V2 Chapter 9: The old man challenges Selene

After completing our preparations, we finally arrived at the bar.

We were recommended to this bar by the receptionist after I had asked for a place where we could enjoy a good meal as adventurers regardless of the price.


As it was my first time arriving in Greenwood outside of the game, I wasn’t familiar with the place nor do I know about the places we should go. It is precisely at this moment where we should rely on someone familiar with the town such as the receptionist or the owner of the inn.

After arriving at the front door, I could tell that we had came to the right place. There were many adventurers of different races enjoying themselves in the bar. Having adventurers as your main customers is a rough situation as it is difficult to survive unless your performance is highly efficient for your cost to make up for possible damages in the property.


 [Youya, there is the smell of good meat *slurp**slurp*.] (Luna)

 [The smell of the vegetables here is great too. I’m familiar with plants so I can tell a fresh vegetable from a bad one.] (Til)

 [I do not frequent lively stores like this. My heart is pounding from excitement.] (Selene)


Before we managed to place our orders, Luna, Til and Lutra.. I mean Selene seem to be looking forward to the food here.

When the waiter arrived, I asked for their recommendations. When entering a store for the first time, I tend to order their recommendations rather than pick out a dish I would like as I like to try out the store’s most confident dish.


 [Luna and Til prefer juice to alcohol?] (Selene)

 [Uhn. Alcohol is bitter. Milk with honey is good.] (Luna)

 [Right? Juice is delicious you know! I am a believer of fruits!] (Til)


In this world, a child would be considered an adult once they reach the age of 13, thus both Luna and Til are able to drink alcohol, however the two of them refused to drink as it was too bitter for them. Times like this made me miss the old days of having a drinking party late at night.


 [How about you Selene?] (Youya)

 [I would like to have wine.] (Selene)

 [The wine here won’t be the same as the wine you drank in the past. It’s much lighter and younger.] (Youya)


Nobles typically drank wine that has been nurtured for a long period of time, however such luxurious goods aren’t present in general shops like these. The wine served here is typically a young wine that was made in the year and its method of production isn’t suitable for long term preservation.


 [That is interesting. I’ll have to get used to an adventurer’s wine so I am definitely going to order it.] (Selene)

 [Got it. Excuse me miss. Can I have one milk with honey, grape juice, one ale.. Actually cancel the ale and give me 2 wine instead.] (Youya)


I ordered a cup of milk, 2 jugs of wine and a grape juice. It is a nice thing to drink wine from time to time as well.

The drinks came fairly quickly in this store as the waiter immediately brought us our orders.

With sparkling eyes, Luna gulped down her warm milk with honey. I was always wondering if her love from milk was derived from her fox traits as she seems to love milk. Til said that the grape juice tasted decent while Selene was surprised to see the wine served in a jug, Nobles often drank wine from a glass but adventurers gulp wine down from jugs. Selene learnt by observing the surrounding adventurers and followed suit.


 [Delicious, however is this really wine?] (Selene)

 [Well at least I think so. That is the taste of an adventurer’s wine.] (Youya)

 [I see. So this is the taste that uncle Youya and your friends often drink. It has no deep flavour to it, it tastes as if it was mixed with a bunch of different ingredients and the grape flavour is diluted. However, it’s still good and easy to drink. I like it.] (Selene)


Following her words, she tilted the mug and drank another mouthful. The wine drank by adventurers often varies all the way from the grapes harvested to the method of manufacturing the wine. Nobles are picky with their wine and often only use delicious grapes from the trees. However, cheap wine for adventurers often only consist of using more and more grapes. Naturally, since it was made with inferior grapes in sweetness and quality, only inferior quality of wine can be made. However, it isn’t edible the way it is as the sugar content and alcohol concentration was still low. Hence afterwards it was mixed with various ingredients such as honey, lemon juice, other grape wines and alcohol, increasing its volume while improving its taste. Thanks to that, the taste of the wine in each bar varies.

There are even several stores that merely add water to the mixture instead. However, the shop here was amazing with good tastes. The wine was well made, sweet with a strong acidity and the taste of hidden spices behind it. My body began to feel warm drinking the wine. After the drinks came the food.


 [Youya look! It’s a mountain of meat!] (Luna)

 [Wowow, now this is what you call a dish!] (Til)


The recommended dishes came and the two girls became rowdy.


 [It’s a deep fried dish. This is rare to see. Fried dishes are extremely delicious.] (Youya)

 [It tastes amazing!] (Luna)

 [It’s delicious, however the oil may be a little too much. It’s a little unbearable to eat.] (Til)


The recommended main dish was  thick roasted pork with a coating of sweet sauce. It could even be the meat that we delivered for the quest earlier today.

It’s been awhile since I ate a fried food. The meat juices bursted inside of my mouth as it mixed with the sweet sauce, completely overwhelming the aftertaste of the wine. Afterwards I took a gulp of the wine and realised that it was a mixture of lemon juice, grape juice as well as several species that went surprisingly well with greasy dishes. The food here was magnificently compatible.


 [Luna, Til. Juice is fine but how about trying some wine? This dish goes really well with their wine. Til mentioned that the excessive oil was bad but it’s pretty refreshing to match the wine with the dish.] (Youya)

 [Alcohol is bitter!] (Luna)

 [I don’t understand the concept of turning sweet grapes into bitter drinks.] (Til)

 [Well, just try it.] (Youya)


Without their permission, I ordered two more jugs of wine. Even if the two of them refuse to drink it, I could drink them afterwards.


 [If Youya says so..] (Luna)

 [Only because you are selfish enough to make us drink it!] (Til)


The two of them took a jug of wine each.


 [Sweet! Youya, Luna can drink sweet wine!] (Luna)

 [This could actually be good.. With the meat, it’s delicious!] (Til)


With huge and repeated gulps, the two girls quickly finished their wine and asked for seconds. The rate which they drank the wine at was also at a frightening pace. Although it was a cheap wine with low alcohol content, it’s alcohol content was inflated by adding more alcohol directly into it so it has quite a relatively alcohol content. Let’s be sure to moderate their drinking afterwards.


 [So how is it Selene? The taste of an adventurer’s meal.] (Youya)

 [Based on just the taste, I have eaten much better, however my heart is also going wild from excitement at the atmosphere.] (Selene)

 [That excitement is the essence of an adventurer’s life. Be sure to enjoy it as much as you can.] (Youya)


Selene smiled brightly as she stuffed her cheeks with meat. I was worried because she was a princess but it seems that being an adventurer suited her as well.






After satisfying our stomachs, we began to talk about our future as adventurers. The two girls who naively drank wine continuously were overwhelmed by the alcohol and slept with a blissful face. Even a heavy drinker would collapse after chugging five large mugs continuously.

Lets be sure to stop them after two servings next time. However, thanks to this I can focus on the conversation with Selene.


 [Selene’s status, level and skills are both satisfactory. However, your equipment is inadequate. Let’s go shopping tomorrow.] (Youya)


Thanks to the death battle with the Killer Ape, the labyrinth in the Starfish Larvae and the hunt for Shrimp meat back in Rumberg, My level was currently level 24 while Luna and Til were level 23. Selene who was level 25 was plenty strong enough. However, there is nothing we can do about her equipment.


 [It’s okay though? My sword, shield and armour are all first-class items.] (Selene)

 [There isn’t any problem about their quality, however all of them have the Laluzulu crest. Furthermore the material is too good and the manufacturing method is too different. Just by looking, people would suspect that we are either thieves or a noble pretending to be an adventurer. So long as you are Selene, it is better not to use the equipment that Lutra used to use.] (Youya)


Missing posters about Lutra had begun to spread around some large cities, but it hasn’t been widespread in the Laluzulu kingdom. However, the Laluzulu royals do not appear in public often so there is little risk of being recognised as a princess just by looking at Selene’s face.

Princess Lutra was famous for being born with shining silver hair for the first time in several generations, however right now her hair was a different colour. And she was safely unrecognisable by others. However, it is dangerous to walk around with the Laluzulu crest on her equipment now.


 [Do you have any spare equipment? What about your Magic Bag?] (Youya)


Magic bags were highly valued and very rarely appeared on the open market. However, it wasn’t impossible for the royal family to be able to get it with their power. If a princess was going to be sent to a dungeon to raise her level to  prepare for her inheritance ceremony, there is no way that they don’t have a magic bag.


 [It hurts me to say this but it was stolen by the knight.] (Selene]

 [For the goal of killing you, he did that to increase the possibility of you perishing inside the larvae huh. Either way we need to get you a new set of equipment. Give me a moment, I’ll take a look at what items I can pass to you.] (Youya)

There was a spare sword in the bag plus I was carrying my trusty sword with a self-restoration enchantment and a black magic blade on my back.

I could give her both my spare armour and my spare sword. However the problem was her shield. Since I rely mostly on my blade for defense, whenever I came across a nice shield I would immediately sell it away.


 [I can hand over a sword and armor, however I don’t have a shield. Alright, it’s decided. We will get a shield for you tomorrow.] (Youya)

 [Sure, let’s do that. Laluzulu’s sword style relies on using a shield, furthermore most of the crusader’s skill also rely on a shield.] (Selene)


Wait a minute. Something feels off about what Selene just said. The sword style of Laluzulu relies on a shield?

Ahh I see. It’s the very fact that they had incorporated a sword into their battle style.


 [Hey Selene. Did you know that your ancestor, the battle princess Renoir did not use a sword?] (Youya)


That was it. Back in the game, the overpowered NPC Renoir didn’t use a sword, and instead relied solely on her shield for combat. Although that was possible only due to her unique shield. Probably, in the hundreds of years since she passed, her battle style must have been forgotten as it was passed from generation to generation.  It’s not surprising considering how there haven’t been a single silver- haired crusader in the past few generations. It can’t be help that she was mistaught in the art of being a crusader since she was the only one in several generations to become a crusader.


 [You’re lying. My ancestor Renoir boasted a strength equivalent to an army, that can’t be possible by battling with just a shield.] (Selene)

 [The battle princess Renoir’s shield was a shield that both blocks and pierces the enemy. In the first place, her shield was made for the purpose of piercing her enemies.] (Youya)
 [Where did you hear about this? Renoir’s shield was passed down between the princesses with silver hair. Naturally now it belongs to me. It is a superb shield with high defensive capabilities, however for offensive the best I could do was just to hit you with it.] (Selene)


Could it be that the main gimmick of the shield was forgotten too? As it was pointlessly flashy, a large number of players in the game wished to use Renoir’s skill in the game and there was even a campaign to ask for a crusader class to be implemented. Just what in the world is the Laluzulu kingdom doing, wasting that shield’s potential to be used as an ordinary shield.


I could try to recall the battle style of the battle princess Renoir and consider how I can reproduce it for Selene. If I managed to replicate it and she masters it, she will become a powerful force to be reckoned with. It is a special skill that was the complete opposite of my Deflect.


 [Selene. I have read books about how the battle princess Renoir used to battle on the battlefield. I also know the secret within her shield. Tomorrow, when we get a new shield for you, let’s try a sparring session. I’ll use Renoir’s shield and adopt her battle style in the battle which is definitely the ideal battle style for a crusader. It will definitely be a good reference point for you.] (Youya)

 [Even if it’s you uncle youya, I am unable to believe your words because the Laluzulu battle style was created by that very princess Renoir. It isn’t a style that battles using solely a shield. If there is such a fictional book then it was merely a delusional one.] (Selene)

 [You’ll know the answer once we fight tomorrow. It’ll be a good way to test your abilities as well.] (Youya)


Selene’s pride was hurt as she showed a hateful look. On the contrast, I am looking forward to our sparring session tomorrow. Having the opportunity to fight using Renoir’s shield that was adored in the game, there is no way i couldn’t be excited about it.

Battle princess Renoir was a crusader who had a unique battlestyle that depended purely on her own strength. She protected and attack with her life on the line with a shield. Right now I am just a magic knight and I won’t be able to demonstrate the style’s true power by replicating it. However, I should be able to perform enough to demonstrate to Selene the power of her shield-style.

Until tomorrow, I will be imagining and practicing with the shield for our battle tomorrow, and teach Selene the true battle style of a crusader.

<End of Chapter>

Thanks for reading as always! Hope you guys have been enjoying the series. Sorry about the slow releases but I’ll be giving an update about future chapters in the upcoming weeks, possibly the latest being the end of the month. Until then, there won’t be any changes to the schedule.

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