Prologue: The old is entrusted with a divine sword

Sorry for the long wait! I am officially back from my holidays and the releases will resume. Next chapter should be out on wednesday. < Start of chapter > When I realized that Lutra was going to continue travelling with us as Selene, I couldn’t help but feel extremely happy about it. Not just meContinue reading “Prologue: The old is entrusted with a divine sword”

Epilogue: The old man goes drinking.

It was finally the final match of the tournament. My opponent was Leonhart, the personal knight of Prince Aleck. He had always accompanied Prince Aleck even during his journeys into the dungeon resulting in his high level along with the prince, however he wasn’t just high-leveled. He had also joined the prince and his trainingContinue reading “Epilogue: The old man goes drinking.”

Chapter 21: The old man enters the old man battlefield.

Note: this chapter may be a little iffy since I had trouble understanding the chapter. Do let me know if there are areas that are confusing or require editing. <Start of Chapter> With Lutra’s victory, the inheritance ceremony has come to an end. The right to the throne was given to Lutra and although sheContinue reading “Chapter 21: The old man enters the old man battlefield.”

Chapter 20: The old man becomes a knight.

Thanks to the effect of the Eternal Ring, I teleported towards the surface as I landed not in the ring, but in the middle of the audience. The ideal situation would be if Lutra managed to defeat Princess Aure, however I fully intend to interfere with the battle even at the cost of her victoryContinue reading “Chapter 20: The old man becomes a knight.”

Chapter 19: The old man creates the key for victory

The chapters were shorter than usual so I was able to finish this chapter fairly quickly. Enjoy the double chapter~. <Start of Chapter> We finally found where the monsters were hidden based on my theory behind Princess Aure’s “Summoning Magic”. If my guess behind the “summoned monsters” was correct, then defeating this monster here wouldContinue reading “Chapter 19: The old man creates the key for victory”