Chapter 5: The old man becomes a magic knight. (1/3)

Part 1

After arriving at Rumberg, we searched for an inn to stay. After leaving Raptor at the stables and our belongings at the inn, we went to the guild to register for the mandatory lectures for novice adventurers. The lectures were held once a week and was taking place tomorrow for this week. Although it was possible to get a class at Rumberg, everybody was required to attend these lectures to inform everyone about the different classes available. These lectures were made mandatory by the government as the country itself supports the grooming of potential adventurers.

As dungeons spawned naturally in this world, adventurers were needed to venture into the dungeons to cull the monsters living inside them, reducing their numbers. This prevents the chances of monsters overflowing from dungeons and making their nests outside, causing unusually high monster counts and disrupting human society. However, it is not impossible for this scenario to occur even with adventurers. Whenever this does happen, extermination quests will be sent out for adventurers to uptake.

Whenever adventurers defeated monsters or venture into the dungeons, they bring back materials that are either sold to merchants in the town or used to craft their own equipment. The latter allows the adventurers to prepare for their next trip into a dungeon and the cycle repeats. Both outcomes result in an improvement of the people’s’ standard of living as the people either get their hands on materials for constructions or paid for their services.


[Luna, you look tired. You alright?] (Yuuya)


Luna’s tail seemed unusually droopy today. It seems like she didn’t have enough sleep today.


[The book Yuuya passed to me yesterday was interesting. I ended up spending the whole night reading it.] (Luna)


Luna replied while rubbing her eyes.

She is currently suffering from amnesia.

It is dangerous for a person who doesn’t have any memories to seek adventures blindly without any knowledge, so I passed her a book meant for novice adventurers to teach her what was dangerous in the wilderness. She was unexpectedly eager, and read the book attentively, asking many difficult questions that would be difficult to answer if you weren’t a veteran adventurer.

[Today’s lesson will just be a review of what you read in the book. So try to listen carefully during the lecture when we arrive.] (Yuuya)

[uhn. It’s a review chance! I will try to make good use of it!] (Luna)


Luna nodded her head. She appears more energetic than before.


[We are finally here.] (Yuuya)

[So this is the guild.. It looks really amazing.] (Luna)

[Yeah it does. The standard of the guild corresponds with the city or village it is in. The guild here looks amazing because it’s in a city. It was made much bigger and more impressive than a normal guild.] (Yuuya)

[Uhh.] (Luna)


Luna stares at the guild and lets out a weird voice.

I grabbed the awestruck Luna’s hand and walked into the guild.

Today was the day when various workshops including the newcomer’s lecture was conducted. Thus there were a lot of people present in the guild. Many of them were sitting in the bar killing time while waiting for the workshops to begin.

[Oi oi. Ossan. Are you thinking of becoming an adventurer at your age? Look at your armor. Its tattered and old, just like you. Give it up. You should follow my example. Look at it. My armor was custom-made with magical materials.] (Young Man)

[Kevin. Stop it. You’re making the old man look even more pathetic.] (Young Man no.2)

[No no no. You got it all wrong. He would be even more pathetic if he died trying to become an adventurer.] (Kevin)

[Ah. Well that sounds about right.] (Young man no. 2)


Laughter erupted from the bar.

When I glanced over to the bar, I saw a bunch of young men in their mid-teens looking over here while drinking sake. I was unable to see their levels, which proves that their levels were higher than mine.In this world, you are unable to see other peoples’ status, but it was possible to see the level of people lower than you. Well this is to be expected, since my level was reset to level one.

It is better to leave those people alone. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble in the guild.

I bowed to two young men and walked past them.


[Ossan. Did you not hear what I said earlier?] (Kevin)


The two young men stepped in front of me, blocking my path.

It appears that the one with expensive equipment was called Kevin. He must have been born into a rich family. Since there are many advantages to raising a person’s level, there are many parents who spend a large sum of money obtaining expensive equipment for their children to enter dungeons and raise their levels.



[I’m sorry, but I’m unable listen to your advice. I came here with my own goals in mind, however I do not have the right to stop you young men from chasing your dreams. I hope you guys feel the same for me.] (Yuuya)

[Huh.? I even went out of my way to show concern for you. What is with your attitude? Hmm? That girl behind you is cute. Is she your daughter? How about this, I will accept her into my party, where she will be safe unlike yours. You should thank me old man. Oh and don’t even think of joining my party. I will never let you into my party.] (Kevin)


The young man was looking at Luna’s body with disgusting eyes with ill intent.

Luna is definitely a cute girl. It’s difficult to say otherwise. Although I could argue against going for such a young girl. Luna hid behind my back, turning her face away from the young man.


[I appreciate your concern, however. I am becoming an adventurer, and I am not giving this girl to you. She clearly does not want to join your party.] (Yuuya)

[I am not saying this because I am looking down on you. But no matter how you look at it, you don’t have a choice old man. You look like a man who failed in raising a daughter, and was forced into becoming an adventurer to survive. I’ll repeat it again. You don’t have a choice in this.] (Kevin)


The young man walked over with a menacing glint in his eyes. He raised his right fist and swung it directly at my face.

I grabbed the boy’s wrist, twisted my body and threw him. The boy let out a grunt as his back hit the ground. It was a movement that I could perform easily with my eyes closed.


[Kevin was knocked down!?](Young man no.2)

[Oi. Ossan. What do you think you are doing?] (Man no.3)

Two of the unconscious young man’s friends came over.


I could see their levels. They were both level 1 as well. Looking at their movements, it’s obvious that they aren’t even a threat. I can beat both of them within 10 seconds.

Even though I was thinking of knocking both of them out cold, I do not want to cause any more trouble than I already did.


Now then.. What should I do?

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  1. Personally, I think Mystic Knight is way too fancy given the other classes. There’s probably prestige classes for people who break through the tower, so I’d just keep it as magic warrior.


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