Chapter 5: The old man runs on the snow

Sorry for the long absence, I tried to finish the chapter but I barely got through most of this chapter after posting the previous chapter and was caught up with IRL stuff and the translations had to slow down and it might be slowed down even further as I have my priorities elsewhere. I hope you guys understand and I wish everyone a merry Christmas.

<Start of Chapter>

We finally arrived at the village of Snow and Ice, Kritarus.

Although it was possible to get some form of winter clothes in Grannel, since it was a warm city all year long, it wasn’t possible to get any decent winter clothing in the city. 

Adventurers were capable of gaining heat and cold resistances as we leveled up but the cold weather was still chilly.

  [Raptor, it’s amazing how you’re always energetic even in this weather.] (Yuuya)

I stroke my partner’s head as he was not only fast, but also resistant to the weather as well. Normally, reptiles were beings that were sensitive to temperature changes and did not appear in dungeons where the temperature was extremely low, but raptors were the exception.

Even during the game, adventurers often used Raptors as mounts when travelling around the game. Thinking back, if the mounts were unusable in cold weather then it might become frustrating for the players. That might even explain why Raptors were the exceptions since they were designed that way.

It’s interesting that such a meta-defining concept was implemented thanks to the game.

Til’s teeth began to chatter as she was shivering from the cold weather until she couldn’t withstand the weather and tightly hugged Luna from behind. 

Luna quickly lowered her fox tail due to the sudden surprise.

  [Luna, you’re sooooo warm~~~.] (Til)

  [So cold, let go of me Til.] (Luna)

Luna was flailing around trying to get Til to let go but Til was relentless as she stretched out her hands towards her tail trying to grab it. It felt like their friendship might be at risk at this rate.

Let’s be sure to get some winter clothing for Til as soon as possible.




After leaving Raptor at the town’s stable, we went towards the shopping district where we got everyone a set of winter clothing that consisted of a thick fur jacket, boots that went halfway up our shins and a hat that covered our ears. Considering the effectiveness of our current equipment, it was too difficult for us to remove them in favour of a comfortable set of clothing so we wore the clothing over the equipment instead.

Our jacket was made using the fur of a reindeer-type monster, the Snow Caribou.

It was extremely soft, had an extremely high heat retention and was waterproof as well, making it extremely suitable for winter clothing. It was Kritarus special product that was often exported. It’s quality was as high as it’s price. Even though equipment and clothes made from monster materials were often more expensive than normal materials, this time itss price was still a notch higher than that. Even if we were to compromise and got ourselves a normal fur coat, then we would realise our mistakes very quickly, especially in the dungeon.

  [Fuu, this coat is amazing. It’s so warm.] (Til)
  [I agree. However, it’s extremely thick and heavy, making it hard to move my arms. It might affect our accuracy when using our bows. I’m also worried that the hat might be dulling my sense of hearing since it’s covering my ears… Although it might be better than completely losing any feeling of my ears to frostbite and being able to shoot the bow.] (Phil)

  [Uhn. I’m worried about that too. I might be able to get used to it once I fire a hundred arrows though. Since I’m feeling sluggish now, I might do that right after dinner.] (Til)

Til loved playing pranks and tricks onto us but when it came to work, she was extremely critical and constructive, especially with regard to bows and dungeon explorations.

  [Us front-liners have to practice fighting the snow as well.] (Yuuya)
  [Uhn. Luna will do her best!] (Luna)

  [It certainly feels that way. I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to move well in this environment.] (Selene)

I’ll have to remember to check everyone’s condition before we enter the dungeon.

  [Now that we’re done with the clothes, let’s start worrying about our food.] (Til)

  [Before that, we have to head to the guild first. We have to confirm the transferring of details for Grannel and change our base of operations to Kritarus before tomorrow otherwise our exploration tomorrow will be shortened.] (Yuuya)
  [Ughh, the cheese hotpot looks so far away~~] (Til)

The sulky Til reluctantly threw a piece of candy into her mouth as she settled down quickly.

I want to eat the cheese hot pot as soon as possible too so let’s hurry up.




We finally completed the tedious procedures in the guild however it was a little unsettling that there were only several adventurers in the guild.

After visiting our inn and leaving our luggage in our room, we entered a reputable store in the city which served a delicious mellow cheese hot pot.

  [Cheese, cheese!] (Til)

  [Sticky sticky!] (Luna)


The boisterous duo and Erik were restless due to hunger while chanting “Cheese pot cheese pot” as the waitress arrived before quickly bowing and headed back to the kitchen.

  [I’m extremely sorry but we’ve run out of Torotoro cheese for tonight. We can’t serve the cheese hot pot for tonight.] (Waitress)

  [What about tomorrow? Will it be available tomorrow?] (Yuuya)
  [Currently there isn’t an estimated time as to when we can serve it. We won’t be able to give you an exact time.] (Waitress)

Luna and Til looked like the world was about to end.

  [Isn’t it possible for you to get the item? Since the monster respawn every week, shouldn it be possible for you to get the item from any adventurer who happen to come across the item? Are there any special circumstances ?] (Yuuya)

  [A month ago, the Grand Ice General spawned in the dungeon and adventurers have stopped entering the dungeon. That is why we haven’t been able to get any monster drops for the past month.] (Waitress)

I didn’t expect a general-tier monster to appear in the city. Coupled with the small number of adventurers and the unusually high cost of the Snow Caribou fur jacket, I was convinced.

  [I understand. In that case, could you serve us your recommendations? Also, please order us an appropriate amount since these children could eat an extremely large amount. We’ll need about enough food for seven people.] (Yuuya)

  [I understand. I’ll immediately prepare your order for seven portions.] (Waitress)

The waitress bowed and left.

  [Ughh, Yuuya-niisan, my stomach is completely in the cheese pot mood you know…. I won’t be satisfied like this.] (Til)

  [..Luna is disappointed too. Even though Luna has been looking forward to it..] (Luna)

  [I feel the same way, but if there really was a general-class monster that spawned, then it can’t be helped.] (Yuuya)

  [it’s true. If a normal adventurer tried to enter the dungeon, it would practically be suicide.] (Phil)

  [Yuuya-ojisama, Phil-san.The two of you seem to understand the situation. Just what is the Grand Ice General?] (Selene)

  [General-class monsters were in other words, considered a boss monster. It’s a boss that specialises in speed and wanders the dungeon while mounted on its horse. With its ridiculously high speed while mounted, you would immediately be eliminated if you happened to encounter it. In otherwords, you would be hunting in a situation where you would never know if the monster would appear out of nowhere. Furthermore, it has a troublesome characteristic where it would never disappear even if a week has passed. In fact, it would only disappear after two months.] (Yuuya)

Normal bosses would never leave its room.

However, the general-class monsters were different. It was already extremely difficult to fight a boss monster without having the opportunity to recover your stamina and strength as well as making other preparations for the battle in front of the room. The fact that the generals were all level 45 made it even more difficult.

In addition, dungeon bosses were a certainty in entirely from its spawn location, characteristic and behaviour. However the general-class monsters would only spawn with a small percentage chance in advanced dungeons above level 40. Which meant that for two months, the dungeon would effectively be considered a wild dungeon. In another sense, it was a natural disaster.

  [Uhn. In that case, we can go and defeat it! We’ll go into the dungeon and hunt it and we will return immediately for the cheese hot pot afterwards! We’ll be able to find the Torotoro cheese and eat the cheese hot pot!] (Luna)
  [That does sound like a good plan. Fufufu, I’ll even kill a dragon for the hot pot!] (Til)

Their hatred towards their obstacles was horrifying as they were full of motivation.

  [That’s impossible. The general-class monsters can’t be defeated by a single party. It’s stamina and physical strength is too much and even it’s natural recovery rate is too high for a single party to deal enough damage. With our current power, we won’t be able to keep up with its recovery if we tried to reserve our resources. And even if we fought at full power and managed to inflict any significant damage past its recovery, that was only the first step to defeating it. We need at least two other parties.] (Yuuya)
  [Yuuya, is it impossible even if Luna assassinates?] (Luna)

  [It is impossible even if you do. It also has absolute firepower.] (Yuuya)

That was another terrifying aspect of the general-class.

  [We’re in a horrible situation. The other adventurers seem to have taken a holiday until the Grand Ice General dissappears next month, making it suicide for us to enter the dungeon until then.] (Phil)
  [If we head to the guild there will most likely be an Ice Grand General subjugation quest for us. This town relies on selling winter clothing using Snow Caribou fur and the Torotoro Cheese for its signature dishes. Although there were still several other specialities in Kritarus, it is highly unlikely that the town is in a good economic state after two months.] (Yuuya)

Either they have already failed to subjugate the Ice Grand General, or they simply weren’t able to muster the forces to subjugate it. Regardless, it might be possible to defeat the monster if we participated in a subjugation quest.

  [In that case, our answer is simple. We eat for the day, train at night in the snow and head over to the guild tomorrow!] (Til)
  [We have no other choice. If we don’t take that chance then we might never be able to change the situation. We won’t be able to enter the dungeon for another month.] (Phil)

It stings a little that I won’t be able to quickly get the blacksmithing skill and the blacksmithing tools but it wouldn’t be ideal for us to wait an entire month here, similarly it would be impossible for us to explore the dungeon and risk annihilation if we came across the Ice Grand General.

  [Looks like our food is here.] (Yuuya)
  [Uhn. It looks delicious. Other than cheese pot, there are many other things!] (Luna)
  [I’ll endure with just this for now. Let’s hurry up and beat the Ice Grand General and enjoy the cheese pot to celebrate!] (Til)

In colder areas, sweet foods and rich dishes were the go-to dishes. The food that we’re being served was a prime example as we were served a large lump of reindeer meat covered in a thick sauce. It was a shame that we couldn’t eat the cheese pot, but this looked good as well.




After a good night’s rest, we began to make our way towards the guild building.

The moment we entered through the building’s front door, the receptionist lady immediately dashed over to us.

  [We’ve been waiting for your arrival! The party that managed to defeat a dragon, Twilight House! Everyone, the guild has been waiting for a strong party such as you to arrive!] (Receptionist)

Without even a chance to breathe, we were immediately directed to the guild’s meeting room as the staff seemed extremely desperate. SItting in the meeting room was an executive from the guild as well as the guild leader himself as he greeted us personally.

  [Welcome to Kritarus. After receiving notice of your arrival, we’ve received and reviewed your party’s amazing achievements ever since your formation. And there are even two celebrities, Phil who was one of the key members of Leonard’s party as well as Yuuya who overwhelmed his competition in the Laluzulu Kingdom, earning himself the title of the strongest knight with ease! The fact that you’ve arrived in Kritarus at this timing must have been fate.] (Guild Leader)

  [You don’t have to force yourself to raise your spirit for us… Looking at your behaviour I guess you desperately want us to defeat the Ice Grand General. If there is a hefty reward for it, then I will most definitely participate. However, there must be at least two other high-level parties for us to defeat it.] (Yuuya)

The guild must be hard pressed to defeat the Ice Grand General as fast as possible due to the pressure from the city. After all, it was a critical economic issue for the city if the monster continued to exist.

  [Yuuya-dono, your worries are not unwarranted, but they are unnecessary since we already have two veteran parties reserved for the mission.] (Guild Leader)

  [In that case why would you go so far just to recruit us as the third party?] (Yuuya)

  [That was indeed one of the reasons. However we still decided to greet you personally since we knew Yuuya-dono and Phil-sama extremely well.] Guild Leader)

He knew us extremely well?

What did that mean?

Our conversation was interrupted as the door to the meeting room was opened abruptly.

What appeared was..

  [Lyle!? It’s been such a long time.] (Yuuya)

  [Ouhh, Yuuya. You look much older than before… But somehow you seem much more refreshed than you look. What did you do? I’m extremely curious.] (Lyle)

Lyle was a huge dragonoid who used to be the Thief that was in our party together with Leonard and Phil and as far as I know, the world’s number one adventurer in that position. 

He was the number one person when it came to surviving encounters, a Survival Specialist.

Without him, our party would had been annihilated countless times.

  [Many things happened. If you’re here, does that mean the Leonard is here as well?] (Yuuya)

  [No, that isn’t the case. Our party was disbanded a long time ago. Right now, I’m the leader of my own party, Dragon Knight. We’ve built a pretty good reputation if I do say so myself.] (Lyle)

Just as he said that, he pointed behind him where three large dragonoids appeared. It was a party that consisted of dragonoids that were decently powerful as I couldn’t see their levels. They must have been at least level forty-two. As far as their equipment and composition was concerned, they were a well-balanced party with one vanguard, one wizard, one healer and one thief.

Behind them, was the second party participating in the subjugation.

  [Nice to meet you. I am Kurushatta, the leader of the Wild Tigers. Yuuya-dono, I’ve wanted to meet you at least once in my life.] (Kurushatta)
  [Nice to meet you, I’m Yuuya. The leader of the Twilight Home.] (Yuuya)

Wild Tiger was a pretty famous party as I’ve heard about them as well.

  [The fact that both Dragon Knights and Wild Tigers arrived at the same time must not be a coincidence. The two of you must have been nominated for the quest.] (Yuuya)

Even though the monster requires a minimum of three parties, there was no reason for them to call over two famous parties when a third party was required. I couldn’t understand the rationale behind that as they must have known that they had to wait for a third party to appear.

  [It was a blunder on our part as we informed them about our situation. However the situation had taken a turn for the worse.] (Guild Leader)

Beads of sweat began to appear on the guild leader’s forehead as Lyle let out a sigh.

  [Actually, aside from Dragon Knights and WIld Tigers, the Silvermoon Knights were called over as well. However, do you remember their leader, Bogar?] (Lyle)

  [Ahh. His strength was the real thing, however, his personality was the worst. I’ve heard rumors about him in the past and his actions were never pleasant whenever we met.] (Yuuya)

The Silvermoon Knight was an extremely old party and they could be among the top five most accomplished parties in the world. However, contrary to their names, their behaviours were that of scum as they stole, killed, harassed and other hateful things that were looked down upon.

  [They threw their name away and left us out to dry. When they first arrived at Kritarus, they tried to supplement their strength with the local adventurers around the city and fought against the Ice Grand General before we arrived in the city. I can only guess that they wanted to take the credit for the subjugation quest by themselves.] (Lyle)
  [And the result was complete annihilation?] (Yuuya)
  [That’s right. Thanks to that, we were forced to wait for this entire time and the guild had lost many of their local adventurers as well as the higher-levelled adventurers in the area. The situation couldn’t have been any worse.] (Lyle)

  [I can sympathise with the situation.] (Yuuya)

Adventurers were people with huge egos. I knew countless idiots who wanted to gain the upper hand against their rivals, going way beyond their capabilities trying to accomplish a task and gain popularity for themselves.

  [The fact that you arrived here was a huge relief. If it’s a party with both you and Phil, then I’m sure that we can do it. If you hadn’t arrive by now, then I would have pulled out from the request.] (Lyle)

  [Likewise, if you’re here, then I’m sure that it is possible. Similarly, if it’s you and the WIld Tigers, then I’m sure that it is possible to defeat the Ice Grand General.] (Yuuya)

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to participate with several parties to defeat a boss. A raid battle after such a long time. However the balance of a raid battle was fragile as the situation could turn sour extremely quickly.

With the two parties here,rather than a misfortune, we might be extremely lucky that we arrived during the period when the Ice General was here. We will definitely defeat it and obtain its exclusive item drops along with the subjugation reward.

…Also, I wouldn’t like to throw our cooperation into disarray but for raid bosses such as the Ice Grand General, the contribution for each party was calculated and special items are given to the party with the most contribution to the battle.

Naturally, not just us but the other two parties were also eyeing that reward.

We proceeded to our strategy meeting as we spent the entire morning planning for the battle.

Everything, was for us to defeat the boss with these three parties.

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