Chapter 17: The old man begins to move.

TL: Long note at the end.

The Inheritance Ceremony has finally begun as we headed to the specially prepared seats at the coliseum. Even though the colosseum was large, the event appears to be extremely popular as the general seats were completely filled with people who were looking towards the arena expectedly.

  [Yuuya, will Lutra win?] (Luna)

  [In direct combat, she wouldn’t lose. Although Prince Aleck is a first-class warrior, he is still directly inferior to Lutra. Princess Aure has received combat training too, although she was only ordinary in that aspect. I haven’t met Prince Atla however I’ve heard that he was objectively better than Princess Aure as well.] (Yuuya)

Note: Atla (Previously Atra) is the third legitimate child of the queen.

Based on just their physical capabilities, this would be their ranking.

Officially, if their rankings were just based on their physical capabilities, Princess Aure would had have to end the battle before the ceremony began as she would be in a bind during the battle.

  [Uhn. Then we’re safe.] (Luna)

  [You can’t be sure of that… We can’t be sure that everything will be proceed as it is when Princess Aure is likely preparing something for her comeback.] (Yuuya)

Rather than suspect, I was sure of it.

Approaching the young Lutra and manipulating the information given to her for her own benefits, preventing any information from reaching Lutra while slowly and surely feeding negative news about Prince Aleck. It was something that required immense patience, quick decision-making and most importantly, the ability to main it for years. 

This was something that was easier said than done. For a human to be capable of doing such a thing, it’s practically impossible for her to give up just because her assassination attempt had failed. 

  [I agree with that sentiment…. I think that the best time to execute her plans would be right before the succession ceremony begins.] (Phil)

Princess Aure possessed a powerful trump card which was her evolving monsters. As a result, her previous combat piece, Lutra became redundant and was deemed an obstacle which was immediately disposed of. However, for the inheritance ceremony, she wouldn’t be able to utilise her monsters since it was a one versus one battle.

Somewhere and somehow, Phil and I were ready for battle, expecting Princess Aure to launch an attacking with her evolving monsters 

  [If anything happens, we’ll jump out immediately.] (Yuuya)

  [Yes, Lutra-chan is our friend after all.] (Phil)

Even if she wasn’t going to be with us once everything is over, I intend to do everything I can for my friend.

  [But, our weapons were seized earlier you know. Even our magic bags.] (Til)

For the spectator seats, magic bags and dangerous objects were not allowed. For our VIP seats, such objects were to be confiscated instead.

  [Well even without a sword, a Magic Knight is still strong barehanded.] (Yuuya)

  [In my case, I do have a bow though?] (Phil)

  [Ahh, Yuuya-niisan and oneechan are cheaters. Wait a minute, how did you even bring one in!?] (Til)

  [It’s a secret.] (Phil)

No matter how you see it, Phil had neither her weapon nor her magic bag. However, there were many ways for you to hide and carry your weapon with you at all times. Til continued to pester her heavily as her curiosity was piqued by Phil. Meanwhile, Luna began to murmur with a satisfied look as she sat on my lap while waving her tail back and forth.

  [Truth is Luna has her dagger too. It’s hidden in her tail. When she finds a bad guy she will assassin!] (Luna)

I let out a smile as it was definitely possible for her to hide a short dagger in her fluffy tail since tails were left out from the body checks.

  [Looks like it’s about to begin.] (Yuuya)

The inheritance ceremony was about to begin. Firstly, the king entered the ring of the coliseum as he initiated the opening ceremony while explaining the rules of the tournament. Using an amplification magic tool in the ring, his words rang throughout the coliseum using several loudspeakers. Despite portraying himself with dignity, the king’s body still looked frail. This was probably going to be his final event as the king.

It was the typical one-on-one tournament battle system with the final victor succeeding the throne without any restrictions on weapons and tools present. The victory conditions were to knock your opponent out of the ring, rendering them unable to battle, death, surrendering as well as the referee’s decision. Surrounding the ring were several healers and doctors who were capable of casting healing magic, making it possible to rescue the contestants so long as they weren’t dead.

After the opening ceremony, it was finally time for the contestants to enter the stage as the first one to appear was Prince Aleck. The moment he appeared onto the stage, the entire crowd let out a passionate cheer, especially the female crowd. The military personnel in the ring were also cheering although they were supposed to be impartial to the tournament. Since the military judged everybody by their physical capabilities and talents, this showed how recognized he was for his ability and personality.

Next was Prince Atla who wasn’t very popular as he merely received a light applause. He himself appeared timid as if he didn’t intend to win. In fact it was a miracle that he refused to back out of the tournament…. It’s probably that. 

Since he wasn’t going to defeat Prince Aleck, he was probably a pawn for Princess Aure who wanted to save her strength in her battle against Prince Aleck. This was the most probable outcome.

  [It’s finally Lutra’s turn to appear.] (Yuuya)

  [Uhn. Luna will be looking for her.] (Luna)

  [I’ll have to be louder than everyone else!] (Til)

Lutra entered the stage as Luna and Til began cheering at the top of their voices however it was still drowned out by the immense volume of the crowd. As the second coming of the legendary Renoir, her popularity was through the roof. Conversely, the reactions from the nobles were cold as they were either supporting Prince Aleck or Princess Aure. The military personnel’s reactions weren’t as vibrant to her as they were to Prince Aleck as well. They looked like their impression of Lutra was merely a girl who happened to take over the looks of the battle princess Renoir.

  [Now then, it’s time for Princess Aure to appear.] (Yuuya)

After sending Lutra off to the dungeon, Princess Aure had yet to appear in the castle. If she chose not to appear at this moment, then it would be decided that she has withdrawn from the tournament. The king asked.

  [Umu, has Aure withdrawn? In that case, it’ll be decided.] (King)

Just as the king declared, Princess Aure appeared along with glowing particles.

  [No. I’m participating as well, and I will be the ruler.] (Aure)

Said Aure in a confident tone as all of the audience sprang up from their seats. It appears to be a play for her to raise her popularity. She had displayed Teleportation that none of them have seen before. It was a skill that allowed it’s user to move to another location within ten metres.

It was a skill that wasn’t attainable by humans, however it was possible to use the skill through magic items. It was a rare item with limited uses that was so rare that even in the game, I hadn’t managed to obtain an item capable of using it…

I highly doubt that she would use such an item just to garner popularity for herself. It feels like it could be a hint for something, however I couldn’t come up with anything.

Just as this happened, the majority of the nobles began to cheer as her faction seemed to outnumber Prince Aleck’s.

  [Aure. I’m impressed that you managed to make it at the very last minute. Now then, we’ll begin the tournament with this four participants. Each of you will wear this hat one at a time.] (King)

The king handed out something that looked like a Top hat

… Is it still being passed down? That was something that I saw during the event in the game.

Firstly, Prince aleck put on the hat as the hat opened up, releasing a spring as well as a stuffed pigeon.

  [Red lion, red lion!] 

The pigeon from the hat began shouting a red lion. From my point of view, it looked extremely comical however the audience including the nobles seemed to look at it with serious expressions. Above all, the princes and princesses looked like they were in pain. Was it an item that was that divine? The only thing I felt from that was it’s creator’s bad taste.

Afterwards, the pigeon announced Blue Dragon for both Lutra and Prince Atla while Princess Aure was a red lion. Although it looked quite special, it was just a normal lot-drawing device. The first battle was between Prince Aleck and Princess Aure while Lutra would be battling Prince Atla.

According to the schedule, the blue dragon contestants would be battling first. Lutra and Prince Atra would be fighting in the first round while Prince Aleck and Princess Aure would be fighting in the second round. The final winner between the two victors would be the ultimate victor of the tournament.

This was the best outcome for Lutra who would be able to reserve her strength for the final battle with an easier first battle while getting a longer break before the finals.

  [The match-ups have been decided. Looks like Lutra and Prince Atla’s battle will begin in fifteen minutes.] (Yuuya)

The princes and princesses bowed their heads as Prince Aleck seemed to ask the King for permission. Surprisingly the King allowed it as it was something the Prince wanted to tell the public and his siblings. He walked to the center of the ring as he faced the audience.

  [I will make the Laluzulu Kingdom stronger. Not only it’s military power but also it’s economy as well as manpower by placing emphasis on nurturing our children. The first step is for me to prove that I’ll be a strong king in this inheritance ceremony… And to my beloved siblings. For the ideal Laluzulu Kingdom, you are required as well. If I became the ruler, I wish that Aure would lend me your wisdom while Lutra would lend me your shield and aspirations as well.] (Prince Aleck)

As expected of the number one candidate. He possessed the qualities of a ruler as he quickly grabbed the hearts of his people with a much more open mind than I thought as he publicly acknowledged the abilities of his fellow siblings.

Princess Aure then walked beside him.

  [In that case, I shall declare something as well. My dream is the exact same as my older brother. However for that to happen, an even greater king is needed. That king isn’t my elder brother but me. Frankly speaking direct battling isn’t my forte, however I’ll show that I surpass my brother even in my weak points.] (Aure)

She sounded full of confidence that made me wonder, just what kind of trump card did she bring to a battle where she couldn’t bring her monsters along?

Lutra walked up beside them. This was a good move as she wouldn’t be acknowledged if remained silent here.

  [I simply wish the best for my country and the people in it. Which is why I will win the ceremony to choose the best candidate for succession. Which is why, aniue. If I win, I hope to borrow your power as well. However there are conditions to this.Let’s make a bet. If I win, you will lend me your power in the future. ] (Lutra)

  [I accept. If you win, then I’ll do everything in my power to support you. And if I win, you’ll be the one supporting me. Lutra, let’s meet in the finals.] (Prince Aleck)

  [Yes, I’ll see you in the final.] (Lutra)

Prince Aleck put his hand out for a handshake as Lutra responded to him.

It was an incredibly bold move as well as her message to Princess Aure and Prince Atla that they weren’t her enemies.

On the other hand, Prince Atla and Princess Aure’s reactions were strange. Prince Atla seemed depressed and full of regrets while Princess Aure was laughing from the bottom of her heart and not her usual charade.




The first round has begun.

Judging from his skillset, Prince Atla’s class appeared to be a warrior and his level surpassed Lutra’s as he was able to enter the exclusive dungeon. However, his movements were second-class compared to Lutra’s. It was obvious that he had received proper tutoring in using the sword, however it was evident that his talent was nothing special nor did he have any experience in swinging a real sword. Lutra easily deflected Prince Atla’s sword, causing him to lose his balance. Taking advantage of his unstable balance, Lutra threw Prince Atla’s body onto the ground and pinned him to the ground before putting a sword to his throat.

  […If you don’t surrender, I’ll have no choice but to stab your throat.] (Lutra)
  [I’ll surrender. It’s my loss.] (Atla)

The battle was decided in less than a minute. The audience sprang up from their seats as many of them likely thought that Lutra had merely inherited the famous Senki Renoir’s appearance but were now convinced she was her reincarnate instead. Lutra gracefully greeted the audience before exiting the stage and lending her shoulder to Prince Atla who was completely overwhelmed.

  [Luta, nice win!] (Luna)

  [Uhn uhn. Especially as a spectator, that was mesmerizing.] (Til)

There was no way I wouldn’t understand why the two girls felt.

The second round began ten minutes later. Prince Aleck had encouraged Princess Aure to surrender the battle, however she had refused his offer.

Princess Aure’s class was likely a Magician as she held a cane in one of her hand, making this small ring a major disadvantage. In the first place, Magicians had weak defenses and their long chants made them ill-suited for duels. Which just made me wonder how could she win the battle? The answer came immediately after.

As soon as the battle began, light particles began to appear forming the shape of monsters, producing a total of three monsters. A silver living armour, a werewolf and a gigantic high-class Orc with a club.

Prince Aleck cried out.

  [I don’t know how you brought them into the battle, however this is a one versus one battle! It’s part of the rules.] (Aleck)

  [I don’t understand what you are trying to say. This is the power of my Summoning magic. Isn’t it natural for a magician to use her spells?] (Aure)

Princess Aure had made proper preparations as the referee didn’t call out her foul play. 

I finally understood the reason behind her flashy entrance from earlier. If she showed everyone that she was capable of casting teleportation magic then it wouldn’t be far off to claim that she could cast summoning magic.

However, that concept of summoning magic is a hoax. There should be a collaborator working with her nearby, using teleportation to send the monsters into the arena from another location.

Since there wasn’t any evidence of foul play, it wasn’t considered a violation of the rules as Prince Aleck continued to retreat from the onslaught from the three monsters, jumping backwards as his breathing became heavier and heavier. Eventually, he began to overwhelm the three monsters as loud cheers could be heard from the female public. 

Based on their appearances, they were likely monsters in the upper thirties. Furthermore they were each special monsters that were stronger than an average monster in their level range. However there was a ray of hope in the battle.

  [Aure, shouldn’t you use your summoning magic to call for reinforcements? If that was impossible then I wish for you to surrender. I don’t have the desire to cut down my own sister.] (Aleck)

  [That naiveness will be aniue’s downfall. If I were aniue, then I would have already surrendered.] (Aure)

  [… It isn’t naivety. It just isn’t necessary.] (Aleck)

  [Although it is necessary? Even in the case with Lutra. Aniue’s actions are too kind. Which is why you are being dragged down…. Aniue is no king.] (Aure)

Prince Aleck was blown away by the werewolf as his magic chestplate was destroyed in the impact. It was an attack befitting a monster in the fifties as the three monsters had all evolved. Prince Aleck fainted on the spot.

  [I always do whatever is necessary. Unlike aniue.] (Aure)

Under Princess Aure’s order, the orc walked over to Prince Aleck’s lifeless body, swinging down it’s large club. Everyone in the venue turned away.

Taking a direct hit like that, even if it’s Prince Aleck…

  [Ara, what are you trying to do? Lutra.] (Aure)

Between the large club and Prince Aleck was Lutra as she deflected the club, causing the flimsy club to shatter along with the colosseum wall. All three monsters began to collapse onto Lutra but they stopped the moment Princess Aure clapped her hands.

  [Isn’t it against the rules to interfere in another person’s battle? Referee, please disqualify Lutra from the tournament.] (Aure)

  [No, aneue. Aniue has already lost consciousness. The match was already over the moment he fainted. I am just aiding the recovery process.] (Lutra)

  [Ara, so that’s the case. I hadn’t noticed. Thank you Lutra, I was close to killing my own brother without realizing it.] (Aure)

Aure spoke in a volume large enough for the audience to hear.

  [I look forward to the finals.. Ara, didn’t aniue say the same thing? Fufu, aniue looks so pathetic.] (Aure)

After erasing the three monsters, Princess Aure walked off the stage as the referee announced the victor. The battle begins in two minutes. However, it wasn’t a situation for us to relax.

  [Everyone, let’s begin moving. That isn’t summoning magic, but rather teleportation magic. Princess Aure is violating the rules. She is hiding the monsters somewhere nearby, in the vicinity of the coliseum. We’ll defeat them right now.] (Yuuya)

If my guess was correct, then what she just did wasn’t summoning magic but teleportation magic. In that case, we could just find where she was hiding the monsters and defeat them. Even for Lutra, it was impossible to win against three level fifty monsters.

  [Understood! Luna’s Presence Detection will find the enemy!] (Luna)

  [I’ll search from a higher vantage point then.] (Til)

  [Luna-chan, Til. If you find any of them be sure to tell me or Yuuya. You won’t survive if you challenge them on your own.] (Phil)

  [Let’s hurry.] (Yuuya)

We began to move.

Originally, we wouldn’t be able to interfere with the battles once the inheritance ceremony began. However, the story was different now that we knew our opponent was violating the rules.

I will tidy up the story, and give Lutra the fair fight she deserves.

<End of Chapter>

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Regarding this novel, I have several thoughts about what I’ve been doing regarding the translation.

Instead of directly translating the words and editing them to form a proper sentence, I’ve been trying to do a translate the japanese words into an english context.Though please understand that my english isn’t great since in Singapore we speak more of a dialect than proper english.

An example of this would be the speech scene. Although prince Aleck’s speech could be directly translated into a proper speech as if he was speaking to the public, princess aure and lutra’s speeches contained words like aniue and aneue which normally referred to their elder brother and sisters based on the context.

However for an english equivalent word, it would be saying elder brother and elder sister and it would sound somewhat weird when used in a formal speech to the public.

Do let me know if you would rather me directly translate this sort of words which doesn’t have an english equivalent or change it to fit the english language or as I’ve been on the fence about doing this, causing a lot of inconsistencies in my wordings for the novel.

This is also the case for names and several other things that I can’t think of right now but I’m sure is there. I tried to change the names in the story to actual english words that exists. Eg: Atra –> Atla(s), and Yuuya’s skill, Napalm strike.

In actual fact, the name of the ability is Exploding heat god palm (?) if I were to direct translate it. Since the original name seems slightly weird for english, I decided to change it to napalm strike (admittedly the name had randomly came up in my head at the beginning). Now that the series has progressed this far I’m feeling slightly guilty at changing things in the novel based on my own views.

Again, I’m stating this as this has even confused me since I’m feeling guilty at changing the novel on my own discretion, wavering between directly translating the words and adding in my own. Do let me know which you guys prefer and I’ll adjust accordingly.

Also, thanks for the concern and I’m sorry(?) for the fast release of chapters. Ever since I started translating again after the long hiatus I’ve kinda gotten hooked on novels again. Unlike the past where I did all the translations during the weekends, I have been able to work on chapters during the weekdays using my phone as I am currently done with my training phase.

Honestly I did think of just posting one chapter a week like I used to do but I kind of dislike the idea of restricting chapters that I have already completed so I decided to just post chapters as I completed them. I would usually either complete somewhere between half to an entire chapter during the day or none at all if I was busy, which meant that I could go home and edit the chapter before releasing it.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and thank you for your concern and participation. ^^

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
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    Btw I think it translated to something like esteemed elder brother/sister then just elder brother/sister.


  2. Tried to post this once, and it didn’t show, so sorry for the possible double post here.
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    As for your dialect, I’d say be aware of it but don’t be afraid of it. With the names, I personally don’t have a problem with your naming sense. If it really bothers you, use the romanization of the originals. And if you called Napalm Strike something like “Hot Hand,” we’d have a different discussion.


  3. As I understand translation, what you are doing is perfectly normal. Direct translation is, frankly, amateurish. Localization, especially when supported by footnotes, is more useful. Now, you need to make sure your localization is actually GOOD, and that is partly up to your personal taste, and partly up to the tastes of your readers.

    In some stories, such as xianxia and wuxia, “Exploding Heat, God Palm!” would absolutely fit the flow of the story. This is an isekai, in a western high fantasy video game world. In my opinion, “Napalm Strike” would be a likely translation for a western version of a video game with a move like that.


  4. You’re doing a good job. For the aniue and aneue stuff I think a good way to present it would be to show the level of respect by referring to them as elder brother/sister at least once during their dialogue and default to either their name or simply brother/sister afterwards. English doesn’t have many variations of polite speech before it sounds awkward. Skill names are always going to be ridiculous and I think in the Napalm Strike example you found a good compromise.
    “ability to main it for years” -> should probably be “maintain”


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