Chapter 21: The old man activates a new magic.

Once backed into a corner, most bosses change their attacking patterns, usually to a more aggressive pattern. And there were some who even received bonuses to their stats. The Flame Emperor Dragon, Corona Dragon was one of them. It’s flame began to surround its body as if it was wearing the flames itself, it’s muscles further bulged out as its fangs got exposed from its jaw. This was it’s Imperial Wrath state.


Suddenly, I felt a blast of hot air blow past our bodies.


  [Yuuya, it’s hot.] (Luna)

  [Luna, don’t lose your concentration in this heat. Phil, please use your Icy Veil.] (Yuuya)
  [Leave it to me. From now on, I’ll keep it activated as long as possible.] (Phil)


Suddenly, cold air began to envelop our bodies to combat the heat emitted from the boss. It’s transformation wasn’t just for show as the immense heat affected the surroundings, increased the power of his attacks and the power of its fire attribute attacks. Even just by standing here, our stamina and strength were being sapped from the heat. However, due to this its elemental resistance has dropped even further as the dragon relied even further on its fire attributes, causing our attacks to have increased damage together with Icy Veil. 

After completing its transformation, the dragon turned towards us as blue flames began leaking from its exposed mouth. It was the blue explosion breath being used earlier, however this time it is problematic.




In one breath, as many as seven blue fireballs were blown towards us, a number that even Phil couldn’t handle on her own.


  [Til, begin firing at them from the right, I’ll match the ones on the left.] (Phil)

  [I understand!] (Til)


At the beginning of the battle, Til was our dedicated damage dealer while Phil focused on defense and support. However for this phase, both of them will be on defense as the blue fireballs began exploding one after another. Unlike the previous phase, the dragon isn’t fazed by the explosions as it begins to ignore any pain inflicted onto it.  Due to the dust produced by the explosions, I couldn’t even find the figure of the dragon. 

The next moment, I found the dragon as it glided past us overhead towards Phil and Til, our rearguard.


  [War Cry!] (Selene)

Selene tried to draw the dragon’s attention towards her, however it was ineffective as the dragon continues to charge towards our rearguard. In it’s Wrath state, it’s aggression is hard to manage. Phil pushed Til to the side as she readied her bow, continuing to fire towards the dragon and drawing the boss’s aggression towards herself. As the boss approached her, Phil jumped away at the last minute causing the boss head to crash against the stone wall while she continued to fire away.


  [Phew. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this sort of exhilarating battle.] (Phil)

Phil continued to fire arrows as she jumped backwards, attempting to create distance however the dragon swiftly pulled its head out of the wall and made a quick rush towards her, closing the distance in an instant. However Phil was unfazed as she continued to dodge the flurry of attacks by the dragon while counter attacking in each opening.




The dragon used its Roar as Phil stiffened up for a moment while it lashed its tail towards her. At the very last minute, Phil managed to regain her senses and jumped up in response, dodging the tail however the Dragon launches its fist into the air where Phil was unable to move. Phil took the punch by adjusting her body and bending her knees to receive the impact on her two feet, absorbing the impact as she jumped off the dragon’s fist and landing behind us who were rushing over to help.

With this, our party’s formation was restored as Phil and Til were on the rearguard behind me and Selene, the front-line with Luna in the middle. Phil’s expression seemed to be her usual face however I knew that she was exhausted. Not only did she just receive a direct blow from the boss, but with her method of receiving the blow the muscles on her body must be screaming from the fatigue. Furthermore Icy Veil wasn’t capable of negating the flaming aura around the boss and she must had been continuously damaged from the beginning.


  [I couldn’t keep him in check. I’m sorry.] (Selene)
  [Don’t worry about it. I’m used to this.] (Phil)

Since I was the one who trained Phil, she was also capable of close-quarter battle. In any circumstances, Phil is capable of battling in a close battle even with a swordsman.


  [Oneechan is capable of fighting like this. I wanna fight like that someday too.] (Til)

  [It’s possible you know. If you train properly everyday. Til is much more talented than me.] (Phil)

Although Til was capable of self-defense, watching such a quick exchange was an eye-opener for her. Blue flames began to appear from the Dragon’s mouth as the elven duo continued to knock down the blue fireballs once more. This time, it’s time for me to attack. I began my chant as I rushed forward, closing the distance while I swung my blade. However the boss’s body was much harder than I thought as the effects of Magical Enchantment: Water was nullified by the boss’s flame aura. The dragon swung its hand down as I adjusted my blade and received the blow. At this moment, my chant was completed.


  [Ice Age!] (Yuuya)

A blizzard began to form as it put out the flames wrapping the dragon. Since this spell sacrificed its power to increase its range and effective time, it was more of a utility spell rather than a direct attack. So long as it was able to put out the flames around the boss, that was enough.


  [This is your chance, Luna.] (Yuuya)


Luna rushes towards the boss as she stuck out her dagger.


  [Assassinate!] (Luna)


As a follow-up, I continued to activate Bash and managed to deal significant damage with its flame aura put out and my Magical Enchantment: Water having effect again. The Coronoa Dragon’s eyes began to glow as flames began to gush out from its body. Me and Luna retreated even though Permafrost’s effect hasn’t ended yet as even the snow itself began to catch fire.


  [Everyone, hide behind Selene. This is it’s trump card, it’ll be our opportunity if we survive this!] (Yuuya)

A high-damage, instant kill attack that only comes out in its Imperial Wrath mode. An attack with a large area of effect with high firepower capable of wiping out  everyone in the vicinity. It is an attack which exhausts the dragon, causing it to slow down and expose its weak point. This will be the crucial point. If we survive, we’ll win. However, if we fail to withstand it we will be annihilated on the spot. Selene pierced her spike into the ground as she braced herself.


  [I’ll show you that I’m capable of protecting us. I am the party’s tank! Fortress!] (Selene)
  [Let me help you, Icy Veil!] (Phil)


A blue wall of light appeared, wrapped in ice, however this isn’t enough to withstand the attack. That is why I’ll be playing my part as well. If God’s strength was a spell used to increase a person’s attacking power, then it is natural that there is a spell to increase a person’s defense. Similarly, it was originally a spell meant to slightly increase a person’s defense for an extended period of time, however it was a flawed spell as in a real battle, a person didn’t need to constantly have their defense increased. Ideally you would only increase your defense when you are getting attacked. That is why I compressed its effect to two seconds and increased the effects.

I stood behind Selene as I looked directly at the Coronoa Dragon. The timing this time is a difference between life and death. I began to breath in tune with the boss as I synchronize my pace with it. Since customized spells couldn’t be reverted, I intend to adjust the cast time of the spell to zero once I have this spell levelled to the max. This meant that right now, there is a delay in cast time and it isn’t intuitive to activate as you would never be able to consciously predict when you would get hit. Although God’s strength has a similar concept, it was easier to use as we controlled when we would attack, however for this spell, it is more difficult to predict the timing when using on myself.

Selene’s shoulders were visibly trembling as the dragon’s magical power continued to rise even further than a normal person has ever seen before. Until now, she has been the one to continuously receive attacks that were otherwise impossible to survive which was why she knew how dangerous this attack was. However, she continued to stand in place without running away and placed her trust in my instructions.


  [Selene, are you afraid?] (Yuuya)
  [Yes. However I am the tank, I’ll never run. Yuuya-ojisan, could you give me strength?] (Selene)

  [I understand, I’ll play my part. Let’s get over this with both our power.] (Yuuya)


I placed my hand on her shoulder.


  [Somehow, I feel like I could do anything now.] (Selene)

The flames spewing out of the dragon condensed together, forming a pillar of flame then into an oriental dragon. This was the Coronoa Dragon’s trump card, Dragon Impulse. This was the moment as I began my chant. A dragon made of fire began flying towards us as Selene placed more strength into her arm while my chant was completed. 


  [Absolute Defense!] (Yuuya)

The defensive power of Selene increased several times as her blue wall of light began shining even more brightly as a dragon made of flames collided against a glowing blue wall. The entire chamber was illuminated by blue lights with occasional flames as Selene grit her teeth while I supported her back. Luna hid herself at my back while Til began to scream as the surroundings and even the ground turned to ash as the blue wall began to crack and its light dimming. Simultaneously, the fire dragon became weaker as both the wall and the dragon disappeared, the wall shattering while the flames died out.


  [I.. Protected us..] (Selene)

Selene managed to defend against the ultimate attack by the Coronoa dragon. Once the storm is over, comes the rainbow as our opportunity appeared.


  [End the battle right here! Aim for its heart!] (Yuuya)

The flaming aura covering the Coronoa Dragon disappeared as it’s body turned from crimson red to black while a single point in its chest was glowing red. In this state, only damage dealt to its heart, its weak point would cause damage. Meanwhile, the dragon which had its power depleted moved extremely slowly.


  [I won’t let this chance go away!] (Til)

  [Yes, I’ll continue firing with all my strength!] (Phil)


Phil and Til began firing arrows coated in ice towards its heart. I was running as well however I could never reach its heart. Hence, I was going to be supporting this time.

I stopped right before the dragon as I turned around and placed my hands on my knee while Luna ran towards me. The moment Luna’s right foot landed on my hand, I threw my hands upwards as Luna’s body flew through the air. She twisted her body while holding Baserato coated in ice in her hand. Meanwhile I activated God’s Strength onto Luna as I was confident, Luna was going to end this battle.


  [Assassinate!] (Luna)


Luna’s blade penetrated cleanly into the dragon’s heart as I thought that her form was beautiful. From a difficult position and posture while flying through the air, Luna managed to get a clean hit with the strength of her entire body. In its weakened state, having its weak point attacked by Luna with Assassinate enhanced with Magical Enchantment: Water and God’s Strength. It doesn’t matter if the dragon is a boss or not. 




The Coronoa Dragon screamed in pain as it’s body turned to blue particles and an item landed on the ground. A surge of power flowed into my body as I felt my power increased. We all levelled up, however, that wasn’t all. This was the main reason why killing the dragons was my goal.


  [Yuuya, my level increased.] (Luna)

  [Ah! Me too!] (Til)
  [As expected of a boss. Strangely, I can feel some magical power flowing out.] (Selene)

The massive amount of experience points from the boss increased all of our levels, however, only Selene seemed to notice the power we gained besides our levels increasing.


  [That’s the title of Dragon Slayer: Fire. Fire, Wind, Water. Each element has their corresponding dragon and you can get the title by defeating each of them once. This title gives us a bonus to each element and even some status bonuses which is why I plan to defeat all of them.] (Yuuya)


The only bosses which provided a title by defeating them were the three dragons, the boss of the Tower of Trials, and the Sacred Beast. This was why I wanted to defeat the dragon. Without dampening the mood, I decided to hide the fact that the Coronoa dragon was the weakest among the three dragons. The Coronoa Dragon had a recommended level of 35, however the Wind Dragon had a recommended level of 40 and the Water dragon, level 45. Then, unlike the Coronoa Dragon, the other two dragon were capable of attacking in multiple elements which meant that the battle wouldn’t be as easy with elemental resistant equipment.


  [Then, Yuuya-niisan let’s hurry up and beat the Wind Dragon. My specialty is Lightning magic so we can strengthen it with the title!] (Til)

  [That’s impossible. That’s suicide.] (Yuuya)
  [I guess that’s true. Then, let’s train at Selene’s country then head over there one day and challenge it!] (Til)
  [I’ll think about it.] (Yuuya)


We’ll battle it eventually, however it’ll be better for us to head to other dungeons until we’re level 40.


  [Nee, Yuuya look. It’s a beautiful jewel!] (Luna)
  [That too was my goal. It’s the Crimson Dragon’s jewel. It’s an item that will only be dropped when every member of the party defeats the dragon for the first time. On its own, it’s just a beautiful jewel. However once all three jewels are collected, something amazing happens.] (Yuuya)


These jewels were special items which were guaranteed to drop unless someone has already defeated the boss before. However, since it was still considered more rare than a typical boss item, it still sold for a decent price in the market.


  [Something amazing? I want to know! Yuuya, tell us!] (Luna)

  [I am interested in that as well. However, in the first place, I thought that the Wind Dragon and Water Dragon was just a fairy tale. There shouldn’t be anyone who knows where they lived in.] (Phil)
  [About that. Look forward to it when we collected all three jewels. The Wind and Water dragons are located in a somewhat strange place so it isn’t unexpected no one has found them. It would be difficult for a normal person to find them.] (Yuuya)
  [Yuuya-niisan, I am in agreement!] (Til)

  [Uhn! Let’s hurry up and collect the jewels!] (Luna)


The two girls began running towards the treasure chest without performing their usual shaman dance this time since we were in a hurry. I smiled bitterly looking at this behind them. I’m glad that we won it helped us climb a huge hurden in our objectives. Obtaining the Crimson Dragon’s Jewel, the Dragon Slayer title and the large experience boost. Looks like the sake tonight’s gonna taste much better than usual. Let’s be sure to return and celebrate this achievement.

Oh, and let’s be sure to take measures against the Crimson Hounds.

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  1. OMG! Remember what the lady said to Luna went she went diving in the oasis?! The three prayers maybe the three jewels you get from the dragons, and the blue drop is the blue crystal! AHHH IM GETTING SO EXCITED! 😀


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