Chapter 7: The old man travels towards Grannel.

On the road leading away from Flaregard, a raptor carriage could be seen travelling as it left several merchant carriages in the dust, overtaking them with speeds several times higher than normal horses. Not only were Raptors much stronger than horses, they had an extremely light appetite as well which made them much more efficient […]

Chapter 5: The old man finds a piece of the strongest weapon

I opened the door to the Temple of the Primal Flame located at the bottom of the dungeon. Unlike the display at the entrance of the dungeon, there weren’t any monsters waiting to ambush its door but rather, a mysterious organ began to play as a candlestick in the center of the temple decorated with […]

Chapter 4: The old man challenges the last trial.

The next morning, after clearing our campsite we continued to move deeper into the dungeon, clearing the fourth floor within the hour. Currently, we were on the fifth floor which appeared to be a catacomb as we came across several graveyards in a tunnel illuminated by the torches on the wall. [Yuuya, this place smells. […]