Chapter 2: The Old man who reset his level (1/2)

In a forest far from the village, a man could be seen riding a horse-like creature at a speed impossible for horses. The creature’s species was known as Raptors. Raptors were faster and stronger than average horses as well as more useful in combat than trained horses. They were useful creatures that can be found in dungeons and were often tamed by adventurers due to the massive advantages that they provided.

In their current situation, if a person were to determine their destination, that person would merely assume the adventurer to be travelling into the wilderness blindly seeking adventure. That person would never guess that the travelling adventurer destination was a room which could perform the impossible.


It appeared in my mind again… The hidden room.

Why can’t I stop thinking about the room?  Why do I continue to believe in a fairy tale?

A room capable of resetting a person’s level.

I just can’t imagine such a convenient room existing in this world.

If it did exist, why wasn’t it discovered long ago? Such a room would had been famous worldwide in the blink of an eye.  

If it was impossible for such a room to exist, why am i still trying to aim for the dungeon that appeared in my head?

Sigh I must look like an idiot. I know that it is impossible and yet, I still want to go to that dungeon to confirm it for myself. I never realised it but i really am bad at giving up huh. Probably the worst in the whole world.

I probably realised it a long time ago.. That if I had given up my dream of becoming the strongest, I would had fell into depression a long time ago due to my weak status.

Subconsciously, I knew that even if I did obtain a power beyond my status, even with all the training I have done.. No. Even if I did have a normal status, I would not have been able to clear the Tower of Trials, and continued running from it without giving up.

It feels like I have been waiting all this time, waiting for something.

At this moment, something appeared in the distance. The heat in my chest started to radiate even further.

For the sake of resetting my level, I continued to ride towards the entrance of the dungeon that will definitely contain the level reset room.

In this world, dungeons are not considered a national threat, but rather a resource. If the monsters within were defeated, they would drop items which could be collected to be used or sold for money. There are also monsters that could be tamed as well as treasure chests containing treasures. These monsters and chests would re-spawn once every week, thus dungeons were a resource that provided endless amounts of materials and treasures. Seeking this valuable resource, towns and villages were often built near dungeons. Time to time, monsters would escape from the dungeons and wreck havoc inside the towns and villages, however people were still willing to take the risk as the dungeons had provided more benefits than the risk it provided.

Dungeons that are not located near human civilisations are called wild dungeons.

These dungeons are often considered more dangerous than normal dungeons as the number of monsters are typically higher. In normal dungeons, many adventurers enter in hopes of hunting delicious drop items or treasure chests. This causes the number of monsters in the dungeon to be regulated every week as adventurers continue to hunt for their income. However this is not the case for wild dungeons. Wild dungeons are dungeons that are not controlled by humans. As there are rarely adventurers entering these dungeons, the dungeon is filled with monsters and it is impossible to ask for help in a dire situation. If the secret room existed, this is likely the reason why it was never noticed.

The dungeon Youya arrived in appears to be a wild dungeon.


[It seems that this dungeon is a cave-type.] (Youya)


Cave dungeons are one of the most disliked dungeons among adventurers due to their low visibility and low efficiency. They are one of the dungeons that require utmost diligence from any adventurers who aim to conquer them as adventurers are required to carry a light source with them, thus hindering their combat prowess. In addition, many monsters that dwell in cave dungeons typically hide in the shadows to attack unsuspecting adventurers from their blind spots or incapacitate them. With such a high difficulty rate, many adventurers often neglect cave-type dungeons as their rewards was not worth the effort that was required to conquer the dungeon.


[If only I had a magic flare with me.] (Youya)


Unknowingly, Youya complained as he took out his magic torch from his bag and held it in his hand. Magic torches were torches that could be used to light the area surrounding the torch up to 5 meters whereas magic flares functioned both as a light source and a repellent for monsters.

Magic flares were especially effective for cave explorations as it was a light source that did not attract monsters, but rather dissuade them from approaching as monsters disliked the light it emitted. As Youya began his exploration of the dungeon, he held a short sword in his free hand rather than his trusted two-handed sword. This was another factor that caused Youya to feel uneasy as one of his hands was occupied by the torch, so he had to settle for a short sword to defend himself. His grip tightened on the short sword as he started to feel comfortable with it while walking through the cave.

The moment Youya started to feel comfortable, he felt a chill rushing down his spine. Following his instincts, he jumped to the right. As he regained his footing, his eye caught something flying into the spot where he was standing before. It was a monster called “Tyrant Snake”. It was a snake with a girth as big an adult’s neck that possessed a poison capable of paralyzing its victims. It had moved without a sound right into Youya’s blind spot and rushed at him. If it’s rush was successful, Youya would had been paralyzed and slowly suffocated as the snake wrapped itself around him. However, Youya was a trained swordsman. In this world, experienced swordsmen were able to unconsciously detect presences within their sword’s range. It was a skill that belonged only to the best of swordsmen.

Taking advantage of the recoil thanks to its rush, Youya immediately dropped the torch and grabbed the snake with an eagle’s grip, forcing its head to the ground. Then he immediately placed his iron boot onto its head, immobilizing it and swung his short sword down onto its neck, severing its head from its body. As proof of its defeat, the snake’s remains turned into blue particles.

Judging from the experience gained from the battle, Youya estimated that the level of the dungeon was probably level 20 to 30. Wasting no time, Yuoya immediately picked up his torch and continued forward into the dungeon.


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  1. This was another factor that caused Yuya to feel uneasy as one of his hands was unoccupied by the torch, so he had to settle for a short sword to defend himself. » This was another factor that caused Yuya to feel uneasy as one of his hands was occupied by the torch, so he had to settle for a short sword to defend himself.

    A slight grammar mistake…


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