapters already released by other translators. Now I am translating novels that I feel are interesting while pushing me to improve my understanding of the japanese language.

Thus I hope you guys enjoy the translations I put out and i hope you will support and guide me in the future. Feedback is always welcome!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for your hard work translating this. You’ve done a good job!
    I hope you keep going.
    I just read the whole story up to V3 ch14, and I enjoyed it.
    I hope it continues.


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