V2 Chapter 3: Even the old man is angry.

After passing the level 20 mark, we changed our base of operations from Rumberg to the beautiful town of Greenwood where the recommended level of dungeons are between level 20 and 30. Our plan is to remain here and raise our levels untill we are level 30, however that isn’t our main objective. The main objective is to obtain the egg which will hatch into a Magic Pet.


 [The air feels great here.] (Luna)

 [Uhn. It has the same feeling as the elf village.] (Til)


Luna and Til were in high spirits as they entered the town. I understand what they are feeling whenever you enter a foreign town, being unable to control your excitement when experiencing something new. The town has blended perfectly with nature, with waterways filled with clear water running throughout the town and spreading out into the fertile soul in the area.


 [Has Youya travelled to this town in the past?] (Til)

 [I didn’t but I am familiar with the town.] (Youya)


I visited this town as a player back when it was just a game, but I have never visited this town even once as an adventurer. Whenever an adventurer obtains a Magic Pet from one of the God Trees in the dungeon, word gets around very quickly. Back then we had planned to drop by Greenwood after completing the quest at the Laluzulu Kingdom, however there were far too many adventurers competing for the one egg that will spawn sometime during the month.

We couldn’t estimate how long it would take us to obtain the egg and in the end, we decided to go to a town with better dungeons rather than Greenwood.


 [If you are familiar with the town then it’s fine. Youya, is there an inn with delicious food around here?] (Til)

 [Yeah yeah it’ll be great if we could find an inn with delicious food. It’ll be quite miserable if their food wasn’t good.] (Luna)


That is what you are worried about?

I smiled bitterly.


 [Don’t worry about that. Phil recommended me a few places, so there is no worry about the accommodation.] (Youya)


There are many adventurers from around the world that travel from town to town. More often than not, those adventurers would visit the guild in the town that they visited, and the people who have the most contact with these adventurers are the receptionists. It is easy for Phil to gain information about other towns being a popular receptionist. In addition, Phil is a good cook. She will definitely consider the food when choosing an inn. Even more so when Luna and Til are gluttons. If we stick to Phil’s advice, we will definitely not be disappointed about the food.

Well if we consider the number of inns that are willing to take care of Raptor, the number of inns available becomes limited. Although there hasn’t been many opportunities to ride Raptor recently, I just can’t bear to let go of a precious buddy.


 [Youya, let’s go. My stomach is growling.] (Luna)

 [Me too. I want to eat a proper meal. I’m sick of hard bread with cheese and preserved meat.] (Til)

 [I’m hungry too. Although the journey with the caravan was safe, the meals were depressing. Since it’s been a while, let’s have a feast to enjoy ourselves.] (Youya)


We headed towards the inn for three people.

It’ll be nice if the inn has nice food.




Based on the results, the meal at the inn was delicious.

Greenwood is surrounded by fertile soil and nature, the vegetables were delicious as well.

Even Luna who typically only eats meat were saying that the vegetables are delicious. The meat here tasted normal, however when eaten with the vegetables, made the meat taste exceptionally good.

After placing our belongings in the inn and taking a break, we left the inn.


 [Having this kind of luxurious adventure, I never would have expected it when I left the village.] (Til)

 [Was it difficult when you began adventuring Youya?] (Luna)

 [Ah.When I became an adventurer, I didn’t have money for anything, I couldn’t afford any weapons not to mention accommodation.] (Youya)


I was an orphan that grew up without knowing or meeting my birth parents. Until I was 12, I stayed in an orphanage. Once an orphan became an adult at the age of 12, they would have to leave the orphanage and find a way to survive on their own. Especially for orphans, since it is difficult for us to get a job in the first place, we had no choice but to become an adventurer.


 [Youya, if you didn’t have a weapon how did you defeat monsters? If you didn’t go to an inn, where did you sleep?] (Luna)

 [One way or another. In my case, when I started I used a stone as a weapon. You could throw it or attack them with it. It is surprisingly effective to attack their heads with a rock and it was a convenient weapon as well. Afterwards, when I was exploring a dungeon, I encountered an adventurer who had just died in an encounter and took his equipment and weapons which made hunting easier. For accomodation… Well there were several options. Usually I would sneak into the stables to hide from the weather or ask the church for help.] (Youya)


Inns in these world were a luxury and was something that only most successful adventurers could afford. If a similar situation were to occur in Japan, it would be similar to travelling around in Japan staying in a hotel everyday. Having a place where it’s safe with a warm and soft bed to sleep on, Luna and Til who had such things right from the start were blessed.


 [I didn’t know it was like that at all.] (Luna)
 [You wouldn’t know about it unless I told you about it. In order to earn a profit, there are many ways to do it. Back then, it was simply not spending money on accommodations to earn a profit from hunting.] (Youya)


In order to earn money, you would have to defeat monsters. To defeat monsters you will need weapons and equipment. To get equipment would require funding, in other words money. The cycle will never start if you had to start from the bottom. To climb out of poverty, I had to abandon the idea of living comfortably and collected money in order to obtain strong equipment. Having such a vicious environment, it is natural that many adventurers will die in the process.


 [Youya, Luna is embarrassed. I had been enjoying myself and having fun without realising it. I will properly experience what everyone experiences. I will sleep in the stable instead of the inn!] (Luna)

 [I’m glad that you feel that way. But letting a cute girl like you sleep in the stables at night will make me too anxious to sleep at night.] (Youya)


Luna’s face turned red.


 [Til, Youya said that Luna was cute.] (Luna)

 [U~waa, cheating on my big sis you playboy.] (Til)

 [I didn’t mean it that way, if Til were to say the same thing I would give the same reply.] (Youya)

 [Hurray. That’s mistress number 2! Luna, let’s do our best!] (Til)


Luna tilted her head. It seems like she doesn’t quite understand what Til is talking about. Til is the kind of girl who would often joke about that kind of stuff but is the first one to escape when someone makes a move on her. If the situation permits, I should let her experience what’s it like on the receiving end. It’s fine if she continues to behave like this when the other party is me, but if she behaves like this towards other adventurers, the outcome may become irreversible.

Note: I am unsure about this part, so if anyone can confirm the translation please correct me.









We finally arrived at the guild. As compared to Rumberg, there weren’t as many adventurers in the guild but there were still quite a number of people who came for the magic egg. Not only people who wanted it for fighting power, but there were many people who wanted the egg for resale purposes. Frankly speaking, it is much easier to obtain the egg by waiting for someone to sell it on the auction as it fetches a high price.

However that wouldn’t be interesting, it will be much more interesting if we tried our best to obtain the egg rather than waiting for the easy option.


 [Luna,Til. I’m going to register our party at the counter, both of you head over to the bar to wait for me.] (Youya)


There is also a bar in the guild that is perfect for killing time.


 [Okay. We’ll wait.] (Luna)

 [Finish it quickly and come back alright.] (Til)


Although we aren’t obliged to register as an official party, there are many merits to registering as an official party. Completed quests will be shown in the records, making it easier to recommend our party for quests. It is essentially required for us to register whenever we change our base of operations.




I arrived at the receptionist desk. The receptionist lady was a woman who looked slightly overweight with an unfriendly attitude and a monotonous tone. I had always been dealing with Phil as my receptionist so having this kind of treatment feels unsatisfactory.


 [A Magic Knight.. ?] (Receptionist)


She had a look of disbelief similar to the other adventurers back when I chose to be a Magic Knight. It wasn’t common for anybody to choose Magic Knight as their class in this world.


 [Ah, but I have been doing a good job. This is a list of the quest I completed in Rumberg.] (Youya)


The list was prepared by Phil when she was handling our quests. By going through the procedures, we would be able to bring along our achievements when travelling to a different town. It was a troublesome and time-consuming process, but it will make our lives easier in the future.


 [I don’t believe it. Achieving so much in this short amount of time, it’s a terrifying pace.] (Receptionist)

 [It’s the truth. It was signed by the guild.] (Youya)

 [Please excuse my behaviour. I will let you know when an emergency quest comes up.] (Receptionist)

 [If there is the opportunity, then I’ll be the guild’s strength.] (Youya)


The guild’s job is to increase the rate of completed quest to raise their own reputation. Although a receptionist’s job is to guide adventurers as much as possible, it is also their job to allocate difficult quests to adventurers who are capable of completing them and increase the guild’s overall achievements.

Well there are also exclusive adventurers like I was, so there is a limit to the quests that they can give to normal adventurers.


 [Going straight to the point, are there any quests that can be completed by level 25 or below adventurers?] (Youya)

Let’s have an explosive start for our first day at Greenwood. I’ll like to keep our fighting spirits as high as possible until the hunt for the magic egg.




There were quite a few decent quests available at the guild. Furthermore, the quests could be completed in the forest dungeon containing the God Trees making it convenient. Truth is, there is a place in the forest of God Trees where a hint can be obtained about which tree will be spawning the magic egg. If possible, I would like to head over there as soon as possible. The quest reward is also quite good. Although we have quite a bit saved up, our money is also being burnt quickly just due to the accommodation. I’ll like to earn as much as we can even if it’s just a little.

After completing the procedures, I headed towards the bar in the guild. In the bar, there was a scene about an invitation.


 [You girls are cute and have a decent level, I will make a special case for you and let you into our party.] (Guy no.1)

 [You see, we were just in a predicament where we are having trouble having just the two of us in our party.] (Guy no.2)


Luna and Til were being given an invitation to join a bunch of intermediate level adventurers in a group called Gala. Such scenes are common in the bar.

They said that they only had two people in their party, but it is most likely because the other two had died in the dungeon. They are most likely playing around with their words. However, there aren’t any adventurers who would join another party just because their numbers fit coincidentally. There is nothing more dangerous than having incompetent party members.


 [We have Youya in our party, so we decline.] (Luna)

 [Yeah yeah! Plus you uncles are looking at us with perverted eyes. It’s scary you know.] (Til)


The two of them strongly refused their invitation, however the two men were persistent. Their ulterior motives were written all over their faces. If they accepted their invitations, they are highly likely to be pinned down instantly the moment they are in an isolated area in the dungeon. Thanks to the nature of the occupation, there are many deplorable men like them. I could understand if it was a beautiful and mature woman, but lusting after Luna and Til who were around 13 and 14 years old is revolting. Just when did adventurers become lolicons?

I should step in and prevent the situation from escalating.


 [I’ll have you two stop right there. These two are in my party.] (Youya)
 [Youya!] (Luna)

 [You are slow!] (Til)


The two girls immediately hid behind my back. They were much more frightened than I thought. Although if it came to ability, the two of them could easily defeat the two of them. Even so, I guess there is the fear present when a girl is confronted by a man.


 [Ah? Don’t interrupt our flirting session old man.] (Guy no.1?)

 [So this old man is Youya? Get out of here old man. If you aren’t here we have a perfect party of four. It’s a good idea isn’t it? Get out of the party old man.] (Guy no.2)


The two of them laughed heartily and reek of alcohol. I could just let them off with a warning, but if words won’t get through to them. I’ll have to resort to force.


 [I will not be letting go of these kids. They are my precious companions. If you are adventurers, then I’m sure you understand that we won’t let our friends go that easily.] (Youya)

 [We understand you old man!] (Guy no.1)


It’s settled, I’ll beat them into submission. I could easily dodge their punches but it’s more convenient for me to beat them up if they were the ones who attacked first. I can take any abuse, whether physical or verbal towards myself, and laugh about it afterwards. This hasn’t changed ever since I was born. However, they frightened Luna and Til, and that can’t be forgiven. They will receive their just rewards.

When his fists approaches my cheek, I twist my neck reducing the impact from his fist and guiding his fist past my cheek. A solid impact could be heard. It looked like a direct hit but there was almost no damage taken. With this, I have a legitimate excuse for defending myself. Now its time for punishment.

The moment I thought about counterattacking, the atmosphere in the bar became several degrees colder from blood lust. Someone’s fist struck the man’s solar plexus, blowing him away and knocking away several tables behind him into the wall. The man began coughing blood as his eyes turned white. It was a perfect hit and the ringing belonging to a critical hit could be heard. Following the source of the sound, I saw Luna clenching her fist. I hadn’t taught Luna how to battle without a dagger yet so I was surprised that she could throw such a punch.


 [You hurt Luna’s Youya. Luna won’t forgive you.] (Luna)

 [eeek.] (Guy no.2)


The other man lets out a pitiful scream while Luna’s eyes were filled with blood lust. At this rate, she will seriously kill him. I let out a bitter smile and pat her head.


 [Calm down. I’m fine. There’s no reason for me to take that blow head on, I had properly deflected the blow.] (Youya)

 [Youya!] (Luna)


Luna jumped into my chest thinking that I was seriously injured from the guy’s punch.


 [Our Luna seems to have gone too far, but you guys were the ones who decided to pick a fight so we’re even. However, if you’re up to it, we could continue the fight.] (Youya)


I started talking to the man’s companion and it seems that he was extremely unsettled by the situation, but he seems to understand my words.


 [Aaa,ah.] (Guy no.2)

 [There was a horrible cracking sound from your friend, be sure to take him to the hospital.] (Youya)


After getting frightened by Luna, the man carried his friend who passed out and left the guild.


 [Looks like we got involved with a bunch of weird men. Let’s forget about it and head to the dungeon. We can still become much stronger.] (Youya)

 [Uhn. Leave it to me! Somehow it felt like I managed to do a critical with that blow.] (Luna)


Luna was able to land a critical blow using her fists without any training. It looks like Luna has managed to learn the fundamentals of basic martial arts or something equivalent.\


 [That is amazing. Let’s enter the dungeon with Luna as the main attacker! Be sure to remember how that critical felt.] (Youya)

 [I’m super ready, let’s go!] (Luna)


It was unfortunate that we got caught up in the situation earlier, however since Luna benefitted from that skirmish, it should be fine.


 [Also, thanks for being angry for me.] (Youya)

 [Uhn. Of course. Luna likes Youya after all!.] (Luna)


Luna proudly puffed up her chest and her fox tail was shaking vigorously from being praised.

Her attitude was so amusing I couldn’t help but laugh. Putting the incident behind us, let’s make our first hunt in Greenwood a successful one to remember. Then we can prepare for the real competition to obtain the egg and gain information about the egg’s spawn.

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