Volume 3 Chapter 5: The old man reconvenes with his party.

Chapter 5: The old man reconvenes with his party


After the hunt for Rock Golems was completed, we returned to the inn and rested our bodies. During the hunt, Phil explained while demonstrating the effects of her new class, the Druid abilities. Status-wise, her physical endurance and defensive parameters were reduced, however her speed, magic power and attack power were all increased. The skills she were capable of casting were equivalent to the Intermediate skills for Rangers and the recovery spells of Monks. Furthermore they had another special tree of spells, Magical Enchantment spells. Their skills were naturally inferior the the bow skills available to Rangers and the recovery magic by Monks, plus they didn’t have any access to exploration skills unlike Rangers. However, there was an appealing characteristic for Druids which compensated that weak point, which was their Magical Enchantment spells.

Magical Enchantment spells were powerful as they are capable of changing the physical attribute of a person’s attack to the desired element, plus the skill provided a 20% bonus to the person’s attack power. Furthermore, if the element was changed according to the opponent’s weak point, the damage inflicted would be increase even further. We had even tested it using my Customized Magic: God’s Strength and the increased power even included the augmented bonuses of the enchantment, making it an even better combination than expected. When battling bigger and stronger monsters, having spells with synergistic effects rather than separate powerful spells were better as the temporarily increase power would be much beneficial.


I got off the bed and opened the curtains on the window. In the blink of an eye, the night had already passed. In order to arrive at Flaregard even a second earlier, we can’t afford to oversleep. It was already about time for us to get up and prepare for departure. The light of the morning sun entered the room as the bed begins to move. Being woken up by the morning sun, Phil got up from the bed. She was currently walking around naked as we had spent plenty of time together yesterday. No matter how many times I see it, Elven skin always looks smooth and beautiful. Although her breasts weren’t very big, I have always thought that they looked perfect on her body and her beautiful limbs.


 [Good morning Youya.] (Phil)

 [Morning. It’s about time to prepare for our departure.] (Youya)

 [I’m still a little tired.] (Phil)


Phil began rubbing her eyes. It can’t be helped that she was suffering from a lack of sleep since we had continued to hunt late into the night, plus we continued to make love even after returning to the inn. As a result the amount of time we spent sleeping was reduced significantly. Phil who escaped from the bed came over and gave me a light kiss. Then, she grabbed her clothes which she hung near the window last night.


 [You idiot Youya, it didn’t dry up after all!] (Phil)

 [Uh..That’s my bad. I really wanted to do that no matter what.] (Youya)


Phil’s revealing green battle clothes were still wet from last night. It had been a while since I’ve seen Phil in her battle clothes, I couldn’t help it and asked her to keep it on. As a result, it got dirty and we had to wash it before heading to bed. Now, it can’t be helped that Phil would have to equip her spare equipment which had a poor performance as compared to her main equipment until it dried up. However, I don’t regret it in the slightest as having her wear the outfit made it even better than I thought.


 [ Well.. I guess it’s fine. I’ll use my spare set instead. Even with this set, I shouldn’t be in any danger on the first hit.] (Phil)


Phil took out a choker with a red jewel imbedded from her Magic Bag and equipped it.


 [I’m surprised you didn’t sell it when you retired from being an adventurer. If you did you would had gotten a fortune. Did you think you’ll need it working as a receptionist?] (Youya)

 [I kept all the rare items I had from my adventuring days. Somehow I had wished that I could continue adventuring together with you.] (Phil)


Phil let out a bright smile as she looked towards me. She really is cute. The choker she had put on was the Battle Angel’s Protection, giving the user an increase in defense and magic defense, however it’s true effect was its automatic resuscitation. At the time of death, the user will be revived and a weak recovery spell will be cast. Being a one-time use item, once the item charge is consumed, the jewel will shatter and it becomes a normal choker. It is one of the most sought after accessory among every magic item available in the dungeon.

In the dungeon, making a single mistake is instant death. Furthermore, humans weren’t capable of casting revival magic, meaning that death would be the end. For that reason, even if it’s only usable once, it is an amazing item that allows the user to avoid death at least once, hence it was an accessory which everyone wants to have.

Although, Phil wasn’t very educated back when we were adventurers. Accessories which provided a larger boost in status was much more useful in a hunt as compared to an accessory which only showed its effect on the verge of death. The Battle Angel’s Protection was only popular in this world due to the low average level of humans as well as the high risk of living.


 [If you have that, then we can rest assured on the way to Flaregard.] (Youya)


Initially I was planning on avoiding large groups of monsters. However, with that choker we can afford to attempt dangerous battles.


 [Yeah. Without worrying about me, let’s take the shortest route.] (Phil)

 [Let’s do that. Also, Phil. There’s something I want to ask you. In Flaregard, we’ll most likely be staying the night in the dungeon. Do you still have any magical tents with you?] (Youya)

 [Of course. However, I don’t think there will be enough space for the five of us. Do you still have your tent?] (Phil)

 [Ah. You saved us by leaving it behind rather than selling it, since it’s meant for the two people.] (Youya)

 [Having five people in one tent would definitely be too cramped..] (Phil)


Without a magic tent, the difficulty of setting up camp in a dungeon will increase dramatically. Or rather, camping inside a dungeon where monsters are present without a magic tent would be suicidal.


 [If you had sold your tent, then we would had to cramp the five of us in one tent. Although even if it was cramped, those girls would still be able to sleep in it.] (Youya)

 [Nothing is more important than our safety.] (Phil)


Magic tents were convenient but it was one of the more difficult and expensive item to obtain. In a medium sized party, you would only need two tents to safely accommodate all four people however it would take the entire fortune of an average person to obtain a tent. Rather, that was the go-to method to obtaining the tent for a party.


 [Youya, you’ve been sneaking glances at me for awhile now, you’re acting weird.] (Phil)


Hoo, she actually mentioned it. Then, I’ll let her know about what I’m thinking.


 [Phil, when you said that you were going to put on a different set of clothes, I wasn’t expecting just a choker and a pair of socks. Aren’t you a bit of a maniac?] (Youya)

 [KYAA. If you noticed it then tell me about it earlier!] (Phil)


Since Phil was sensitive to the cold, she had put on a pair of knee-high socks before going to bed after our little session last night. Then, since she wanted to show me the Battle Angel’s Protection she had, it turned out more amusing. Although it was also quite erotic since she was naked, forgetting the fact that she wasn’t dressed right after waking up. Phil began picking up several pieces of clothing from her Magic Bag as I continued to put on my armour. While enjoying the sight of Phil putting on her clothes, I started to equip my armour.






After replenishing our consumable items from the early morning, we begun our departure from Rumberg. As usual, Raptor was in a good mood due to the bonus speed from the Necklace of Swiftness he received from Phil.


 [Phil, do you remember what we said when we left Flaregard back then?] (Youya)

 [Of course I do. The hot springs felt great when we were there. I can’t wait to go there again.] (Phil)

 [Well that is true. I’m looking forward to that but I meant something else. Phil, I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s time for our revenge.] (Youya)

 [Yeah. I don’t plan on losing again.] (Phil)


Previously, our party had travelled to Flaregard with the goal of defeating the boss monster present there. Since the hidden path to the boss’s room was discovered, there would be a battle for the right to challenge the boss. We had lost the battle to challenge the boss and another party had defeated the boss. Although we were well-known back then, there was a reason why we lost the right to challenge the boss. In order to monopolize the boss room, the parties had banded together forming a clan in a cooperative effort. The clan would decide which party was going to challenge the boss while the rest would obstruct other parties from the room.


I have been trying to collect information about the clan, but it seems like they were still continuing the monopolization with different members. It’ll be difficult for us to overcome them and beat the boss from them, however it is absolutely unforgivable for us to just yield the boss to them. No matter what, we have to obtain the item we want from the Flaregard’s boss.


 [Youya, do you have a plan?] (Phil)

 [Of course I do. This old man doesn’t pick a fight that he can’t win.] (Youya)


With my current knowledge and reliable party members, it is possible even for us to defeat that clan.


 [I look forward to it. Let’s do it. One by one, let’s accomplish everything that our party couldn’t back then.] (Youya)

 [Yeah, that’s right. If its us, then we’ll definitely accomplish everything we couldn’t.] (Youya)


I felt the tightness on my arms increase from Phil’s embrace as I let out a small chuckle and pulled Raptor’s reins.






For several days, we continued to travel continuously while camping out for nights on the road. It’s been a while since I had used a magical tent however the tent worked out fine. Phil’s portion was also okay. With this, I’m not worried about passing the night in the dungeon anymore since we’ve gotten a significant amount of experience for Phil by repelling ambushes and attacks from monsters on the road. Before I even noticed, Phil had already become level 13. With the bonuses from the level reset, the maximum status gain and her excellent equipment, it is likely possible for her to endure a single blow from the monsters in Flaregard. With the Battle Angel’s Protection, she is able of taking another blow, making it somewhat safe for us to bring her to a level 30 dungeon.


 [We should see Flaregard anytime now.] (Phil)

 [Ah. We got there much earlier than expected.] (Youya)


Suddenly, the scenery around us had changed. The greenery was replaced with volcanoes and mines which were characteristic of the scenery around Flaregard. As the usual road was under maintenance, we took an off-road path and were about to arrive at Flaregard. As we were approaching the city, there was a large formation of horse-drawn carriages in front of us. Just as I was wondering if that group was the same group, the answer came out at once.


 [It’s Youya’s smell! Ah, Youya!!. Over here!!] (Luna)


The window of a carriage opened as the energetic voice of a pretty girl with fox ears appeared, with the girl sticking her body out of the window and shaking her hands wildly. I signalled Raptor to accelerate and to keep pace with the carriage as we ran up beside the carriage.


 [Is that Luna? Looks like we managed to catch up.] (Youya)


Based on the original schedule, they would have to wait for several days in Flaregard before I arrived, however thanks to the necklace Phil gave Raptor, we managed to catch up with them even after spending a full day heading to the level reset room, status gain increase and a night of hunting.


 [Youya, it’s been lonely. I always wanted to see you.] (Luna)


Luna screamed with a happy voice while having tearful eyes. Til followed suit and stuck her body out unexpectedly, looking at Phil before saying.


 [Youya I’m glad that you managed to bring my elder sister here safely. However Luna.. Luna has been crying “Youya Youya” every night until the morning you know.] (Til)

 [Til, what about your promise!] (Luna)


Luna turned her face away as she turned red and looked embarrassed.


 [Sorry. To make up for it I’ll play with you more when we arrive at Flaregard.] (Youya)

 [Hmm. 50 points! You’ll have to embrace Luna now or else. Thats why.. Youya, be sure to catch her!] (Til)


Til grabbed Luna’s collar as I started to realise what she planned to do. The two girls began whispering as Luna’s eyes started to glimmer with expectation and her tail began shaking with excitement. I had a bad premonition about what is going to happen.


 [If it’s Raptor then it should be manageable even with Luna. Now then, see you later Luna~] (Til)

 [Uhn. Til, Luna will be back. Thank you.] (Luna)


Til threw Luna out of the carriage from the window as her small figure soared through the air. This is crazy, what are they doing!?

I quickly grabbed Luna out of the air and placed her at the base of Raptor’s neck. Raptor was surprised by the initial shock, however he immediately collected himself and continued running. Normally, raptors should only be capable of managing two adults. However, as Phil and Luna were much lighter as compared to an adult male, it was possible for Raptor to continue with the three of us. Looking at the carriage, Til had a devilish grin as Selene smiled bitterly behind her.


 [Youya, Youya, Youyaa.] (Luna)


Luna began clinging on to me, rubbing her cheeks on my chest. Ahh this is hopeless. I planned on being angry at their reckless actions but if it’s like this I won’t be even be able to reprimand them.


 [Seriously, you’re a hopeless child. Anyhow, I’m back Luna.] (Youya)

 [Youya, welcome back!.] (Luna)


Anyway, let’s spoil her until we arrive at Flaregard, then I am going to lecture Til about this. I did miss them, and I am willing to spoil Luna, but this and that are two seperate things. As the adult, I’ve to be sure to educate the two children properly. I did not know what they were truly thinking as Luna kept burying her face into my chest and her tail shaking with vigor.

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