Chapter 3: The old man who picked up a girl (1/3)

Level reset.

The Phenomenon that allows a person to reset their level back to one, with additional benefits. Their status will be reset to the values it had when the person was level one, with a boost of 10 points to all stats. An average person gains about 2 points to all stats per level, equating to a total of 98 points when they hit the level cap at 50. In comparison to the values lost to gained these 10 points, it may be insignificant. However, what made these points significant was the fact that they were bonuses, and whenever that person who manages to hit level 50, they will have an additional 10 points above everyone else.

In addition, the person will be granted an additional 20 skill points. One skill point is granted every level, leading to an additional 20 levels in terms of skill points above everyone else. Both these factors give an overwhelming advantage for someone who is aiming for the top.

[Although, it isn’t a laughing matter for a 36 years old man to be level 1. Normally, an adventurer who is level 1 enters a dungeon for the first time at an age of 11. If that is the case, they would achieve level 50 by the age of 27. Following this rate, I would already be 52 years old by the time I achieve level 50..] (Yuuya)

Although I know that won’t happen. When I started adventuring, I was just a mere adventurer who was trying to earn a living. I was desperate to stay alive back then. I couldn’t just throw my life away seeking adventures, there were many things I had to do besides becoming stronger. However, more than anything, I was completely clueless back then and had to learn everything from scratch.

The adventuring life is not a kind one. Adventurers are competing for resources, hunting the same monsters in the same dungeons for the same items. Even completing quests that are the same just to earn a living. So newcomers are often left in the dark as veterans wouldn’t teach the art of adventuring to beginners in order to secure as much resources for themselves as possible.

Back when I was an exclusive adventurer, I was one of the minority who were willing to show the ropes to beginners. I wasn’t too concerned about sharing the limited resources and took on the responsibility of mentoring new adventurers. Another reason why veterans avoided teaching beginners was the fact that it was just outright annoying. Newcomers had to be helped with everything and because even simple mistakes could had dire consequences. Strict supervision and multiple checks were required.

However, that is not the case for me right now.

I am not new to the adventuring lifestyle nor will I make simple mistakes. I have a large amount of savings as well as the equipment necessary to keep myself safe. In other words, I have the experience accumulated in this world from my first round, as well as the memories of my past life. With these, it wouldn’t even take me three years to achieve level 50. After that, I will challenge the Tower of Trials.

However.. Before any of that..

[What am I supposed to do with this girl..?] (Yuuya)

Whether it was my experience living in this world or my past life’s memories, I have never seen nor heard about a girl who was trapped in a giant crystal. She looks just like an event character, but I don’t recall an event where a girl was trapped in a gigantic crystal back in the game. Such an event didn’t exist in the game. Now that I have the memories of my past life, I can tell that the girl has the tail and ears of a fox as foxes didn’t exist in this world.

There were many demihumans that existed in this world. Dog-kin , Cat-kin, Elves, Dwarves and dragonoids. However, fox-kins were not one of them.

Well regardless, I should take her away from this room. If I were to leave a defenseless girl in the middle of a dungeon like this, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. She probably didn’t need to eat any meals when she was trapped in the crystal, but now that she isn’t, what’s there to say that she didn’t need nutrition to survive? If she were to leave the room in search for food, and got attacked by a demon, there would be no one to help her.

I took the mantle that was used to cover her body and wrapped her instead, and started carrying her.


The weight wasn’t from her body, evidently by her small stature but rather the level reset has reduced my strength significantly. It has become much more difficult to perform intensive activities just due to my decrease in stats.

I smiled to myself.

I am glad to have this heavy body.

It is proof that I will be able to become stronger from now on.

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