Chapter 5: The old man becomes a magic knight (2/3)

[Everybody please settle down. We are currently within the guild premises. Violence will not be tolerated. You over there. We are not afraid to hold back on your punishment even if you currently are not an adventurer.] (Guild staff)


A guild personnel arrived just as the two young men’s demise was imminent, warning me to stand down. When the female personnel arrived, the entire hall turned silent, looking in her direction. Luna looked at the staff member in amazement. It was obvious that the staff member was strong. Strong enough to make the rowdy bunch of adventurers here dead silent.

However, the only thing I could notice… was her face.

Long ears and green eyes.. The characteristic of an Elf. It’s an elven girl.

There’s no doubt about it.

Why are you here?

I pulled down my hat in an attempt to conceal my face.


[I am sorry. I did not mean to resort to violence. However, before I noticed it the young man was trying to attack me so I countered on reflex. I will reflect on my actions.] (Youya)

[I see. So you’re defending yourself on the basis of self-defense. Am I right?] (Guild Staff)


I nod my head. Luckily, it seems that she did not recognize me.

She should had noticed that my level was one. It could had occurred to her that I was her former teacher, but since I was level 50 back then, she probably thinks I’m just someone who resembles a person she knew. How could someone like her be doing administrative work in a guild such as this?


[No this ossan attacked us first! He threw Kevin onto the ground!] (Young man No.2)

[Yeah! You can see that he is uninjured! Only Kevin was attacked, thats why he’s unconscious on the ground!] (Young man no.3)


The boys were panicking, trying to shift the blame onto me. However, the surrounding adventurers testified for my innocence.

Unluckily for the boys, the one thing that all adventurers dislike, is the rookie who thinks he’s a hot-shot. People like the boy Kevin on the ground, would never be defended by other adventurers as people like them cited more trouble than their worth. Thus, it was expected that I would be defended against them.

Thanks to this incident, these young men will definitely have difficulties finding work and connections in this guild.


[Well. I fully understand the situation right now. Uhm, then since you are the victim, I will let you off with a warning. Those children will write a written apology to the guild and suffer a punishment. They will receive a penalty for causing trouble in the guild. If they receive another penalty from us, they will be banned from working with the guild permanently.] (Elf Staff)


Upon listening to the staff’s declaration, the boys face started to cramp. They looked like they were ready to start another fight with her, but they weren’t dumb enough to cause another fuss with the staff just because they didn’t agree with the punishment. They understood that if they did, they would suffer the consequences, and quietly followed the girl as she took them away from the hall.


[Ahh. You look as elegant as ever today. Phil-chan.] (Guy no.1)

[As expected of my woman!] (Guy no. 2)

[Hey you two. What are you talking about? Are the two of you dreaming? Phil is MY wife. I decided that the moment I saw her beautiful eyes.] (Guy no.3)

[Everyone please be silent. I do not belong to anyone nor am I anybody’s wife. If you guys are not going to be silent, I will forcefully shut everyone up.] (Phil)

[WE ARE SORRY.] (Everyone in unison)


After resolving the incident, the elven girl left the hall.

After she left, the hall became noisy once again, with talks about the elven girl spreading rapidly among the adventurers. Apparently, the girl was quite popular among the adventurers for being a beauty, as well as being a skilled adventurer.

Well her beauty aside, her skill is a given. Since she was trained by me.


[That girl was amazing. Although she looks slightly older than me, she behaves just like an adult and is also working properly.] (Luna)

[You’re wrong, Luna. You can’t judge an Elf’s age based on their looks. Elves have different lifespans as compared to humans. Their bodies grow at a rate similar to humans. However, at the age of 12, their bodies start to age much slower. She should be about 25 years old this year.] (Yuuya)


Although Phil’s appearance is similar to a 16-year-old girl, her age is actually 25 years old. She grew into a fine adult, much different from the elven girl who I picked up. Phil was an Elf who I picked up after she was forced out of her village when I accepted the request to capture a bunch of pillagers back in the day. She was a talented individual that was equal to my number one disciple, Leonard, in the same party.

I assumed that she had continued to be in the same party after I had left. I wonder just how did she end up working as a receptionist in the guild for a town like this. I know that if she knew that I was here, we would likely erupt into an argument.

As I thought that, I pulled my hat further down. I have to be extra careful to make sure she doesn’t notice me.

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