Chapter 4:The old man heads to the city of beginnings (2/2)

Part 2

Before heading over to Rumberg, Luna and I travelled on Raptor to a neighboring town where we paid for a caravan that was heading towards our destination. The distance to Rumberg was too far for us to rely on Raptor for any battles that might occur, so I decided to travel there with a caravan instead. For caravans, although we were required to pay a fee, we had escorts that served as our bodyguards during the trip. So our safety during the trip was guaranteed. However the downside was that the caravan travels at a slow pace. Most likely, it would take us two days to arrive at Rumberg.

As I looked back from the carriage, the village could no longer be seen in the distance. When I left the village, one of the people who came to see me off was Nikita. She cried as I was preparing to leave, telling me that she wanted to follow me. She was willing to leave behind her family and the bar to accompany me on my journey. However, I could not allow such a child to abandon her family and their business just to follow me. After trying to convince her for half an hour, she finally gave in and accepted my departure.

After arriving at the town, Luna and I joined the caravan where I was offered a high price for Raptor. Although the amount was tempting, the bond I had with Raptor was priceless and rejected the offer.

I feel that I am starting to become sentimental. Is this because of my age?

[Yuuyaaa. I’mm boreddddd.] (Luna)

While I was lost in thought, Luna was fed up with the journey.

[The trip will only last two days. It won’t be long.] (Yuuya)

[But the trip is boring!!!] (Luna)

Well this caravan is unusually large, and there is a large number of escorts. So its expected that the journey will take quite a while. For a child like Luna, it would be quite a dull trip.

[Well then let me explain to you about what we will be doing when we arrive at Rumberg. We will have to do a bunch of administrative matters, attending classes and meeting other people as well as select our class.] (Yuuya)

[Tell me about the classes!] (Luna)

Luna whose tail looked like it was about to fall asleep became lively as it stood up in anticipation.

[Adventurers are capable of raising their levels by defeating monsters to earn experience points. However, they will be unable to gain experience points unless they have a class. Thus a class has to be chosen before an adventurer can start increasing their levels. Normally the class chosen will be set for life, meaning that the class will be the person’s specialization for the rest of their life. It cannot be changed so it should be chosen carefully.] (Yuuya)

[The status for each classes differ accordingly to their battle styles. There will be a class correction value added to a person’s status depending on their class, adding additional values into various stat parameters. These class correction values added on top of the person’s basic status determines their final status.] (Yuuya)

[Each classes serve a specific role in a party. Generally speaking, there is the vanguard, and the rear guard. Vanguard classes serve as the front line for the party, directly confronting monsters and serving as a wall for the back line whereas the rear guard classes directly attack the monsters as well as cover the front line.] (Yuuya)

[Easy to understand. Luna wants to be a vanguard! Youya gave me a dagger, I want to use it!] (Luna)

Truth be told, Luna is suited to be in the front lines.

Back when I was playing the game, Beastmen were characters that were only NPCs and unusable for players. It was possible to become friends with NPCs, and the characteristics for NPCs was discovered. Beastmen had increased physical capabilities whereas their magical abilities were decreased. These were stat corrections that are well suited for the vanguard.

[Since you want to be a part of the vanguard, I will explain the different classes for the vanguard. Generally, the vanguard have weak magical capabilities but high physical capabilities. The common classes are Warrior, Fighter and Thieves. Warriors specialize in attacking and defending, with high values in their Attack and Defensive parameters. However, as a result their Speed parameters are decreased. Fighters specialize in hand-to-hand combat, having higher Attack parameters and Speed but only to a limited extent. Thus, even if they equip powerful weapons or strong armor, their overall capabilities does not change that much. On the other hand, Thieves have high Speed parameters but their Defense and Attack parameters are decreased. In exchange, they are given special class skills called Exploration Skills.] (Yuuya)

[eehhhh.] (Luna)

Luna looked as if her brain was overloaded and unable to take in the information. She tilted her head as she tried to understand the information and failed.

[Youya~, are there any other classes?] (Luna)

[There is another class called Magic Knight. It is a class that has a high Attack parameter and is the only class capable of using magic.] (Youya)

[That’s the class! It looks like the strongest class to take!] (Luna)

[I am going to stop you right here. That class is out of the question for you. Although it is a class with high Attack parameters and capable of casting magic, that class has a lower Defense parameter as well as physical capabilities as compared to the other classes. It can’t use Wall either. And although magic can be used, the spells it can used are limited to Intermediate tier. Intermediate magic is far weaker than Advanced magic used by Magic Casters in the back lines. Magic Knights are capable of using offensive magic as well as supportive magic, but they can’t cast recovery magic, making their supportive magic far inferior to a normal healer. It is a class capable of doing everything, yet it is weaker than every other class. It is merely a half-baked profession that can’t be used in any role.] (Yuuya)

The job of the vanguard is to protect the rear guard, while the rear guard covers the vanguard. Magic knights are unable to act as a shield for the rear guard due to its low defensive capabilities as well as the inability to use Wall. However even if the magic knights was delegated to the rear guard, it is merely an inferior magician. In that case it would be better to choose a full-fledged Magician. Thus magic knights are looked down upon as a weak class and no parties will be willing to accept them into their party.

[I understand. Only choose from Thief, Warrior and Fighter. Hey Yuuya..] (Luna)

Luna dropped on all fours, and crawled towards me while looking me dead in the eyes.

[What class do you want Luna to pick? I want to serve Youya. I want to be useful to you.] (Luna)

What is this girl doing? Telling me that she wants to serve me with such a cute face.

Well if it’s a class I would like…

[If it’s a class I want in my party, it would be a Thief. Venturing into the dungeons become more convenient if our party has a person with exploration skills.] (Yuuya)

[I understand, then when we arrive at Rumberg, I will choose the Thief class. Then I can be useful to you!] (Luna)

 [Yeah, I would be happy if you did so. I very much would like you to be the Thief in my party.] (Youya)

*Bun**Bun* Luna’s ears fluttered up and down.

[Pleasing Yuuya is my number one joy!] (Luna)

She’s a good kid isn’t she.

Although what is with her choice of words? Is she sure that she doesn’t remember anything?

Anyway, I am glad that I gave this girl a dagger back in the village.

Thieves typically utilize daggers as their main weapons, thus their attacking capabilities are naturally lower as compared to a normal sword. Especially with her compatibility with daggers, I felt that Luna was well-suited to being a Thief. My thoughts were interrupted by the sight of a town appearing in the distance.

[Hey Luna, look outside the window.] (Yuuya)

[Hmm? What’s outside?] (Luna)

Luna opened the windows and tried to squeezed her head out of the window. Her fox ears fluttered in the wind as she stuck her head outside.

[Ah! I can see a large city. It is soooo much bigger than the village Yuuya was in! And the wall surrounding it is so large too!] (Luna)

[That’s our destination. It’s the beginning town of Rumberg.] (Yuuya)

Rumberg is not just the beginning town for adventurers. It is essentially the essence of the country. The country itself revolves around the nurturing of adventurers, and most adventurers start out here to get their classes before becoming actual adventurers.

Although there are other beginning towns for adventurers, there is an important reason why I chose this popular town. Based on my memories of the previous life, there is a hidden room in one of the dungeons here which fixes the level bonus for all stats to the maximum, 3 points per level. Finally, I can free myself from my cursed status.

As I was staring at Luna’s fox tail shaking back and forth rapidly, Luna pulled her head back into the carriage.

[Yuuya, what class are you choosing?] (Luna)

[Magic Knight.] (Yuuya)

[Eh? But didn’t you tell me that Magic Knights had the weakest class?] (Luna)

[Yes I did, and it’s the truth. Magic knights have the weakest class regardless of their role. They are too fragile for the front line, and too weak for the rear guard. It is the class that can do everything but can’t do anything. It is the weakest class. If the person wasn’t me.] (Yuuya)

Even when I was playing the game, the main player base had deemed Magic Knight to be the weakest class without a doubt. Although they were given recognition for the fact that they were able to cast supportive magic, it wasn’t anything too spectacular.

That is, until the Level Reset function was discovered. When it was discovered that a person’s level could be reset, another hidden feature was discovered.

That feature, was given the name “Magic Customization”.

As a result of that feature, the Magic Knight’s popularity rose tremendously. It was the class that had the potential to become the strongest in the hands of a skilled player.

However, because of this, more people avoided inviting magic knights into their party. The class popularity grew as more people wanted to try out the class. As a result, there were many Magic knights who were still weaker than an average player using a common class. It was basically a gamble, and Magic knights was an all-in.

[Well even if the class is weak, Yuuya is still strong!] (Luna)

I am glad that Luna was just being Luna. If it was anyone else, I would had been abandoned on the spot.

I am lucky for the presence called Luna.

We were about to arrive at the city.

Now, is truly the start of my second round.


26 thoughts on “Chapter 4:The old man heads to the city of beginnings (2/2)

      1. That’s the root of the word, and in French maybe it still means that, but in English it’s acquired its own meaning.


        new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.


        favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas.

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  1. Avant-garde has an entirely different meaning in English. Unless they’re explicitly speaking French the word should be vanguard or similar. Also, I presume you mean the merchant used the honorific danna? While it can be used as a submissive way for a wife to refer to her husband, it is more equivalent to mister or sir in this context.


    1. Yeah, unfulfilled love makes me sad even if she basically doesn’t exist as a character yet. She doesn’t seem to suit being an adventurer though…


  2. humm, this novel is on verge of becoming super average, the start was nice since he was not a reincarnated or transported person but to remember the memories of the past life only because some strange thins happened that way was nice (i`m expecting a explanation of how/why in the future), now it`s to average as a novel using the likes of: reincarnated in another world + game + cheat


    1. In my opinion. if the reincarnation trope is what’s making the novel average, then the novel would probably turn out average for you eventually. When reading this kind of reincarnation novels, I feel that what determines the novel’s quality would be the world building, character development and how the author builds a character that possesses a cheat. I could elaborate more on this but it could be a minor spoiler (i dont know if you would mind an extremely vague spoiler) and there are definitely some minor flaws in the story, but thus far (as of chapter 4), I do enjoy how the author slowly sets up the world as well as his and Luna’s development without leaving too many plotholes (for example, the “random” message that popped out. FYI I do not know anything about the message, I do hope that it becomes an important plot point).
      Although I do agree that the novel could had been written the whole reincarnation trope, end of the day I do enjoy what the author has done with it.

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      1. yeah i`m enjoying this novel more than i expected, well i am in the mood to read some harem novels, the problem is to find a good one (the illustration was basically screaming this is a harem! kkkkkk)
        i basically rate the novels i read by how much i can remember, when i`m reading a novel that is released weakly and a can`t remember who are the characters i drop (and rate it as 3* or less in the novel updates)
        this novel instead of throwing 5 girls to the mc out of nowhere its developing the first one a lot, i really like this, the same way i really loved Roxy and Eris (mushoku tensei)


        1. Ugh don’t remind me of mushoku tensei. I feel my heart break everytime I think back to the end of the demon continent arc :<.
          Yeah! I agree on the harem development in this novel as compared to the other novels. The romantic development here is by far the best as compared to any other novels. Even compared to mushoku tensei which had realism to its harem but was still somewhat unsettling for me (note that i did read ahead so.. minor spoilers if you didnt expect a harem)

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          1. yeah i was expecting it, you didn`t liked the development after the demon continent arc of mushoku tensei? i loved the school arc and basically everything of that novel (well i probably can remember only the good parts)

            (spoiler maybe)
            i like harem but only the harem that the girls are realistic (seams alive, not only to complement the mc) even if it is cliche, if the girls are properly developed, so far this novel is doing a good job developing Luna


            1. Oh I loved the story. Its just the feeling i had when eris left right before they got together was heartrenching.
              I was as heartbroken as rudeus was 😦
              I just didnt like how the whole harem was built around him realising he loved them and therefore they are part of his harem. The author kinda allowed him to accept polygamy and he became too loose with the idea for me. (Mostly the part with roxy? The demon wife)
              (Spoiler alert)
              If you dont mind being spoilt for way ahead of the translations, i could describe the harem. I will just say that the harem feels even more “realistic” than mushoku tensei
              But its just my opinion, so i could be wrong 😛

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