Epilogue: The old man goes drinking.

It was finally the final match of the tournament. My opponent was Leonhart, the personal knight of Prince Aleck. He had always accompanied Prince Aleck even during his journeys into the dungeon resulting in his high level along with the prince, however he wasn’t just high-leveled. He had also joined the prince and his training with the sword, resulting in a similarly fast and sharp battle style. It could be said that he was the other half of the prince.

  [His blade is too honest.] (Yuuya)

If he was battling a monster, then he wouldn’t have any problems. However, against a human opponent that was capable of reading his attacks, his attacks wouldn’t connect easily. Similarly to Prince Aleck, he lacked experience against other human opponents. His preliminary movement was minimal and he hadn’t made that many unnecessary movements, however his movements were far too linear which was why I could defend against his attacks easily.

On the other hand, Leonhart had problems reading my movements as he was consciously forcing himself to follow my movements. Everytime he tried to block my attacks, he was slowly losing his sense of balance as his movements became more and more limited until finally, his blade flew out of his hand into the air.

  [You got me, Yuuya-sama.] (Leonhart)

The winner was decided as the referee announced.

  [The winner is, Yuuya Grandwood! With the title from his previous victory, the title of the strongest knight in the Laluzulu kingdom goes to the knight chosen by Princess Lutra, Yuuya Grandwood! The knight who triumphantly returned to the kingdom after saving his princess and overwhelmed the competition. He is no longer the Weakest Strongest Knight, he is officially the Strongest Knight!] 

The audience started a standing ovation as everyone recognized my strength in the competition. The earnings in the finals was 1.2 times your original bet. More than half of the audience believed in my victory rather than Leonhart. 

Leonhart’s handsome fact distorted as he forced out his voice.

  [I wanted to win, for that person’s sake.] (Leonhart)

  [You’re strong. If I had battled you ten years ago instead, then I wouldn’t have won. You’ll win it next year.] (Yuuya)

  [I thought that would be the case this year. I never would have thought that you’ll have become even stronger as you age. You’re a monster… However, I learnt a lot from this battle. Thank you very much for this valuable match.] (Leonhart)

Leonhart bowed respectfully before leaving the ring.

If Prince Aleck has a loyal subordinate just like him, then I’m sure he would be safe. 

Interrupting my thoughts, the referee requested a speech for the audience. As I felt slightly annoyed at this, I answered without thinking. However, it wasn’t too difficult to choose my words as there was only one thing to say here.

  [I dedicate my victory to my princess, Princess Lutra.] (Yuuya)

It was extremely cringe-inducing and embarrassing, but I am Lutra’s knight. This was definitely something I had to do. It felt like the audience was riled up as their cheers became much louder, especially the women who let out loud pitched screams.

However it just made me more embarrassed and I wanted to run away as soon as possible.




After exiting the ring, the ceremony to celebrate the new ruler had begun.

For the ceremony, the new ruler would greet the royal family in the ring before exiting through a special gate leading to the city. and enter a gaudy carriage to perform a parade throughout the city. The audience would then return to the city where a city-wide celebration would begin. Just for today, the stores would be open all night long and the party would continue all the way till sunrise. This was the Laluzulu Kingdom’s most renowned holiday as well as its number one tourist attraction as the city was filled with tourists.

The ceremony began as Lutra entered the ring, followed by the flamboyant carriage for the parade. She was wearing an elegant white dress with full makeup and hair full of ornaments befitting a new queen.

  [Lutra, she look beautiful!] (Luna)

  [Uwaa, she looks just like a princess.] (Til)

  [I expected her to be beautiful with makeup but I didn’t expect it to be this beautiful.] (Phil)

Everyone was admiring Lutra who was fully dolled up, including me. It felt like we were reminded once again that her true identity was a princess.

…. Or rather, she was a queen now. That Lutra begun to speak as her words were fully audible by the entire audience with the magical loudspeakers.

  [There is something I want everyone to know. I’ve won the succession ceremony and gained the right to inherit the throne. It is my genuine feelings that I’m elated to be given this opportunity.] (Lutra)

The voices of the audience could be heard congratulating Lutra as she continued her speech.

  [However, I am currently lacking as a queen. A true ruler isn’t just about their strength. This country will not prosper just because I bested my siblings in a duel. This will not result in the happiness of the kingdom. Which is why I decided to concede the throne to my elder brother, Prince Aleck, and crown him the king of the Laluzulu Kingdom. His abilities and experience is what the Laluzulu Kingdom requires to prosper.] (Lutra)

As Lutra’s speech ended, Prince Aleck appeared behind her wearing the crown, the proof of his succession. 

Although it was supposed to be a touching moment, the audience’s response varied as some people did not support having the loser of the ceremony succeed the throne as it did not follow the Laluzulu tradition.

  [Just as Lutra as said, I will become the new king. However, this will only be a temporary arrangement until Lutra is ready to take over the throne. On the other hand, I intend to put my heart and soul into turning the kingdom into her ideal form…. This is the end of our petty sibling rivalry. From this point on, we will combine our strength to make this country, and the people in it prosper from now until forever. Everyone, please lend Lutra, and I your wholehearted support.] (Prince Aleck)

Someone somewhere began clapping their hands as the applause began to spread until the entire audience roared in support. There were even people who began admitting the fact that Prince Aleck would be a splendid king. 

So this is the answer that Lutra and Prince Aleck chose. 

 It felt like there are still too many things lacking if Lutra succeeded the throne, which is why they decided that Prince Aleck would become the king and provide guidance to Lutra until the day she reclaimed the throne….

I didn’t think that Prince Aleck would be supportive of these conditions which felt way too beneficial to Lutra, however it felt like the right decision regardless.

  [Then, our party..] (Luna)

  [Let’s celebrate the birth of a new Laluzulu Kingdom.] (Yuuya)

Prince Aleck and Lutra lined up on the ring as they declared the birth of a new era as the people began to cheer, “All hail the Laluzulu, all hail King Aleck, all hail Princess Lutra’. When the special gate opened and the two of them entered the carriage, everyone began to rush out of their seats as the carriage headed towards the city. It was the beginning of a long night.

  [Lutra has gone on her way. Luna feels lonely.] (Luna)

  [She has always been with us hasn’t she.] (TIl)


Luna whispered in a low voice as Til and Erik’s expressions sunk. 

Once again, everyone realised that we would be parting ways with Lutra.




After the ceremony, instead of returning to our room in the castle we decided to head out into the city to enjoy the festival in order to forget about our farewell with Lutra.

The city was burning with a festive mood as the stores’ services were extremely good and were much more generous than usual. Thanks to our gambling in the coliseum, we had a large sum of money to spare as we bought several things.

  [Yuuya, that food in that stand looks extremely delicious!] (Luna)

  [It’s a fruit that I’ve never seen before.] (Til)

  [It’s seasoning tastes just right.] (Phil)

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, however it still felt a little forced as Lutra’s absence still left a large hole in the party.




After touring a majority of the city and a bit of shopping, we entered a bar.

There were many shops which were full of people likely looking for a break from walking. 

We had entered the bar for a break, however the food and alcohol in the bar was much more delicious than we expected as we continued to eat to our heart’s content. The alcohol in particular was amazing as I was drinking lager rather than my usual ale. Typically, lager was undrinkable due to its bad taste at room temperature but the lager here was surprisingly good. Furthermore the drink was served chill making it much more refreshing in this heat.

  [This meat, is delicious!] (Luna)
  [This coconut juice is so cold its cooling my entire body!] (Til)

  [Wheat based alcohol aren’t my specialty, but this is extremely delicious.] (Phil)

We enjoyed the bar’s cooking and their drinks as we ordered their specialty, a beef stew made with cow innards called “Laluzulu”. It also went well with the alcohol. There are very few towns which rear livestock as a lot of meat was available in the dungeon. This meant that very few towns served animal visceras in their dishes. Regardless of the quality of ingredients they used, this store’s cooking was without a doubt, delicious.

As we talked about our plans for the immediate future, our stomachs were becoming swollen.

WIth this, our adventure in the castle, has come to an end. We’ll be leaving this city after sending our greetings to our companions as well as paying a visit to Prince Aleck to check if he has gotten any leads on Princess Aure’s situation.

We are adventurers after all. There isn’t any reason for us to stay in a single place for too long. Our main topic for today were the matches that occured today as I began chatting with the girls. Our dinner was fun as we continued to chat while having good food and alcohol.

However, it wasn’t enough as everyone seemed to think so.

It felt much emptier since Lutra wasn’t around.

It was at that moment.

  [Is it alright for me to have this seat?] 

I heard a soothing voice from behind me as we were currently seated at a six seat table, which meant that two seats were available.

  [Go ahead. We plan to continue enjoying ourselves for a while.] (Yuuya)

  [Looks like you’re having fun even with just four people.] 

  [Well, it’s enjoyable even with four people. But it’s still better if we had five… Lutra.] (Yuuya)

Even without turning back, I could recognise her voice.

  [Lutra!] (Luna)

  [You actually managed to sneak out!] (Til)


  [I’ll order a drink for you immediately.] (Phil)

Everyone seemed to return to normal as compared to their forced expressions from earlier.

  [I’ll prefer it if you stopped calling me Lutra since it’ll attract attention. Furthermore, my identity right now is Selene.] (Lutra)

While pointing to her black hair, Lutra… No, Selene smiled back.

  [Are you sure? Being here.] (Yuuya)

  [Yes, the parade has ended and I’m already done greeting the nobles.] (Lutra)

  [I see. I’m glad that we’ll at least be able to have a farewell dinner for you. I didn’t think we would have another chance to enjoy a drink like this with you for the last time.] (Yuuya)

  [Farewell? Why are you pushing me aside out of a sudden? I wouldn’t want to be kicked out like this without my consent.] (Lutra)

Lutra let out a mischievous smile.

  [We’ll welcome that idea anytime, but is it really okay?] (Yuuya)

  [Yes. I’ve already talked to my elder brother. I’m sure far too inexperienced nor do I know about the outside world. Which is why I’ve been allowed some time. To explore the world and experience the vast world before I return to the Laluzulu Kingdom…. Yuuya-ojisama, most important of all, I still want to continue travelling together with everyone. Is that okay?] (Lutra)

  [I’ve already said it didn’t I? We’ll welcome you with open arms.] (Yuuya)

  [Hurray, we’re back with Selene!] (Luna)

  [We’ll always need a tanker with us!] (Til)

The glutton duo got up and hugged Selene as Erik landed onto Lutra’s head. It was a sight for sore eyes.

It was great that we would still be able to travel with Lutra.

  [Oh right, I have a letter for Yuuya-ojisama from my elder brother.] (Lutra)

I took the letter sent by Prince Aleck from Lutra as I looked to Lutra who seemed curious about its contents before opening up the letter. 

Just what does he think of me? Even if he didn’t mind that I reached out to Lutra, I wouldn’t lay a hand on a girl like her. Besides, I already have a lover.

  [What’s written in the letter?] (Lutra)

  [It’s too early for you to read this letter.] (Yuuya)

I stuck the letter in my pockets as she didn’t have to read this.

  [Yosh, let’s ring the bell and order more food. Oh, looks like Selene’s alcohol has arrived. Just in time, let’s have a toast.] (Yuuya)

I raise the glass as the girls each raised their respective glasses while Lutra raised the glass tha the waiter just delivered.

  [Cheers!] (Everyone)

It looks like we will continue to travel with this five man party from now on. I was so happy that I couldn’t help but smile. Although there were several issues with this, let’s forget everything for now and enjoy the moment and lucky for us, tonight is a good night for us to party till the morning.

<End of Chapter>

With this, it’s the end of volume 4!

Hope you enjoyed this volume even though my understanding of the language became really rusty. I’ll be taking a break for awhile, since I’ll be on a holiday until next month so the next chapter will most likely be in November once I get back.

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  1. That was a great end to the volume. I wonder what was in that letter from Lutra/Selene’s brother? Thanks for the great translation!


    1. Yuuya already answer it…
      its about if Yuuya want to take Selene/Lutra as his woman, he got ‘OK’ sign from her older brother ~


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