Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (2/2)

It has been four hours since I started exploring the dungeon. I could feel my fatigue accumulating as I ventured deeper into the cave. My body started to feel sluggish and my mind started to shut down as I look at the unchanging scenery around me. Whenever a person’s field of vision was limited, battlingContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (2/2)”

Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (1/2)

In a forest far from the village, a man could be seen riding a horse-like creature at a speed impossible for horses. The creature’s species was known as Raptors. Raptors were faster and stronger than average horses as well as more useful in combat than trained horses. They were useful creatures that can be foundContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (1/2)”

Chapter 1 – The old man remembered

As the night ended, the sun could be seen in the horizon, rising into the sky. It was sunrise, and it was time for my daily training. Grasping my trusty, overused sword, I left my home. My sword wasn’t a flashy sword by any means. It was merely an easy to use, thick and heavy longContinue reading “Chapter 1 – The old man remembered”

Volume 1 Prologue Part 2

The Old man’s passion was reignited. Part 2 After performing my daily maintenance for my sword and armor, I began heading out towards the bar. Whenever the thought of preparing my own dinner, I would feel depressed at the thought of preparing dinner for one. Hence, I preferred to eat out every night. I enteredContinue reading “Volume 1 Prologue Part 2”