V2 Chapter 10: The old man replicates the battle princess Renoir’s battle style.

(Note: Update at the end of the chapter. )

After returning from the bar yesterday, I borrowed Selene’s shield before returning to bed with a sweaty body. The next morning felt great as I had only drank moderately last night, however in contrast to me…


 [Luna’s head.. Luna’s head is going to break~~.] (Luna)

 [Ugh. As expected alcohol is a no-go. Juice is still the best.] (Til)


The two children were whining in bed as they had drank too much wine yesterday. The result of drinking five large jugs of wine gave the two of them a magnificent hangover. In their current state there is no chance for us to enter the dungeon. Well in the first place, there was the need to arrange equipment for Selene while adjusting our party’s movements as a four-man squad. As a result, we will be postponing the Starfish Larvae’s labyrinth exploration to tomorrow instead.


 [The two of you stay in bed for today.] (Youya)

 [Uhn. It’s regrettable but Luna will stay in bed.] (Luna)

 [Going out like this is impossible~.] (Til)


Truth is if they were to drink an antidote potion, it would treat the hangover as it was basically a weak alcohol poisoning, it is something commonly done by adventurers. Adventurers would often drink an antidote after drinking before heading over to a dungeon. However, let’s have them enjoy the hangover to remind them not to overdrink again.


 [Selene. You can change your clothes in the other room. Then, list the essentials that you need. Currently we only have the clothes that I bought for you the other day so clothing is a definite. Don’t worry about the money since we still have lots in reserve.] (Youya)

 [Then I’ll take your word for it. I especially would like a change of underwear..] (Selene)

 [I don’t know what to do about that even if you tell me.] (Youya)


I smiled bitterly. Why do young girls come so close to me like this being unprotected. Although I just woke up, my joints were already beginning to hurt. It’s probably time for us to change rooms. Originally our room only had two beds. Luna and Til used one bed while I slept in the other, however I gave my bed up for Selene. Since it will be difficult to sleep on the sofa everyday, I’ll talk to the innkeeper about a room change afterwards.




Selene and I seperated from the two children who were suffering from a hangover and walked around the town. Although the town wasn’t as large as Rumberg, the shops were much more vibrant and had a larger variety. This is most likely thanks to the large number of adventurers who visit the town during the Magic Egg season. There are many accessories and equipments with excellent functionalities for intermediate adventurers in the city. Halfway through our trip, I began acting separately from Selene as the party leader to replenish our expendable items such as potions and preserved meals whereas Selene went on to purchase her essentials. I had thought about following her on her shopping trip but it would be embarrassing to follow her as she was buying basically all her essentials including her underwear. Although I handed over a large sum of money to her, I am secretly hoping that her sense of money wasn’t over the top as she was still a princess




After replenishing our consumables, I waited for Selene at a big tree in the middle of an open square.


 [The price was much more reasonable than I thought.] (Youya)


The replenishment of consumables was cheaper than I thought. I had expected the prices to be higher due to it being magic egg season but on the contrary the price was cheaper than the other cities. The quality of the potions were good and the preserved meals weren’t that bad either. After awhile, Selene appeared as she came running towards me.


 [Sorry for making you wait, Uncle Youya.] (Selene)

 [Don’t worry about it, I just arrived a few moments ago. Did you finish your shopping trip safely?] (Youya)

 [I did. I’ll return the change.] (Selene)

 [I’m glad your trip went well. Keep the rest of the money. It’ll be better for you to have some money if we are ever seperated.] (Youya)


It seems that her sense of money was much better than I thought. I was expected her budget to be spent completely on clothes. I had heard beforehand about what she was going to purchase but I’m glad that she managed to spend well within her budget.


 [Then I’ll do as you say and keep them with me. It’s finally time to buy my armour. I’ve never gotten the chance to choose my own equipment my heart is pounding from excitement. Truthfully I wanted uncle Youya to choose both my equipment and my name.] (Selene)

 [Then for that reason, let’s take a look at your equipment together.] (Youya)


As expected Selene showed an embarrassed look as she held my hand. This reminded me of our time together ten years ago after my promise to become her knight, she was always embarrassed around me.I felt a little emotional after witnessing her small hands grow this large.


 [I am also looking forward to our sparring session later today. I will definitely not lose. I won’t give in when Renoir’s style has been tarnish.] (Selene)


She is surprisingly unwilling to give in. Unwillingness to be defeated is a necessary trait of an adventurer, however I can’t stay silent at this either.




The two of us entered a store to purchase the basic equipments necessary for Selene. The basic equipment for a crusader was a one-handed sword, a shield, armour and a helmet if necessary. Yesterday I equipped my spare one-handed sword and armour and tested them. The sword was comfortable enough for me to use without discomfort. Similarly for the spare equipment, it was a flexible armour with anti-blade properties and has excellent properties against fire and ice still felt comfortable to put on. Since shields were sold everywhere, I came here as the store looked to have high-quality equipments. In the meantime, if there were any good equipment being sold in the meantime I would buy them as a spare. Since we have plenty of savings after all.


 [Uncle Youya prefers leather armour to metal armour even after all this time. Even now you are looking enthusiastic. Me and the knights often only wore metal armours.] (Selene)

 [The skins of monsters and dragons more often than not are more durable and provide more protection than metal armours. Plus they are light and easy to move about in. Since I live and die by my blade, my sword is my lifeline and there aren’t any armour that can completely protect you from a sword. In the first place, if you were to wear heavy metal armour it would be difficult to go on adventurers isn’t it? We would probably have to walk continuously for countless days and tens of hundreds of kilometers. You would collapse before you even got to fight any monsters.] (Youya)


After listening to my words, Selene placed her hand on her chin and went into deep thought.


 [After your explanation now it makes sense. It would be fine if it was a half a day hunt or at best a full day, however if you were a competent adventurer you would be spending most of your time in the dungeon. In that case it would be difficult to wear metal armour.] (Selene)


Unless you were a beginner, adventurers whose lives depend on their adventuring activities would never use metal armour.

Your armour which was supposed to act as a safety net would become your biggest enemy. Even if you were to travel with light metal armours, only the vital areas would be protected by the armour and exposing other areas of your body. However there are still exceptions to this. There are super lightweight metal armours that exist with incredible durability. That metal was dubbed the “Steel of God” and it was the metal used to craft Renoir’s shield. The armour that Leonard was wearing is also made from the same steel. It was probably the armour he got from the Tower of Trials.


 [I’ve seen many good equipments in my time but there are also many impressive equipments here. Shall we take a look at their shields?] (Youya)

 [Yes. Let’s do that uncle Youya.] (Selene)


Selene walked over to the section where numerous shields are lined up. Although they are often generalised as a shield, there are many different types of shields. Such as a large two-handed sword or a one-handed shield. Besides their sizes, there are also lanturn shields with blades or spikes attached to them.

Selene’s attention was completely focused on one shield among the line of shields. It was a round shield with a buckler in the center. The legendary Renoir’s shield was also a buckler, so it’s wasn’t surprising that her attention was caught by it.


 [I think that either one of these two shields are good. Which shield is better?] (Selene)


Although the two shields looked the same, the left shield was made of mithril while the right was slightly larger and made of adamantite.


 [It seems so. I would prefer the left although the right shield seems better in terms of hardness. Mithril has a higher defense against magic and it’s  lighter, making it easier to handle.] (Youya)

 [I agree. Then I’ll take the left one. Although isn’t it really expensive to use mithril? Is it really okay to spend this much money?] (Selene)

 [It’s alright. There is a need for such a shield and the amount can be recovered easily from your contribution to the party.] (Youya)


The shield costs about the same as Luna’s dagger and Til’s bow added together. However, it is a shield which we will be betting our lives on, I have no intention to skim out on this.


 [I will definitely be sure to return your kindness with my work.] (Selene)


Selene brought the shield to the shopkeeper as I paid him the amount. The store owner smiled and said.


 [Both of you seem to be excellent adventurers. Our shop is capable of applying magic coatings onto the shield, would you be interested in one?] (Shopkeeper)

 [Hou. You’re able to apply magical coatings. Please do so.] (Youya)


Magic coatings was a type of coating that raised the equipment’s defense against magic by apply magic power and binding a thin layer of metal over the shield. However, since the plating wears off after receiving several magic attacks, it is necessary for us to periodically restore the coating. However it is still a useful process since it gives the user several chances to defend themselves against magic attacks.


 [Roger that.] (Storekeeper)

 [Is it possible for you to apply the coating to another equipment other than the shield that we just bought?] (Youya)

 [I don’t mind, however it’ll be fifty extra per equipment.] (Storekeeper)


I had an idea after the storekeeper mentioned the coating. If it was a magic coating, would it be possible to cover the Laluzulu emblem on the shield?


 [Have you heard about the rumors that the Laluzulu Kingdom’s princess, Princess Lutra was eaten by the Starfish Larvae?] (Youya)


We heard the rumors float around in the bar yesterday during our dinner It was normal for a national incident such as this to have rumors float around, however it feels too early for the rumors to be spreading. There is the possibility of someone spreading her death deliberately.


 [I have heard about that rumor.] (Storekeeper)

 [Truth is, we picked up a shield that most likely belongs to her in the forest of God Trees and it would be troubling to use it with the rumors spreading around.] (Youya)

 [Well of course you would be.] (Storekeeper)

 [Could you apply a coating onto the shield as we can’t use it with the emblem on the shield?] (Youya)


From the storekeeper’s point of view, this excuse would be expected. If we were discovered with the shield, it would be likely that the kingdom would ask us to return the shield, furthermore the store owner would also be deprived of a potential business deal.


 [I don’t mind. Show me the shield.] (Storekeeper)


I took out the shield from my magic bag and handed it over to the storekeeper.


 [Hmm it’s a good shield. Just wait a moment and the shields will be ready in about two hours.] (Storekeeper)

The storekeeper went to the back and prepared a receipt for us in advance and went to the workshop that was within the store. While we were alone, Selene opened her mouth.


 [Uncle Youya.. Why did you do that?] (Selene)

 [If there is a magic coating then there is the possibility of using your shield while hiding it’s materials and the crest. Like this, the mythril shield that you chose will be even more important as you’ll have to keep your shield once the coating wears off. No one would suspect anything if you took out a different mythril shield after one becomes worn out.] (Youya)

 [But doesn’t this mean that the storekeeper now knows my shield is in your possession?] (Selene)

 [Don’t worry. First-rate craftsmen do not talk about personal information of their customers. I can tell that shopkeeper is a top-tier craftsmen.] (Youya)


You can tell a first-rate craftsmen just by looking. It should be safe for us to trust this shopkeeper.


 [Ah so thats the case. I’m surprised at the development but I’m also glad I will be able to use a shield i am familiar with. Is it possible to coat the sword as well?] (Selene)

 [If you try to coat a sword its sharpness will decrease and it will become blunt.] (Youya)

 [Well that would definitely be difficult.] (Selene)


This is precisely the reason why it is a coating technique that can only be done on a shield. It is also possible to do it on an armour however it is much more costly. Plus my spare armour would have a better performance anyway we need not force ourselves to get a new set of armour.

Now I’m looking forward to our completed shields.




After bring the purchased items back to the inn, Me and Selene were completely equipped standing in the courtyard. It was time for our sparring session.


 [Are you seriously going to battle me with just a shield?] (Selene)

 [Ah. Just like how the legendary battle princess Renoir did, I have shield on my right arm and a free left hand.] (Youya)


For this battle, I am borrowing Selene’s shield which was passed down from the legendary Renoir herself.

It was originally a silver shield made from the “Steel from god” however thanks to the coating it looks much more metallic. Its shape was just slightly larger and thicker than a standard round buckler. However, it’s true potential lies in the holes several centimeters in diameter at the bottom of the shield. Just as I remembered it in the game.

I poured some mana into the shield to test my theory and the shield responded as I imagined. I borrowed the shield from Selene yesterday to practice the shield-style of battle as well as how to channel mana in many different ways.

For equipments that require mana to function, each of them has a unique gimmick which has to be performed properly in order to activate their abilities. As I have encountered several different magic swords, I’ve managed to pick up the correct way to channel mana as well as how to do them appropriately for different magical items.


 [I don’t know what or how uncle Youya plans to defeat me using Renoir’s supposedly true battle style, but I will strongly utilize the sword of the Laluzulu kingdom that has been drilled into me since I was a child. This is the true battle style used by the legendary hero.] (Selene)


Selene was holding a shield in her left hand and a wooden sword on her right. After several preparations, the battle has finally begun. The rules for this battle was simple. The first one to land a blow on their opponent is the victor. For me, that would be to pierce her using the buckler, however my buckler has a short range as compared to her sword. I was at an extreme disadvantage.. If the battle princess Renoir’s shield was a normal shield that is.


 [Now then, come at me anytime. Or is Selene just all talk and afraid of attacking on her own?] (Youya)

 [Your intentions are as clear as day. However I will still bite it nonetheless.] (Selene)


Since my opponent has a wooden sword, I can’t just recklessly charge into her range. I closed the distance slowly while carefully observing her movements to watch for her attack’s preliminary movement and prevent it with my shield. A capable fighter using a sword and a shield will most likely use their shield to create an opening while countering using their sword to attack. A buckler was small for a shield, however in exchange it’s handling and ease of usage increased thanks to it’s small size.

Now then, since the match wouldn’t be exciting if we were just waiting around like this, I increased the pace of the match, rushing and quickly entering within range of Selene, throwing her tempo off. While her stance was thrown off by the sudden change in pace, she slashed with her sword.

Using the buckler and it’s roundness, I passed the blow to the side. Compared to a sword, the buckler was much closer to my body and  slightly larger, making it easier for me to deflect her blows. The buckler might unexpectedly suit me.

I properly deflected Selene’s attack using the buckler. The battle princess Renoir used her buckler in her dominant hand, making it easier for her to maneuver and increase her charging power while at the same time increasing her defense by having a shield on her dominant hand.

I carefully observed  Selene’s sword.

It appears that she was avoiding releasing a heavy blow in order to preserve her balance and form. As a result it allows her to release strong and accuracy blows, piling up sharp attacks one after another . It was interesting and at the same time a powerful way of utilizing a sword.


 [Uncle Youya, your defense is as amazing as usual. However, it isn’t a method of attacking in the slightest.] (Selene)


I replied Selene as I deflected another slash.


 [That’s because I haven’t gotten into it yet. I just wanted to understand your fighting style while observing your capabilities. There are still things I have yet to show you. 7 times. Do you know what this number represents?] (Youya)

 [What is it?] (Selene)

 [The number of times I could have killed you in this round.] (Youya)


Selene took a deep breath as she launched another flurry of attacks. This time, the openings she had were gone and her attacks became much heavier. I knew about it from the start, that her swordsmanship was likely a little below a top-class swordsman. It is easily understood from how she was raised and how long she has been training. However, her spirit was still far from a top-class swordsman. Equally important to your techniques, your spirit was something that hard to be honed as well.

Now then, I’m pretty much done with grasping Selene’s sword style. It’s time to finish this match. Shields were always meant for receiving attacks, however it is also possible to use them for launching attacks.


 [Let’s do this!] (Youya)


It was a chance for me to counter by opening a gap with force. I used my buckler in a swift manner and swept her sword with a backfist, knocking it away with the back of the buckler. Selene dug her foot into the ground and launched herself backwards trying to open up a distance between us. However it backfired and instead opened a large opening for me. Utilizing God’s Strength to increase my speed to a godlike level, I lunged towards Selene. Twisting my waist, I transferred the energy to my shoulder then to my arm, aiming to strike Selene’s forehead with my buckler. Before the buckler collided, I immediately activated the hidden function of Renoir’s shield. As my arm stretched towards Selene’s forehead, a roar could be heard from the shield as a thick pile spike made of Steel of God appeared and stuck out from the bottom of the shield at the speed of sound.

This is the special gimmick within the battle princess Renoir’s shield, the shield that was used for both defense and offense. The tip of the spike, with the double acceleration from God’s Speed as well as their release of the spikes close to sound, stopped right before impaling Selene’s forehead, with the tip of the spike slightly splitting the skin on her forehead. A gust of wind blew as blood flowed down her forehead and her beautiful hair danced in the wind.

It was the end of the match.


Selene lost all strength in her legs as she fell to the ground from the shock of the spike.


 [Ah.ahh.ahhh. It’s not blown off. My head’s still here. I’m properly alive.] (Selene)


She was in shock to the point that the blood drained from her face and her facial expression was completely frozen. She clearly did not expect that a spike launching at the speed of sound would not strike her between her eyebrows, knowing that if the blow had connected, her head would have been blown off.


 [This is Renoir’s original style of battle. Overwhelming her opponents with her speed and power, breaking down their defense before feeding them to her spikes. She also wore a gauntlet on her left hand, however let’s leave that for another day. Having spikes in a shield is quite a convenient thing. Just like this, when receiving a heavy blow, you can pierce the ground with the spikes and firmly root yourself to the ground. Once you learn to place your entire body’s strength into this form, you can stop an opponent several times your own weight. If I were to teach you, Selene you would be able to use this in no time.] (Youya)

The spikes were extremely useful both for offense and defensive. It’s a pity that this gimmick was lost to the kingdom’s history. I will be sure to teach Selene how to utilize her magic power in order to activate the shield of Renoir in its original manner.

Selene seemed to receive a shock far larger than I imagined as she continued to stay on the ground without moving. After a brief moment, the sound of water flowing could be heard as a pool of water formed around Selene who was in a girl’s sitting position. It seems that stopping the spikes right before her forehead was much more frightening that I thought.


 [Well, uhm. I was expecting to give you a shock but I didn’t think it would have that much of an effect. Let’s return to the inn. I’ll prepare hot water for you.] (Youya)


Colour returned to Selene’s face as her expression changes and her face became reddish.




Selene began to cry uncontrollably as she was embarrassed from being seen wetting herself. It seems that I overdid it. What should I do? I pinched my cheeks as I was troubled about what to do. Let’s return to the inn for a change of clothes. It’s a good thing that she bought a change of underwear earlier this afternoon.


< End of Chapter>

Hey guys! Sorry for the late release as I wanted to give a bit of information at the end of the chapter. If you didn’t know already, I’m entering the military at the end of October so I won’t have that much time to read chapters. That said, I don’t intend to stop this series. So the path I took was to set a one fixed chapter release every week in order to have a surplus of chapters in the event that I am too busy to finish one chapter that week. And that period is going to be a very long time. Thus I plan to keep the series to one chapter a week until I am done with volume 4 of the series. Once I’m done with volume 4, I’ll continue with multiple releases in a week if I manage to complete one chapter that week (Eg. Once I’m done with volume 5 chapter 1, I’ll release a double chapter that week.)

This will be the pacing for subsequent releases and I am sorry if one chapter a week feels really slow! In any case, I hope you enjoy the series and thank you for reading!

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