Chapter 3: The old man who picked up a girl (2/3)

Turning my head around the room, I saw a blue vortex hidden behind the statue.

The magical vortex was a teleportation device which only appeared in the deepest area of the dungeon and anything that enters it will be teleported back to the entrance of the dungeon.  This was convenient as adventurers who enter dungeons for hunting items can escape the cave with lesser baggage than they had when entering the dungeon. It is especially dangerous to retrace one’s steps after travelling this deep into a dungeon considering the fact that all consumables would likely be depleted at this point.

In my case.

The situation was worse, as my level was reset to one.

If I came back the way I entered, I would die one hundred percent of the time.

I jumped into the vortex while carrying the girl, and felt the sensation of being teleported to another location.

Leaving the dungeon is easy, but the hard part has yet to come. The path to the village is filled with demons about level 20. I have to remember to avoid them at all cost.




Well I made it home safely.

I placed Raptor in a stable and pampered him for awhile. I pet him and fed him a lot of water as thanks for his hard work. Thanks to his hard work, we barely managed to make it back to the village.

We encountered multiple demons on the way back as expected. I thought that Raptor would be able to outrun the demons easily. However, I forgot to account for the girl as his movements became much slower and we were nearly caught multiple times. I had even considered throwing the girl as bait for us to escape, but luckily it never came to that.


[Well now what do I do with this sleeping beauty.] (Yuuya)


It would be simple for me if i could just pushed her into an orphanage in the village, but judging by her looks, she seems to be about 13 or 14 years old. It would be impossible as the orphanage only takes children up to the age of 12. I myself was raised in the orphanage and kicked out when I was 12. As long as her age is unknown, it is impossible to give her to the orphanage.

Sigh, if only the girl was capable of surviving on her own. It is likely that she wouldn’t survive on her own since she had been encased in the crystal until I found her.

Well no point thinking too hard about it, I’ll just ask her about it afterwards. While waiting for her to wake up, I left the house in search of dinner.

You know what they say. Days where you don’t have time to drink, are days you enjoy a special meat pie.





Night came and the girl was still sleeping soundly.

I was planning on waiting until the girl woke up, but my hunger started to take over as I lit a fire in the furnace and began heating up the meat pie in the oven. A delicious smell resonated throughout the house as the meat pie started to heat up.


Suddenly I heard the sound of a stomach rumble. However it wasn’t mine, but the girl’s stomach.


[You finally woke up?] (Yuuya)


The girl finally woke up. She had one hand grabbing the towel I used to cover her body and her ears twitched back and forth. It was a gesture just like a pet, and it was extremely cute.


[Uncle.. Who?] (Girl)

[Uncle is an adventurer. My name is Yuuya. I picked you up in a dungeon that I visited. What about you? Whats your name?] (Yuuya)

[Me..? I’m….uhhh…who?] (Girl)


The girl started to scratch her head and wobbled back and forth. It looked as if she was a bubblehead. I expected this could happen as she appears to have amnesia. It was the worst case possible for her as she would not be able to survive alone in this harsh world.


[Well this uncle doesn’t know either. For the time being, let’s have dinner. You are hungry aren’t you?] (Yuuya)


I took out the hot meat pie from the oven and cut it. Afterwards I took out two wooden mugs and prepared cheap ale for myself to drink while preparing milk for the girl.

I placed the mugs and the meat pie on the table.

The girl noticed the food and walked over to the table sloppily, although she seems to be wary of me. Her eyes seem to be inspecting me as well as the food on the table


[Uncle, can this be eaten?] (Girl)

[Yes it is. It was too big for me to finish by myself so I cut it for us to share.] (Yuuya)


The girl inspected the meat pie carefully before sniffing it. After seemingly confirming it was safe to eat, the girl picked up the meat pie and bit into its contents. Her eyes started to quiver and shone brightly. Her whole body was shaking and her tail moved back and forth furiously.

It was extremely cute.


[Is it delicious?] (Yuuya)

[Yes! It is extremely delicious!!] (Girl)

[Hahaha that’s good. Eat up then. There is plenty more for us to eat in the kitchen.] (Yuuya)


Watching the girl eat the meat pie so wholeheartedly made me hungry as I picked up a slice.

This scene made me realize, how soft-hearted I have become.

Back in the days, I was only trying to survive. I was so desperate that I had never looked out for others. Most likely, I would had abandoned even this cute little girl for my own life.

However, I became an exclusive adventurer and learnt to nurture the new generation. When I realize that I could use my own power to save the lives of others, I felt a new sense of joy that I had never felt before.

Ah wait a minute

At this rate she’s going to finish the meat pie

Hey the meat pie is for me too.

Don’t finish everything by yourself!!

Sigh do all girls her age eat like this??

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