Volume 3 Chapter 8: The old man relaxes at the oasis.

Chapter 8: The old man relaxes at the oasis.


While exploring the desert dungeon Sand Canal, we came across an oasis. Since the oasis’s location changed randomly every week, it was a rare occurrence and it can be said that we are extremely lucky.


 [Luna, it’s water! Water you know.] (Til)

 [Uhn. It looks refreshing.] (Luna)


In the center of the oasis, two lovely girls, the elven girl Til and fox-eared Luna had taken off their clothes and began swimming in their underwear.


 [It feels soo gooodd.] (Til)

 [So cold~. Feels great.] (Luna)


The sight of Til and Luna playing with water in their underwear looked like it’ll make a good painting.


 [I feel like bathing in the lake as well, however it feels embarrassing to take off my clothes in front of you.] (Selene)

The former princess, Selene seemed to be less wild than Til and Luna as she was controlling herself from diving into the lake despite struggling against the desert heat. However, from the back, someone was covering my eyes with her hands.


 [Youya, you aren’t allowed to look.] (Phil)


The person in question was Phil as her voice was filled with jealousy. Phil had always been conscious of the fact that her chest was smaller than her younger sister, Although it could also be her worrying that I may have a younger sister complex from seeing her younger sister in her underwear. Although this side of her was cute as well. I’ve never really felt concerned about the size of her breasts, or rather I felt that it was perfect for the beautiful Phil right now.


 [Uhm. It’s that you know. I’m about to head over there to prepare dinner and the tent. So Phil and Selene should just go over and enjoy your bath in the lake. Don’t worry since I won’t peek. You can rest assured about that.] (Youya)


Phil and Selene should also rejuvenate their spirits by bathing in the lake. Since they were concerned about me, then I should move away to let them enjoy themselves.


 [Youya, let’s bath together!] (Luna)

 [Youya-niisan should be feeling hot too right?] (Til)


Without any reservations, the two girls who came over unexpectedly grabbed my hands, dragging me into the lake.


 [Puha, what are the two of you doing so suddenly.] (Youya)

 [Youya should come and play together with us.] (Luna)

 [Uhn uhn. Just kick back and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about the people who are too embarrassed to enjoy themselves.] (Til)


It feels bad to neglect Phil and Selene but the lake certainly feels refreshing. My body which felt burning hot was beginning to cool down. While I was in the lake, Luna and Til both entered the water. As a guardian, I am starting to feel worried about their lack of shame.


 [Mou. I can’t take it anymore, I’m entering as well.] (Selene)


Selene began to move as she took off her clothes and armour, jumping into the lake in her underwear. I felt my eyes being stolen by her attractive body tempered by the training she has done her entire life.


 [This really feels great. It’s embarrassing but you can’t replicate this rejuvenating feeling anywhere.] (Selene)

 [Selene, aren’t you a princess? Won’t this cause any problems?] (Youya)

 [There may or may not be some problems, but it should be fine if it’s uncle Youya.] (Selene)


Selene smiled despite her embarrassment, invoking a sexual appeal that wasn’t present in the two girls.


 [Uwahh. As expected of my sister’s rival. Onee-chan, if you stay there then Youya-niisan is going to be snatched away you know.] (Til)


Just one sentence from Til was enough to make Phil’s elven ears tremble as Phil prepared to enter the lake, taking off her clothes in a hurry.


 [Mou, if that’s the case then it’ll be bad. I’m entering as well!] (Phil)


Then, she jumped into the lake in her underwear. Although I’ve seen Phil’s naked figure several times, watching her figure under the bright sun was a refreshing sight.


 [Un~~. It’s feels good. It’s been a long time since I’ve bathed in a lake.] (Phil)


Phil started to laugh.


 [Just for future reference, everyone please be sure to control yourselves if there is another man besides myself in the party. Other men aren’t as gentle as I am and could even assault you if you lower your guard.] (Youya)


Most men who are adventurers are always hungry for a women. If such beautiful girls such as themselves were to expose their skin, it is likely that they would immediately pounce given the chance. It is also like men to easily misunderstand your intentions if you even just a little bit kind to them.


 [It’s ouhh-kayyy. Luna and Youya will always be together.] (Luna)

 [Uhn uhn. Other than Youya, I would never go adventuring with another guy.] (Til)

 [I have to agree with their sentiments. I only decided to join the party since it’s uncle Youya’s party.] (Selene)

 [Youya is loved by everyone here. I’m the same. It is because of you that I decided to be an adventurer again.] (Phil)


Listening to their words made me happy as I knew that they were a bunch of good girls. I wished that I could continue to be an adventurer together with them forever. However, that also makes me uneasy. What would happen, if I happened to be gone? I won’t be able to stay with them and continue to protect them forever.


 [Thanks ladies. Also, since we’re already swimming in the lake, let’s catch some ingredients for our dinner. Since we’re here, let’s catch something that can’t be eaten anywhere else!] (Youya)


Everyone responded enthusiastically to my proposal. At this rate, it’ll probably be noisier the moment dinner begins.






After our play session at the lake, we began preparing to set up camp. It was our first time spending the night in the dungeon with this party as I began to set up both mine and Phil’s magic tent onto the ground. Magic tents were extremely convenient to use in a dungeon as they were stored in a small capsule. After pressing the button and throwing the capsule onto the ground, a tent capable of fitting two people would appear and the button could be pressed again to return the tent to the capsule. Not only does it make it easier to set up camp, it doesn’t take up a significant amount of space in the magic bag. Furthermore it has two unique features.

First, when there is a monster detected within 50 metres of the tent, an alarm will be triggered, alerting the people inside the tent.

Second is the characteristic that allows the tent to withstand up to three attacks, regardless of how powerful it is. After three attacks, the tent reverts to a normal tent. However, three attacks is more than enough time for us to get up and intercept the demon. Just by having this item, it makes our time in the dungeon much safer.


 [Youya, I scooped up the water!] (Luna)

 [I gather a lot of fruits Youya-niisan!] (Til)


Luna and TIl who were in charge of procuring food were about to return. For the oasis-exclusive dish, we were using the fruits which could be gathered around the lake. There are two main fruits present around the oasis, bananas and coconuts. We peeled the bananas, cutting it into equal pieces and seasoned them with salt before coating it in plenty of cheese and baking them. It is a sweet and delicious fruit which can be eaten as it is, however doing this turns it into a delicious side dish with plenty of nutritional value.

For the coconut, we broke the shell open and poured the juice within into a cup. Then, we peeled the white flesh inside the shell and sliced it. Eating it like this was delicious as well. By eating the slices of flesh with fish sauce, we can enjoy the texture of squid meat without the strong fishy taste with a slight sweetness and saltiness.


 [Everyone, dinner is ready.] (Youya)

Baked bananas with coconut sashimi and a dried fish with vegetable soup. Fresh bananas and coconuts were fruits that we couldn’t enjoy without coming to an oasis.


 [Youya, it tastes delicious!] (Luna)

 [Sweet and it has a nice smell.] (Til)


The two girls started to drool as they stared at the dishes.


 [Let’s start dinner immediately. Since oases are hard to come by, let’s enjoy ourselves as much as possible for discovering the oasis!] (Youya)


Everyone began nodding as we started to have dinner.


 [I like the coconut sashimi. It tastes delicious with a well-balanced sweetness and rich flavor.] (Selene)

 [The baked bananas are delicious too. It doesn’t feel like the taste of the cheese and fruit is overwhelming the other. The dishes have a feeling as if they wouldn’t lose to any ordinary store. Youya has always been good at cooking dishes like these for survival.] (Phil)


Selene and Phil began to praise my dishes.


 [I’m glad that you girls like it. I wasn’t very familiar with the ingredients so I did the best I could with them. Although I am still pretty confident in handling ingredients.] (Youya)


Magic bags were items that only adventurers with thick wallets could afford. Since I wasn’t always a successful adventurer, back when I was just a normal adventurer I had carried an ordinary backpack with me and was unable to carry a large amount of supplies with me. This was how my cooking skills along with ingredient procurement improved over the years being an adventurer. Ordinary adventurers often sold any rare or higher value items as soon as they obtained them for money, that was how we made our living. Even I fell into that category once upon a time. Selling every item that was worth selling: Magic Bags, Return Stones, Magical Compasses. I knew that they were convenient items but I wasn’t able to prepare my own equipment and supplies without the money for it, leaving me no choice but to sell them.

It is the privilege of a successful adventurer to be capable of keeping and using expensive items for their own convenience.


 [Youya, the coconut juice is delicious!] (Luna)

 [I want to keep it in my bottle instead of water!] (Til)


The two girls began going crazy for the coconut juice.


 [If you like it that much, then you can go ahead and collect some after the meal. Only then are you allowed to pack them in your magic bag instead of water.] (Youya)


The moment they heard my words, the two girls began glimmering with excitement.

Looking at them, they were definitely going to go coconut-hunting after the meal. Coconut juice was effective for us as a nutrition supplement while providing some water at the same time. Looking at our pace, it’ll definitely come in handy for the rest of our journey in the dungeon. The meal continued to pass pleasantly as the large amounts of baked bananas and coconut dishes disappeared, entering into everyone’s stomachs.


 [Luna, come over here for a bit.] (Youya)

 [Okay.] (Luna)


Luna walked over and began sitting on my lap even though I didn’t mean for her to do so. Smiling bitterly, I opened my Magic Bag and retrieved a necklace with a blue jewel, putting it onto Luna’s neck.


 [It’s pretty. Youya, what’s this?] (Luna)


Luna’s eyes began sparkling as she awaited my answer.


 [I got the jewel from the hidden room where I first met you. It’s a piece of the crystal which you were trapped in. I thought that it was something you would like to have and decided to prepare an accessory for you.] (Youya)


The crystal was a Blue Crystal, a crystal with a deep ocean blue colour containing magical power within.


 [Nostalgic… looking at it feels very calming. Thank you Youya.] (Luna)


Luna kissed my cheek and Til began screaming *kya kya* while Phil puffed her cheeks.


 [I’m relieved that you like it. I’m hoping that it’ll help you to restore some of your lost memories.] (Youya)

 [Uhn. Then, if Luna remembers anything, she will talk to Youya.] (Luna)


Luna hugged me, rubbing her cheeks onto my chest as her tail shook energetically. After snapping out of the atmosphere, I continued with another instruction.


 [Now that dinner is over, it’s everyone’s’ free time. However, be sure to head to bed early since we didn’t progress as much as I expected initially. So we’ll be making up for our lost progress tomorrow. Expect a difficult journey tomorrow!.] (Youya)


Everyone nodded their head in response. I’m glad that everyone recovered from their sorry states earlier today. We’ll definitely be able to travel further than we did today.






In the middle of night, we were attacked by several monsters however we were successfully able to repel all of their attacks. After all, having a magical tent which was capable of alerting us whenever a monster was within a distance of 50 metres is convenient.

I’m not trying to say that it’s nice to be defeated in direct combat, however it is definitely much shittier for us to be killed in our sleep.

Furthermore there was a much more pressing matter at hand, which was the number of tents we had. I had suggested for me and Phil to have our own tent while the other three girls were to sleep in their own tent, however Luna was strongly against it. The allocation of tent wasn’t influenced by our party’s balance since we would be able to get in formation whenever a monster approached us, so there wasn’t any issue about that. However, I wanted to spend the night alone with Phil so that we could indulge ourselves.

Reading the atmosphere, Til and Selene agreed to the allocation however Luna continued to oppose it, saying that we should be sleeping together. Eventually she relented, however I hadn’t expected her to enter the tent in the night while we were in the middle of the act. It was extremely difficult for us to resolve the situation without needlessly explaining anything.


 [Now then, before we leave, let’s secure all the treasures of the oasis!] (Youya)


I raised my voice early in the morning. Although we had stripped the oasis of most of its fruits and collected the water, there was still a hidden treasure hidden at the bottom of the lake. If someone were to go swimming in the lake, it would be easy to notice something unusual happening at the bottom of the lake. Even though it was a lake with its own current, there was a point where water was continuously being sucked in. Following the flow of water, you would arrive at the hidden chest. However for some reason, this only occurs in the early morning and we were about to collect it.


 [Youya, Luna will go!] (Luna)


Luna whom we decided was the best swimmer yesterday during our bathing session was raising her hand. Since there wasn’t any monsters in the lake, it’ll be safe for a single person to dive down.


 [In that case, can I leave it to you?] (Youya)

 [Uhn! Luna is leaving now!] (Luna)


Luna immediately jumped into the lake who was somehow already in her swimsuit. I had told everyone about the abnormal water current beforehand as the three of us continued to gaze at the surface of the water. After several moments, Luna appeared.


 [Look Youya! It’s a treasure!] (Luna)


Luna was holding a vial with a special medicine within.


 [Splendid work Luna. That is a pretty good item.] (Youya)


The name of the item was Terrier. It had the effect of curing the user of all status abnormalities. Even with human technology, it was only possible to make potions capable of recovering a single abnormally. However, potions capable of curing every abnormally was still only obtainable from the dungeon. Furthermore, it was also capable of curing special status abnormalities that has not been discovered, making it extremely valuable.


 [Also, there was a strange voice in my head.] (Luna)

 [A strange voice?] (Youya)


I didn’t know anything about the voice as I didn’t recall any special events besides the treasure chest.


 [Uhm.. The voice at the bottom said “Child blessed by the moon, gather the three prayers and at the place where the light shines onto blue tears, a new door will be opened”.] (Luna)


Despite hearing the words of the voice, nothing had particularly come to my mind. I hadn’t heard of such a line. Looking at the jewel shining on Luna’s neck, there was a new crest engraved into the transparent blue gem.


 [Luna, is there anything weird going on with the necklace?] (Youya)

 [Uhm there is just a funny crest on it now. Is something wrong?] (Luna)


It looks like the event was triggered thanks to Luna, who I thought of as a special existence in herself along with the necklace in her possession.The three prayers.. Was what the voice said. It looks interesting. I’ll be sure to pay attention to the voice as we continue our journey. I pulled up Luna from the lake and she began wiping her body before changing her clothes.


 [Let’s go, let’s do our best today too!] (Luna)


Two more days left in the dungeon, from now on there will also be several gimmicks present along with the desert’s natural environment. Let’s keep our sense sharp for the rest of the journey. It’ll be tough however if it’s the current us, we’ll definitely be able to clear it.

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