V2 Chapter 2: The old man heads towards Greenwood.

Following the dinner date at the restaurant, we spent the remaining days training and raising our levels in the dungeon until the day for us to board the caravan. We are currently level 22 and it will be difficult to raise our levels in the town of beginnings any further. We will have to head for another town if we want to continue raising our levels.


 [Youya, Luna enjoyed this town. Leaving it feels a bit lonely.] (Luna)


Luna looks reluctant to leave the town. Currently, we are in the caravan preparing to depart from Rumberg. There are many carriages lined up and large numbers of adventurers and merchants are moving about preparing for departure. Caravans are formed when a group of merchants spend a large sum of money to hire escorts while charging other carriages to travel together, forming a journey for a large group of people to travel safely and relatively cheaply between cities.

Disregarding towns that are close together, it is dangerous to travel large distances to a distant city without a caravan. Besides monsters, there are many bandits roaming around, especially bandits that have high-level staff within them.


 [You properly told my big sis about our time of departure right?] (Til)

 [Yeah I did.] (Youya)

 [That’s cold of her. Not coming to see off her younger sister and lover.] (Til)

 [Well the working hours of a receptionist are harsh. It can’t be helped.] (Youya)


I spent the night at Phil’s place yesterday. Although she looked fine, she is definitely the one who is feeling the loneliest right now. She was crying when she left for work this morning. She was the one who wanted to stay in the town until the guild recovered, but her loneliness from being reluctant to part ways is a separate issue.


 [Luna, Til. It’s a shame that we won’t be able to say goodbye to Phil, but let’s get on the carriage. It’s about time to leave.] (Youya)

 [Alright.] (Luna)

 [Nothing we can do about it. Big sis was always bad at being honest.] (Til)


Til had an astonished expression as she got into the carriage.

After a few moments, the carriage starts running.

It was at that moment.

A girl with beautiful golden hair and with pale white skin that started turning red.

It was Phil, dressed in her receptionist uniform who rushed over without even changing her clothes.

She screamed out.


 [Truth is I really want to be with Youya forever. I don’t want to separate from you. The guild right now is insufficient, but I will spend every second to push forward it’s recovery so that I can meet you again even earlier! Thats why please wait for me! Also, please remember to send me letters! I will also make sure to reply them. Absolutely will!] (Phil)


When we reunited, it felt like Phil had finally become an adult. Her demeanour, her choice of words and control of emotions have became more mature. However, the Phil right now feels much like the one I knew back then. The small Phil who always hid and followed behind me.

I let out a small laugh and looked out the window.


 [I’ll be waiting! You better catch up to us! Thank you for supporting us as a receptionist! Thanks to Phil we had a great start as adventurers. But from now, we’ll be counting on you as a companion!] (Youya)


Note: it is written as *Nakama* 仲間 in the raws. They are still lovers but what Youya meant was as a party member in case anyone is mistaken about their relationship.


The carriage began to accelerate and reached a speed where Phil became unable to keep up. Luna and Til also stuck their head out the window to thank Phil.


 [Also, Youya! I’ve always thought that it is unfair of you to always be drinking Til’s drop! Please drink my drops as well!] (Phil)


Note: Oh gawd this sounds so wrong.


Phil threw over a small glass bottle containing Drop of the World Tree. It is a mystical liquid that can stop a human from aging one day by taking in a single drop every morning. It is a liquid that can only be produced by female elves.


 [Thank you for making this! Phil. I’ll be waiting!] (Youya)


Phil kept waving her hands until she disappeared in the distance.

And this was our departure from Rumberg.




The trip to Greenwood is estimated to last about one week.

During the trip, we performed physical conditioning during our breaks while spending our time in the carriage by studying in a classroom-format. There are many things that Luna and Til have yet to learn as adventurers. It is important to experience things directly in battle but it is also important to expand your knowledge by studying in a classroom like this.


 [Lets end today’s lesson here.] (Youya)

 [Youya, today’s lesson was fun.]  (Luna)

 [Adventurers have to learn about a lot of different things don’t they.] (Til)


Luna seems to enjoy the lessons but Til looks exhausted from studying all day. Luna displayed amazing concentration due to her curiosity but Til looks uncomfortable being unable to move her body during the lessons. Therefore, it is more beneficial for her to register the information given in the lessons as if we were having a conversation rather than a lesson.

 [I think I have taught essentially all the foundations of being an adventurer to the two of you. However, what do you think is the biggest shortcoming of our party? Let me know what the two of you think.] (Youya)


After listening to my surprise quiz, the two of them looked at each other with desperate faces and began a discussion.

Til was the first to answer my question.


 [Extremely strong gear! With stronger equipment our hunting efficiency will go up!] (Til)

 [Having strong gear is definitely important. However, the weapons and equipment that we obtained from the store in Rumberg is already strong enough to be first-class.] (Youya)

 [Che. It’s wrong then. I still don’t know what it could be.] (Til)


Til began to go into deep thought once more.

When I looked towards Luna, her fox ears began twitching and she gave a good answer.


 [Our party members. Although we can have up to four members, we only have three.] (Luna)


Although Luna behaves and thinks like a child, she has an excellent memory and talent.


 [Correct. It’s fine if we are a beginner party, but our party is already approaching the intermediate level. That is why when we arrive at Greenwood, I intend to look for a fourth member for our party. And hopefully it will be someone who can act as a healer. Having a healer in our party is the difference between living and dying. If we don’t have a healer in our party, the moment any of us gets injured in the dungeon, we would have to fall back immediately.] (Youya)


Most of the enemies that we have faced against have been enemies that were easily defeated, so our problems haven’t really become an issue but from this point onward the absence of a healer will be noticeable. Since we will be facing powerful enemies in the future, the inability to fight drawn-out battles will become an even larger problem.


 [Hurray! Correct answer! Youya, praise me.] (Luna)


I caught Luna’s head and began patting her. Looking at this scene, Til shook her head calmly.


 [I’m against it. Shouldn’t our fourth member be my elder sister? We don’t need a fourth.] (Til)


I smiled wryly. Til is a kind sister who is constantly thinking of her elder sister.


 [Don’t worry about it. There is a certain item that exists which allows us to increase the number of party members by one. We will aim to get one in the future before Phil joins us. However, because both Phil and Til are Spirit Archers, a healer is still essential for our party. I’m Phil’s lover, I am properly thinking about her.] (Youya)

 [Really? In that case, the next party member should be a man! That way Youya won’t be able to cheat on my elder sister.] (Til)

 [No. The fourth member must be a woman.] (Youya)


Mistakes are likely to occur when a party has an equal number of male and females in the dungeon. Furthermore, Luna and Til are beautiful girls who are also young and naive. It is highly likely that depending on the person’s personality, they will force or convince them to do something bad.

I will absolutely not allow another man to join the party.


 [Uwahh, Youya is making a scary face.] (Til)

 [Uhn. This is the first time seeing such a face.] (Luna)

 [Anyways. The last member will be a woman.] (Youya)


That is the line that I draw. As long as Luna and Til are around, we will not have another male party member.. Is what I want to do but with this many restrictions it will be hard to find a fourth party member at Greenwood. Having a healer who is a woman conveniently waiting for us in Greenwood is impossible. However, we will never find one if we don’t search for it. I will try my  best to find one while we are in Greenwood.

I looked out the window at the scenery and took a deep breath.

I see, we have already arrived here.

I opened the window


 [Luna,Til, look outside the window.] (Youya)

 [Look at the greenery!] (Til)

 [Looks similar to the Elf village!] (Til)


The scenery was green all around. The road to Greenwood was made by cutting out a path in the forest. It is a town that is surrounded by a forest and all the dungeons are similar in that they are all integrated with vegetation as well.


 [Greenwood’s dungeons are filled with forests. Normally it will be hard to even walk, but there are even many places for monsters to hide. These two factors make it a very hard dungeon.] (Youya)

 [That is Luna’s specialty!] (Luna)

 [fufufu. I am an Elf you know. A forest is basically my garden!] (Til)


Looks like I didn’t need to worry about the two of them. As expected of a fox and an elf. An opening in the forest appeared and beyond that opening, it appeared.

A town with a beautiful waterway system, and stone buildings that harmonize with nature appeared.

It was the town of green and water, Greenwood, the most beautiful town in the world.


 [Youya, that town is beautiful.] (Luna)

 [Uhn. I like the view too. Although it isn’t completely natural, the town has adopted a natural look. It’s a wonderful city. I’m glad that we came here.] (Til)


Til was pleased with the aesthetic of the town.


 [Luna, Til. There is a reason why we are coming to Greenwood. Although it is a simple task for us to raise our levels, our main goal in the town is to obtain something.] (Youya)


If our only goal was to raise our level, there are many other towns which has better dungeons for us to level. However, I chose Greenwood as there are other objectives which we have to complete.


 [I’m curious. Tell me.] (Luna)

 [Uhn. I’m curious as well.] (Til)


The two girls were staring at me with “I want to know” written all over their face. There isn’t any reason for me to keep it from them any longer.


 [It’s to obtain a Magic Pet for our party. There are special trees in the dungeon here that are called a God Tree. Those trees are the only location where a magic egg can be obtained. In other words, it’s the only place to obtain a Magic Pet. And this time we will definitely get the egg! ](Youya)

 [Uhn. Luna wants a pet!] (Luna)

 [We’ll have to think of a name from now on!] (Til)


The two of them readily agreed with me without even considering that we have not gotten the egg yet. Magic Pets are indeed cute but they are also an important factor in our party’s overall strength so I definitely want to get it. However, it is much harder than they think. Only one of the countless God trees in the dungeon will be spawning an egg and the spawn only happens once a year every january. There will only be one egg for countless number of adventurers who desire the same thing. Just by obtaining that one egg, as long as it hatches safely into a Magic Pet, it can be said that the party will effectively have an extra member which provides supportive magic without taking up a slot. This is the reason why even high-level adventurers participate in this once a year event.

In order to obtain the egg, we will have to obtain the egg before the rest of the competition. That is why my previous party gave up trying to obtain the egg. However, this time our chances of locating the egg will be almost guaranteed due to Luna’s exploration skills and my knowledge of my past life. If we have these two factors, it won’t be difficult to obtain the magic egg. We will definitely beat the competition and get the egg.

12 thoughts on “V2 Chapter 2: The old man heads towards Greenwood.

    1. For now its a mystery, but whats curious is the existence of the thing in the first place.
      Something that can legthen a human’s lifespan, and it can only be made by female elves… It makes it seems that its designed precisely so an elf-human couple can be born. Like elves need them to be effective in their procreation or something.

      Maybe its just a gimmick some random Game designer thought up, but it just existing is kinda scary in itself… As in reality, i can easily see greedy humans with wealth and power to enslave a lot of female elves to “harvest” those drops.

      Potion to maintain youth, is so goddamn enticing it became the main centre of conflict in the story of many fantasy.


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