Chapter 6: The old man dives into the dungeon

After the class selection has ended, Me and Luna became a Magic Knight and a Thief.

When a class is chosen, you will receive 5 skill points, with an addition point per level. That is the case for other adventurers including Luna. This low number of points meant that adventurers didn’t have many options in choosing skills and had to focus their points into skills that required priorities. However, in my case I have 20 bonus skill points thanks to my level reset, giving me many more options for what skills I wish to add.




 [Delicious! The meat today is so tender. Today’s meat is better than usual.] (Luna)

 [We are celebrating our official party formation so you can eat without restraint. There won’t be many occasions like this in the future so you should indulge yourself tonight.] (Yuuya)

 [Uhn!] (Luna)

The glint in Luna’s eyes suddenly changes as she bites into a chunk of meat.

Watching a fox’s cheek inflate just like a squirrel is pretty amusing. We were eating dinner in the bar as always. However this time we ordered the expensive set meals rather than the usual cheap meals. Although I mentioned that this is a celebration for the party, it was also my way of showing Luna my gratitude for staying in my party. I was really happy that she chose to remain in my party when she had the option to join a better party.

 [Yuuya, you have been staring at Luna’s face for a while.] (Luna)

Luna’s face which was stained with gravy and sauce started to turn red.

 [Sorry, that was rude of me. I should start eating as well. Before that, a cheer for our party and our adventures to come.] (Yuuya)

I held up my mug of ale while Luna held her glass of juice in the air.


 [Cheers!] (Luna and Yuuya)

By the way, if you are wondering why Luna is drinking juice instead of ale, yesterday she claimed that she wanted to drink the same drink as me despite seemingly being underage. Eventually she got a chance to try it, but it was too bitter for her and she couldn’t drink it. Now she’s obediently drinking juice instead.

Having a celebration with a party. It’s been awhile. I’ve forgotten how this warmth felt like.



The next day, we headed towards the guild.

Today I was also using a hat to cover my face. It would be troublesome if I had ran into Phil while my face was exposed.

 [As Yuuya told me, all my points were put into Presence Detection ] (Luna)

 [Good girl. Now venturing into dungeons will be much more convenient thanks to your skill.] (Yuuya)

Thieves were one of the classes with access to exploration skills.

Among the exploration skills available, the most important skill was Presence Detection as monsters were cunning monsters. Adventurers are weak to surprise attacks and ambush tactics whereas some monsters developed special abilities, such as mimicry and stealth that allows them to hide within the environment and attack from our blind spots. Just as adventurers learn to deal with monsters, monsters have also adapted for battles against adventurers. There are also monsters that are capable of approaching adventurers without making a sound or a smell, allowing them to rush at us from our blind spots, preventing any possible defense.

Similarly, even if I were to forcibly increase my stats, it would be useless if I was caught in a trap or if I was surrounded by too many enemies.

However, the latter could be avoided if your party has someone with Presence Detection. This skill only required one point to be learnt, however it’s capabilities is raised when more points were placed into the skill. For each point added, Presence Detection’s effective range is increased by 20 meters. At level three, it shows the user the number of monster in the radius and at level 5, the user will be able to tell the relative distance to each monster in the area.

Since Luna had placed all five skill points into Presence Detection, she is currently capable of finding monsters up to a distance of 100 metres and determine their positions.

 [Yuuya, why shouldn’t I add an attack skill first? Assassinate seems much more useful and cooler.] (Luna)

 [Luna you may not realize it because it’s your first time entering a dungeon, but when a party enters a dungeon without Presence Detection, monster hunting becomes extremely inefficient as time is wasted searching for monsters. There is even a chance for us to cross path with monsters without noticing them. However, with your skill, this situation can be avoided while making it easier to locate monsters.] (Yuuya)

Any experienced adventurer would know how important the skill is.

Luna tilted her head as she didn’t understand that I meant, but as expected, she has a good sense when it came to adventuring and understood it right after.

 [Yuuya, what skills did you spend your points on?] (Luna)

 [My class was originally a class meant for attacking, so I placed my points into my combat skills. You can look forward to seeing my skills in our next battle. Right now you just focus on searching for the enemies while I handle the battles.] (Yuuya)

The third-rate class called Magic Knight.

I look forward to abusing the hidden skill only available for that class.


We entered the guild and walked through the magic door located at the back of the guild.

It was the entrance to a special dungeon only available to low leveled adventurers.

This dungeon is a special dungeon meant for nurturing low leveled adventurers up to level 10. This level restriction prevents other adventurers from denying any resources from new adventurers. Although monsters respawned on a weekly basis, the number of monsters available in dungeons was still limited in numbers. Adventurers are often greedy people who would do anything to increase their profit. This leaves the inept adventurers such as the lower leveled adventurers unable to raise their levels efficiently. Thus this dungeon provided a relatively safe environment for low leveled adventurers access to resources.

Currently, we are one of those low leveled adventurers.

From my game knowledge, there is a hidden room in this dungeon with a function that fixes the status rise to three points. Personally, the developers who installed the room in this dungeon has bad taste. If this function wasn’t activated before hitting level 11, it would had been impossible to gain access to this room once again without resetting your level.

Once we walked through the magical door, we were teleported to the dungeon.

The dungeon we were in was a rocky mountain. It was a mountain-type dungeon where the difficulty level changes depending on the terrain of the mountain. Right now, it was a gentle mountain with a wide road that can be easily trekked.

It was an ideal dungeon for beginners


 [Yuuya, it’s amazing. Although we were just in a building, suddenly we’re on a mountain. ] (Luna)


Luna was surprised at the sudden change in scenery as she looked around the surrounding terrain. Although this girl was trapped inside a dungeon up until recently, this was her first legitimate entry into a dungeon. Suddenly, I felt a presence appear behind us as a bunch of adventurers are entering the dungeon. It was a trio of young adventurers dressed with expensive magic armour, the same group that caused the incident.


 [Tsk. Looks like you’re here too Ossan.] (Kevin)


When the trio saw that we were in the dungeon before them, their faces were filled with disgust.


 [That’s right. We’re here to raise our level.] (Yuuya)

 [Do as you like. Just don’t get in our way. Entering a dungeon with such shabby armor… as expected of an idiot. Don’t expect us to help you even if you get into any trouble.] (Kevin)

 [Adventurers take responsibility for their own well-being. I do not plan to ask you for help. Let’s work hard so that it will never come to that.] (Yuuya)

[Even if we were to lose our lives, we would rather die than ask you for help. Hey guys, let’s go.] (Kevin)


Surprisingly, the trio merely left without raising a ruckus and started climbing up the mountain. I thought that they would try to attack us in the dungeon, but it seems that their talk with the guild had helped them grow a little.


 [Yuuya, Luna hates those people.] (Luna)

 [I know. As an adventurer, we must have the power to push through an obstacle, no matter how difficult. I know it is difficult to receive disgusting looks from other people, but you will have to bear with it. In the future, you will have to be even more careful around those kind of people.] (Yiuya)

Although perverts were difficult to deal with., smart alecs were much more annoying to deal with.


 [Yuuya is gentle. However what they are saying seems true. Their armour looks much better than your armour.] (Luna)

 [Equipping magical armours is an act only done by beginners. Exploring a dungeon can last for anytime between few hours to days. Equipping heavy armour will cause sweat to build up inside the armour, making it warmer and humid, making the entire process tiring and uncomfortable. That’s why using leather armour which is easier to equip and move around is better.] (Yuuya)


 Experienced adventurers prefer lightweight armour as compared to bulky and heavy metal armours since lightweight armours protect the user’s vital areas and doesn’t restrict their movements as much as heavy metal armours.

In the first place, since my main form of defense is mainly deflecting attacks with a sword, I do not require heavy armour. However, that doesn’t mean that I neglected my defensive equipment.

There are many different types of leather armour.

The armour that I am wearing currently was made from the skin of an elder dragon. It may look shabby, but it’s effectiveness is a few notches higher than that baby chick’s metal armour. It was not only superior in defense power, but it had flame resistance, ice resistance and magic resistance. It was also much more comfortable and practical for battle.

If you judge a book by its cover, you might not appreciate it’s content. In this case, they couldn’t notice the armour’s capabilities because they were preoccupied with how shabby it looked.


 [Adventurers are complicated.] (Luna)

 [Time for idle talk is over. Time to begin exploring the dungeon. Im counting on you Luna.] (Luna)

 [Uhn. Leave it to me, Luna will find all the monsters.] (Luna)


I nodded at Luna as we began exploring the dungeon.


While we were climbing up the rocky mountain, Luna’s fox ears started twitching.


 [Monsters few metres away from that corner. Two of them.] (Luna)

 [Then we turn back to the fork we passed earlier, and take the left route instead.] (Yuuya)

 [Yuuya, we have only been running away from monsters since we entered the dungeon. If all we do is run, we will not become stronger!] (Luna)

 [Sorry, but I can’t afford to raise my level just yet. There are other things that I need to do first.] (Yuuya)


As Luna had mentioned, we have been avoiding monsters as we approached the summit of the mountain. This was only possible because of her Presence Detection. I wanted to avoid leveling up before locating the hidden room to maximize my status increase each level. If I were to level up accidentally and obtain an inadequate gain, I would had wasted free stats that I would had otherwise gotten. I can only level to a maximum of 49 times. Each level must not be wasted.

Finally, we arrived at a cliff on the mountain without fighting a single battle.

However, this place wasn’t the summit of the mountain.

 [Sigh it’s a dead-end. Let’s turn back, Yuuya] (Luna)

 [No. This place is good.] (Yuuya)

As Luna was preparing to turn back, I took out a huge pile from my magic back and pushed it into the ground as hard as I could. I wrapped two ropes around the pile and secured them on the pile, throwing the other ends of the rope down the cliff. The ropes were magic items that can extend its length depending on the owner’s will.


 [At the bottom of this 200m cliff, there is a hidden room. That is our destination.] (Yuuya)

 [This is such a dangerous place, installing a room here, no one would ever find it.] (Luna)

 [I feel the same way. The guy who discovered this place must have a screw loose.] (Yuuya)

The guy who found this place is really amazing.


 [I will be climbing down. It is dangerous to climb down a cliff with a rope, so you stay here where its safe.] (Yuuya)

 [Luna wants to be together with Yuuya. Luna will try her best.] (Luna)


Although I said that, Luna shakes her head.


 [I understand. Then I will climb down first. That way, if anything happens, I will be there to catch you.] (Yuuya)

 [Uhn. I am counting on Yuuya to catch me if I fall!] (Luna)

 [Uhm I will definitely catch you, but please do your best not to let that happen.] (Yuuya)


Even if I was able to catch her, her falling would be bad for my heart.

I started climbing down the cliff.

Luna started climbing down after me. As she is a fox beastman, her movements are light and she isn’t showing any signs of dangerous movement.

Although it is a problem for me to constantly monitor her movements. I bought the armour recommended to us by the clerk, but I should remember to get her trousers next time instead of skirts.

Eventually, we arrived at the destination.

Our destination was a hole in the wall. If you entered the hole and walked straight, a sealed door can be seen.

The condition for unlocking this door, is to perform a level reset.

When I touched the door, the seal was unlocked and the door opened.


 [Luna, let’s hurry ahead.] (Yuuya)

 [Uhn. It’s getting exciting.] (Luna)


We both entered the hidden room.

This time, it won’t be to reset my level, but I can ensure that my cursed status will never haunt me ever again.

– End of chapter –


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    1. She’s a unique character not from the game. And she is also a beastman. So he probably guessed that her stat increase was already at highest level.


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  1. “Shabby and plain looking leather armor”

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