V2 Chapter 8: The old man revamps Princess Lutra.

In a purely coincidental fashion, we reunited with a friend who was on her deathbed, the crusader Lutra.

I’m Hungry! Bar! Welcome celebration! Such cheers were repeated by the two children who were hungry. There wasn’t anyone at the bar who didn’t know Lutra’s face, so several preparations had to be done before we could proceed with our meal.


 [Lutra, thanks for showing me your status card. I’ve pretty much grasped everything.] (Youya)

 [If it’s something like that it’s fine. Since we will be in the same party from now on, it’s important to understand each other’s capabilities.] (Lutra)


Lutra showed me her status card. As expected, in this world only royals were instructed on the best skills to take and avoided the needless and unwanted skills. Having a firm grasp on your class’s information was important as skill points were a valuable resource.

In the game, Crusaders were only available for NPCs. Originally, her ancestors were NPCs that played an important role in an event for the game and she possessed that very same class , being one of their descendents.

I remember the details of that event clearly as it was one of the most difficult events I have ever attempted. In order to clear the event, you would have to utilize the abilities of the NPC in the event, princess Renoir who possessed the exact same bright silver hair as Lutra. I had asked Lutra about what happened to Renoir and whether she had heard about her, and she told me that she was a powerful hero that existed over two hundred years ago. Thinking about the situation calmly, it was frankly amazing. The world that I thought was just a game is actually connected to the current world. It’ll be nice to search for traces of the game in the future as I have the feeling that I would like to figure something out by examining those hints. But for now, I have to do something about Lutra’s current situation.


 [I can’t help but feel envious after taking a look at your status card. Not only do you have an exclusive class but your status is amazing too.] (Youya)


Lutra was level 25 and it seems like she was also blessed with her status, managing to gain three points every single time in physical strength, defense and magic power. Although  Luna and Til were similar, Luna had always gotten three points in her strength and speed while Phil and Til both got three points in strength, speed and magic power. It seems that both special existences and those with exclusive classes possessed the tendency to get three points every level.


 [My ancestor, the battle princess Runoir with bright silver hair also had a status similar to this. It was an interesting phenomenon. It turned out that women with silver hair who chose to become crusaders would turn out to have a better status than an average person.] (Lutra)


This is definitely not a coincidence. If it wasn’t a coincidence, then it could be that the requirement to become a crusader would be to have the same status gain as the battle princess Renoir. Regardless, it would mean that all crusaders had access to an exclusive class as well as a privileged status were remnants of a powerful character back in the game. Without a doubt having Lutra is like spotting a diamond in a bargain sale.

The crusader’s specialty was their high defensive power and their access to defensive skills and recovery skills. It was an occupation that functioned a similar role to a tank and a healer. And similarly to other exclusive classes, there were things that a crusader couldn’t do better than a warrior and a monk. They had lower attack power and lesser access to offensive skills while not having access to supportive-type magic that monks possessed.

However, it is still a powerful class with just minor downsides. With both defensive  and recovery capabilities, the party’s survivability in dungeons and fights would be either confirmed or even better. Furthermore our party has a magic knight who is capable of casting supportive-type magic. In terms of offensive capabilities there are the powerful spells I possessed from Magic Customization, Assassinate that Luna can use with a 100% critical rate as well as the Spirit Archer class that Til possessed which allows her to use her bow while chanting. Our  offensive capability was far higher than a well-balanced party containing a monk. It was near impossible to get a combination any stronger than ours, although we have an amazing combination, we still possessed weaknesses.

Lutra was a princess of the Laluzulu Kingdom with her mother being a commoner and herself at risk of being assassinated. If her presence is exposed, there is a chance that we may be targeted by the entire royal family. Just from that consideration alone, I would have decline her request. However I couldn’t break the promise I made with Lutra when she was small to become her knight and the lady herself has remembered.


 [Slow! Youya, it’s a feast! A feast!] (Luna)

 [If you don’t hurry up the bar is going to close!] (Til)

 [It’s almost done, please wait a moment.] (Youya)


Luna and Til’s patience were about to run out as they were hungry.


 [Lutra, first please put this on your hair.] (Youya)


Taking out a hairpin from my magic bag, I  handed it over to Lutra. She received the hairpin and pinned it onto her hair, surprising Til and Luna. I brought Lutra to the mirror at the front of the room.


 [It’s amazing. My hair became black.] (Lutra)

 [It is a hair pin that has a special enchantment called the Blessing of Darkness. It’s an enchantment that grants the user increased resistance to the darkness element, while causing the user’s hair to change colour. We can’t afford to walk around with a girl possessing the unique Laluzulu silver hair.. By changing your hair colour it is more difficult for anybody to discover your identity. A person’s hair is an important factor in their identity.] (Youya)

Lutra is famous for her silver hair similar to the battle princess Renoir. That fame can become an important weapon for us. By changing the colour of her hair, it is easy to pass her off as someone who resembles the famous princess Lutra.

Although it is quite a luxurious option to use an enchanted equipment with increases darkness properties as a disguise.


 [It’s true, although it was just my hair colour that changed, it looks like I’m a completely different person. However, it still feels inadequate. We have to change something else so that the impression would be even less likely.] (Lutra)


Lutra took out a dagger from her bag we placed on the bedside and cut her hair. Her hair which extended to her waist was now shoulder length and tied it with a hair-tie. Like this, it wasn’t just her hair colour that changed but her hairstyle had changed as well. The impression of Princess Lutra was completely gone.


 [You definitely look different now that you cut your hair, but are you really fine with that? Weren’t you always proud of having the same hairstyle as your ancestor Renoir.] (Youya)

 [I was definitely proud of my silver hair, however, what matters now is to succeed the throne. So long as that happens, I will cut my hair as many times as it takes.] (Lutra)


Despite her strong words, there was a sense of sadness behind her expression. Her hair was a symbol of her pride from having the same hair as her ancestor, it was definitely a difficult choice for her to cut her hair. All because of a dream which she wants to achieve.


 [That is a good resolve. With this, no one can recognise you as princess Lutra. Now then, should we change your name as well? As expected it is difficult for us to call you Lutra when we are outside.] (Youya)

 [I agree. A second identity would be needed. But it is difficult to think of a different name on my own. Could uncle Youya be the one to give me the new name? Maybe it would be easier for me if you were the one who came up with it.] (Lutra)


A new name… Can’t believe that I would have to name two people in this short span of time. For Luna’s case, I gave her the same name as the pie that she liked. However, in Lutra’s case nothing particularly comes to mind.

I took a glance over at the hair that Lutra had cut .


 [How about Selene?] (Youya)


Lutra began to repeat Selene over and over.


 [That’s a nice name. Could you tell me what it stands for?] (Lutra)


While smiling, Lutra asked me.


 [I know that you wanted to cut off any traces of being Lutra, but I thought that your silver hair was important to you. Since we dyed your hair black, I wanted to give you a name with the image of silver in mind. For me, silver represents the moon, that’s why I chose Selene as it is the name for the goddess of the moon.] (Youya)


Note: Selene is the name of the moon goddess in Greek mythology


 [I’m surprised. Uncle Youya is surprisingly poetic and romantic. I really like it. Thank you, I’ll cherish the name.] (Selene)

Lutra.. I mean Selene smiled so brightly that I felt captivated by her. This can’t do, I have to get myself together. In the future Selene will return to Lutra and inherit the throne. I will not lay my hands on her. Firstly, there is Phil and I am an old man. What am I going to do when I lay my hands on a teenage girl. In the first place I am her knight. I would be a failure of a knight to lay a hand on the princess. Til is also nearby, If I did anything strange Phil would definitely find out about it.


 [Take good care of it. Also I want to say something. I’ll be blunt, there is also the option of throwing away your identity as Lutra and live the rest of your life as Selene. In any case, Lutra died once in the forest of God Trees. Rather than the political life with conspiracies in the life of a royal, the adventurer life may turn out easier and more enjoyable than that.] (Youya)


I didn’t bring this up with the intention of tempting her into the adventuring life. I did this as an elder in life to let her make her own choices, about the possible paths in her life and to choose whatever she thinks would make her happy. It would be a shame if Selene returned to the royal palace just because she was unable to consider any other possibilities.


 [Uncle Youya is as kind as ever…However, I will be returning to the castle no matter what. I can’t leave the Laluzulu Kingdom to my elder brothers. If that happens the kingdom will fall into chaos. The citizens aren’t toys for the king to play with and I can’t run away from my responsibilities just because I desired my own freedom.] (Selene)

 [It seems that I said something unnecessary. You will become a great queen.] (Youya)


She chose to protect her people in exchange for her own freedom. Although she is just a teenage girl, she is a fine princess.


 [There is another thing I have to correct you on. The winner of the tournament won’t be the person to become the successor, but the person to select the successor. I have no intentions of becoming the queen of the kingdom. I may be a candidate to become the successor of the throne, but I have zero experience in being a ruler. I am merely good with my body. The one that is worthy of being the queen of the kingdom is my elder sister who is competent both in her personality and magical abilities. If I win the tournament, I plan to make my sister the successor of the kingdom and support her by her side. All this after making uncle Youya a knight of course.] (Selene)


I widened my eyes. She was going so far to even willing to throw her life away to win the inheritance tournament and yet she will be handing the throne to another person. It seems that above all this girl is considering the country first and the people. I don’t hate this kind of person. In fact, I feel even more compelled to support her. And even slightly greedier. If she isn’t going to become the king, I wonder if it’s possible to convince her sister to allow Lutra to continue adventuring with us after everything is over.


 [I understand.  For the time being it’s time to eat! I’ve brought back lots of potions as well as nutritious foods to help you recover. It’s the welcoming party for a new member.  Let’s enjoy tonight as much as possible, whatever you guys want!] (Youya)

 [Luna was tired of waiting!] (Luna)

 [Hurry let’s go! Selene is the newbie here so be sure to listen to us carefully!] (Til)

 [Luna will also teach what she knows!] (Luna)

 [Sure, please do so, my cute seniors.] (Selene)


Watching the two children trying to behave as a senior made me laugh unknowingly.

Lutra turned Selene changed into her casual wear from her sleepwear and we headed towards the bar together. Truth be told, I’m also extremely excited. Let’s make it an enjoyable welcoming party.

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