Chapter 7: The old man is freed from his curse

The sealed door was opened and we entered the hidden room. The condition for releasing the sealed door was to perform a level reset. Achieving the hidden condition while discovering this room simultaneously is even more difficult than dying. It was near impossible to discover this room in the first place considering how difficult it is to even find the level reset room. And even if this room was discovered, it wouldn’t be possible to enter the room. Hypothetically, a person who reset his level could enter this room, but there was another problem. Rumberg is one of the towns for novice adventurers. However, Rumberg isn’t the only starting town that exists in the world. Looking at pure leveling efficiency alone, there are many other towns with better dungeons than Rumberg, making it less likely for anyone to discover this room and it’s condition.

This is a dungeon that can only be entered by low level adventurers
And it is necessary to have the level reset to open the door
Even if the room was found, it would be impossible to enter the room
High level adventurers couldn’t enter the dungeon in the first place
It is obvious that the person who found this room wasn’t normal. Just how did he discover all this different rooms. For your information, the guy who discovered this room was the same as the level reset room.

After entering the room, I realized the room looks exactly the same as the level reset room
It was a stone room illuminated by light crystals.
There was a fountain in the center of the room and a statue of a goddess at the back.
No way, there won’t be another one here, will it?
  [Yuuya, why are you trembling?] (Luna)
  [Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. I am just looking for something like a monster        around.] (Yuuya)
  [It’s okay! Luna’s doesn’t sense any monster near us!] (Luna)


Luna bangs her chest proudly as she announced that.
I made a bitter smile as I looked at Luna

She doesn’t realize that I was wary of another Luna trapped in a crystal.
Although Luna is easy to take care of, if there were two of her I would be in serious trouble.

Now then, time to begin the ritual.
Looking at the layout, it seems that the lore behind the hidden rooms is that the same goddess made the hidden rooms.
The activation for the ritual is the same.
I removed one light crystal from the wall and placed it in the necklace of the goddess statue.
The goddess statue started to illuminate with a soft glow, and a voice started appearing in my head.
It was the same voice back in the level reset room.


  [Those who have fought countless battles and encountered obstacles one after another. Congratulations on finding me. I praise your relentless determination adventurer. I will grant you a special power as a means to push the darkness back with this power.] (Goddess)


Similar to back then, the glow from the necklace enveloped my body.
My body felt warm and light, it was like I was reeling in power.
I can feel that I have definitely gotten the blessings of the goddess.
Shortly after, the light disappeared.

Finally, it is over.
My cursed status will never come back. My status increase every level will be three points from this point forward.
I’ve been struggling so much thanks to my bad luck, only gaining one point per level. That meant that I had to put in so much more effort just to keep up with everyone else’s growth.
Eventually, I encountered an unbreakable limit.
However, with effort I still managed to overcome it and continued to follow everyone’s path of becoming stronger, eventually obtaining the power to open the door. But this wasn’t the end. I still encountered another obstacle that I couldn’t overcome. I couldn’t swallow the fact that I would never be rewarded for my hard work. I couldn’t accept that and chose to run away.
However, it’s different now.
As long as you put in the hard work, you will be rewarded.


[Yuuya, why are you crying?] (Luna)

[Sorry, I showed you an unsightly side. I couldn’t help it, I have finally been freed from my curse.] (Yuuya)


My status was cursed. I couldn’t count how much bitterness I had to swallow thanks to it.


[Yuuya, sit down.] (Luna)


Luna started walking towards me. I didn’t understand so I just listened to her and sat down.

Then Luna hugged me.


[Good boy Good boy~.] (Luna)

[Uhh.. Luna-san, what are you doing?] (Yuuya)

[Somehow, I felt like whenever I was sad, I would like someone to do this to me.] (Luna)

[Although you lost your memories, you do say weird things you know.] (Yuuya)

[Yuuya, why were you sad?] (Luna)

[I’m not sad anymore thanks to Luna. Thank you.] (Yuuya)

[I’m relieved. If you are ever sad again, Luna will be there to comfort you! Good boy~ Good boy~.] (Luna)

This child.. I am glad to be in the same party as her.

[Luna, why don’t you try the same thing I did?] (Yuuya)


Although I feel like it wouldn’t succeed since she didn’t reset her level, we could still try it. In the slight chance that it does succeed, Luna’s combat strength will increase drastically.


[Uhn.I will try it. Luna just has to put the stones there into the necklace?] (Luna)

[Yeah.] (Yuuya)


Luna took a light crystal from the wall and fit it into the necklace.

But nothing happened.


[The statue isn’t shining like when Yuuya did it.] (Luna)

[Well it’s okay, don’t worry about it. It’s time to enjoy ourselves. Let’s go back to the hunting grounds and begin raising our levels.] (Yuuya)

[Let’s do it! I will defeat many monsters and become stronger!] (Luna)


Now. There isn’t anything to stop us from leveling anymore.

Lets defeat all the monsters in the dungeon


After exiting the room, we climbed up the cliff back to the hunting area.
It was difficult for was to do a round trip on a cliff with just a single rope, however it was worth the effort.
Oh right, I nearly forgot something.
  [Luna, make sure to memorise the location of the hidden room. Next time when you return here, I won’t be able to follow you so make sure that you remember the location of this cliff.] (Yuuya)
  [I understand. I may have forgotten alot of things but I have a good memory.] (Luna)
When Luna hits level 50 and performs a level reset, she will have to come back here to perform the ritual once more. This dungeon has a level cap, making it difficult to reset my level once more to match hers. Thats why she has to remember this place.


In the Iwayama dungeon, the higher you climb the mountain, the rougher the terrain becomes, leading to stronger monsters. And stronger monsters yield better experience.
That is why we must climb higher.
  [Yuuya, the path ahead of feels dangerous. We were told to never enter the top of the mountain.] (Luna)
  [Well you’re not wrong. The Rock Golem will start spawning once we enter this area. A low-level adventurer wouldn’t be able to land even a scratch on the golem. The guild is worried that there would be naive adventurers who will challenge the monster. Look behind you, there are signs placed to prevent anyone from entering.] (Yuuya)
Rock golems have high defensive stats, nullifying effectively all physical attacks. Although it’s Magic Defense isn’t as high, it is high enough for low-level adventurers to not leave a dent.
It isn’t a monster that a new adventurer can challenge and win. Fortunately, the monster can be easily avoided as it only spawns at the summit of the mountain. Thats why this dungeon is suitable for training novices.

[Then let’s turn back.] (Luna)

[On the contrary, let’s continue forward. If it’s me, the golem shouldn’t be a problem. It is a slow monster who is weaker to magic attacks than physical attacks. It is the perfect prey for magic knights. Plus, it’s a slow monster. To me, slow monsters are merely sitting ducks.] (Yuuya)

Rock golems are good fodder for raising our levels. It is a strong monster that gives a lot of experience as well as drop unique items that are highly valuable. The unique items it drops are rare to find as it can only be obtained from this dungeon, but because the Rock golem is near impossible to defeat, the item is considered extremely rare.


[Maa. If Yuuya says that it’s fine, then I guess we are fine.] (Luna)

[Although I can beat them, right now I can only beat a golem on a one on one battle. If there is more than one, we will have to flee. For that, I’m relying on your Presence Detection Luna.] (Yuuya)

[Leave it to me!] (Luna)


Shes a reliable child.
The two of us were lucky on our path to the summit, we arrived at our destination without encountering a single monster.
Then, I ate my words.


[It’s the idiot trio.] (Yuuya)


The three chicks who didn’t want anything to do with me were up here as well. This is likely the reason why we didn’t encounter a single monster. We took the exact same route as these three idiots did. They probably defeated all the monsters easily, and became overconfident of their abilities. Being overconfident of their abilities, they decided to come to the summit thinking they could defeat the golem. Hold and behold, they were currently fighting a Rock Golem.
That is a common mistake made by novice adventurers. Unfortunately, one mistake as an adventurer, and that would likely cost your life. Most adventurers who mess up don’t even have the opportunity to learn from them. Those who do survive are considered quite lucky.




The three of them has a well-balanced party for a novice party.

A Warrior, Magician and a Ranger.

The warrior acts as the vanguard while the magician and hunter attacks the monsters from the back. But the warrior was unable to withstand the attacks from the golem and got blown away. He is breathing but the his bones are most likely broken and won’t be able to continue battling.
After the vanguard was defeated, the golem started rushing towards the magician and the hunter. The magician and hunter desperately attacked the golem but the golem is unaffected by the attacks. At this rate, they will be annihilated.


[Luna, wait here. I will go and save those three. I won’t be able to protect you so I want you to stay out of the battle.] (Yuuya)

[Why would you bother saving them? They are disgusting people who talked bad about you. You should just leave them.] (Luna)

[Luna. I have the power to help people. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I knew I left those three to die. And also, it’s an adult’s job to guide chicks like them on the right path.] (Yuuya)


From my point of view in the guild, those three were merely puppies. They may bark a lot but it wasn’t menacing in the slightest. Not to mention, it’s a waste that most adventurers lose their lives with just one mistake in the dungeons. Adventurers are humans too, and mistakes are inevitable. Without mistakes, people won’t be able to become a real adventurer. If I can help someone learn from my mistake, then I will give them that chance.

I ran towards the golem.

Now then, its time to take action. Time to give my juniors a second chance.

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