Chapter 5: The old man who became a magic knight (3/3)

The lecture has started. There were about 20 students attend the lecture, including me and Luna. Among the other students, there were a bunch of young boys who were staring at me and another bunch at Luna. As expected, there were no other middle-aged men attending the lesson. In this lecture, the basics for becoming an adventurer as well as the different classes available will be taught and explained in half a day. Although this is considered an informative session, there are actually very few people who are listening to the speaker. As information about the classes are considered common sense, the people who attend the lecture are doing so because it’s a standard procedure. It is rare for people to actually pay attention in the lesson.

Midway through the lecture, the lecturer made an announcement.


[After the lecture is over, I recommend everyone present to recruit party members for your party. This is a rare occasion where adventurers of the same caliber and level without parties are gathered together. It is important to fill up your party with four members as well as having a well-balanced composition. Alright, the class will now have a 5 minute break before the lesson continues.] (Instructor)


As the instructor mentioned, this session was one of the most important moments for adventurers who do not have any relations or connections, making it a good opportunity for new adventurers to form a party and make friends with other new adventurers. As an adventurer, it is crucial to have a party of four members. If you dive into a dungeon alone, any paralysis or poisoning effects could spell your doom. However, with a party, they will be able to protect you from the monsters while you recover.


[Yuuya, are we going to search for friends too?] (Luna)

[Well it would be nice to have a full party with us, but it is likely impossible.] (Yuuya)


I smiled bitterly to Luna’s question. It seems she still doesn’t understand the situation, about how notorious the unwanted class, Magic Knight is.




Although it takes nearly a full day to obtain a class, the actual procedure to obtaining a class is easy. When you stand before the statue that contains the power of the gods, the classes that are available to you will appear inside your head. As expected, I have all the common classes available to me. Warrior, Fighter, Magic Knight, Magician, Monk, Thief and Ranger were all available. These weren’t the only classes that actually existed in this world. There have been instances where an exclusive class had appeared, but so far I have only seen one instance of an exclusive class. Well, my class was decided from the start. Now it’s merely a matter of what skill I should choose

[I want to be a Magic Knight.] (Yuuya)


A soft glow starts to cover my body. With this, I have officially become a Magic Knight.


[Ossan, are you an idiot? Do you not know anything?]

[Magic Knight…. Has he lost his mind?]

[Woah its my first time seeing a Magic Knight.]

[Sigh even though I said during the lecture to never choose that class…]


I could hear comments coming from the back of the room as I chose my class. This is the expected reaction though, since it is unlikely any of them would know the hidden strength of a Magic Knight. It is a class that can do everything but unable to do anything. However, with the bonus skill points, as well as the hidden elements behind the level reset, the weakest class can become the strongest.

After my class selection was completed, it was Luna’s turn.

As she stood before the statue containing the power of god, she turned and looked at me.


[The classes Yuuya mentioned appeared in my head. There wasn’t any class that are different.] (Luna)

[I see. I had a feeling that Luna would receive an exclusive class but it seems I was wrong. Then you can choose Thief as planned.] (Youya)

[I understand! Luna wants to be a Thief!] (Luna)


A soft glow started to surround Luna’s body. Luna was now officially a Thief.

With this, everyone in the room has completed their class selection. This is where the scouting battle begins.

As predicted, the most popular classes were thieves and rangers. Although they were classes that had a low fighting power, they were capable of learning exploration skills. Exploration skills are important in a party as it is essential for exploring dungeons where it is easy to lose your sense of direction. They were also one of the rarer classes as their low fighting power often translated to higher mortality rates. This is why they are popular.

Next were warriors, magicians and monks

These classes were the most common classes that are often chosen by people because they were the strongest in their roles.

Warriors serve as the vanguard, having high defensive powers higher than fighters or thieves.

Magicians have the ability to defeat monsters who have high physical defense with magic spells, and are capable of attacking from range. They were perfect for being in the back line.

Priests are capable of casting supportive spells such as reinforcement spells as well as recovery spells, allowing dungeon runs to become safer as recovery was possible.

In this world, every party had a party limit. The maximum number of members were four. However, this limit could be increased to five if special items were used on the party. If a party had more members than the party limit allowed, there would be no experience gained by the party members from battles.

Due to this, a party often consisted of a vanguard, magic attacker, healer and a specialized class.

There was no place for an unwanted class like the Magic Knight.

Nobody will invite me to their party, nor will anyone accept my invitations if I asked.

At this rate, it would only be me and Luna in my party, I started to wonder if this was a good idea, to let Luna remain in the party with me. As Luna was a thief, she was popular among the other students and received multiple invitations. However as soon as everyone realized I was in the same party as Luna, everyone refused to accept her. Witnessing this scene multiple times made me feel guilty.

If there was a time for Luna to become independent, this would be the time. Until now I have been taking care of Luna, looking out for her well-being ever since we left the hidden room. This was most likely the only chance for Luna to enter another party where she had the safety of a balanced party. I couldn’t bear to keep her in my party for my own convenience when she had the possibility of a much better future away from me.


[Sorry. Luna couldn’t get anyone to be our friend.] (Luna)


[Don’t be. It’s because of my class that nobody wants to join us. At this rate, it will only be the two of us in the party. Luna. I am not forcing you to stay in my party. Rather, I hope that you will join another party. You are more likely to find a well-balanced party where it’s safer. If you are worried about me, I can survive on my own since I am a veteran after all.] (Yuuya)


It is difficult for me to let go of a exploration-class member when she is my only party member, however it is even more difficult for me to bind her into my party. If possible, as her guardian, I wish to guide her onto the right path as much as possible.


[Yuuya wants me to join a party I like?] (Luna)

[Yes. As a thief, there are many parties who will be willing to invite you to their party.] (Yuuya)

[Okay. Then Luna will join the party that she wants.] (Luna)


At that moment, I felt a tinge of sadness as it appears that Luna had a party she wanted to join, but at the same time, i couldn’t help but feel that it was obvious.

But she wasn’t moving from her position.


[Then Luna wants to join Yuuya’s party! Luna and Yuuya will be together!] (Luna)


I flinched at her quick response.


[Ar..Are you sure? It’ll just be the two of us you know] (Yuuya)

[Uhn. Luna wants to be with Yuuya so its ok.] (Luna)


Luna looked at me with a cute smile.

I decided that I will not make her regret being in my party.


[I understand. Then I’ll say it once more. I am counting on you in the future] (Yuuya)

[Thank you for having me. Yuuya. Our first goal is to kill all the dragons in the world and obtain their treasures!] (Luna)

[Do you plan on dying right from the start?] (Yuuya)


Dragons were beings that can’t be defeated by people below level 30. Any attempts to do so would result in death.

I started to stroke Luna’s head who gave off a pleasant feeling and started shaking her fox tail.


Yosh, I’ve decided. Tonight we will have a feast to celebrate our party.


Then we will dive into the dungeon first thing in the morning. It’s time to accomplish my main goal in this town. To visit the hidden room that can prevent my cursed status from happening.

16 thoughts on “Chapter 5: The old man who became a magic knight (3/3)

  1. I find it interesting how you cut corners or add your own sentences. (Just started reading the raw text that is on the site even though I opened the page a few days ago.) There are a few translation errors and a few re-writes, but the gist is mostly the same.
    Thanks for showing me an interesting novel


    1. Yes! I do add my own sentences because sometimes i feel the flow of the raw is a little bit awkward. I do hope more people read the raws so i can get more feedback on it. Could you tell me what the errors are? I would like to know so that i can note them down in the future!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. The description of the monk sounds like a priest… Would normally be fine, but monks in game terms are a martial artist type class, so it’s a bit confusing.

    Also, if it’s decently accurate I’d switch Hunter to Ranger. For the sake of using game terms. Probably a decent fit? To avoid overlap, it’s probably something like thieves being mostly close ranged dungeon specialists and hunters being mostly ranged field specialists. Although iirc there’s only dungeons, so switch that to dungeon type dungeons and wilderness type dungeons.


    1. I think of monks more as a supportive class with martial artist skills but i can see where you are coming from! I do plan on changing the terms for the classes in the future once i am more confident of a better term for them ( i will probably do an update note in a future chapter)
      Regarding the specialist bit, i feel that the classes aren’t really specialists but just classes with special skills so i don’t know what to feel about that.
      Btw, what do you mean by the types of dungeons?


      1. Hmm, I can’t agree with your idea of monks, I generally see them as having only self-buffing skills outside of martial skills.

        Regarding specialists, most modern games are like that, but the system in this novel resembles old style dnd more. Not many classes, each class has a very distinct role. The exception to that being the magic warrior, but that’s expected as it’s the protagonist’s special job essentially.

        All I meant by types of dungeons is… Some dungeons might resemble a place where intelligent creatures lived like a castle or tomb or cave lair, and they’d have traps and treasure, and some dungeons might resemble a forest or tundra or a mountain like in the next chapter, and they’d have natural hazards and things like valuable medicinal herbs. Thief for the former, Ranger for the latter. It’s just an educated guess though.


        1. I will note down the part about the monks! I will include them in a update about the classes in the future!
          For the specialist part, i understand what you are trying to say when you mention about the role of each class. Personally i feel that each class has their own theme that lets them fit well into their role. Eg: warriors are .. well soldiers on the frontlines who attack and bare the brunt of the attacks.
          For thieves, i feel that their theme plays around stealth and material possessions. Eg: detecting other lifeforms to make it easier to sneak around, and assasinations
          Whereas for hunter, i imagine that their theme would play around chasing prey or other skills playing around the ‘survival’ theme. I would be hardpressed to call them specialists as it would imply that they can only be used in dungeons when they probably have much more depth in other aspects.
          Regarding the dungeon bit, i am unclear on where’s the line you draw between the two types of dungeons since mountain type dungeons do have ‘intelligent’ lifeforms such as monsters in them. But when i read the word dungeon, i automatically think of two things. Dungeons that contain monsters like in games (these have different types of terrain hence the author’s depiction of different types of dungeons such as caves and mountains) as well as prisons in medieval times where they call it dungeons.
          In the novel, the author calls certain dungeons ‘Wild dungeons’. These dungeons are merely dungeons that aren’t domesticated by civilisation and not dungeons with terrain such as forests and caves. I don’t know if this caused a confusion but i apologise. I’ll see if i can revise the chapter to prevent this from happening


          1. All I mean by specialist in this context is that they have a clear role that no one else can adequately take.

            It has nothing to do with your use of wild dungeons. I think you misunderstood, but the part about dungeons was just idly speculating rather than saying anything about your translation. I am a bit confused about why you’re confused about what I was saying though, seems pretty straightforward to me. In a simpler but more abstract way, what I mean is the difference between natural and artificial. Traps and treasure rooms are created with intent, and require a different set of skills than someone skilled in forestry. Thieves can’t follow tracks, Rangers can’t pick locks.


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