Chapter 19: The old man creates the key for victory

The chapters were shorter than usual so I was able to finish this chapter fairly quickly. Enjoy the double chapter~.

<Start of Chapter>

We finally found where the monsters were hidden based on my theory behind Princess Aure’s “Summoning Magic”. If my guess behind the “summoned monsters” was correct, then defeating this monster here would help Lutra’s odds of victory as I ran at full speed while preparing a chant. I told everyone else to focus on the human guards as our goal would also be achieved if the person activating teleport was incapicitated as well.

Among the three mercenaries, one of them wore a robe which covered his entire body whom began chanting as another mercenary equipped with powerful enchanted metal armour stood as his guard. In an attempt to interrupt the magician, Phil and Til fired their arrows to him but the guard’s armour was extremely sturdy as their arrows couldn’t put a dent into it.

Although we began chanting nearly simultaneously, the magician’s spell was completed before me as it began to cast the advanced magic Purgatory. It’s main feature was its explosive power and wide radius as flames began to fill our surroundings turning it into a fiery hell, making it impossible to dodge in this narrow corridor. It was an ability strong enough to eliminate us in a single blow.

However there was no need to panic.

I had reliable teammates.

  [Icy Veil] (Phil)


Phil activated her spell which reduced fire damage while Erik granted flame and ice resistance to our entire party with his Blessing of the Dragon.

With these, we wouldn’t receive fatal damage from the flames as I continued to run through the sea of flames.

My skin continued to burn as I continued suffering damage to my body, however I could still fight. This was the specialty of the Magic Knight.

Despite having low defense, magic knights had exceptional magical defense. Along with my dragon leather armour, I was confident I would be able to endure Purgatory without any buffs but with Erik and Phil’s support, then I’m extremely confident.

Luna began smiling from behind me. Since day one, I’ve always instructed Luna to hide behind me or Lutra if we were attacked by a wide area spell since Thieves had extremely low physical strength, physical and magical defense.

  [Now it’s my turn.] (Yuuya)

My chant completed at a good moment as I casted my customized version of Lightning storm made into a sniper-type spell.

  [Superconductive Bullet!] (Yuuya)

Lightning storm which was compressed into a single bullet penetrated the wizard at light speed. Furthermore the paralysis effect of the lightning affected his consciousness as he fell to the ground. The other two consisted of a large man and a thin man as the both of them came within my sword’s range. The thin man was rushing to open the door of the cage which pushed me to target him first. In order to defeat him, I turned towards the thin man.

  [War Cry!] 

The moment I raised my blade, the large man used War Cry which had a small effect onto other humans. However it still had an effect as my movements came to a halt while my mind was struggling to fight against the rage I felt towards the large man. Taking advantage of that moment, he swung his blade towards me.

As if he was used to being in combat with other people… He knew how to take advantage of his skills. Although my judgement was halted in that moment, I had the technique to compensate as the large man screamed.

  [OUHHHHHH! BASH!] (Yuuya)

Since there wasn’t a timing for me to dodge, I twisted my body to receive the blade on the hardest part of my body, the leather armour covering my shoulder. Since the armour covering my shoulder was round, by adjusting my body at a specific angle I deflected the slash by jumping up at the moment of impact, reducing the slash to a dull impact. 

My Deflect wasn’t limited to my blade. It was my special technique derived from utilizing my body movements, making it possible to deflect so long as I had my body. 

Being guided by my sudden jump, the blade was guided down to the ground as the large man’s face distorts in pain while grabbing his wrist. 

From the range of a blade, I took one step in reducing the distance to an arm’s length.

I didn’t have my sword in my hands, however there was no problem as I channeled my power from my feet up all the way to my palms, shoving his chin upwards in an instant. The large man fell to the ground in an instant as his body began conversing. This wasn’t a skill but a martial art which had significantly weaker power compared to skills. However this meant that it could be utilized even without dealing any damage by rattling your opponent’s brain and cutting their consciousness.

This was another way I utilised to close my status gap in the past as it allowed me to defeat stronger warriors with a single blow with the exception of exclusive classes depending on their ability.

  [Assassinate!] (Luna)

The sound of ringing resonated in the room as Luna’s voice could be heard. The thin man shifted Luna’s point of impact from his chest to his shoulder similar to how I did but with his back facing Luna. As expected, these men were experienced in man-to-man combat. However, as a result of the dull impact he was pushed onto the cage and dropped the key onto the ground. Following the small stream of blood from his shoulder to his hands was a ring. It was the Eternal Ring which was capable of casting Teleportation.

This is bad, he’s intending to open the door and teleport the monster away. It would be dangerous if the monster was transferred into the coliseum before the battle between Princess Aure and Lutra begins. Luna was hesitant on attacking an incapcitated opponent to death as he began casting Teleportation. The moment he was going to succeed, a blade flew towards him as it penetrated his head.

It was a brilliant display of accurate sword throwing, however it wasn’t me..

  [Prince Aleck, I’m sorry.] (Yuuya)

  [No, it seems the best was saved for last just for me.] (Aleck)

He took the Eternal ring from the dead man’s body, throwing it to me while letting out a laugh. In contrast, Luna was depressed as her tail deflate down to the ground. I walked up to her and patted her head.

  […Yuuya, Luna could have killed him, but Luna couldn’t do it. Luna expected that he shifted the impact… But Luna’s body couldn’t move. When he reached out for the ring, Luna still couldn’t move. Sorry, the plan nearly failed because of Luna.] (Luna)

  [Killing monsters is different from killing people. Hesitation is a real thing.] (Yuuya)

Luna was hesitant about taking other people’s lives even though the other party was definitely a villian. From a different perspective, it may seem weird to hesitate against a villain but killing was still something you had to get used to.

But it was something you shouldn’t be used to.

Luna began to cling onto me as I hugged her on her shoulders. 

It’s been awhile since we slept together but we might have to tonight. 

She may be feeling depressed, but it just goes to show how good-natured she was.

  [Yuuya, it’s great that we managed to neutralize them without killing excessively.] (Phil)

  [That palm technique is so cool, teach it to me next time! I want to try it.] (Til)

Phil and Til came over as Phil had already tied up the magician and the fainted man while she began performing first aid onto the big man.

We have already recovered the Eternal ring making it impossible for the monsters to escape the cage and with two minutes to spare.. With this, Princess Aure has lost her hand.

  [Prince Aleck, what will you do with that monster? Are you going to kill it. It shouldn’t be able to escape the cage without the ring.] (Yuuya)

  [If possible, I hope to keep it alive. If I have my alchemists perform research on it then we might be able to discover something.] (Aleck)

  [I understand. Then I’ll leave this to you.] (Yuuya)

Since my job is done and I want to support Lutra, we might be able to make it to the beginning of the match. In that case, let’s do what we have to do.

At the moment, the large man whom Phil tied up woke up. He started grinning as he laughed out loud. In this situation where his ally died, he and his remaining ally was tied up and both the key and Eternal ring was taken away from him.

  [What’s so funny?] (Yuuya)

  [Haa, you really think I’ll answer?]

  […. Then would you rather have it beat out of you?] (Yuuya)

That wasn’t an empty threat. It was something I would do if necessary.

  [No, that’s unnecessary. Prince Aleck, how about a deal? Princess Aure told us that you’re a siscon. I’ll give you the information on how to save your cute sister. In exchange, release me. Even if you were to torture me, I would never open my mouth. Furthermore, this information is something that you should never know.] 

Prince Aleck placed his hand to his chin as he immediately came to a decision.

  [Sure. I guarantee your life as the first prince of the Laluzulu Kingdom, Prince Aleck Lazule. My conditions are for you to be restraint for a week and for you to answer my questions. Also, I’ll have you reveal your organization’s goals and forbid you from returning to your base and have you monitored for several years.] (Aleck)

  [Your decision was quick. I admire your additional conditions.. Oi oi.Don’t look at me with such suspicious eyes. I would never tell a lie in front of such a scary uncle. I’m not hoping for a death wish this early. If I don’t meet the conditions, I can tell from his eyes that I would be lucky to be killed in the future.] 

He was talking as if I was a madman or a psychopath. Although I don’t deny his assumption since I would do it if necessary. And I was confident in spotting a lie when I see one. I turned to the prince.

  [Let’s believe him.] (Yuuya)

  [Then, let’s talk about what you hope to hear the most…. There is another location where monsters are being held as well as another person capable of using teleportation. They would teleport the monsters once Princess Aure sends a signal using an alarm. If no monsters were sent once she activated the alarm, then she would sound the alarm a second time which the guys in the other location will teleport monsters.] 

We were done in. Princess Aure was one step ahead of us as she had not just one group but two group of monsters.

  [Where is that location!] (Yuuya)

  [I don’t know. Princess Aure is more paranoid than anyone else. She doesn’t trust her organization. Heck she doesn’t even trust her own brothers and sisters. Ahahahaha. Just how was she raised as a child. Was that castle a hell?] 

I began to think as if my life depended on it. It was impossible for us to find another hidden room when we had one minute left before the match started to prevent teleportation.

In that case, there is only one thing left to do.

  [Everyone, I’ll begin heading towards Lutra. Even if she loses the battle, I can’t allow her to lose her life.] (Yuuya)

I strongly asserted that fact as Lutra would most certainly die if she faced up against several levels fifty monsters alone. I hope that if that happens, that she would surrender but the Lutra I knew would never surrender. And even if she did, Princess Aure might attempt to kill her in the guise of an accident just like what happened with PRince Aleck.

.. In fact, it looks like Princess Aure planned to begin her rule by killing her other brothers and sisters.

  [But Yuuya, how are you going to get there in time? There’s only thirty seconds left.] (Luna)

  [I have this.] (Yuuya)

The Eternal Ring which allows a limited number of teleportations. I’m sure that the thin man hesitated using the ring immediately due to its limited uses however there should at least be one use left for a monster.

  [Uhn. Please take care of Lutra!] (Luna)

  [We’ll join up with you as soon as possible.] (Phil)

  [Yuuya-niisan, hold out until we get there!] (Til)


I had reliable friends as I whispered before activating the ring. 

  [Yuuya-dono. I leave my sister to you.] (Aleck)

  [I intended that from the beginning. Although, it may not be my time to shine. We may have created a situation for Lutra to win. Princess Aure may have outsmarted us, but our trip here wasn’t a waste. The key to victory has been set.] (Yuuya)

It was definitely not a waste for us to come here. We were able to create a situation for Lutra to win if she chose correctly without hesitation. The rest depends on her shoulders now. If she was right, then she deserves the praise. However, if she fails, then I’ll save her as her knight. The moment Princess Aure becomes the queen, then she will definitely attempt to kill Lutra. In that case, it might really be better for us to take Lutra with us on our journey.

The teleportation was completed five seconds later after my chant as I began teleporting towards Lutra.

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  1. Thank you for your work.
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  2. This author really does hate the Idea of killing, He even emphasizes not to kill, even knowing It was more dangerous, what if the opponent is a madman who doesn’t care for his life? Then the kid Luna is dead, MC who is watching behind her, like q dumb chicken should’ve done the job instead, yet not even correcting the mistake, he pampers her instead, such a great teacher!


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