Volume 3 Chapter 3: The old man encounters a new class.

Chapter 3: The old man encounters a new class.


We had successfully reset Phil’s level and were on our way back to Rumberg. While straddling Raptor, we were returning at our maximum speed while at the same time being more cautious than before. We had taken another path which was safer in consideration for Phil who was level 1. She may have increased attack power thanks to her powerful equipment, but her lightweight armour had also placed emphasis on her speed rather than defense, making her extremely vulnerable to attacks that are able to connect. It may even be possible for her to be killed in one hit by monsters with a high enough level.


 [Youya, I’ve given you a lot more trouble on the way back now that I’m this weak right?] (Phil)

 [Phil you’ve always had the bad habit of blaming yourself for various things. Don’t worry about it. Rather than worry about that, be on the lookout for the monster’s attack. Keep your mouth closed and grit your teeth!] (Youya)

 [Yes sir!] (Phil)


A flock of wild Raptors had appeared. Although my Raptor has been trained and domesticated by humans, it was originally a vicious omnivorous monster. With powerful leg strength and strong jaws, they are a pain for travelers to encounter on the road.






.One of the bipedal reptiles in front of us menacingly threatened us with its glowing fangs. I am an avid lover of Raptors but I’m not kind enough to let Raptors who tries to devour me off. I will quickly wrap this entire situation up.. Is what I thought.


 [I didn’t think that we would be able to escape from the fight this easily.] (Phil)



My Raptor who had the Necklace of Swiftness moved so quickly that his speed completely overwhelmed the wild Raptors. He cried out proudly as we quickly lost sight of the wild Raptors behind us even though me and Phil were on his back. The wild Raptors quickly gave up the chase and cried towards us before turning away. Raptors often determine their leaders based on their speed. They probably admired my Raptor’s rank and paid their respects to him.


 [Amazing! Even though we were both riding on him, Raptor-san still made quick work of them.] (Phil)



Raptor was in a better mood than usual since it wasn’t just me, but Phil who was singing his praises. From the beginning, Raptor was already in a good mood since he was able to run faster than he was usually capable of. Originally, monsters were unable to catch us due to his sudden accelerations. However, his speed was now on a whole new level and now we are able to shake away most if not all monsters on the chase.


 [Raptor, head towards the town as fast as you can. I’ll shake off any monsters whenever we get attacked.] (Youya)



Reliable as usual. I had thought that we would encounter lots of trouble on the way back since we had to protect Phil, but somehow it looks like the trip back is going to be more enjoyable.






In my surprise, we managed to arrive at Rumberg in the evening. Leaving early in the morning, I was prepared to return at midnight, however this is a pleasant miscalculation. We immediately left Raptor at the stables and started moving.


 [Now then, Youya. Let’s head over to the guild soon. I’ve already prepared the procedure to enter the class selection room. What class should I choose? If it’s to make use of my skills then it’ll be a Spirit Archer, but Til is also in our party. The roles and balance in our party would be bad, especially if we encounter a monster that has high Wind (Lightning) resistance and defense power. I may have to choose a different class to prevent that from happening.] (Phil)  

 [I know.] (Youya)


Spirit archers who are capable of using their bow and casting magic simultaneously were powerful but had their own weak point, which was only being able to cast the Wind (Lightning) attribute. There were many monsters who were capable of rendering physical attacks ineffective, and were also usually resistant to one or more attributes of magic if they were at a higher level.

Monsters with resistances to fire were weak to Wind (Lightning)

Monsters with resistances towards Wind (Lightning) were weak to Water (Ice)

Monsters with resistances to Water (Ice) were vulnerable to Fire.

Due to this, it is better for a party to specialize in two or more elements. Since it is impossible to distribute a person’s skill points to master all three elements, Magic Casters often distribute their points within two attributes instead. However, it is only possible for Spirit Archers to use Wind (Lightning)


 [Is Magic Caster the best class now?] (Phil)

 [Wouldn’t it be stupid to throw away your skill with the bow to become a wizard?] (Youya)

 [Then what about being a Ranger to specialize purely in the bow? Unlike Spirit Archers, I’ll be able to take higher-level skills for the bow and my physical range attacks, plus I’ll be able to learn exploration skills as well.] (Phil)

 [No, I think its still best for you to be a Spirit Archer. After all, if we aren’t able to use both Fire and Water magic, the merit of taking a hunter is still negligible. Although there are bow skills that hunters can take which surpasses the Spirit Archer, in terms of firepower it is still inferior to a Spirit Archer. Plus we already Luna who is a Thief who has already learnt several exploration skills.] (Youya)


In the end, the one who is most suited to becoming a Spirit Archer is Phil.


 [As expected in the end that’s the conclusion. We’ll just have to find a way to deal with monsters that are resistant to both physical and Win (Lightning) attacks. There isn’t a party capable of dealing with monsters of all attributes anyway.] (Phil)


Just as Phil said, no matter how much we plan ahead, there will always be a weak point. It isn’t necessary for us to defeat every single monster, especially monsters that are difficult for us to beat. We should only try to defeat monsters that we can beat. Although there is a boss that we’ll have to defeat by all means which has complete resistance towards Wind (Lightning) and physical attacks. That boss drops a powerful rare item which is nice to have but it’s a waste to have Phil become a Magic Caster just for that battle. We’ll think of a different way to defeat that monster.






Thanks to Phil’s preparations beforehand, we managed to enter the room with the class selection statue. Phil began praying to the statue as the ceremony to obtain her classes begin. A list of selectable classes should begin flowing into Phil’s brain. Meanwhile, Phil opened her eyes wide in surprise. Since it’s her second time performing this ceremony, it’s hard to imagine Phil being surprised by anything.


 [Nee, Youya. Try not to be surprised but a class that I haven’t heard of came up as an option.] (Phil)


Could it be another unique class? But Phil who was capable of being a Spirit Archer from the beginning already had an exclusive class. Just what could this class be. The fact that the new class is only appearing as an option now meant that the condition for unlocking the class has been met after resetting her level. In my case, there weren’t any new classes that showed up when choosing a different class. In that case, it should be a class that can only be unlocked by elves or by a Spirit Archer who has performed a level reset. Regardless, it’s an extremely difficult condition which meant that the new class should be an extremely powerful one.

(Note: I’m wondering if the author forgot that the benefits for Magic Knights was customizing their own magic spells lol)


 [Are you sure you didn’t have the class the first time?] (Youya)

 [Yes. There is no mistake. It’s highly possible that resetting your level was one of the conditions to unlock the class.] (Phil)


I swallowed my saliva as my expectations grew.


 [What is the name of the class?] (Youya)

 [Uhm. Druid.. It’s a name that I have only heard of in a fairy tale.] (Phil)

 [I have heard of that name too. It’s the name of the class that the elven ancestors.. The High Elves used to have.] (Youya)


Druids were people who lived in harmony with spirits and nature.They were similar with Spirit Archers in that they both use bows, however unlike Spirit Archers who were capable of communicate with spirits of the Wind (Lightning) Attribute, druids were capable of communicating with spirits of all natural mana. Even during the game era, there was never a character who had the class of a Druid, although that name occasionally appeared in the stories of traditions of the High Elves

My curiosity was piqued as I wanted to know what kind of class was the druid. It is a class that you wouldn’t know about unless you chose it. However, if the class turns out to be a dud, then we would get to know about the class. It’ll be safer to choose a Spirit Archer which is definitely going to be a strong class, I know that. However.


 [Phil, If possible I want you to be adventurous now. It’s a class that was used by the High Elves. Based on the stories, it’s a class that uses a bow and every single magical attribute. If that is correct, we will be able to rectify our party’s crucial weakness and even take advantage of your skill. However, the gamble we are taking is with your life. We can reset your level again once you reach level 50, but that isn’t easy to do.] (Youya)


Your level can be reset any number of times, however the bonuses will only come once. Each subsequent reset will not come with any benefits. They merely throw away the effort placed in up until that point.


 [Youya, don’t make such a miserable face. I’m the same as you. There are times when you have to be adventurous no matter what. And this is one of those times. In fact, I had already made up my mind. When the class Druid appeared in my mind, I could already feel the power hidden behind the class. My body, is telling me to choose it.] (Phil)


Phil replied me and smiled. The next moment, Phil’s body was enveloped in light.

Shortly after, the light dissipated. Somehow, the atmosphere around Phil changed as she checked her status and possible skills before nodding her head.

 [I think I understand it now. Druid is a good class. My own individual firepower has decreased quite a bit, however it is a good class especially for Youya’s party, the best actually. Just as you said, I’m able to cast both fire and water magic. However, that isn’t all.] (Phil)

 [What kind of class is a Druid? Could you explain clearly?] (Youya)

 [It’s faster for me to show you what I can do. Let’s hurry up and head to the hidden room to maximise my status gain! If that’s the case, then I’ll be able to showcase them to you on the way.] (Phil)


Phil approaches me and gently pulls my hand.


 [Wait a moment. I can’t enter the beginner dungeons.] (Youya)


Adventurers who have levels over 10 are unable to enter the beginner dungeons meant for novice adventurers. It wasn’t just a system in place, there were also guards place to prevent forced entry. If someone were to fake their level and enter the dungeon, the guild would use their power to place wanted posters all around the world and start a witch hunt.


 [Don’t worry about it. I’ve done the necessary paperwork. I’ve accepted a quest for us. Ja-jaan! A patrol quest for the beginner dungeons! The monsters that appear in the dungeons can change on rare occasions, thus quests are given out regularly to confirm whether there are any new monsters in the dungeons, allowing newcomers to explore the dungeons comfortably. I’ve already accept the quest.] (Phil)

 [If there was such a thing then say that earlier. You’re really a good receptionist.] (Youya)


As expected of Phil. The quest wasn’t stolen by anyone else. The path to the hidden room is already dangerous as it is, it’ll be difficult for a level 1 adventurer to arrive at the room intact without Presence Detection.


 [It’ll be a waste not use a useful connection right? Even though it’s a beginner dungeon it’s still scary to go around alone at level 1. Youya, please escort me properly~.] (Phil)

 [Leave it to me, princess.] (Youya)


I grabbed Phil’s hand and headed towards the entrance of the dungeon. Phil always had a nonchalant look in the guild, however she was always the object of all male adventurers’ desire as the receptionist idol. However this time, all the men’s sight were glued onto her cute battle uniform rather than the usual receptionist uniform. Even the other female adventurers were staring at phil with longing eyes.

Not just that, there were people who were looking at my arm which was being hugged tightly by Phil without caring about her surroundings. It looked as if someone had lit everyone’s clothes on fire. Well experiencing this sort of things is nice once in a while, Phil is in a good mood and I get to show off my superiority to the people in the guild.


 [Phil, be sure to show me the amazing power of a Druid.] (Youya)

 [Yes! Especially since I have plenty of skill points from the bonuses, I’ll be sure to learn as many amazing skills as possible. Look forward to it.] (Phil)


Let’s take a look at the power of the Druids.

I’m looking forward to see the power that Phil considers to be the strongest for my party. Just what could it be?12

8 thoughts on “Volume 3 Chapter 3: The old man encounters a new class.

  1. Even though the magic knight is regarded strongest in the game time, druid is an unknown class, one basically nobody, even the players in the game era, have any experience of.
    Meaning the high elves is a race that long nonexistent, or one so old theres little of them left, and they’re the only one able to take the job, ie the players only ever heard them as a note in quest/books. Its not unreasonable to Youya to expect something uniquely different from Phil taking up the rare job.


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