V2 Chapter 1: The old man goes dating at a high-class restaurant.

I received an invitation ticket to a high-class restaurant for completing a quest to collect Shrimp Meat (Average). Immediately after completing the quest, I decided to use the ticket and brought Til,Phil and Luna to the restaurant.


 [Since it’s a high-class restaurant, do we have to worry about any dress code?] (Youya)

 [Don’t worry, there isn’t any dress code required for the store. Since many adventurers are fairly wealthy, there aren’t any stores here that impose a dress code.] (Phil)


That’s a relief. Although adventurers frequent public stores available to everybody, as a top tier adventurer there are times when you will have to go to a place that requires a dress code. As such, I’ve prepared the clothes in my Magic Bag in the event that it is needed. However, I have not prepared clothes for Luna and Til. Even if I did, both of them would definitely be against it. Generally, demi-humans such as a fox-girl and elves both love their freedom and nature and dislike restrictions.


 [Tonight is a feast! There must be a large chunk of meat!] (Luna)

 [I hope there are delicious fruits that I have never eaten before.] (Til)


Luna and Til kept repeating “I want to eat”, “I want to eat delicious food” non-stop. It makes them appear more childish and energetic. Looking at the two of them, Phil and I started feeling awkward.


 [We have arrived.] (Phil)


The name of the shop is Charlotte. From it’s appearance, it seems to be a high-class and refined store. If there are other upper-class people present, I’ll have to ask the two of them to remain quiet. While thinking of this, we entered the store.



The inside of the store has a calm atmosphere and the furniture is decorated with gold. To complement the atmosphere, a piano is being played live in the store. The store itself oozes elegance and has a nice look.


 [Well if it’s a city of adventurers then it should be like this.] (Youya)


Although I had somewhat expected it, there were quite a few adventurers being extremely rowdy and ruining the atmosphere of the store.


 [Does Youya dislike this kind of stores?] (Phil)

 [I don’t particularly hate them. But I do feel that the store is being wasted having this kind of customers despite having such a nice premise.] (Youya)

If the mood is going to be destroyed anyway, then there isn’t a need to make a mood in the first place. They have the option of having cheaper furnishing instead of putting in futile effort.


 [It’s not like that. For adventurers who have decent earnings, they come to this sort of stores for a change of pace. This store is quite popular among adventurers actually.] (Phil)

 [Sounds complicated.] (Youya)


Truth be told, luxurious shops like this could be a popular store for adventurers. It’s a special thing for adventurers to be able to afford this kind of store.


 [Anyway if a person wants to properly enjoy the mood and the atmosphere, they can go to the second floor if they pay a fee. Many people who know about this often choose to pay the fee. To be honest, it would have been nice if we could go to the second floor but it looks like it has been fully booked.] (Phil)

 [We did come unexpectedly with the ticket. That can’t be helped.] (Youya)


It is better for us to remain on the first floor either way. With a noisy atmosphere, Luna and Til get to enjoy themselves fully without bothering anyone. Let’s reset and enjoy the food.





 [Youya, the shrimp meat is delicious!] (Luna)

 [It’s so juicy. And it has a lot of volume!] (Til)


Luna and Til ate plenty of food and were thoroughly enjoying the main dish.

Tonight’s main dish is a large piece of shrimp meat cooked over a frying pan similar to steak. The meat was served to us rare and has a sweet taste. Juices flowed out whenever we took a bite. The sauce that came along with it was also delicious. It was a sauce made with eggs, vinegar and oil which fit well with the meat. It is a dish that can’t be replicated using ordinary shrimp due to its large mass and volume.


 [Phil, this store is great. Both the food and alcohol are both first-class. I never thought I would enjoy eating it this much.] (Youya)
 [Right? It was much better than I imagined. The main dish was very tasty, and so are the appetizers that came before it. I feel ashamed that I have not noticed this store after living here for so long.] (Phil)


I tilted the glass towards my mouth and drank the wine. As expected of such a store, its wine is first class. It’s rare that I find myself enjoying the alcohol without ordering any ale. Even if I am a fan of ale, I can understand that this wine is of high quality.


 [Did you enjoy yourselves?]

A grey-haired cook with broad shoulders came over to our table.


 [Yeah. The food here is amazing. I’ve travelled all around the world and seen many different shops but not many can compare to it.] (Youya)

 [Thank you for your kind words. Thanks to your work, the store can continue to serve it’s signature dish. I am extremely grateful.] (Chef)

 [That’s just work. It’s amazing that you guys are able to sustain having this dish as your main course. There aren’t many adventurers in Rumberg that actually go to the seafloor dungeon. Even if they did, they are probably preparing themselves to move to another town to continue leveling. It isn’t easy to sustain a dish made of Shrimp Meat (Average).] (Youya)


The strongest dungeon in Rumberg is the seafloor dungeon. If anyone is able to hunt regularly in that dungeon, it is likely that they will begin to reach a plateau where they can’t climb anymore in Rumberg. If they are aiming to further increase their levels, they will most likely travel to another city.


 [We obtain our supply of shrimp meat from another city where the seaside dungeon is popular. Due to its popularity, the market price for Shrimp Meat (Average) is much lower at that town. Even after factoring in the transportation costs, the total price averages out about the same as purchasing directly from the local marketplace in Rumberg. However, the highway that is typically used was blocked and that route has become impassable, delaying our supply.] (Chef)


The highway? If its a town with a popular seaside dungeon, that town is quite close to the next town that I plan on visiting. Something seems suspicious.


 [The 40 kilos of meat that you requested doesn’t seem like it’ll last very long.] (Youya)


Although the meat isn’t in any risk of decomposing, the store has a fairly large number of customers. Assuming a single person’s portion is about 200 grams, with at least 50 orders a day, the meat would only last about 4 days.


 [Don’t worry about that. We have been informed that the highway will be repaired in three more days. Until then, the meat you delivered will be enough to cover for the time being.] (Chef)

 [Ah then that’s good. I was thinking of coming here again another day but I was afraid that you wouldn’t have enough meat for another day.] (Youya)


The chef and I laughed together as we continued to chat.


 [Although I came here because of Richard’s recommendation, just what is this store? There is more to enjoying a meal than just delicious food! How can someone eat in a zoo just like this?] (???)

A man bangs his fists onto the table and leaves his table heading directly to the exit.. Looking at his attire, he looks pretty wealthy.


 [Please wait a moment! Waiter, I’ll leave the payment on the table!] (???)


A girl with silver hair bowed towards the waiter before going after the man. She is a elegant girl. Not just by how she conducts herself, but her atmosphere feels very different from an ordinary person. She is probably a noble. While thinking to myself, my eyes crossed paths with hers. After noticing my presence, her eyes grew wide with shock before instantly reverting back to normal. Behind her were two young men who are most likely their bodyguards. Just one look and you can tell that they are professionals at their job. However, that girl is familiar. I can’t seem to recall where I last saw her.


 [Chef, are there too many customers today?] (Youya)

 [Normally we will recommend those kinds of customers to the second floor, however the second floor is completely booked today. They did receive a warning that it will be noisy having their meals on the first floor, but this is a risk we have to take if we want to do business in Rumberg.] (chef)


Just like he said, the chef is calm. It seems like this happens often depending on the business. After that, we continued to chat for awhile.


 [Youya, I was surprised. Earlier, that girl who left the shop was the Laluzulu Kingdom princess. The man she went after was probably the prime minister of the kingdom. We met them for a quest back then. It looks like they were travelling incognito. I wonder what is going on?] (Phil)

 [Ah I remember. So she’s that princess that we met while travelling together. To think that little princess has grown so big now.] (Youya)


We were quite popular as a party back then. Although our party was based in a different town, we were recommended a quest from the Laluzulu Kingdom labeled as an emergency quest. It was a terrible quest where I thought I was seriously going to die.


 [Youya, our next destination is the town of Greenwood right? Isn’t that town part of the Laluzulu Kingdom?] (Til)

 [That’s the plan. Although it is hard for us to progress at that town, there is something that can only be obtained at that town.] (Youya)
 [Ahh. Are you still planning to get that? We didn’t manage to get that the last time we went right?] (Phil)

 [Well we’ll manage somehow.] (Youya)


Back in the game, there was something called a Magic Pet. Magic Pets were extremely useful as they provided support magic to the party without taking up a slot in the party. The only town where they can be obtained is Greenwood. If it’s possible, I would like to have one in the party.


 [If that’s the case, it’ll be nice if you managed to get it.] (Phil)


The highway that is blocked is also close to the town. The princess and the minister even came to Rumberg incognito. There is definitely something going on.


 [We’ll take care. However, let’s leave that talk for later. Let’s enjoy ourselves now. I want to properly enjoy my date with Phil.] (Youya)

 [It’s embarrassing if you say it like that.] (Phil)


Phil pushed her glasses up in embarrassment.

I glanced over to the two girls who were completely engrossed in the food that we ordered.

The date for our departure has been set.

After completing today’s quest, our levels have increased and four days from now, we will be joining the caravan heading towards Greenwood. If we miss this caravan we will have to wait for two weeks for the next caravan. Considering the matter with Leonard, I don’t plan to waste a single second. Thus, we will be boarding the caravan four days from now.

We will be parting ways with Phil for awhile. That is even more reason for me to enjoy our time together now.




We finished our dinner and we left the store.

When we were leaving the store, “I wanted to stay more” was written all over Phil’s face.

Shall I grant her wish?


 [Luna,Til. Can the two of you return to the inn first? I have something to talk about with Phil about our exploration tomorrow.] (Youya)

 [Okay.] (Luna)

 [Fufu. Such an obvious lie. Youya and big sis, do your best!] (Til)


 [That girl. Just where did she learn about that kind of stuff..] (Phil)

 [Haha, but this time I’m glad for that. Phil. I feel like heading over to your room now.] (Youya)

 [It can’t be help. Since Youya is perverted.] (Phil)


Phil linked arms with me happily in contrast with her words.


 [Soon it’ll be goodbye with Youya huh.] (Phil)

 [You plan on finishing the matters with the guild within a month right? You can just hold back until then.] (Youya)

 [I did say that, but it’ll be a long and lonely month.. Youya. Us elves don’t believe in monogamy but please hold back as much as possible okay?] (Phil)

 [It’s already taking my all to look after those children, I won’t have the energy for it.] (Youya)


Luna and Til are still children and immature as adventurers. It’s taking all my time and energy for me to look after those two. I don’t have the leeway to look for other women in the meantime.


 [It’s Luna-chan and Til that I’m most afraid of.] (Phil)

 [They are still children though? It’s too early for them to think about love and a partner.] (Youya)
 [Let me let you in on something good. Listen here. Those girls will mature faster than you expect. Just like I did. Before I knew it, I wasn’t viewing Youya as an older brother anymore.] (Phil)


Listening to her example I felt my body become heavier. Even if that happened to Phil, it isn’t confirmed that the same thing will happen to Luna or Til right? I’m sure she’s just worried because we’ll be seperated for awhile.


 [Phil.] (Youya)


I grabbed Phil and leaned in for a kiss. A kiss with Phil is always sweet. Let’s do more tonight to make her troubles go away. While thinking that, we headed towards her room.


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  1. Chappy o arigatai~.
    So Youya’s first time is with Phil, eh? Nice start.
    And that princess also one of candidate due to the raised flag. Gonna wait for the time they officially met again.

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  2. Generally, demi-humans such as a fox-girl and elves both love their freedom and nature and dislike restrictions.
    There is only one fox girl in that world so you can’t say generally


  3. “It was a terrible quest where I thought I was seriously going to die.”
    So is it possible to die in a not serious way too? “…where I thought seriously I I was going to die” looks better.


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