Chapter 8: The old man gets a doll.

We arrived at the town of Grannel, a town situated in close proximity to the capital of the Laluzulu kingdom. Grannel is a town that is larger than Greenwood as a whole, and was divided into two sections: the agricultural zone and the commercial zone. The agricultural zone covered a large amount of land with the most prominent crop being the rice paddy as it was currently in season.


  [Looks like we arrived at a good timing. We’ll be eating freshly harvested rice that is so sweet and delicious that you could eat it alone.] (Yuuya)


Since this world’s wasn’t especially globalized, their preservation and distribution technologies were lacking, causing the quality of food outside their seasons to drop. Although it was possible to eat rice during the other seasons elsewhere, it was difficult to eat freshly harvested rice making it a luxury.


  [Luna prefers bread but rice is good too.] (Luna)
  [I feel that way too. It’s hard and dry and has a weird smell. It’s delicious with soup though.] (Til)

  [You’ll understand once you’ve tasted how it’s supposed to be.] (Yuuya)

Once they’ve tasted rice at its best, I’m sure their opinions will change. I’ll have to choose the store carefully though as most stores would only replenish their stores with fresh grains once the older batch are sold. 


  [Although the first thing would be to head to the guild..] (Yuuya)


Normally I would head to the guild while the girls acted on their own however it was time to show Luna and the other girls to the guild as accomplished adventurers.


  [Everyone, let’s head to the guild together.] (Yuuya)

  [Uhn! Let’s go!] (Luna)

  [Yuuya-niisan has finally recognized us.] (Til)


The two girls had responded first as it seems to have been on their mind for awhile. Although Selene has been visually frustrated ever since we entered the town.


  [Relax a little. I doubt anyone will recognize you since your hair colour is different. Even if someone looked closely you would just look like a passer-by.] (Yuuya)

  [I understand but I just can’t help but get nervous being this close to the capital.] (Selene)

I could understand where she’s coming from. Although this wasn’t the capital city, there were still many people who knew about Princess Lutra of the capital. Since she was the child who was born with silver hair, people were singing about the second coming of Renoir. However since everyone was focused on her silver hair, her other features were not as well-known. She has always been thinking about the time her disguise would be blown, however there was no reason to worry to that extent.






After arriving at the guild, we were being taken care of by a popular receptionist as we handed over a letter of introduction by Flaregard’s branch, placing us higher on the priority list. As usual, the popular receptionist was a beauty.


  [Nice to meet you. My name is Maria1. You’ve had a wonderful career, piling up this number of achievements in the past month alone. Let alone the number, each of them are impressive in itself. With the average level of only 35, defeating the Coronoa Dragon as well as defeating the Temple of the Primal Flame at level 36! It is my honour to be serving you. It is important to navigate past difficult quests however it is important to enjoy yourselves as well. I hope you enjoy yourself in Grannel and leave the matter about your lodging to us.] (Maria)


She seemed to be an extremely bright person as we proceeded to register our party. The registration process itself was short and simple and our lodging was already prepared. However, the receptionist’s eyes turned cloudy as we completed our registration.


  [Uhm. Yuuya-sama. This may sound rude but could you please decide on a party name? Even though it’s fine to continue being nameless, considering your achievements so far there might be people who would nominate you for a quest. It’ll be difficult for your potential client if you continue without a name.] (Maria)

  [Well.. That’s true.. ] (Yuuya)


Our party name is important. More so in something as private as a nominated quest since the information had to be conveyed to the client. Even the guild wouldn’t be able to introduce my party as *Yuuya’s Party* if they did not know of me in the first place. Eventually, even the towns we’ve been to would forget us without a name and we’ll lose the opportunity to complete difficult quests while making a name for us in the process.


  [Yuuya, we’ve been procrastinating on this for a long time. How about we decided on the name right now?] (Phil)


Phil came up to the desk as the receptionist widened her eyes in shock.


  [Could you be, that charismatic Phil Etherlance-sama!?2 I saw you at a parade I went to once! We’ve also met once at a guild gathering! Phil-sama was already perfect as a receptionist.. But as an adventurer you were in the same party as the hero Leonard…? Yuuya? Are you that Yuuya? The master of the hero, the strongest yet weakest knight, the undefeatable apex of all swordsmen, that Yuuya Grandwood?3 It’s a lie~~. Me of all people, meeting two of the members of the Roaring SIlver Dragon. Ahh I’m glad to be alive~] (Maria)


The receptionist continued to smile, staring at me and Phil while letting out a joyful voice. 

Well.. I expected someone to recognise us sooner or later. On the other hand, it would be weirder for someone to think I was just someone who resembled me at this point.


  [Firstly, could you please treat us differently. In fact, isn’t our guild registration number different?] (Yuuya)


Everybody receives a guild registration together with their status card. Since it is the most reliable identification method that can’t be hidden along with the person’s status although our information have been resetted along with our levels. In fact, this is likely the reason why we’ve been treated differently by every other person in the past. Thanks to this I couldn’t receive any messages sent to my previous number, however the advantages of travelling as a separate person was greater.


  [I see that you have your own circumstances. I understand. I won’t pry nor will I snitch. Leave it to this Maria! I’ll keep Yuuya-sama and Phil-sama in my heart!] (Maria)


Thankfully she looked like a good girl who’ll keep her word since it’ll be troublesome if someone asked me about my level. 

I could hear Luna and Til’s voices from behind.


  [Yuuya’s previous party, Roaring Silver Dragon… So cool.] (Luna)

  [Yuuya’s  titles are cool too. Master of the hero, the strongest weakest knight, the undefeatable apex of swordsmen. I want to have my own titles too.] (Til)


I clenched my fists to hide my emotions. Please stop it Til. I may have thought they were cool as other people called me by my titles but now I wished to have a simpler title…

It was a dark time..


  [Well let’s just leave it at that. We’ve talked about the name of our party before haven’t we? Did anyone come up with a name they want? Otherwise we’ll leave this matter as it is and decide on another day.] (Yuuya)


We still have plenty of things to do before the day ends. It’ll be much more beneficial to discuss tonight rather than spend time trying to think of a name.


    [Luna wants Yuuya and his happy friends!] (Luna)

    [Rejected. That sounds like the party revolves around me.] (Yuuya)


How did you even come up with that name?


  [How about True Dragon Knights? Dragons sound cool. Knights sounds cool too. Mixing the two is even cooler!] (Til)

  [Isn’t the only one even remotely resembling a dragon Erik? In fact, where did you even get the idea of knights from?] (Yuuya)


Please stop this, I can’t handle anymore than that.


  [Speaking of dragons, Yuuya-niisan’s previous party Roaring Silver Dragon didn’t even have a dragon did you.] (Til)



For some reason Erik was even cheering Til. He might even be happy to hear that our party may represent him with our name.


  [That party is that party and this party is this party. Anyway, rejected.] (Yuuya)


In any case, there was indeed a dragonkin thief in our party. Speaking of him, I wonder if Lyle is doing well now. I kinda feel like having a drink with him after such a long time. 

There’s just the two adults left as I turned my gaze towards Phil and Selene. 

Phil was the first to voice her opinion.


  [Uh. The name I thought of was the Mixed Wine. With elves like me and Til, a fox-girl in Luna, a human in Yuuya and a noble in Selene all together in a single party. Different people from different backgrounds put our powers together, as if it was a perfect blend of wine.] (Phil)

  [As expected of Phil. It’s a nice name that suits us.] (Yuuya)


It could be a surprisingly nice name for us.


  [What about you Selene?] (Yuuya)

  [The name I thought of was the Twilight Home. I think of this party as a place that I want to return to.] (Selene)

  [Uhn. Luna understands how you feel. Luna will return to wherever Yuuya is.] (Luna)


Phil and Til both nodded as their eyes told me that they were convinced.


  [Looks like it’s settled. Our party name will be Twilight Home.] (yuuya)

  [Uhn. Perfect.] (Luna)

  [The True Dragon Knights will give up!] (Til)

  [I think that it’s nice too.] (Phil)


Selene looked a little embarrassed at our reactions.


  [Thank you. I’m happy that everyone decided to use my name. I’m starting to get embarrassed. Speaking of which, we’ve not heard the name that Yuuya-ojisan’s4 name yet. What name did you come up with?] (Selene)
  [I put all of our specialties together, Fox’s Bow, Sword and Shield5.] (Yuuya)

  [Yuuya, if this name is fine then I don’t understand why you are embarrassed by the Roaring Silver Dragons.] (Luna)

  [My thoughts exactly! Exactly!] (Til)

  [Kyu kyu!] 


As I thought, is it a feeling that’s absent in children? The two names are completely different.


  [Uhm. Sorry Yuuya but I don’t understand either.] (Phil)

  [I agree as well. I don’t see how they are different.] (Selene)



If the two of them are saying so…

 I should reflect on this a little, just a little.






After registering our party name as the Twilight Home, we proceeded to check in at the inn arranged by the guild and kept our luggage before leaving the inn. Our raptor carriage was also left at a reliable store. 

Then, we arrived at a Doll store.

Although there were many stores that sold dolls in the city, I decided to head towards the store that was the most prominent during the game era. Since princess Renoir was a legend from hundreds of years ago, we are probably several centuries ahead of the game era although there wasn’t anything to prove that something special in the game would work now. 

Regardless, I’ll gladly keep any item that might have special effects since it is also likely for the abilities of the store to be passed down to future generations.


  [Looks like we’re lucky. There isn’t a long queue.] (Yuuya)

  [Lines are a little troublesome.] (Phil)

  [It looks even more popular than the last time we came.] (Yuuya)

  [I remember now. At the time we couldn’t even afford a single doll so we didn’t even consider getting one.] (Phil)


Phil began to laugh as she recalled what happened in the past. At the time the thought of enjoying myself didn’t come to mind as I was always thinking of charging forward.

  [But Yuuya-niisan. It’s already late and I’m hungry. By the time the queue ends our stomach will reach our backs.] (Til)

  [Luna too.] (Luna)


I am prepared for that as well.


  [Truth is I’ve bought onigiri from a restaurant recommended by the receptionist.] (Yuuya)


I began distributing the onigiri in my magic bag to the unimpressed girls as the onigiri looked fairly simple.


  [It doesn’t look delicious.] (Luna)

  [I’ll still eat it since I’m hungry.] (Til)


Luna and Til6 bit into the onigiri as their eyes became wide open.


  [Delicious, its fluffy and not hard and dry at all! This rice tastes like magic!] (Luna)

  [The filling is delicious too. It’s sweet and spicy meat and goes well with rice. Yuuya-niisan, one more please!] (Til)

  [That is how rice is supposed to be.] (Yuuya)


I handed over a second piece to the two of them as I began eating my own portion.I bit into the onigiri causing the unique fragrance and sweetness of the fresh rice spread throughout my mouth right  The filling consists of simmered pork cooked in honey causing the meat to be soft and allowing the fat to melt and mix with the rice although it was cold. This was my first time having such a delicious rice ball.


  [Yuuya-ojisama. It’s so delicious that I’m surprised such a thing existed this close to the castle. I’ve not seen anything like this.. I’m glad that I got to experience such a thing on my trip.] (Selene)
  [Let’s leave the solemn mood to the end shall we. Let’s enjoy today to the fullest.] (Yuuya)

  [Yes, let’s do that.] (Selene)

Selene smiled as we continued to enjoy our onigiris until it was our turn.

Without any discussion and any hesitation, we ordered four Yuuya dolls.






After two hours, we finally left the store.

I’m exhausted..

After placing our order, I felt the gaze of all the customers and the craftsmen pierce through me as they all heard the order for four Yuuya dolls and one of each girl in our party. I felt like I could hear the atmosphere mumbling harem,harem,harem the entire time we were in the store. The four girls were all amazing in their right with Luna and Til being a little young, but I was still shot with envious and jealous gazes from the other customers. 

When asked by the craftsmen about our relationship, I made sure to mention that they were my disciples, with Phil being my girlfriend and Til being her sister.


  [Yuuya, let’s exchange dolls!] (Luna)

  [Me too, It’s my doll!] (Til)

  [I’ll take good care of Yuuya-ojisama’s doll.] (Selene)

  [I pray that this will make you think of me.] (Phil)


I received the doll from each of the girls as I gave back a doll of my own. Since each of the dolls were made after a beautiful girl, by an expert craftsmen, each of the dolls were beautiful too. They were all made well and I wanted them even if they were just plain dolls. 

As soon as the girls received my dolls however, the scene of each girl treating my doll so affectionately caused the atmosphere to become flowery.


  [Everyone, remember the legend involving the dolls. If your feelings towards the person are true, then if you were to be in danger, then the doll will take your place and take the danger away for you.] (Yuuya)


That was the doll’s ability in the game. There was a hidden status behind everyone’s status, which was shared between companions. By exchanging dolls between companions with this status above a certain value, you’ll be able to survive any misfortune7 or lethal damage by taking your place making it an extremely useful item. However unlike the game, I can’t confirm how intimate I am with my companions. Since I’m constantly thinking of my companions, I believe everyone is doing the same and that we’ll definitely be protected by the doll.


  [Uhn. Luna likes Yuuya. Yuuya also likes Luna! Which is why the doll will protect us.] (Luna)

  [Me too, but I don’t want my Yuuya doll to be destroyed.] (Til)


The two girls raised their opinions as Selene and Phil merely smiled at the scene. It feels as if the dolls had caused our party’s relationship to deepen.

Now that we’ve done everything on our list, it’s about time for us to return to the inn.

Since Luna and TIl mentioned that they weren’t satisfied, it’ll be a good idea to return to the shop earlier and purchase a couple more onigiris.


  [Tomorrow, be sure to prepare yourselves. It’ll be time for the monsters to be re spawned.] (Yuuya)


I heard a bit of good news from the guild, that the monsters will be re spawning tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the perfect time to raise our levels, so let’s hunt to our hearts content.



  1. Maria in the raws was called メリア (Meria). I couldn’t tell what name it was so.. Maria it is
  2. I vaguely remember translating her name once but I couldn’t remember what it is, so.. Etherlance it is. 
  3. You’ve probably guessed that I’m bad with names. So.. Grandwood it is.
  4.  The author didn’t mention ojisan which is how Selene addresses Yuuya so I’m inserting it since it sounds like Selene.
  5. Oh gawdd please stop it with the names. I have absolutely no idea how to translate this so someone please enlighten me. This is probably the chapter I would never want to translate ever again. T.T. The kanji is (弓狐剣盾,きゅうこけんじゅん). 
  6. The author made an error and wrote Phil but I’m assuming it’s Til anyway (I guess I’m not the only one bad with names)
  7. The word used for the doll means misfortune or danger, but it can also mean death.


Sorry that this chapter took much longer than usual. I’m quite rusty as I’ve been busy so I apologize if the chapter feels somewhat awkward. The fact that there were a lot of names and the chapter being slightly longer didn’t help at all *sobs*. 

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