Chapter 13: The old man goes out with the prince 

At daybreak, we finally arrived at Selene’s hometown, the Laluzulu Kingdom. Right before entering the city, Selene had revealed her identity, causing a huge commotion to occur. We proceeded to leave the raptor carriage with the guardsmen and waited in the guest room.  Since the guards were convinced by Selene’s true identity, Princess Lutra, thisContinue reading “Chapter 13: The old man goes out with the prince ”

Chapter 12: The Old Man heads towards the capital.

As expected of the Paradise Meat, ingredients as delicious as this was hard to come by. If there were to be another meat that surpassed this, it would either be another unique meat, or meat of any category that exceeded the Excellent quality, the Special quality. Special quality meats could only be dropped from monstersContinue reading “Chapter 12: The Old Man heads towards the capital.”

Chapter 10 : The old man climbs a cliff.

We entered the hot and humid jungle in Grannel where squalls and heavy downpour occurred excessively. Just as expected, a squall occurred just as we entered the dungeon. Thanks to the horrible weather, our visibility was effectively zero making it impossible to advance deeper into the jungle. Instead we looked for the largest nearby tree,Continue reading “Chapter 10 : The old man climbs a cliff.”

Chapter 9: The old  man goes into the jungle

Having bought our dolls, we returned to our inn. As expected of the inn recommended by the guild, their service was solid.  Since this inn was going to serve as our main base of operations, it’s a great location for us to raise our levels before the succession ceremony and with the quality of theContinue reading “Chapter 9: The old  man goes into the jungle”