Sorry guys i wont be able to post the chaptera for this week.
I got into an accident while playing badminton with my friends when my friend smashed the shuttlecock directly onto my right eye. Initally I couldnt ven open my right eye without any pain and it has gotten to the point where passing a light source with my eye closed causes pain. I inted to wait until tomorrow to see if it becomes better otherwise i will be heading to an eye specialist to seek help. I am extremely sorry that the chapters have to be delayed like this but i hope to have your understanding.


6 thoughts on “Accident”

  1. No worries. Take care of yourself first.
    I would say go now without waiting. You don’t want to have some permanent loss of vision in your eye.


  2. Well, you don’t hear badminton as a source of serious injury too often. Best of luck and hope for a speedy recovery.


      1. I got hit on the right side of my face by a volleyball once back in high school. I was just passing by and was a fair distance away from the players when i got hit with a spike. It didn’t hurt me so much as shock me. My world spun and it took me a good few seconds to figure out what just happened.


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