Volume 3 Prologue: The old man leaves Greenwood.

The most difficult dungeon in Greenwood was the Wailing Forest. Within the forest, there was a waterfall called the Lamenting Falls which hid a hidden room. We were currently in that hidden room battling the boss monster, Minotaur. Although this was our second time battling the monster, tension could still be felt in the air as a single mistake could risk our entire annihilation. However, that was about to end as the end of the battle is in sight. Slowly but surely, the Minotaur’s stamina was being whittled down at a pace far faster than our previous attempt. That was the proof that Luna and the girls were growing. Not just in terms of levels, but their heart and skills were improving day by day. In the first battle, Selene who was mentally traumatized initially was properly performing her role as the tank right from the beginning in this battle.

Finally, the battle ended as the Minotaur’s skill Tyrant Slash was stopped by Selene and Luna rushed towards the Minotaur who got its balanced disrupted from the recoil, releasing a high-speed thrust.


 [Assassinate!] (Luna)


Along with Luna’s battle cry, a shrilling sound was resonating throughout the room, indicating that her attack had landed onto a vital point on the Minotaur’s body, magnifying tremendously the amount of force her attack originally had. In games, critical hits were mostly activated based on your luck, however in this world it is possible to ensure a 100% critical rate in a single battle. With that hit, the battle came to an end.


  [Your…Power…Seen. Reward…Items..However…Weakest.. Yet to see….Challenge… Real fear… Now on.]


The Minotaur muttered its usual phrase before turning into blue particles. If you listened closely, his phrase was actually a foreshadowing for the future. A large impact could be heard as the Minotaur’s axe and an ore dropped onto the ground.


 [As expected, It’ll be too much to get two rare drops in a row.] (Youya)

 [Although an axe looks like better than a horn.] (Selene)


The unique drop item we got this time was the Minotaur’s axe. Although it was an impressive grade of equipment, it is still only in the realm of strong equipment. It is a weapon that a person could easily obtain just by paying extra for it. It was a piece of redundant equipment though, since I am unable to wield an axe, nor do we have an axe-wielder in our party. We’ll be turning the axe into materials since it looks like it would make good materials.


 [Looks like the common boss item we got is an Orichalcum ore, which is pretty nice.] (Youya)


It is a top-class metal among all the different magical metals that exist in this world. Although it is an essential part of forging the highest possible class of equipment, the methods of obtaining the material is limited. It is such a rare item that you would expect it to drop from a monster that was at or close to level 50 to obtain it, and even then it has an extremely low chance. Together with the Scarlet Horn we got the last time, we should be able to make awesome weapons with this.


 [Now, let’s get the treasure chest at the back and head home. Even if it’s our second time, this was still tiring.] (Youya)

 [Uhn. Battling the boss right after arriving is exhausting.] (Luna)

 [Uhn uhn. I’m super tired. Although it feels a little lonely when you realise it’s our last time coming here.] (Til)

 [I agree. The battles against the Minotaur has been a great learning experience.] (Selene)


Selene was right, there aren’t many monsters that were capable of attacking with such high speeds and power. Since its attacks were both easily telegraphed and frankly linear, it becomes a good training spot for a Crusader. From our battles against the Minotaur, the one who benefitted the most was Selene.


 [Since we finished earlier as compared to the last time, we can do various things once we return. We will be leaving the town the day after tomorrow. Whether its clothing or anything else, make sure to finish your shopping by then.] (Youya)

 [Luna wants to eat all of the delicious food in Greenwood!] (Luna)

 [I will be sure to stock plenty of fruit rice cakes in my magic bag.] (Til)


Luna and Til seem to have their priorities on food whereas Selene plans to look around the weapon and armour shops in the area. We opened the treasure chest and retrieved the immediate mana recovery potion within before returning to the city. Normal mana potions had the effect of raising our natural recovery rate however this was a special potion which immediately fills our mana gauge  making it very valuable and effective. As expected of a boss item drop, it isn’t available by any means. I passed the mana potion to Til who had the highest mana consumption in our party.

We will be leaving Greenwood in two days. We had only stayed in Greenwood for about a month, however many things have happened in that month which made us wish that we could stay here. In order to become stronger, we have to leave.





When I returned to the city, I proceeded to report to the receptionist as usual. When I broke the news about our departure in two days, she seriously started to cry as we had raised the average quest completion rate and wanted us to stay here. Just like what I had did in the past, she had suggested for me to be an exclusive adventurer for Greenwood. It was a tempting offer, however I shook my head in response. I had the promise to fulfill against Leonard, and I have to become stronger by then. Furthermore Selene had to become stronger as well to defeat her siblings in the inheritance ceremony. After realizing her guilt trip failed to work, the receptionist scowled at me grudgingly as I returned to the inn to find a letter directed towards us from Phil.


 [Looks like Phil is also ready for departure.] (Youya)


Phil had chosen to continue traveling with me rather than continue to be a receptionist. However, because of the situation with the guildmaster’s betrayal in Rumberg, the situation in Rumberg rapidly deteriorated and the town’s foundation would crumble if Phil hadn’t stayed behind. After deciding to stay back and improve the town’s situation, Phil declared that she would stay behind and catch up with us after a month. The other day, she had already sent a letter saying that the situation had improved and she was able to leave anytime. This was her follow-up letter saying that the situation was better and she had officially retired as a receptionist with her successor being sent from another city.

In reality, there were many more letters that were directed to me by Phil’s colleagues who were trying to persuade me to get Phil to remain in Rumberg. Just as one would expect, she was heavily relied on by her colleagues, however I had zero intention in deterring Phil from her decision. Especially since I am looking forward to travelling with Phil. Plus if Phil had determined that the guild was in a stable state and retired, then I would trust her and they would be fine. Although I didn’t know how hard it actually is since I don’t know the details. I continued to read through the rest of the letter.


 [… Let’s be sure to inform Luna and Til about this afterwards.] (Youya)


Previously when I had showed Phil’s letter to Luna and Til, the two of them said that they wanted to write the reply to Phil and I ended up letting the two of them do so. However, they had written something outrageous.


 [What does it mean to work hard for our children together with Til and Luna-chan? I’ll be sure to have you tell me the details when we meet each other!] (Phil)


I guessed that Luna and Til had wrote about the task of warming the egg as baby-making in their letters. If it was just Luna who made that misunderstanding, Phil probably would had just shrugged it off, however when Til had followed suit, it caused a misunderstanding with Phil. I’m sure that Phil doesn’t believe that I would do such a thing, however she could just be worried about them.

Afterwards she wrote about her daily life without wasting any time, ending the letter with the words “I wish to meet you soon”.


 [I wish to meet you too Phil.] (Youya)


I put down the letter and wrote a reply. I wrote about departing from Rumberg in four days, the misunderstanding about baby-making with Luna and Till and about heading to the next destination, Flaregard. After I had finished writing the letter, I sent it to the delivery store immediately. With their express mail delivery service, this letter should arrive at Rumberg by tomorrow.





The next day, our adventure had continued smoothly as usual. We continued to travel to the labyrinth and hunted as many demons as we could by taking the most long-winded route as possible. Since the monsters had already spawned, the monsters in the labyrinth had already been replenished. Thanks to that, Luna and Til who were two levels lower than Selene managed to reach level 30. Now that we are all level 30 we will be able to do better in Flaregard. After reaching level 30, the amount of experience required to level increased dramatically, both me an Selene still remained at level 30.

After returning to the inn, we conducted a strategy meeting more stringent than usual, since it will be the first time our party will be acting on two different actions at a given time.


 [Just as I mentioned yesterday. Tomorrow, Luna,Til and Selene will be taking the caravan towards Flaregard. I have already gotten the tickets for the caravan. Then, I’ll be riding separately on Raptor to pick Phil up from Rumberg before heading over to Flaregard.] (Youya)

 [Luna should go with Youya.] (Luna)


Luna puffed up her cheeks as in complaint as I continued to stroke her head.


 [Raptor can only carry two people maximum. If we miss the caravan tomorrow, the next caravan will only leave in a month’s time. Based on the speed of the caravan, it will take about 6 days to arrive at Flaregard. However, if Raptor is able to pick up Phil in Rumberg by tomorrow. After completing our errands we should be able to reach Flaregard in 8 days. If everyone goes to Rumberg together and head towards Flaregard afterwards, it’ll take two months no matter how much we try to skimp on time. 8 days or 2 months, which would you prefer?] (Youya)


There aren’t many caravans that pass by Greenwood. I had considered having Phil come over to Greenwood, however if we were to wait for a caravan from Rumberg, we would miss the caravan to Flaregard the day after.


 [Luna. You can’t be so selfish you know. Just have a bit of patience for 8 days.] (Til)

 [Luna is sad to separate for 8 days.] (Luna)


Luna starting clinging to my body. This girl is definitely being spoilt.


 [When we reunite at Flaregard, I’ll play with you so please be patient and buy souvenirs for me.] (Youya)


 [Luna will endure. Youya, hurry up and come back.] (Luna)

Luna looked up at me with wet eyes. If she continues like this I’ll have to try hard to stop my heart from crumbling.


 [Selene, I’m counting on you to take care of the two of them.] (Youya)

 [Yes. Since I am older, I’ll be sure to take care of them.] (Selene)


Initially she was quite difficult to handle in public, however recently Selene has become much more mature and it has become much easier to trust her.


 [Once you arrive at the town, head to the guild and report to the receptionist at the guild. Have her take care of the arrangements such as the inn and other essentials. Be sure not to go to the dungeon until I arrive. Dungeons level 30 and above have many traps and monsters that are capable of annihilating adventurers. Many adventurers who have gotten past their mid-career crisis have lost their life like this being unprepared.] (Youya)


I am currently asking them to utilise the city navigation system from the guild in Flaregard. It is expensive however utilizing the guild’s navigation service will ensure that there is no mistake.

(Note: Raws say the guild in greenwood however I am assuming it meant flaregard.)


 [Uhn. I promise.] (Selene)

 [Wahwahwah. Why would you think that we would enter the dungeon without you. We would have never become this strong without you you know.] (Til)


Til said a joke. I firmly grasped her shoulder and stared straight at her eyes.


 [I am serious. Stop that. Death is nothing to joke about. The difficulty of dungeons jump up at level 30. I don’t want to lose you guys. Okay? There aren’t many adventurers who are above level 30 for one simple reason. Because most adventurers who do reach that point die. If I’m not around, I am afraid of that happening to you.] (Youya)

 [Uwah. I understand, so don’t make that face please. I promise.] (Til)


Til diverted her head with a red face. It’s good that she understands it. Although Luna,Til and Selene were talented, it is still possible for them to be killed in a high-level dungeon just by overlooking a small detail or dying without understanding the characteristics of a monster.


 [I’ll depart at dawn tomorrow morning, so if any of you have something you’ll like to talk about then be sure to tell me before then.] (Youya)


Everyone nodded as we began our normal conversations. After awhile, Luna raised her hand.


 [Whats wrong?] (Youya)

 [Since Youya won’t be around for 8 days, Luna wants to sleep with Youya for tonight.] (Luna)

That was a request that I have been refusing except for the matter with the Magic Egg. Initially I was going to refuse her request, however watching her teary eyes grow wetter and her fox ears slowing falling made me change my mind. As expected I can’t be cruel enough to make her more depressed than this.


 […. I understand, since this is a special occasion.] (Youya)

 [Luna loves Youya!] (Luna)


Luna jumped into my chest while shaking her fluffy fox tail.


 [As expected from Youya, you have a huge heart. You will be sleeping in our bed tonight.] (Til)

 [Wait a minute. How did you come to that conclusion.] (Youya)

 [I want to sleep with Youya too, and the sofa is so small. Wait, could it be that you planned to drive me out of the bed to the sofa? Or maybe you are going to make Luna sleep with you on the sofa?] (Til)


There isn’t’t any getting away from this. As expected, Til’s slyness came through. Selene had an envious back in the back as she looked at the situation. However she didn’t say anything as it would be embarrassing. It is really regretful but I can’t ask her for help. Disregarding the two girls, there are many problems with sleeping with Selene.


 [Youya, let’s head to bed early.] (Luna)

 [Fuu,fuu,fuu. Be sure to love us plenty tonight okay.] (Til)


The two girls grabbed my hands and we headed towards the bed. On the bed, Luna and Til slept on my sides and cuddled against me tightly. It felt bad in many ways but whenever I looked at their peaceful faces, I felt secure as my anxiety disappeared. This must be what it feels like to be a father.

Seriously, such hopeless children.

It’s time for me to sleep as well. Once I’ve gotten comfortable to the current situation I should be able to have a good night’s sleep.






As soon as the sun appeared on the horizon, I departed from Greenwood.


 [Youya, catch up with us as soon as possible!] (Luna)

 [If its possible, then be sure to overtake us!] (Til)

 [We’ll be waiting for you in Flaregard!] (Selene)


Currently, I was riding on the two legged reptile, Raptor and am on the way to pick up Phil from Rumberg. I could feel Raptor’s body throbbing from excitement as we were finally able to go on a trip again.


 [Let’s push ourselves to the limit and bring Phil with us to Flaregard.] (Youya)


I hadn’t consulted everyone about this, but I am planning on informing Phil about my secrets. About the level reset. Then, we are going to reset her level and head to Flaregard after obtaining a job for her at Rumberg. Having Phil at level 50 would be a reliable force for us, however if we are thinking about the future, it’ll be better for her to have a level reset.

In order to clear the Tower of Trials, having just level 50 isn’t enough. I firmly grabbed Raptor’s reins as I instructed him to go faster.


 [We can finally go on an adventure together.] (Youya)


My dream of going on an adventurer with Phil will finally come true. It’s lonely having to separate from the girls however, I am looking forward to reuniting with Phil again.


<End of Chapter>

Hey guys! For the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on updating the previous chapters to clarify the mistakes and mistranslations done in the past. Starting from Volume 3, once the volume is completed I’ll be spending two weeks to edit the entire volume. This will not affect Volume 3 for now, however it will be affecting my current translations, which means that sometime in Volume 3, the releases will be delayed.  Delayed apologies if the errors had caused any confusion regarding the story.

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  2. I have a sense of foreboding here… Largely derived from the fact that Phil doesn’t really feel like she fits into the party that well… I feel like she’s more likely to have a different role in the story… Like a princess that needs rescuing.

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    1. Well she’s technically the prize/reward for whoever wins the duel between Youya and Leonard, even though Youya already conquered her before he was challenged by Leonard. So in a way she kind of is a princess that needs rescuing in a metaphorical sense.


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