Volume 2 Epilogue

Epilogue: The old man thinks about a new stage


We managed to defeat the boss in Greenwood, the Minotaur.

It was unprecedented that Selene was traumatized by the battle, however the result was even better than I expected. It is difficult for someone to gain the courage and experience to overcome a life-threatening fear. It wouldn’t be likely for her to encounter another situation quite like this and make it out unscathed. We also managed to obtain the item that is necessary for us to add Phil into our party, the Thread of Bond. It is an item that can only be obtained from the common boss item table, making it extremely lucky for us to obtain it in a single try. The other item we obtained was the Minotaur’s unique drop, the Scarlet Horn. With this horn, it is possible for us to forge a magical sword with the flame attribute and a decent attack power. Unlike normal materials, materials obtained from bosses can be used to make powerful equipment regardless of the user’s level. In the next city, the City of Forges, Flaregard there are first-class blacksmiths who are capable of turning this bad boy into a sword. Let’s hurry up and finish our leveling so that we can head over as soon as possible.


 [Bo-nu-s~ Bo-nu-s~] (Luna)

 [Luna, I wonder what kind of bonus we are going to get~.] (Til)


The two girls were energetic as we headed towards the next room. At the back of the room, there was a small room hidden at the side which can be seen once you walk past the throne. In that room, there is a treasure box in the center while the vortex can be seen at the back of the room.


 [Luna, could you open the box?] (Youya)

 [Leave it to me!] (Luna)


It was Luna’s job with Lockpick to open the treasure box as any traps present would not activate thanks to her Level 5 Lockpicking skills. While her fox tail was shaking back and forth, Luna opened the treasure box.


 [Youya look! It’s a Return Stone.] (Luna)

 [Thats a huge haul. Treasure chests are always present once you defeat a boss, making it easy for us to get rare items from the box.] (Youya)


It takes a long time to defeat the boss, however once you do, there is a chance to obtain a rare item drop from the boss itself as well as the common boss loot table. Furthermore there are bonuses such as these as well. Although it is possible to be unfortunate enough to get common items such as Return Stones and Magic Bags (Large), there are also items that are only available from the treasure box.


 [Selene, this Return Stone belongs to you. Take it.] (Youya)

 [Again, I wonder if its okay to give me something this valuable.] (Selene)

 [Me, Luna and Til already have a Return Stone on us. With this all of us have a method of escaping without much risk. It’s nice that we managed to obtain another stone this early.] (Youya)


The stones that the three of us had were given to us by Phil, however there isn’t enough for all four of us. Now we managed to get Selene a stone as well.


 [We managed to get good items for today, but sadly the feast has to be postponed for now.] (Youya)

 [We can’t turn the rare items we got from the Minotaur into cash too can’t we? It’s a shame but looks like its the usual bar for us today.] (Selene)


The two girls who were looking forward to dinner had a look of dejection as we didn’t obtain any funding for a feast. However, that actually isn’t a problem as we had plenty of Eel meat inside my Magic Bag.


 [Actually, the eel meat we obtained from the Numeri Anguilla sells for extra in the market here, plus we will have the reward fee for the handing in the eel meat (Average) for the quest. So frankly speaking, it is still possible to have a feast for tonight.] (Youya)


The faces of the two girls lit up like a light bulb as they reinitiated their ritual. Thanks to Luna’s Increase Drop Rate and the untouched Numeri Anguilla, we were able to obtain a large amount of eel meat.


 [Now then, shall we return home everyone?] (Youya)

 [Uhn. The feast is waiting.] (Luna)

 [Tonight I will get revenge on the cursed alcohol.] (Til)

 [Although it’ll be great if I could stand by the time we head over to the bar.] (Selene)


And, we finally jumped into the magical vortex. The things we have to are to deliver the items to the guild, return to the inn before heading over to the bar.






We completed our report on the completion of the quest while trading away the surplus we obtained from the hunt. The receptionist completed the exchange with an astonished look as usual. As expected, the Eel meat (Average) was worth a large sum of money, nearly three times the price of Pork (Average) even at its normal market price. We obtained an even larger reward fee as we got an additional 50% of its value due to the quest. I wasn’t surprised at the price as eel meat (Average) is a rare find and very delicious. I had also asked the receptionist to introduce me to a restaurant capable of making good use of them as we were planning to indulge ourselves in a delicious meal. Thus, it would be better for us to enjoy plenty of Eel meat in a store with higher quality than usual.






After changing into our casual clothes at the inn, we headed towards the bar. Today’s destination had a private room for us as it was a somewhat luxurious store with food that was fitting to its price, allowing us to indulge ourselves with delicious food. I handed over the Eel meat (Average) and I agreed to the waiter’s suggestion of simmering the meat in wine.

Luna and Til were scanning the interior of the store with glimmering eyes as if they had discovered something amazing. The furniture was well-decorated with a good sense. It was amazing and fun to just look at it.


 [I bet Selene is familiar with this kind of stores right?] (Youya)

 [Yeah. It feels nostalgic.] (Selene)


Selene’s true identity is Princess Lutra. Even though this was a luxurious store for adventurers, its standard was still somewhat inadequate for a princess to frequent. Next moment, the waiter arrived carrying three mugs of wine and one mug of ale. The two girls were fuming with vengence as they planned to fulfill their revenge against their dreaded alcohol, though I pray that they will be able to enjoy their drinks like adults. I’ll have to remember to stop them if they go out of control.


 [A toast for our victory!] (Youya)



We bumped our cups as we took a sip and savoured the liquids in our cups. As the ale flowed down my throat, I felt my tired body being enveloped with a refreshing bitterness. Ale is definitely the best for me after all. The mug was emptied in one go and immediately asked the waiter for another cup. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself without doing this


 [The wine really varies greatly depending on the store. The taste of grape in this store’s wine is really strong.] (Selene)

 [Uhn. Completely different. It is delicious but Luna prefers the other store. Their wine was much sweeter.] (Luna)

 [I prefer this store’s wine as the smell of fruits is much stronger.] (Til)


The wine here may not be a first-grade product, however it was still very well made. The mixtures added were most likely minimal. When the store serves its wine in a mug rather than a glass, it can be taken that the store isn’t meant for the upper class of citizens in the truest sense. It is most likely a luxurious store for ordinary people and adventurers with good income.


 [Selene, could I have a taste?] (Youya)

 [Sure, I don’t mind.] (Selene)


I’m not planning on ordering a cup but I definitely would like a taste. I lifted Selene’s mug as I took a sip. It had a taste similar to a proper wine.


 [Thank you Selene.] (Youya)
 [Uh, yeah your welcome.] (Selene)


Selene face went completely red as she watched me drink from her cup. She is definitely still a pure maiden princess to be embarrassed from an indirect kiss. As an adventurer who has been in dungeons for multiple nights in a single adventure, this kind of thing is rare to see. It’ll be good if I could help train her resistance to this sort of thing slowly.


 [Youya, the dishes are small but each of them taste delicious!] (Luna)

 [Their designs are so beautiful that I can’t help but get right into it!] (Til)


The store didn’t serve their dishes like a typical store and instead served their dishes as if it was a course meal. Small but numerous dishes were being carried over one dish at a time as each dish was annihilated by Luna and Til the moment it touches the table. After finishing each dish, they continued to look at the door with shining eyes filled with expectations.

The food here tasted great befitting of their high price. It’s a nice shop for us to relax on special occasions. Then, today’s main dish came as the waiter entered the room, filling the entire room with a delicious fragrance.


 [It’s my first time smelling something like this.] (Selene)

 [Is this your first time having eel meat Selene?] (Youya)

 [Yes. Since it’s uncle Youya’s favourite dish l look forward to eating it.] (Selene)


The eel meat was placed on a large platter directly in front of us covered in wine. Boiled eel with wine was my favourite dish, and back when I was still travelling together with Phil, she learnt to make it extremely well. It was for this reason that I decided not to sell all of the meat we had on us back in the guild. The sweetness of the vegetables and the saltiness of the butter spreading together with the smell of the eel spread throughout the room.

I took a knife and began cutting the eel into equal parts. Whenever I felt the knife come in contact with the eel meat, I felt the elasticity of the meat pushing back against the knife. After finishing the portioning, I placed a piece of meat into my mouth as I savoured the texture of the me and the taste of the eel fat spreading throughout my mouth. By mixing red wine with tomatoes, the oily taste of the eel is neutralized, leaving only the delicious umami in the meat. As soon as the first piece is swallowed, you can’t help but reach out for another piece.

I quickly gulped down a cup of ale before the umami dissipates from my tongue. It’s the best taste in the world as I felt the impact right through my brain.


 [I’ve been longing to eat this.] (Youya)


Since eel meat is an expensive and rare dish, it is rarely circulated to a common store. Thus it was a luxury that can only be eaten by obtaining the ingredient by yourself. I am glad that we managed to encounter the Numeri Anguilla in this town.


 [Youya, this is delicious! Even though it’s a fish, it isn’t pazapaza at all!] (Luna)

(Note: I have no idea what she means.)

 [I have never had such a delicious fish. I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed. This didn’t exist back in the elf village.] (Til)

 [I’m surprised as well. The taste that feels like it has incredible vitality, it’s as if I’m feeling energized just by eating it. It’s been one surprise after another since I met uncle Youya.] (Selene)


The eel meat simmered with wine was even more popular as it was already disappearing from the platter. We continued to drink alcohol as the meal went on. In the blink of an eye, Luna and Til had already ordered and finished their second cup of wine. However, for their third cup, Luna had ordered milk while Til ordered a cup of grape juice instead. They were still capable of thinking rationally although they both had a small body, causing the alcohol to take effect quicker than usual. The amount they had drank was probably the right amount for each of them to drink.

Next came the main dessert. It was a cake filled with cream as the girls jumped in joy. As expected girls are in love with sweet things. After we finished the cake, we continued to enjoy a cup of tea as everyone thoroughly enjoyed the dishes in this store. Thinking it was an appropriate time, I said.


 [Everyone please listen to me. It’s about what we will be doing from now on.] (Youya)


Today was a celebration, however I chose this store with a private room as I wanted to talk about our plans for the future. The girls’ eyes all converged onto me.


 [We have become much stronger as compared to the start. And we even managed to defeat the boss. At this pace, it won’t be long before we become stronger and reach level 30. By the time we hit level 30, the experience points we gain in Greenwood will become exponentially lesser.] (Youya)


Bosses were monsters that gave a tremendous amount of experience points different from a standard monster. Although it is said to be difficult to raise our levels in the 20s, the Minotaur had given us enough experience points to raise everyone’s level. As a result, I am level 27 while Luna and Til were both level 26 and Selene is level 28


 [Untill the Minotaur respawns eight days from now, we will continue to raise our level like this around the hidden room an immediately defeat the Minotaur once it respawns. Then, after these eight days, we will continue to hunt as many monsters as possible in the labyrinth until we leave Greenwood.] (Youya)


After it spawns, the Minotaur will most likely increase our level by one again. If we followed this plan, we could even level up to 30 right after the eight days, and even if we aren’t able to hit level 30, we will definitely be able to reach level 29 at least. For dungeons with a recommended level of 28, the experience gain will become exponentially worse as our levels increase beyond the recommended level. Monsters below our level will have the appropriate decrease in experience points, making it difficult to increase our levels just by hunting weaker monsters.


 [Understood! Looking forward to the next city already!] (Luna)

 [Suddenly the monsters in this town is already insufficient for us. Let’s hurry up to the next town to become stronger!] (Til)


The two children became noisy while Selene remained silent. It looks like she understood what I meant to say.


 [The next town we are heading for is in the far east, Flaregard. Unlike Greenwood, it isn’t a distance that we can easily transverse to return to Selene’s home. Plus the duration for our stay is going to be at least a month. Although we had initially planned to return in time for Selene’s inheritance ceremony, if we head over to Flaregard we might be unable to make it back in time.] (Youya)


Even though Selene was set up by her siblings, it was still possible for her to return to the Laluzulu Kingdom. However, if we head over to Flaregard it will truly become impossible for us to return to the kingdom in time for the ceremony. It was her last chance to return to the kingdom.


 [I told you before. Until the ceremony starts, I am Selene, not Lutra. I don’t plan on going back on my word. Let’s go to Flaregard.] (Selene)


Without hesitation, Selene asserts her stance on the matter. It seems that it was an unnecessary worry as Selene was already resolvedd from the start.


 [I understand your feelings now. Then, before we leave in 10 days, let’s try harder than we have ever did before. Everyone, be sure to reach level 30 by then.] (Youya)

 [Luna will do her best!] (Luna)

 [Uhn uhn. It’ll be depressing if our departure was delayed because we didn’t level fast enough. Plus it’ll be bad if we don’t hatch the egg soon.] (Til

 [It’ll be a shame to leave the rare items we have as it is. I’ll like to quickly make a gauntlet using the item we got from the Terrafish Larvae.] (Selene)


Everyone began to talk about their expectations when heading towards Flaregard. Looking at how Luna and the girls are enjoying themselves, I felt myself enjoying life even more. The city of flames and blacksmiths, as well as the city of hot springs. Flaregard. The flame which was born the same time as the world, capable of melting everything without extinguishing even once.,The Sacred Flame and the best blacksmiths in the world who are capable of using it to create powerful equipments. Using their hot springs which draws out a person’s magic power and cleanses the person’s soul, we are able to hatch the Magic Egg to give us a new fighting force. A volcano that contains the hidden item necessary to increase the number of party members by one. The special item that must be obtained from the boss in Flaregard and a skill that can’t be obtained anywhere else. There are countless reasons for us to go towards Flaregard, plenty more reasons as compared to Greenwood.

Originally, it isn’t a town where a 2 month old party should be heading to. However we will be fine.

Because my party is the strongest party there is.

The thief who is overflowing with talent and battle sense fighting at the middle guard as well as possessing exploration skills.

The spirit archer who has mastered the art of the bow and magic, capable of utilizing them both to their maximum potential.

The crusader who has inherited the battle style and skills of the battle princess Renoir, becoming the strongest tank in the world.

Then, Phil will finally be joining our party at last. I haven’t mentioned anything about it to the girls yet, but a letter came from Phil the other day that the matters of the guild has already been resolved.

With this unstoppable party, there are no obstacles that we can’t overcome. With delicious sake and hearty laughs, it was the best night I have ever had in awhile. We will only continue to grow from here, and continue moving forward. These were all the pleasures that I couldn’t experience in decades. 10 days from now, we will head to our new stage, Flaregard.

<End of Chapter>

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