Chapter 24: The old man’s power.

My plan to defeat the Killer Ape by paralyzing it with Superconductive Bullet and finishing it off with Napalm Strike failed thanks to its mutation, granting it fire resistance. However, there are still many reasons why I absolutely must not lose here. The cost of the failure was having one of my arm broken. I never thought that I would be taught a lesson at my age.


[UWHOOOO] (Mutated Killer Ape)


The Killer Ape started running in my direction. Seems like it was quite agitated by my attack earlier. It is emitting an overwhelming bloodlust.

Calm down and concentrate.

I closed my eyes and began to concentrate my consciousness.

This is the moment where I have to activate one of my trump cards.

This is the strength I obtained in this life, the ability to compensate for the low status that I obtained in the past. The power that was never discovered back in the game era.


[…] (Yuuya)


Why does a person become stronger whenever their status went up? This was a question that had been on my mind for a long time. I was constantly thinking about the possible answers to the question. Until one day, on the brink of death, “it” became visible. Surrounding everyone’s body was a white aura. It wasn’t until afterwards when I realised that the aura was the manifestation of a person’s status, becoming brighter as the person’s status becomes stronger.

Then it occurred to me. If I could control the aura surrounding my body, then I could use that power to make myself stronger. And that idea became reality.

The attack that I was unable to defend against, that threw me around was coming once again.


[What’s wrong? Are you that frustrated that the arms you were so proud of could be easily stopped?] (Yuuya)

[Ugahhh] (Mutated Killer Ape)


I received the blow without being blown away.

I express my usage of the white aura as “opening the door”.

The essence of the aura was released from the individual’s soul, which then wraps itself around the soul’s body. By imagining the white aura overflowing from the soul, the aura can be increased by 20%, which then increases my overall status by the same amount.

Not only am I able to increase the amount of aura coming out from my body, I am also able to focus the aura into one part of my body. The blow that came from the Killer Ape wouldn’t be stopped just by increasing my overall status by 20%. It was only possible by concentrating the aura around my body onto my arm receiving the blow and the leg that was holding me in place. By doing this, I can increase my power from 20% to 50%. With a 50% increase, my power isn’t that much different from the Killer Ape.

Perhaps there are other adventurers who also gained the ability to see the aura on their deathbed. This is the ability that is awarded to people who have put in the effort. Even after gaining the ability to see it, it took me ten years before learning how to utilize the white aura. Since then I’ve been practicing to increase the amount of time I could maintain the increased aura. Anyone who has put in this much effort in their lives would never be stupid enough to give up after ten years.


[Now, it’s my turn!] (Yuuya)


I completed defended against the ape’s attack, disrupting its balance. Although it’s dexterity is higher than usual for a monster, throwing such a powerful attack is sure to disrupt it’s balance once deflected, resulting in a large opening that is impossible to miss.

Opening the door requires a large amount of concentration. Normally, I am able to leave it open for about a minute, however in my wounded state I can probably only last for thirty seconds.

Once this battle is over, it’s highly likely that I won’t be able to move a finger. Opening the door for an extended period of time places a large burden on my body. If I don’t end this before then, it will most likely result in my death. The moment I used this technique, I was already resolved to finish this battle as soon as possible.

[UGAOOO] (Mutated Killer Ape)


The mutated Killer Ape is trembling in fear. I am surprised at this. Monsters who only battle with an overwhelming large difference in their status. True adventurers draw their power not from their status, but from their strong will and training. This wasn’t something that monsters possessed.


[I’m sorry but I am going to end this quickly.] (Yuuya)


I activate my magic spell.

However, instead of an attack magic, I will be activating one of my support magic.

Back when Magic Customization was discovered, one of the advantages that a Magic Knight possessed was their support magic. A spell that represented a Magic Knight was Power Gain. It is a spell that increases a person’s power by 20 percent for 10 seconds. It is a convenient spell that is used often but often lacked any huge impact that other spells had.

However, Magic Customization completed changed that. Raising a person’s power for an extended period of time was unnecessary so long as the person’s power was amplified when their attack is released. That’s why people often decreased it’s effect duration while increasing its power amplification to the maximum. As a result, the increase in power became over a dozen times the original strength.

This is that customized version of Power Gain. It’s name is…


[God’s Strength!] (Yuuya)


It is the strongest spell that a Magic Knight can cast but is difficult to use. It’s chant requires 2.5 seconds. In other words, you would have to cast it preemptively before the activation period which lasts only for a few moments. It is difficult but thanks to my usage of the aura, it is possible.

However, it is still not enough to take down the Killer Ape in a single blow. Increase the power of my trump card even further. Focusing all my power into a full-power thrust. Without splitting the aura in my body, I focus the aura onto my foot when launching myself towards the Killer Ape, redirecting it to my waist when twisting my body, followed by my shoulder, pushing my blade forward then redirecting the aura towards my arms, following the flow of kinetic energy in my body.

This is my true trump card. My usage of the abilities I possess. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge I obtain from my previous life nor the overpowered skills that I possess. It is the power I obtained when trying to overcome the low status which drove me to despair.

After 2.5 seconds, my power amplification spell timing coincided with my thrust, penetrating the left breast of the Killer Ape.

The monster that wasn’t staggered by the combination of Superconductive Bullet and Napalm Strike, was struck down by the combination of God’s Strength and the thrust amplified by the power of the aura.

After completing the thrust, I let go of the sword and jumped backwards.

The moment I landed on the ground, it’s fist landed onto the ground at my original position. Although it’s heart has already been stabbed, his fighting spirit hasn’t waned in the slightest. It continues to lose a large amount of blood and will most likely die soon. It plans to take me along with it.


[UGAWHH] (Mutated Killer Ape)


It started running towards me. With the accumulation of fatigue, my movements are starting to become sluggish. I have five seconds left before I reach my limit.

I have enough mana remaining to cast one more spell, however Napalm Strike won’t be effective against an opponent with fire resistance while Superconductive Bullet takes too long to chant. My beloved sword was also currently in it’s chest. It is the worst case scenario.

At that time, the other sword in my possession appeared in my mind. The magic sword I got from the weapon store back then.


[Are you telling me to use you?] (Yuuya)


I felt the sword call out to me as if it was responding to my question. If that’s the case, then I’ll trust you. The sword that I chose from the barrel.

I lowered my center of gravity as I grasp the sheathe of the blade.

If piercing it’s heart isn’t enough to finish it, then there is only one other place which could be lethal. I cast God’s Strength a few moments before it closes the distance between us. I’ll push forward with all my strength against the Killer Ape.


[Sorry but my cute disciple is watching us. There is no way that I can lose now.] (Yuuya)


The black blade shines in the air and a red liquid flows out from the neck of the ape. As he approached me, I jumped out and slashed at it’s neck with my entire body.

Aside from his face, the weakest point on the Killer Ape’s body is its neck where the bristles are thinner. Besides that, it was a bet on whether it would be enough to finish it off.

The next moment, the mutated ape collapsed onto the ground, this time disintegrating into blue particles for sure.

The time limit on the door ended and I collapsed onto the ground.


[That was dangerous.] (Yuuya)


I can’t even move a single finger. I felt my sweat flowing, my heart beating profusely and my ragged breathing. I barely survived the final round.

The reason why I barely managed to win the battle was due to the fact that my currently status was similar to my status before the level reset, causing my body to move near perfectly according to the image that I have pictured for decades. This allowed me to control my body perfectly when utilizing complicated combinations like this. A single misstep would had cost me my life. If my status was any higher than this, my control would go haywire, making it impossible to fight like I did earlier.

However, that fight was still enjoyable.I was pushed to the limit and somehow managed to increase my speed and power even further. I was somewhat held back by the time limit, however what drove me forward wasn’t the pain of losing my life, but hope for surviving towards the future.




Luna and Til started running towards me from the exit. The two of them held me upright and Luna took out a health recovery potion and a stamina recovery potion. However, strength was absent from my body and the liquid spills onto the ground.


[Yuuya, try to swallow it.] (Luna)


I’m properly trying to, but I can’t. Luna cried as she looked at me, however her face changed somewhat to a determined face. Then, without hesitation, she poured the liquid into her mouth and pushed her lips to mine, attempting to force me to swallow through mouth-to-mouth. While feeling the soft warmth of Luna’s lips, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Luna looked up close. After awhile, I felt a slight amount of energy return to my body.

[Yuuya, please get up.] (Luna)


Luna desperately tries to feed me the potion while crying. However, my body still isn’t moving. I should show my guts and try to comfort her.


[It’s alright, I’m better now.] (Yuuya)

I felt some sensation on my fingertips as I lifted my hand and pat Luna’s head.


[I’m glad, Yuuya.] (Luna)


Luna jumped towards my upper body which was held up and as if the dam had been broken, started to cry uncontrollably. Thanks to her I managed to recover a little bit of strength, but it still isn’t enough.

Honestly, I am trying to resist the urge to close my eyes and fall asleep, however the match isn’t over yet. I have to do something about the guildmaster. If he had the liberty of showcasing a demon like the mutated Killer Ape, he must have at least another monster on the same level escorting him. If that’s the case, it’s impossible for normal adventurers to go after him. I am the only one capable of doing so. And yet..


[It looks like my battle has come to an end.. I leave the rest to you.] (Yuuya)


In the distance, I saw the appearance of a girl with beautiful blond hair carrying a bow, heading in the direction of the guild. This is good enough. I’ll leave it to you.

If it’s Phil, then I can relax knowing it’s in good hands. Besides, I’m sure she isn’t alone. After all, I’ve heard rumors that he is currently in Rumberg. If both of them are there, then this old man isn’t needed.

Using my own power, I forced myself to grab the potion, and drank from the bottle directly.


[Luna,Til. Let’s return to the inn. I’m a little tired.] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. Lets go.] (Luna)

[Yuuya, lean onto my shoulder.] (Til)


My job in this incident is over. I’ll hear the details from Phil later. I ought to have the right to know why the guildmaster acted this way and what kind of people is he working with or working under.


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  1. “The reason why I barely managed to win the battle was due to the fact that my current status was almost equivalent to my status before the level reset”

    This makes no sense wasn’t he getting 1 point in stats per level which means his stats were 50 at level 50, while now he gets 3 points in stats per level which makes his stats 60 at level 20.


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