Volume 3 Chapter 12: The old man pays a visit to a Dwarven Blacksmith

Chapter 12: The old man pays a visit to a Dwarven Blacksmith


Our Magic Pet, a Faerie Dragon was safely born in a hot spring at Flaregard. It was a species of dragon wrapped in fluffy light blue furs and red eyes which could only grow to the size of a kitten at best. Although it was a small dragon, it wasn’t specialized in direct combat, but rather in supportive abilities.


 [Look, Youya! Erik is enjoying the hot springs too!] (Luna)

 [Kyu!] (Erik)


The name given to the Faerie Dragon was Erik. Apparently Selene suggest the name while Luna and Til had agreed to it as the name actually meant “my child”. More precisely, it was the name of the magician who travelled with a hero in a fairy tale who viewed the hero, Youya as his father. Since Selene is a princess, there was such a story in her culture.


 [Look at him Youya-nissan. Isn’t Erik cute?] (Til)

 [Yeah. I could look at him all day.] (Selene)

 [Please let me feed him later.] (Phil)


Everyone was going crazy about Erik. As expected, girls were the type of people who preferred cute things.


 [Everyone, be sure to look after him properly. Faerie Dragons are monsters valued at a ridiculously high price on the market. It’ll likely be the target of other people in the future.] (Youya)

 [No way. Luna absolutely will not let him go.] (Luna)

 [Kyu!?] (Erik)


Luna grabbed Erik and hugged it tightly on her chest. Magic Pets weren’t obedient to anyone besides its owner, thus it would never be useful in any way whenever it was robbed from the original owner. However, Faerie Dragons were known to be extremely beautiful and rumored to bring fortune wherever it goes, causing many nobles to pay ridiculously high prices just to obtain the legendary dragon. This was the reason why the Magic Egg is so highly sought after, the possibility of obtaining a Faerie Dragon.


 [Looking at how it behaves, it seems to be most familiar with Luna. Thus Luna will be taking care of it. It looks like it is familiar with Til as well so Til will be helping Luna with its care. How about it?] (Youya)

 [Let’s do it! Luna will raise Erik well!] (Luna)

 [Leave it to me. Luna, let’s turn this child into a splendid dragon!] (Til)


Allowing them to have a small pet is excellent to cultivate the girls’ aesthetics perception so let’s leave Erik to Luna and Til.

Afterwards, we continued to spend our remaining time enjoying the hot springs and cold alcoholic drinks along with Erik. When our time had ended, we had completely taken in the blissful sensation of the hot springs. Now then, let’s keep this atmosphere alive with a feast since we managed to complete a difficult quest earlier today.






After opening my eyes, I could spot the figure of Til and Luna sleeping soundly while tightly hugging Erik in their bed which felt extremely comforting. Without waking the two of them, I quickly changed my clothes and went out of the room with Selene. It was fine for the two of them to continue sleeping as we weren’t going to the dungeon today. Although most of our physical fatigue has healed from our trip to the hot springs, aside from Phil everyone had suffered extreme mental and emotional fatigue from our extended adventure. Even if we were to push ourselves and head to another dungeon, their concentration would be weak and it’ll just be needlessly exposing ourselves to danger.


 [I feel bad for Luna, since it’ll just be the two of us.] (Selene)

 [There isn’t really a need to feel sorry about it. It’s for the sake of the party.] (Youya)


I was going out with Selene alone so as to search for a blacksmith capable of creating a suitable equipment for her. Selene had a unique fighting style which utilized Renoir’s shield on her dominant hand while having a gauntlet on the other. Furthermore, powerful gauntlets usually had the special effect of raising the user’s magical power. Since Selene served both as our tank and our healer, having a gauntlet which raises her magical power was extremely important. Although such gauntlets weren’t available commercially and had to be specially crafted. For that purpose, we already had some of the most effective materials. The highest grade of magic metals, Orichalcum from the Minotaur and the Ruby Crystal from the Terrafish Larvae which will allow us to create an extremely high ranked equipment. However, making such a equipment required the necessary level of expertise and smithing equipment as well. In Flaregard, there is the flame which has never faded since the birth of the world and the craftsmen who learnt to harness that flame. This will definitely let us create the strongest equipment.


 [Selene, don’t leave my side. There are many people in this city and the human traffic is high. WIth their complex roads and high number of people, it’ll be easy to get lost, making it difficult to find our way back.] (Youya)

 [Yes. I’ll be careful.] (Selene)


Selene was struggling to squeeze past the crowd as I saw her hand moving towards mine before stopping.


 [Let’s hold hands. That way we won’t be separated easily.] (Youya)

 [Okay. I’ll take your word and indulge myself.] (Selene)


Selene grabbed onto my hands in embarrassment. Unlike Luna’s warm hands, Selene hands felt refreshingly cool. Due to her training with a sword, the skin on her hands were thick, however these were the kind of hands which I liked. Selene seemed embarrassed to hold hands as she hid her face and her ears went red. Just like this, we continued through the commercial district and headed to the outskirts which had lesser traffic.


 [We’re here. It’s a shop I’m familiar with. The dragon leather armour that I use was also made by the old man here.] (Youya)


We entered an extremely old-looking stone building. It was located in the outskirts with barely any people around. However, the old man that stayed in this building mentioned that it was more comfortable for him as he could concentrate on his work and was already capable of obtaining enough customers to get by. He was able to get business in such a remote area as many customers were recommended to his shop due to his reputation as a craftsmen.


 [Leave! I’ll only make something when I feel like it!] (???)


The moment we entered the store, we were suddenly subjected to verbal abuse. He hasn’t changed a bit.


 [Old-man. It’s been a long time. Why don’t you show a face befitting of that loud voice of yours.] (Youya)


After speaking out, the old man turned around, opening his eyes wide open. It was a small dwarf with muscles that contrasted with his size. However, his thick muscles fit him extremely well.


 [OUH! It’s Youya!! It’s been a while hasn’t it!] (Old-man Dwarf)


With a hearty smile, the old man replied.


 [Sorry that I haven’t shown my face in a while.] (Youya)

 [What about the armour that I made?] (Old-man Dwarf)

 [It’s the best there is. I can’t remember how many times it has saved my life.] (Youya)


Having dragon leather as the main material for my armour was nice, however it became even better thanks to this man’s confidence in his skills. The number of times I had survived ambushes and battles with my low status was due to this armour. If I had an ordinary armour, I would had long been in the ground.


 [So what do you want me to make this time? You aren’t the kind of person who would come without a goal in mind, I’ll make any equipment if its you! Until now, you are still the best adventurer I have ever come across. Master of weapons. As deadly as you are, yet you choose the most appropriate weapon, utilizing everything to its maximum potential till even my weapons long for you. I sincerely hope that you are here for this hammer of mine.] (Old-man Dwarf)


My ties with this person runs deep. We had a certain incident in the past, however it has long since past.


 [I didn’t come here today for me, but to make my companion a piece of equipment.] (Youya)

 [Huh? If it isn’t for you, then it’s for this girl? I don’t recognise her face.] (Old-man Dwarf)

 [Her name’s Selene. She’s a member of my new party.] (Youya)


I pushed Selene from the back towards the old man as he seems to be scanning every part of her body. However, it wasn’t a look with any ill-intent. Rather, he was evaluating her.


 [Hmm.. Well she is definitely a warrior. No half-hearted person would be able to have this kind of body. However, this isn’t enough for me to entrust her my work.] (Old-man Dwarf)

 [Then would my words suffice? She is my disciple. And I brought her here as I thought she was worthy of your work.] (Youya)


I declared so as I knew the old man extremely well. I brought Selene here knowing fully well that he was someone who chose his customers.


 [I do not doubt you. However, I can’t decide just based on my eyes. Youya, fight this girl. I’ll judge based on the battle.] (Old-man Dwarf)

 [I understand. That’s the case, so will you accept the fight Selene?] (Youya)


Selene who was suddenly dragged into the conversation nodded firmly despite her embarrassment.


 [I understand. Then I’ll show you my skills. Then, you can make a decision based on that.] (Selene)


For an instant, the corners of the old-man’s lips rose. If she had declined the request, she would had immediately been disqualified. He was a man who valued a person’s skill, but more than that, the person’s heart more than anything. With this, she has passed the first test.






In the courtyard of the old-man’s store, me and Selene were currently having a meeting. We were going to begin a simulated battle similar to the battle we had everyday.

I did not plan to hold back from the start.

In order for Selene to truly blossom, I can’t do such a thing. Without doing so, I wouldn’t be able to let her shine in the spotlight. As a warrior, the only time Selene can shine is in the heat of battle.


 [Selene, are you nervous? It looks like your movement is slower than usual.] (Youya)

 [I can’t deny that. However… I’ll do my best!] (Selene)


Selene had thrown a harsh attack, attempting to make an opening using her shield. She has grown ever since we had first met. If she hadn’t grown, I would had ended the fight with my fifth attack. However, it wasn’t enough. Selene’s defense was slowly crumbling and eventually, her posture had slipped as I slid my sword past her shield. In response, Selene blocked the attack with her gauntlet, however she had focused too much on the blade. All things considered, it was an excellent choice. After neglecting her legs, It gave me the opening to land the next attack. I crouched while extending my feet, sweeping Selene’s feet clean off the ground as she fell on her back. Then, my wooden sword was placed next to her neck.


 [As expected,  I couldn’t win the battle. However small, the battle has become closer.] (Selene)

 [Yeah. You’re growing day by day. Pretty soon you’ll get a win one day.] (Youya)


I extended my hand to Selene.


 [Old-man. How is it? Is she worthy of using your equipment?] (Youya)

 [Hmm.. If you want my honest thoughts, she is still too young for my works. She is still several steps behind the people I’ve committed my weapons to.] (Old-man Dwarf)

 [I see. It is still impossible then? One day I’ll come back once I’ve matured. At that time, could you reconsider?] (Selene)


It is in this situation where Selene’s character surfaces. She doesn’t cry in her failures, but take pride in it.


 [Don’t jump to conclusions. I never said that you aren’t worthy. You are still young, however, above all I pray for everyone to grow as they become accustomed to my works. If Youya’s here, I am sure you will become fully capable of using something that I put my heart and soul into. Well I guess that’s enough. I’ll do it. However, my condition is that you grow into a warrior capable of wielding my equipments. If you can comply with that, I’ll make the best weapon you will ever come across.] (Old-man Dwarf)


Selene took a deep breath after listening to the old-man’s conditions and clenches her fists, nodding with determined eyes.


 [I will definitely show you. With the best teacher and the best smith trusted by my master. If I can’t meet your expectations then I will never forgive myself.] (Selene)


That was a powerful declaration. The old-man and I couldn’t help but laugh as our eyes met.


 <She’s an amazing disciple isn’t she.> (Youya)

 <She is> (Old-man Dwarf)


Just by exchanging looks, we could briefly communicate our thoughts.


 [Youya, are there any materials you wish to use?] (Old-man Dwarf)

 [Ah there is. It’s a Ruby Jewel and Orichalcum.] (Youya)

 [If that’s the case then we can start right away. It’ll probably be done by tomorrow evening. I’ll push my other jobs aside to finish it asap.] (Old-man Dwarf)


The old man disappeared into his store.


 [Great for you Selene. You’ll be able to obtain the best weapon in the world.] (Youya)

 [Yes. I’m elated. However I’ll have to make sure that my oath will not be broken.] (Selene)


I’m looking forward to seeing the completed product. Until it respawns, there won’t be a boss in the dungeon and we’ll be busy raising our levels. I’ll be sure to return by tomorrow evening. It’ll definitely be completed by then.

<End of Chapter>

TLN: I’ll be updating the previous chapters starting from today to rectify the numerous errors in previous chapters so I’m sorry for the delay, but the next chapter might be delayed for a week or two until I’m done.

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