Chapter 17: The old man begins to move.

TL: Long note at the end. The Inheritance Ceremony has finally begun as we headed to the specially prepared seats at the coliseum. Even though the colosseum was large, the event appears to be extremely popular as the general seats were completely filled with people who were looking towards the arena expectedly.   [Yuuya, will LutraContinue reading “Chapter 17: The old man begins to move.”

Chapter 16: The old man is sure.

Two monsters which didn’t belong here, appeared in the Gate of Trials. The Great Kong which was a higher-rank species of gorilla-type monsters that possessed unusually developed muscles and thicker hair and the Goblin Knight, another higher-ranked species of goblins which possessed higher intelligence and the ability to wield a sword. They were both monstersContinue reading “Chapter 16: The old man is sure.”

Chapter 15: The old man challenges the Gate of Trials

I was a lil exhausted when editing this chapter. There were also several parts of the chapter I couldn’t understand clearly so do let me know if there were any awkward sections in this chapter. Hope you enjoy this chapter! <Start of Chapter> We began heading towards the Gate of Trials. Due to the lackContinue reading “Chapter 15: The old man challenges the Gate of Trials”

Chapter 14: The old man meets the princess.

We were invited to dinner in the Laluzulu Castle and I was currently in my guest room. The guest room was large enough to allow any visitor or employee to invite their family in and spend their time comfortably.   [Se… Lutra, is it alright for you to be here? Shouldn’t you be in your ownContinue reading “Chapter 14: The old man meets the princess.”

Chapter 13: The old man goes out with the prince 

At daybreak, we finally arrived at Selene’s hometown, the Laluzulu Kingdom. Right before entering the city, Selene had revealed her identity, causing a huge commotion to occur. We proceeded to leave the raptor carriage with the guardsmen and waited in the guest room.  Since the guards were convinced by Selene’s true identity, Princess Lutra, thisContinue reading “Chapter 13: The old man goes out with the prince ”